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Dear Brother Eric

Thanks for posting this enthralling exchange [THE PAPAL POWER BEHIND THE IRISH POTATOE FAMINE]. Slightly hard to follow with two email exchanges interwoven & all of the colour selections, as I’d start to read one person’s text without having switched “heads”, etc.

Regarding Napoleon – & having been reminded by your recounted episode regarding the Pope’s chair & its pro-Islamic inscription [“Indeed, Napoleon’s General Berthier arrested the pope in the Vatican,
overturned St. Peter’s chair, and found written in Arabic:
“There is one god Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.” Pius VI
died in exile resulting in Puis VII coming to power who,
in 1914, restored the Order via another Papal Bull. But why did
Napoleon make war on the pope and his Vatican Empire? It is
because Napoleon was a creature of the Jesuit Order. He was a
Corsican, the very island were hundreds of Jesuits were confined
after their expulsion from Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, Austria and
most of Italy. Further, the pope had suppressed and extinguished
the Jesuits with a papal bull in 1773. Napoleon’s advisor was the
Jesuit Coadjutor Abbe Sieyes, the Second Consul. Napoleon
never made war on the Jesuits as the Order did not legally exist.
Napoleon made war on all the other Orders, especially the Dominicans
having taken away the Inquisition from the Jesuits and having
burned several Jesuits at the stake in Portugal.”]
–  I would like to quote from Hancock & Bauval’s “Talisman” Pp 401 & 402:

“In a mere two years Napoleon had risen from being an obscure artillery officer amidst the “Terror” of 1794 to Commander-in-Chief of the army by early 1796. A week after his appointment as Commander of the French army in Italy, Napoleon had married the esquisitely beautiful Josephine Beauharnais, widow of the Viscount of Beauharnais, a Freemason and nobleman who, like many others of his estate, had ended up on the guillotine in 1794. ….

“Josephine seems to have been attracted to Freemasonry quite early in her career – perhaps partly because it was considered to be very fashionable among women of the aristocracy and partly because her first husband, the Viscount de Beauharnais, had been a prominent Freemason who came from a family of illustrious Freemasons. Josephine was probably initiated in women’s Freemasonry at Strasbourg, while her husband the Viscount was Commander of the Rhine army. Long afterwards, their son, Eugene de Beauharnais, who now was about to go to Egypt with Napoleon, would become Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy and also of the Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree in Italy.

When she become Empress of France in 1804 Josephine was elected as the Grand Mistress and Patroness of women’s Freemasonry in Paris. …

“Being a Freemason initiated in the ancient mysteries, and now with all this post-Revolution talk of deism, it may be possible that Josephine had begun to take an interest in Islam and may even have privately encouraged Napoleon to bring it into the fold of Western Europe. For it is well known that her first cousin and closest friend, the beautiful Aimee Duburcq de Rivery, had been kidnapped by Arab pirates and sold to the harem of the Sultan of Turkey, Abdul Hamid I, where she soon became his favourite concubine and bore him a son, the Emir Mahmoud. When the old sultan died, Aimee became the mistress of the heir-apparent, the young and glamorous nephew of the Sultan, the Emir Selim, over whom Aimee was to wield enormous influence by turning him into a keen Francophile. There thus existed a ‘dynastic’ link between Josephine of France and her cousin the ‘Sultana’ of Turkey, a connection which might have brought the Middle East and Islam within Josephine’s and Napoleon’s minds, he would one day write to her from Egypt these curious words: ‘I saw myself founding a new religion, marching into Asia, riding an Elephant, a turban on my head and in my hand a Koran that I would have composed to suit my needs.’

But whether or not such words were written in jest, we shall never know.”

Which also reminds me of certain things that Zagami said relating to Islam & Freemasonry in our April 30 interview (transcribed by Halvor of & posted at,_2008):

T: Sure. There’s one thing that I was wondering about, is, Alan Watt, he alleges that the masonic system actually goes up to 360 degrees. What’s the truth in that? ‘Cause you’re saying that these 100th degrees sounds pretty powerful. Is there are 360 degree structure?

L: You see, within the masonic circles there is people who elaborate further degrees like they elaborate… that they are offering cups of coffee, I mean (chortles). Obviously, there is a certain structure of degrees which I have mentioned in the past. It doesn’t go above 100, because 100 is the maximum that I know about, and that I have been witnessing. I never heard about degrees going above that.

T: No. So, is the Memphis and Mizraim then the highest of the masonic system?

L: Yeah, well, but I told you also that probably more important than the Memphis and Mizraim, within the Memphis and Mizraim only for the highest-level initiates, is the practice of Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry, which is a secret practice that was used by the nazis and by an intel [?] used by Rudolf von Sebottendorff of the Thule Gesellschaft, so…

T: And what kind of a degree structure have they got? What has they got to…

L: That is a seven-degree structure, but [it] is a very particular structure because [it] is connected to the Qur’an and to the use of the Qabbalistic use of the phrases of the Qur’an, and that’s what also is connected to the family of the prophet Mohammed.

T: So, the Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry you were talking about before.. Is that.. what, more powerful than Memphis and Mizraim in terms of these esoteric circles, or.. How does that work?

L: [It] Is practiced only by the elite of the Memphis and Mizraim.

T: Really? So what degree up?

L: From 90 on. You know, you have to be at least a 90 of the Memphis and a 95 of the Mizraim. You have to be high in the level to…

T: Would there be many people at that level? Presumably not…?

L: No. For example, the practices of Ottoman-Turkish freemasonry are only made within the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis in Monte Carlo, and between the members of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis have known these practices, because they are very powerful. Also, they are connected to the Gruppo di Ur and practiced in secret by the Gruppo di Ur, and the Gruppo di Ur has as one of the most important living members now, who is also presiding over the ancient pagan divinites of Ancient Rome, the great Roman judge Giudice Fenilli [?], and he’s in charge of keeping things together for the Gruppo di Ur, which is a very important structure which has opposed the Jesuits in the past, as you know.

T: Your Russian friend is involved in the Gruppo di Ur, isn’t he?

L: Yeah, but that is a different Gruppo di Ur, yes, but.. yeah, with the Russian alchemical circle in Moscow, yes.

T: So, if you’re saying that Fethullah Gulen was in charge of Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry, and if you’re saying that the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis is essenti.. Am I correct in…

L: So, basically we have an internal problem there, yes. I mean, obviously, now we have to reject all the parts that are connected with Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry because we have discovered them to be corrupt from the roots, so they will have to be in any way eliminated from our circles.

T: so, does that mean within the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis there’s a seven-degrees structure and that [?], as well?

L: Of the Ottoman freemasonry and the Sufi practices, yes.

T: Yup, and is there any other degree structure within it?

L: I mean, the internal affairs of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis are basically the study and practice of the highest level systems of initiatic tradition in the West.

T: Yeah.

L: And not only in the West.

T: What.. So, you’re including, like, Martinism and Rosicrucianism and Scottish Rite masonry and the Rectified Rites. Does it include all of that [..]?

L: But we also include the Tibetan Buddhism, the Taoism. I mean, we go above the borders of western initiatic system in the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis we make ourselves acquainted with the highest-level techniques of all the systems.

T: Whos directing that Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry at the moment?

L: Fethullah Gulen and Harun Yahya.

T: OK, so Fethullah Gulen, and Harun Yahya, what, is he his assistant in it?

L: No, Harun Yahya has his own school and Fethullah Gulen has his own. They are two different masters.

T: OK, and this is both within Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry?

L: Yes.

T: ‘Cause you’ve also mentioned before that the Rosicrucians and the Martinists are conidered the true Illuminati…

L: <interrupts> …because Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry is very important because it’s being utilized for manipulationg the whole nazi thing, and in a way, the Ottoman empire that had died revenged their own position because Atatürk has persecuted the family of prophet Mohammed, so as a revenge thing the family of prophet Mohammed created nazism.

T: Mmm…

L: So, that’s why the family of my wife is so important, because they are in charge also of the highest level of Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry.

T: I mean, who said… I mean, Ok, so, Sebottendorff was involved in setting up of Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry, was he?

L: He was the one involved in bringing Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry to Germany and publishing the rituals in 1924.

T: OK, and was it the Sabbatean non-Jewish Jews, you know, the non-religious Jewish Jews who were behind this Turkish-Ottoman freemasonry, ’cause I know that they were involved in Illuminati freemasonry in Turkey, which is presumably what you are talking about?

L: Well, there was some involvement with the Order of the Rosary.

T: The Zionist Jews […]

L: The Zionists […] were involved with this Order of the Rosary, but at the same time Rudolf von Sebottendorff was also a Knight of the Imperial Order of Constantine.

T: The IMPERIAL Order of Constantine? […] The Order of Constantine…

L: Yeah, The Order of Constantine. I call it the Imperial Order but it’s the Order of Constantine.

T: OK, there’s another thing a was wondering. There’s the Constantinian Order, yeah?

L: Yeah.

T: Mmm.. The… Well, talk about the whole Muslim aspect to it. You were saying that there’s forty cardinals within the Vatican who have converted to Islam. Is that them just trying to infiltrate Islam, or is it Islam trying to infiltrate the Vatican? What’s going on there?

L: That is the Islam trying to infiltrate the Vatican, because the next move of the Jesuits and these Muslim leaders, especially the one of the Fethullah Gulen movement, is to replace Catholic religion with Islam, because Catholic religion doesn’t function anymore at certain levels for the control of these people, so they seem to use an alternative system, like they were doing with me, using Islam. It’s a system that seems to work very well, and at the same time the.. the prophecies… the hidden prophecies of the Muslim Illuminati say that after the fall of Rome, the Vatican will become Muslim.

T: Right.. I mean, is… Would the pope be pro this thing in the same way that George W. Bush is obviously for all the Mexican illegal immigrants coming up into America, is the pope actually for an Islamic infiltration of the Vatican himself, do you think?

L: I think that the pope has been blackmailed by the Jesuits’ General, so this is about the Jesuit General, Adolfo Nicolás, who is a very dear friend of Thomas Michel, and this is a… is a something that the Jesuits are dealing directly at the highest level, because having introduced the book of Fethullah Gulen Peace and tolerance that talks about the New World Order, it means that they are working hand in hand with them.

T: Mm…

L: ..and… obviously, the Vatican ambassador to Turkey is very connected with this whole… eh… Gulen setup… and is secretly linked to Fethullah Gulen. He’s also apparently, the representative of the Vatican in Istanbul, is secretly converted to Islam.

T: Mhm.

L: ..and… Then we have the patriarch of the Turkish Orthodox Church, the patriarch of the Turkish Armenian community, the chief rabbi of the Turkish Jewish community. These are all people that are very important.. eh.. in.. in.. in the dialog that is been established between people of faith, but also important for the manipulation that the Vatican wants to… and other people who want to implement a new world order, like Fethullah Gulen, have. I mean, the meeting with John Paul II at the Vatican in 1998 with Gulen, was a very important meeting, and in that time I think it was Gulen who said: (apparently reads) “Humankind, from time to time, has denied religion in the name of science and denied science in the name of religion, arguing that the two present conflicting views. All knowledge belongs to God, and religion is from God. How then can the two be in conflict? To descend our joint efforts directed at interreligious dialog can do much to improve understanding and tolerance amongst people.” Well, this was obviously the.. the.. the typical hypocrite statement of Gulen that released a press declaration renouncing the September 11 terrorist attacks on the USA, which he regarded as a great blow to world peace that eh… but he himself really never.. never stated the truth about 9/11th. He just followed the general view that was… that obviously the Illuminati wanted us to have, that it was a terrorist attack in the name of Islam made by… by this renegade Osama bin Laden […]

T: You were talking about this Muslim infiltration of the Vatican almost being allowed to happen because it’s a religion that would work better as a kind of world religion, but isn’t there a planned form of a one world religion being..being planned, that’s, kind of, more of a Luciferian, sort of gnostic type of Catholicism perhaps?

L: Well, but that is for the highest…

T: ..Theosophy, basically.

L: Yeah, but that is for the highest level of the pyramids, for the elitarians. [It] is not for the masses. [It] is not comething you can sell to the mass. You understand?

T: Right. […]

L: […} not something you can easily sell to the mass. I mean, obviously, a religion that works well for the mass is Islam, because people seem to be completely controlled by it, and they don’t question their leaders, because, when their leaders tell them something, they.. [it] is like the word of God, you know. [It] is like.. so they.. they..they are completely obedient, and that means that they also make very good soldiers, very good knights…

T: …Don’t you think.. don’t you think that has something to do with people from that part of the world, though, that..that the Vatican, perhaps, designed Islam, with Mohammed as an agent for people of that part of the world, and that..that it..that wouldn’t be as successful within Europe or North America.

L: No. Mohammed wasn’t an agent of Rome. He was just implementing his own vision of monotheism, because of archangel Gabriel gave him message and gave him a book which is of great importance, but, I mean, the people who came after Mohammed didn’t understood.. didn’t understand also the great message that Mohammed put inside this book, which was that Jesus will come back himself in the end of times, and so that already constitutes a great problem, because at the moment, if you go to a Mu..a Muslim and you say: ‘OK, Jesus is coming back in the end of times, so if Jesus comes back, are we not all gonna be Christians?’ And he’s gonna say: ‘No, because Jesus will tell you that he’s Muslim, that you all have to be Nuslim’, and that’s not the case. Jesus comes to bring Christianity to the people of all faiths. In the sense, he comes to bring his own self, and himself is more than Christianity. He’s.. he’s bringing the word of God again on this planet.

L: And I have the support of people like the head of the Naqshbandi at the moment, Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani. He seems to be actually more on my side than on the side of Fethullah Gulen, so there is some internal conflicts at the moment, even in the Muslim Illuminati establishment. I heard also that Gabriele Mandel Khan was very disappointed, very sad about the present situation that I’m living, and the Sufi Jerrahi-Halveti have prayed for me, have made an official prayer for me, eh.. so, I mean, not all Muslims, Illuminati are, eh… probably .. I mean, we’re gonna see in the next few months. I’m want to have a direct dialog with these people face to face, and then we can talk more about it later on. Otherwise, you know, this..this is about dialog. The interreligious dialog in the future is not gonna be made like with the Jesuits. My interreligious dialog is… I… You know, we discuss the truth and cut the bullshit, or otherwise we will go home or do war against each other, which is much better.

T: I..I..I understood from Alberto Rivera’s revelations that the.. uhm… that the Jesuits.. uh.. at the top level, are masons themselves. Do you know if that’s correct?

L: Yeah… a lot of them are, yes.

T: And what form of masonry would that be? Memphis and Mizraim or…?

L: No, the York or the Scottish Rite within the Lodge Ecclesia.

T: OK, that..the Jesuits who are masons would be masons within the Lodge Ecclesia…

L: …Well, but then you have certain Jesuits who have been introduced also to the Memphis and Mizraim and they have had relationship… because the Memphis and Mizraim, ehh… People at the highest levels have also participated in rituals in the Vatican which we can define as black masses, if you want. But at times, they were only pagan rituals that were done to, ehhhh… to continue that old tradition of pagan beliefs that still goes on in the underground of the Vatican and what is really the..the..the Catholic faith which is really at the roots a pagan faith…

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