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The morning after having arrived in Oslo in the end of july 2008,
Leo Zagami, his mother Jessica Lyon Zagami, his norwegian lawyer Arne
Berdal and the norwegian journalist having written this article
arrived at the Oslo courthouse some minutes before nine. After taking
the elevator to the 8 floor they headed for the coutroom of the
meeting. The lawyer waswalking first, followed by Leo and his mother
and the journalist behind.

Halfway between the elevator and the courtroom, suddenly a large
group of men pop up out of nowhere, and surround Leo. The only words
pronounced are  «arrest, PST». His hands are immediately handcuffed
behind his back. Leo, who was mentally focused on the important
meeting in the court regarding his right to be with his son at this
moment, remained calm but displayed utter amazement and contempt for
the brutal treatment by the emotion- and empathyless policemen.
Zagami's mother, who witnessed it all at close distance, was standing
in shock and bewilderment, and started to cry as if she could
eventually suffer a nervous breakdown, repeating the words over and
over again: «I dont believe it ! I dont believe it !».

Ten minutes later the handcuffs had been momentarely removed from
Zagami, indicating that the arrest in reality was a setup. The only
natural response for Zagami given the circumstances was to enter the
courtroom and deliver a statement that the arrest had made it
impossible to go ahead with the regular court meeting as planned ,
and that he felt humiliated by this arrest and was forced by these
sad events in rennouncing to his case and the right to see is only son
Isak Rumi Zagami.

The «unholy» time and place of this unprovoced arrest gave the
situation a bad smell of power abuse by norwegian authorities,
a Nemesis in Zagamis life. Seven policemen had taken part in the
arrest, two of them were dressed like civilians just arriving from a
gym, while the other five were uniformed robot-like creatures, one of
which had been capable of asking Zagami «Where do you keep your hand
grenade ?» during the body visitation.

A father being arrested within the very courthouse and just a few
minutes before a crucial meeting regarding a his right to maintain
contact with his son is so appalling that it is hard to believe not
only for those who hear about it but as well for those who witnessed
how it happened. When the police had observed Zagami appear in the
courthouse, why couldn't they at least keep quiet and wait outside
until the court meeting had finished ?

     After Zagami had withdrawn the case in front of the Court under
the extreme pressure of his arrest, he was handcuffed again and
brought by the police to Grønland Police Station and had to wait in a
cell for 5 hours before they started interrogating him.

The interrogation consisted of two parts the first with the PST  –
the norwegian secret police – the second with the regular Norwegian
Police. The reason given for  the first 3 hours of heavy
interrogation by the PST  was statements he had made in an
conversation to a friend trough Skype (published later on the internet)
where in a tipical italian actof bravado he not only had threatened to
kill the norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, but also had
threatened to bring down the buildings of government and parliament in
Norway , something he did out of anger after been notified in the end
of May by a norwegian politician called  Khaqan Khan that he will be
arrested if he ever came back to Norway , something that actualy
happened on the 22nd of July 2008 confirming Leo's worst expectations.
In addition to this, he had sent an email to the PST stating that they
were a bunch of chickens, amateurs completely out of touch with what
actually is going on in the world, and an object of contempt among the
communities of secret services around the world.

If such a lousy half-joking provocation should provoke a response
from the PST, wouldn't this be a proof that the insulting accusations
of the email actually are valid ?

Zagami explained to the interrogatory PST agents that he had not been
serious about the death threats, that it’s the italian way of
expressing strong emotions through strong words and that he had no
means at his disposal that could him capable of destroying the
parliament and the government building of Norway nor any plan or gun
or whatever to whack Jens Stoltenberg.

The PST also asked many questions to Leo regarding his internet
collaborators and research fellows and  this dubbious character
called Khaqan Khan , a strange and dubious figure who made contact
with Leo immediately after his previous arrest in March 2008. Khaqan
Khan stated in his first e-mail to Leo  he was is only friend in
Norway even if he was collaborating with the PST,  because his
allegiance lies in any case with his membership in Freemasonry and
Leo's Mastership. Unfortunately is membership in freemasonry and his
words turned out to be after a carefull examination only lies and
possibly part of a clever set up put togheter by Leo's ex wife Fatma
Süslü and elements of the muslim norwegian comunity in retailiation
for his new position as an apostate of the  Muslim faith.
Apostasy in Islam (Arabic: ارتداد, irtidād or ridda) is commonly defined
as the rejection of Islam in word or deed by a person who has been a

The four major Sunni and the one major Shia Madh'hab (schools of
Islamic jurisprudence) agree that a sane adult male apostate must be
executed and obviously persecuted by the entire comunity if he
rejects his faith in Islam , this seems also one of the main reasons
why Leo Zagami is not allowed now to see is child any longer by his
ex wife Fatma and her family who are apparentely very religious and
follow all the way the strict rules of the Sharia laws governing
apostasy. This is something very difficult for any westerners to
understand but a reality people should put into account when dealing
with the muslim tradition.

The second part of the interrogatory and the first reason given by the
authorities for the assaultive arrest of Zagami earlier in the morning
was that his ex-wife Fatma Süslü , had reported to the police that Leo
had been treatening her after he had left Norway earlier in 2008.
As «proof» of this she had submitted 5 emails to the police that she
had received during the last couple of months. The most remarkable
fact regarding those email messages was that none of them had been 
sent by Leo. The other remarkability was that none of them had content 
that could be classified as threatening in any way. All the mail 
messages were from persons who had contacted Leo's ex-wife Fatma, 
proposing to act as intermediaries during the planning of Leo's 
upcoming trip to Norway, in order to facilitate the son seing his 
father during the stay. These concerned individuals were also worried 
for the possibility of Fatma going to a muslim country with Leo's son 
Isak this summer , especialy after Leo had already received threats 
for his apostasy of Islam in what is known in the muslim faith as
receiving a fatwa , a dangerous situation  for Zagami that the
norwegian police finaly  didnt take lightly and seemed to understand
very well. While confronting Zagami with this ”evidence of threats”
made instead by Fatma during the interrogation, the interrogating
police officer had to put away one email printout after the other,
while commenting embarrassed in low voice «This is not a threat» one
time after the other, keeping his thoughts about the police officer
who had prepared the case for the arrest for himself. 

At half past seven in the afternoon on the same day Zagami was
released from police custody after the two interrogations had been
carried out. No charges had been made against him.

Zagami's mother had visited the Italian Embassy after the initial
shock of witnessing the brutal, provocate and, as it turned out,
ill-founded arrest of her son. The embassy had contacted the police
headquarter and asked about what was going on. During the
interrogations an italian translator and Zagami's lawyer had been
present all the time.

The emotional distress behind the aggressive stand of Zagami towards
the prime minister of Norway, as the leading figure of the norwegian
authorities, were partly due to the abusive arrests he previously had
suffered while in Norway and partly due to his inability to be with
his son after the breakup of his  marriage.

If Zagami had wanted an excuse on behalf of the norwegian authorities
from the prime minister Stoltenberg before the latest arrest took
place, such a claim does not appear less reasonable after the last
incident in Norway.

Hans Gaarder

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