2008 06 19: LEO SPEAKS WITH PHIL #8 – 40 MINS.

Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-06-20‏
From: Philip A E Jonkers (truthandlogic@orange.nl)
Sent: 20 June 2008 12:01:03

Dear Friend,

Given the gravity of the situation, I encourage you to listen to the Skype talk we had yesterday, it can be downloaded following this link:


Summary of talk:

-Fatma Suslu phoned up Hans Gaarder – a Norwegian journalist working with Leo – and instead of

being reasonable with him she was upset and started ranting and raving to him. This hostile

behavior of Fatma is not helping Leo’s possibility to settle upon an arrangement of being able

to see his son, Isak Rumi.

-Leo states that Fatma is making plans to temporarily go abroad, Turkey or Saudi Arabia,

taking Isak Rumi alongside of her, without Leo’s consent (something that would be considered

illegal in countries such as the USA). Leo is very worried because of the security

implications this has not only for Fatma but especially Isak Rumi. Leo is very

concerned that she may end up in a situation where she would jeopardize the life of herself

and Isak Rumi.

-Leo has come to the conclusion that Vivian of Rome and Venice, one of the most active members

on the leozagami.com forums, is indeed who he says he is. J


-The statement Vivian of Rome and Venice made is tough but true:


-Fatma’s outrageous behavior is not normal for a Sufi and is undesirable when having in mind her spiritual path and development.

-Leo asked me to send the link summarizing the double fraudulent activity Fatma is involved in

to the Norwegian authorities:


-I promise Leo to write Fatma an email alerting her of the precarious situation that would

ensue if she were to go to an Islamic country, in the hope of discouraging her to actually do


-Leo says that the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic Military Order started in the USA, is

gaining power in Europe and have taken over the British Priory of Zion, located in Edinburgh.

-Since three years the Vatican has been expanding the influence of the Knights of Columbus to

infiltrate Priories and Freemasonry. Leo knows who the infiltrators are, so he and his fellow

Masonic brethren know how to keep the Monte Carlo Lodge free from their subversive action.

-We discuss the possibility of the situation escalating from a Faida, or blood feud, into a total war between the East and the West.

-The involvement of the Vatican in this whole affair.

-Fethullah Gulen and Thomas Michel working together at Jesuit Georgetown University.






-The apparent intended future takeover of the Vatican by the Islamic World and to ultimately subject the whole world to Muslim rule.

-The fresh invitation Leo received from the Knights of Malta to attend one of their meetings in Moderna, Italy coming Sunday (22 or 23 June 2008).

The letter I wrote and sent out just a few minutes ago to Fatma:

Dear Fatma,

I write you on behalf of Leo Zagami. It has come to my attention that you have plans for going abroad this summer while taking the son of you and Leo with you. This action, which does not earn Leo’s approval at all, has serious implications for the safety of you and Isak Rumi. Leo is extremely worried that, during your stay in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, Isak Rumi might be hurt (or worse!) in order to provoke Leo in starting a blood feud (“faida”) against the Suslu family, a spiral of violence and bloodshed of which the ensuing wave of human suffering will be to horrific to even contemplate. Please Fatma ask yourself if your behavior is consistent with the ideal serenity of a Sufi? Please make sure to help prevent this very volatile and dangerous situation from going out of hand. If it does escalate, you will have had an active part in it while you also could have been able to prevent it from happening. How would you be able to live with your conscience, if, in the worst case scenario, you and Leo would not only lose your precious son, but you would also have helped in igniting a bloody and wasteful war?

Therefore, on behalf of Leo, I beg of you to please let Leo know at all times the address or location of where you and Isak Rumi are residing. As an alternative, for whatever reason, should you be unable to contact Leo then instead please pass this information to any of his friends and/or associates. It would be in the highest interest of you, Isak Rumi and his worried father, that you adhere to this urgent security imperative.

However, almost needless to say, given the gravity of the security risk to yourself and Isak Rumi, in place of you leaving Norway, Leo would above anything else much rather have you and Isak Rumi just safely remain in Norway until the court case hearings start. Again, if you do choose to go to abroad then please let Leo know where you are, at all times.

On behalf of a most worried father, who is also still your legally married husband, please take this sincere and urgent plea to your heart dear Fatma.


Philip Jonkers

Ps. Below you find a link pointing to a Skype conversation I had with Leo yesterday in which he lays out the volatility of the situation you find yourself in. I urge you to immediately listen to the message conveyed by a very worried father and husband:

Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-06-20 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?eznidj4hxlz

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