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Re:Khaqan Khan the Norwegian Politician from Project Camelot is in the cleaning business ( a true Ashashin “assassin” ) 18 Minutes ago     Karma: 0
Strangely enough 3 days after my latest arrest in Norway I receive the following e-mails from Khaqan Khan and CIA controled PSYOPs Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot and notice immediately the following statement of KKK Ultra ” i knew about your wife for a long time ago that she worked with the goverment of norway butt had no means of teling you because i was monitired by the PST .” Well that’s turn out to be completely false information tipical of a PST PSYOP ongoing operation against me my dear friends , as Fatma Suslu was not working for the Goverment at this time (she was so desperate economicly she even got involved in a couple of frauds against the norwegian goverment as you know) and they obviously didnt want her back untill she stayed my wife (this was even confirmed to me by Fatma Suslu on several occassions including our conversations after meeting with Rita Westvik ) , it was made clear to me that I should have become one of them and corrupt myself or my wife will not have had any further possibilities of developing her political and interreligious projects in Norway. But such a false statement regarding Fatma was obviously made by Khaqan Khan back then to completely discredit my wife in my eyes after my arrest (and the signing of the ban that forbids any contact with her untill May 2009). This PSYOP operation operation was created with the support of KKK Ultra so I willl not try to contact her in any way when I was still in Norway and possibly verify what was realy happening to our marriage (what an evil trap by the PST…) ….things seem to finaly become more clear for me now my dear friends regarding the true intentions of the PST , Khaqan Khan , CIA disinfo agents Bill and Kerry from “Project Camelot” and the destruction of my little family in Norway after their famous interview /PSYOP operation. Khaqan Khan was immediately contacted by me after this e-mail on the 8th of March on several of his phone numbers (that are officialy listed on the net by the way dear Halvor ) to confirm his identity wich he did , at present I have used the following number for any contact between me and KKK Ultra +4740484833 but he as also called me in the US once Identifying himself to my Chief of Security Clinton Torrez as a CIA operative (you can ask Clinton yourself one day). When me and PST Agent Khaqan Khan spoke on the phone for the first time he immediately addressed me as illuminati Grand Master (how could he know that as I was stilll officialy a renegade of the Order at that time …) he then gave me over the phone is masonic and illuminati credentials that seemed genuine and were immediately delivered personaly by Khaqan Khan to one of the Brothers of Akershus Lux Lodge for verification , at that point our yearly election for Worshipfull Master of Lodge Akershus Lux was due and we quickly decided to Install “Brother” Khaqan Khan as the Most Worshipfull Master of Akershus Lux Lodge and President of the Committee of Hope in the Orient of Oslo (Norway) and that was Im very soory to say a very big mistake….
Now the truth is finaly coming out I want to ask Phil , Troy and Halvor to spread such information all over the net for the benefit of the Truth Movement and mankind. These criminals of the PST including Khaqan Khan and their CIA PSYOP driven allies from Project Camelot need to be exposed now as they are directely involved with the destruction of my precious family as much as the Gulen Movement , the Jesuits and those corrupt members of the Suslu family like Ahmet Husrev Suslu directely linked with the Norwegian PST
Sinceraly & Fraternaly yours,
Leo Lyon Zagami 33o

I am the norwegian politician , we where going to meet bill and kerry together but was aressted by PSaturday, 8 March, 2008 6:18 PM
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Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 17:15:52 +0000

Hello MR Zagami

i just heard your arrest by the PST secret police in norway on the net .

I to was arrested by the PST when we where going to meet BILL and Kerry in Oslo on the 16 and 17 februar

They did hold me for 7 days and told me that if i was going to tell about illuminati and planet x 2012 and underground bases they would take my children away from me and my wife would be jailed .

So had no means of meeting you or bill and kerry on that date

Bill and kerry gave me your E – mail

As you can see from their letter .

We have to get inside the masons lodges and only you can help doing so . Can you ?

i am getting monitored by the PST in norway to so i hope you get my mail

You can post this E mail with your contacts if you want to .

The illuminati exposure must go on , i knew about your wife for a long time ago that she worked with the goverment of norway butt had no means of teling you because i was monitired by the PST .

We should meet very soon my friend .

Your wife is from SV and i am to from the same party .NB NB NB !!!!!!( DO NOT POST THIS LINE IN when you give to others on the net thank you )

Its all just a cover up for what is to come before 2012 .

There are 18000 freemasons in norway that we have to expose

The illuminati are evil and they support evil as are the freemasons to

I think you say Khudafis in arabic to friends so i do the same .

hope you had a nice bithday on the 5th of march , as i know you did not beacuse of the PST .

I to had a hard time in jail when they putt me in !!!!!

We are brothers me and you

All masons in norway are judges , millitary ,police .lawyers . they are minions of the NWO

Kind regards

K .

Norwegian politican

Dear K:

We both wish you well in everything you are doing. We fully understand that you were unable to meet with us. We hope that you are safe and well. Please let us know if you can. Remember that our fax number is on the contact page of our site (001 805-435-2021).

We’re just posted this update on our What’s New page:

If you can’t access our site, we’ve copied the update below.

Leo Zagami would welcome contact with you. He is a very good man. His e-mail address is .

May we give him your contact details? We will NOT do this without your permission.

Here’s our update below…

With our very best wishes,

Bill and Kerry


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