* Leo’s timetable for June-September 2008, including high-level Masonic events in Rome, Nice & Monte Carlo in late June-mid July:

– First week of June: Going to Dallas, Texas where the Awakening of the Consciousness Center (”the ultimate center of awareness & illumination” – will also be used for the arts, music, conference center, spa) is being put together by Monique Armstrong & co-financed by the State of Texas, where Leo will be Vice President. Attending meetings & hoped to get in some much-needed relaxation, possibly going to an island off Texas.

– From June 11: Back in Des Moines, Iowa. Back in Europe after that.

– June 22: fly to Rome, then go to Cosenza, Calabria, south Italy for a Female Grand Lodge of F&AM of Italy meeting.

– June 24: Feast of St John at the local Lodge at Caserta, near Naples.

– June 29: Grande Oriente d’Italia (Grand Lodge of Italy) of the Piazza del Gesu meeting in Via Gaetano Latilla n.45, Rome, with MWGM. Bro. Nicola Tucci & all the various worshipful masters from all over Italy.

– Late June: Supreme Council 33° Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Piazza del Gesu meeting.

– Early July: Oslo, Norway to hopefully be able to see his son.

– Between July 10-15: Leo to attend for the first time in 2 years – since leaving the Illuminati on June 6, 2006 – meetings with the Priory of Sion (Nice, France) & the Masonic Executive Committee (Monte Carlo, Monaco) with Ezio Giunchiglia, Jean-Pierre Giudicelli & others. To be followed by a special summit of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis.

– September 20: Piazza del Gesu Freemasonry is gathering together at the Valdese Church in Rome (Valdese is a denomination of Protestant Christians in Italy). The Piazza del Gesu founder was connected to this Church.

– September 22: Event in Chicago with Pat Robertson & Jewish rabbis. Leo says that he will be challenging the intentions of such religious leaders.

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