2008 06 04: LEO SPEAKS WITH PHIL #5 – 100 MINS.

Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami – 2008-06-04‏
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Sorry for the delay friends, I was a bit prevented by stuff and illness….


Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami – 2008-06-04


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Leo’s Skyping me up live from no less a place than Cheddar Hill – Dallas Texas, where

he let’s me in on the latest developments and news from the life from Mr Granmaestro of

the Illuminati.

The next subjects hit the table:

-Awareness Center in Dallas – estimated to be costing a rough 6.5 Million + 3.5

Million; How Leo can profile a person from elementary mannerisms; Illuminati Academy;

-God; How Leo intends to donate most of his wealth to the poor if he were to get rich;

-Abstinence and total dedication;

-Anlance Company connection with Leo’s own Green Lyon Security Company;


-How the Caliphate OTO is like the boyscouts or MacDonald’s of the Occult;

-William Breeze the pervert and a Satanist who betrayed Leo in the past;

-The specific purpose of the ‘poor demented soul’ known as Aleister Crowley had to

fulfill;Book of the Law and how three wars were linked with the its publication;

-The collaboration of the Caliphate OTO with the CIA;

-Naval Intelligence and Scientology;

-How dangerous it is to live in Holland since the country is well below sealevel;

-Leo’s Cannabis Manifesto and legalization of Cannabis;

-How Leo’s forum is starting to take off;

-The member of Leo’s new forum that goes by the name of ‘Vivian of Rome and Venice’

(Count Vittorio Vivanus Vivaldi III) and that Leo’s doesn’t like his statement that he

forged some documents but appreciates his 100% support just the same;



-Piazza del Gesu; Fethullah Gulen; Thomas Michel; Jesuitry and Opus Dei;

-Eric Jon Phelps and Sister Kerry have come back on board;

-The Anti-Vatican Masonic Manifesto that is to be read out loud in the Monte Carlo


-How Leo says that Thomas Richards of spirituallysmart.com should just chill out:


-How the forerunner777 also seemed to have dropped his charges that Leo was being

manipulated by the Vatican;


-That Jens Stoltenberg is but a Jewish peasant;

-The inherent inadequacy of psychology and psychiatry as compared to the alchemy of

God; more on alchemy;

-The National Treasure called Nicholas Cage;

-How I confused Francis Ford Coppola with Stanley Kubrick;

-How the Vatican recognizes the possibility of extra-terrestrial life; Leo calls them

Demons and Angels; Vatican honors Charles Darwin and thus must goes completely satanic;

-That Hollywood buff Erik Markham has contacted Leo;


-Chemtrails over Norway and that it should be stopped yesterday already;


-The degeneration of Culture;

-That Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had been deceived in her exploration of the occult;

-More on Norway and the Swedish Rite of Freemasonry:


-The American Dream;

-Leo’s planned confrontation with Christian tele-evangelist Pat Robertson;

-How I and Troy are the official scribes of the Granmaestro;

-That the Anti-Christ is an idiot;

-My review of the psyop of the movie called Conspiracy Theory;

-“Ask One, Be One, join your local masonic lodge”;







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