FUDOSI 1936-1951 – PART 1 OF 2


1936 – 1951

VERSION 1.2. milko bogaard, November 2000

Table of Contents

Introduction the aims and purposes of the Federation

Chapter 1 The preceding years

Chapter 2 T.A.W.U.C.-Reuss and Lewis

Chapter 3 A.M.O.R.C.- the years of recognition, Traenker and Lewis/the Second Fama

Chapter 4 The Dawn of a new morning, FUDOSI,the preparation- Emile Dantinne

Chapter 5 Brussels 1934, the First Convention

Chapter 6 Constant Chevillon versus FUDOSI

Chapter 7 The F.U.D.O.F.S.I. -Clymer, Chevillon &Krumm-Heller…

Chapter 8 FUDOFSI -biographies

Chapter 9 The F.U.D.O.S.I. – the 2nd,3rd,and 4th Convention, The Second World-War 1939-1945

Chapter 10 The Final Years, the 5th. Convention,Sar Hieronymus’Opening Address

Chapter 11 The questionable succession of Augustin Chaboseau

Chapter 12 The validity of R.M.Lewis as Grand Master of the TMO ,the 6th and 7th Convention

Chapter 13 The Final Convention – August 14, 1951

Chapter 14 The post F.U.D.O.S.I.-era




1934 / 1951 F .U .D .O .S .I .

F O R M E R L Y T H E S U N , K N E W N O T H I S

P L A C E . T H E M O O N W A S I G N O R A N T O F I T S

P O W E R S , A N D T H E S T A R S K N E W N O T

T H E I R S T A T I O N S . ‘

The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis in 95′

34′ Knight of Scandinavia




This Forum presents a survey on the history of an international Federation of “Initiatory Orders”, called ‘F.U.D.O.S.I.’ The F.U.D.O.S.I. represented an Universal Federation of traditional Rosicrucian -and Martinist Orders, which mainly consisted of initiatory Orders and Societies originated from the esoteric community build around people like Papus, Josephin Peladan, Stanislas de Guaita, Oswald Wirth etc. at the end of the 19th. century in France. The Forum discusses its establishment, the separate Orders and the ‘key-figures’ involved, its aims and purposes, the conflicts and problems within the federation, the opponents within the international esoteric community, and finally …. the demise of the federation. The dream of a “Great White Lodge’ represented in the material world through a Brotherhood led by initiates.’ Omnia ab Uno ‘ (“All things out of/ originate in One”) , as it is written in ‘The Book of Nature’. History knows several attempts to establish such a Brotherhood. Mostly without success. Some efforts appeared to be succesful, but were only short-lived. The F.u.d.o.s.i. was founded in 1934, and was dissolved in 1951. Nevertheless we can call the F.U.D.O.S.I. “succesful” . The federation actually “functioned” for nearly two decades …. the “Universal Federation of Initiatic Orders and Societies”, or in french : F-ederation U-niverselle D-es O-rdres E-t S-ocietes I-niciatiques, F.U.D.O.S.I.



The F.U.D.O.S.I. was formed in 1934 “to protect the sacred liturgies, rites and doctrines of the traditional initiatory Orders from being appropriated and profaned by clandestine organizations”(FUDOSI journal , nov.1946). The FUDOSI was not an Order, but an Universal Federation of esoteric and autonomous Orders and Societies.

“Some persons, whose minds have not as yet received sufficient light, have been wondering why it was necessary to gather in a Universal Federation. The Initiatique Orders and Societies, which, in their own field of work, enjoy the most absolute and complete freedom and perfect autonomy and independence. To this query we may reply that , more than in anything else, it is the initiatique work that the greatest vigilance is indispensable and that a strict and active international discipline must be exercised.

We must aknowledge and regret, that there exist many false prophets and a number of so-called initiates who use, for selfish and tyrannical purposes of domination, the pretext of initiation to thrust themselves on, and exploit, gullible and sincere persons. It was high time to warn the public against these false leaders and against noxious doctrines which they taught to trusting souls.

In each country, each authentic and regular Order knows its imitators and such false prophets. It was necessary to watch these clandestine movements, to expose these impostors or instruments of hidden and unavowed forces, in all countries, wherever they be operating, and thus avoid any confusion between the regular and authentic Orders and false Organizations that are harmful or that give teachings that have nothing to do with the Universal Tradition and Esoterism.

And also it was necessary that the authentic Orders be careful in selecting their members and their officers and in maintaining their adepts and students on the right path of the true doctrines, obliging them to follow a strict line of discipline, rational, sincere and conscientious work, so as to avoid radical teachings and heterodoxy. This immense work which was intended to protect the Orders against their inner and outer enemies has been succesfully carried on by the F.U.D.O.S.I. and is now going on.” (F.U.D.O.S.I., the.” 1946 San Jose, AMORC)

As we can see from this “official statement”, as mentioned above, the purpose of the F.U.D.O.S.I. was to unite the “authentic Orders” under the umbrella of a Universal Federation. The Orders and Societies involved kept their autonomy and indepence within the federation.

” T H E P R E C E D I N G Y E A R S ” :

We know from history that there were earlier attempts to form a “World-Federation of Esoteric Orders and Societies”. The famous french (co-) founder of the Martinist Order, Papus

( Gérard Anaclet Vincent Encausse ), organized a convention in Paris in 1908, with the intention to form an Universal Federation, however, the outcome was ineffectual.

Even before 1908 there were already two conventions held at the end of the 19th. century, one in 1888 and the other in 1889. The pioneers of these conventions were Belgian. On March 28/29, 1888 there was a convention held with Gustave Jottrand and Goblet d’Alviella (1846- 1925) as chairmen. It was a Masonic convention about “The Esoteric Meaning of the 18th. degree – Sovereign Prince of the Rose+Croix- from the Scottish Rite of Masonry.

d’ Alviella altered/ rectified some chapters of the ritual of the 18th. Degree. But this was still a strictly Masonic Convention.

Another convention was held from 9 to 16 september, 1889, in Paris. The convention- or in this case, the Congress was titled “CONGRES SPIRITE et SPIRITUALISTE INTERNATIONAL”. Delegates from all over the world visited this congress. Some members of the Congress : Gerard Encausse (Papus), Stanislas de Guaita, George Montieres, Leon Denis, Gabriel Delanne, the Duchess de Pomar etc. Some of the participating Orders and Societies : The MARTINIST Order, The HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD of LUXOR, L’ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE de la ROSE+CROIX and The THEOSOPHIC Society. On this congress Papus started with his plans for the ACTUAL realization of ‘ L’ ORDRE MARTINISTE ‘, as we know the Order today.

The next step was the convention of 1908/6/9, held in Paris at the temple of the “Droit Humain” lodge. The biggest and most important ever held. The convention arose under the authority of Papus and VICTOR BLANCHARD ( who’ll play an important part within the FUDOSI ). No less then 20 Orders and Societies attended the convention. The President was Papus, Secretary: Victor Blanchard, assistant Secretary: Paul Veux, and Treasurer:Chacornac. Some members of the organisation : Charles Blanchard, Henri Durville, Rene Guenon, Teder (Charles Detre) etc. Amongst the visitors were people like Arnold Krumm-Heller, who would later on have a big influence on the “rosicrucian” climate of South-America with his “FRATERNITAS ROSICRUCIANA ANTIQUA” ; and Theodor Reuss, who would become the O.H.O (spiritual leader) of the “ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS”. “On this congress Reuss, Papus, Blanchard and Teder eagerly exchanged titles, offices and “maybe consecrations” ( P.R. Koenig : :”Consider the O.T.O. non existent” http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/consider.htm.)

The participating Orders: L’ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE de la ROSE+CROIX, the GRAND EAST of Germany, the Sons of ISMAEL ( Arabic Masonry), Le DROIT HUMAN, the GRAND LODGE of Spain, the SYMBOLIC GRAND LODGE of Spain, the GRAND LODGE of Portugal, the ANCIENT & PRIMITIVE RITE of Great Britain and Ireland, the SWEDENBORG RITE from Great Britain, La GRANDE LOGE du CAP-VERT, the BLUE RITE from Argentina, the GRAND LODGE of Ohio, the GRAND LODGE of SAINT-JOHN from Massachusetts, the German and French SWEDENBORG RITE, the ILLUMINATI from Germany, the HIGH COUNCIL of Mexico, the RITE of MEMPHIS-MIZRAIM & The EGYPTIAN RITE from Italy, the ESOTERIC ROSICRUCIAN Order and The MARTINIST Order.

Most of the participating Orders and Societies were Masonic organisations. The Esoteric Congress did not really succeed in it’s intention, the creation of an “International Esoteric Federation”. Although some of the Orders (‘L’Ordre Martiniste’,’ L’Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose+Croix, and the ‘Rite of Memphis-Mizraim) united and established a secretariat in the city of Paris, the organization never really developed, due to the first World War of 1914. Papus died in 1916 ( tuberculosis, contracted in ‘the trenches’), and with him ‘his dream’.

One cannot really compare the intention of the F.U.D.O.S.I. with the conventions mentioned above. The F.U.D.O.S.I. represented the more traditional esoteric Orders with the exception of the Rite of MEMPHIS-MIZRAIM ( who, additionally, were excluded in 1935). Within the F.U.D.O.S.I. the accent was on the traditional Rosicrucian -and Martinist Orders and Organizations. However, there’s one similarity. On all these conventions, from 1888 on, the ‘pioneers’ were again and again members of ‘ L’ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE de la ROSE+CROIX ‘ ( OKRC ) and/ or ‘ L’ORDRE MARTINISTE’. Meanwhile …in 1920′ s postwar Germany, the dream of an Universal Federation lived on among the “Initiates” of the esoteric community…


Nothung, Nothung, envious sword – what is the sword Nothung, but that unbreakable legacy which Siegfried, as the only son of the father, re-tempers in the fire of youth. What else, but the symbol of the primal-sword (primal-Phallus!) The primal-father has stuck this primal-sword into the trunk of the primal-tree, and whoever pulls out this sword wins a woman with it – as bride and sister!

Theodor Reuss ‘ PARSIVAL and the GRAAL Unveiled ‘ 1914

(P.R.Koenig: http://www.freespeech.org/magick/koenig/parsifal.txt )

” R E U S S a n d L E W I S ” :

“Remembering the esoteric congress of Paris in 1908, Reuss convened a world congress of Freemasonry in Zuerich in 1920.” Reuss was sent by the Patriarch of the EGLISE GNOSTIQUE UNIVERSELLE, Joanny Bricaud (33′, 90′, 96′) *, to make Reuss’ and Aleister Crowley’s Gnostic Mass the “official religion for all members of the 18′ Scottish Rite”.


There was also being distributed literature publicising the “S e t u p o f t h e N e o – C h r i s t i a n s c a l l e d O.T.O” which presented an utopian O.T.O. society. “The mood of the congress went against the O.T.O.”, the minutes for example do not even mention the Gnostic Religion“.(P.R.Koenig; :”Consider the O.T.O. non existent” http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/consider.htm.)

Meanwhile, H. Spencer Lewis of A.M.O.R.C. was in contact with a Freemason from Salt Lake City (Utah) , called McBlain Thomson, who was one of the organizers (together with Reuss) of the Zuerich Congress of July, 1920. Thomson represented “THE AMERICAN MASONIC FEDERATION”‘, “THE GRAND LODGE of WASHINGTON”, and the “GRAND LODGE of CUBA”. On July 1919 Thomson had already received from Reuss an O.T.O.certificate of “33”, 96′ , IX’, Souv. Grand Master General …. Salt Lake City, Utah”.

Harvey Spencer Lewis was intrigued by the informations communicated to him about all this*. In order to lend (R+C-) credibility to the AMORC -organisation, Lewis was in search of traditional Rosicrucian Orders. ” He wanted to contact Theodor Reuss to know more about it. Though he did not appreciate much of McBlain Thomson, he had to resolve himself to write to him so as to be able to contact Theodor Reuss*.” Reuss waited for six months before answering the letter. (Lewis used Thomson’s name as a reference. Reuss had just broken the connection between himself and Thomson due to the “Zuerich disaster”, one can imagine that the name “Thomson” was no longer a “reference” to Reuss !). Anyway, from Reuss’ first letter he presents the ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS as “the exoteric front or showcase of a Rosicrucian Order”. As one can imagine, Lewis showed a lot of in interest in the assertions made by Reuss. Lewis started to build up a relationship with Reuss. “With McBlain Thomson, Reuss had not made a succes with the renewing of the project started by Papus in 1908. He saw in A.M.O.R.C. an occasion to re-start this idea. Then, he sent a diploma to Lewis. This document is a ‘gage of amity’ ( a token of friendship ) between O.T.O. and A.M.O.R.C.

( Lewis was ‘made’ an ‘O.T.O. VII° Grand Councillor of the Mystical Templars’).

Let us add that it is a matter of Honorary Diploma, because the Imperator did not receive any ritual initiation from O.T.O and never took part in the works of this Order* ” ( *a letter from A.M.O.R.C. about the O.T.O. P.R. Koenig

http://www.freespeech.org/koenig/amorc_en.htm )

Both Lewis and Reuss discussed the possibilities of creating a ‘ respective organization’ on a world-wide basis, the establishment of an Universal Federation which they named T.A.W.U.C., The Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Rosae Crucis World Union Council. At first Lewis reacted enthusiastic, but within a year he would lose his interest in Reuss and the plans for T.A.W.U.C. Lewis started to question the so called R+C -connections of Reuss. Then there was a money issue, the “Gnostic propaganda” and …. the position of “the Great Beast” within the O.T.O (Aleister Crowley), for more information on this issue, take a look at the Internet-adress mentioned above, “a Letter from A.M.O.R.C…… ( keep in mind that these statements are made by ‘Amorc- France in a letter to Peter R. Koenig, dated 1999, 02, 22 ).

Concerning the collaboration with Aleister Crowley, Reuss expelled Crowley in 1921 : ‘ In October 1921, Reuss to Spencer Lewis: I have cut off the connection that existed between us [Reuss und Crowley] regarding O.T.O., and whatever Crowley would happen to do about in the USA, it is now his own business, and not anymore a concern for the O.T.O.” (Koenig :”Consider the O.T.O.non existent” http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/consider.htm.)

After Reuss had expelled Crowley from “his” O.T.O., his plans for new enterprises (like T.A.W.U.C.) became a priority. Regarding The HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD of LIGHT, The FRA, AAORRAC, The SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA in Germania et Austria, and TAWUC (the collaboration with AMORC) Reuss planned an “Universal Brotherhood Gathering” in Ettal, Oberammergau/ Bavaria, Germany , scheduled for June 1922.

In december 1921 he wrote the following Invitation (translated and adapted from the original german document) :

Theodor Reuss

I.N.R.I. R+C+

The Rosicrucian

Official Organ

the SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA in Germania et Austria

Vol.1 Munich, December 1, 1921. No.1 *** Printed and Published by: Bent Heller & Strube LTD, Halle-Saale, Barfuesserstrasse 13/14

THEODOR REUSS : Invitation

For many years the Ancient and Venerable Rosicrucians of Europe were only known to the public as “The HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD of LIGHT”. One of the main principles of the Ancient Rosicrucians was to remain unknown and to operate in secrecy. Different circumstances however forced the Fraters Rosae Crucis, under the guidance of the late Frater Superior Dr. Karl Kellner, to step forward to end the confusion within the esoteric community. In various countries, all over the world, we’ve witnessed the birth of various Orders and Societies during the last twenty years, all calling themselves “Rosicrucian Orders”. The Ancient and Respected R+C Order did not have an organized structure with Lodges and Grandlodges. Therefore, most of the neo-rosicrucian Orders are not what they claim to be. It is our duty to step out and constitute a brotherhood for all who long for a realization of a real Rosicrucian body of knowledge. A prerequisite for this would be a meeting of delegates of all the existing “Rosicrucian- Orders”. We, Fratres Rosae Crucis, yours truly, successors and former colleagues of both Fr. Dr.Karl Kellner and Fr. Dr. Franz Hartmann , and founders of the “SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA in Germania et Austria”, Invite all the organizations, which are known as Rosicrucian- Orders, or Rosicrucian Brotherhoods, to attend a “Universal-Brotherhood-Gathering” organized by the Fratres Rosae Crucis at Ettal near Oberammergau in Bavaria. The Rosicrucian Brotherhoods of North-America, Mexico, Germany and Austria already confirmed their contribution. All further information concerning the Gathering in Ettal, write to :

Herr Oberst Dr. Krumm-Heller,

Landsitz Chapultepec-Chorinchen, Mark Brandenburg.

Basel, Chorinchen, Stuttgart and Muenchen, november 1, 1921

Fra. Huiracocha. Fra. Ekkehart. Fra. Friedereich. Fra Orphe. Fra Peregrinus.

Antiquus Arcanae Ordinis Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis

C O N I C I L I U M S U P R E M U M i n S a n F r a n c i s c o

“a special committee of the Rosicrucian Order of the United States have decided, to request their members to join a travelling party which will go on a ‘ROSICRUCIAN PILGRIMAGE’ to Ettal and Oberammergau in the month of June, 1922.

The American Rosicrucian -pilgrims will be welcomed by envoys of the German, Austrian, and Swiss Rosicrucians in a solemn meeting. Registration-adress : General-Sekretariat des Amerikanischen Pilgerfahrt-Komitees, Theresienstrasse 19/III in Muenchen.”

take a look at the original “INVITATION/ EINLADUNG” : http://www.freespeech.org/koenig/reuss/ein.htm



Fama Fraternitatis ad Rosae Crucis 1614


‘ AMORC – THE YEARS OF RECOGNITION ‘ Traenker & Lewis; The second Fama

But , as already mentioned before, Lewis had already lost interest in Reuss and his plans for the collaboration with Reuss’ ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS.

” … AS TO The Pilgrimage , it did not arouse much enthusiasm among the A.M.O.R.C. members. Theodor Reuss is furious and still writes some letters to H.Spencer Lewis between november and april, to which Lewis will answer one letter, dating may 20th 1922, to state that no A.M.O.R.C. member will attend the Pilgrimage organized by Reuss. Reuss’s reaction can easily be imagined, for the famous “Oberammergau Pilgrimage” is to take place in ….May… The relationship between O.T.O and A.M.O.R.C. was therefore a project without any sequel “.

( a letter from A.M.O.R.C. about the O.T.O. P.R. Koenig

http://www.freespeech.org/koenig/amorc_en.htm )

Strangely enough, in the thirties Lewis refers to Reuss as an important European relation to A.M.O.R.C. The reference can be found in a book ( LIBER D / Whitebook series ) written by Lewis , published in 1935, called “A U D I A L T E R A M

P A R T E M ” (“Hear the other side”).

“Audi Alteram Partem” was written “as a required defence to some heavy attacks on AMORC and its Imperator, raised by an eclectic band of self-appointed enemies ( mainly Reuben Swinburne Clymer of “FRATERNITAS ROSAE CRUCIS’, the other “self proclaimed heir to the ‘american Rosicrucian -throne” beside H.S. Lewis ). After a series of trials and public battles , Lewis eventually published the book in question, in order ” to catch up with some of the endless accusations ” stated by Clymer. Next to Reuss, Lewis states that people like Dr. Franz Hartmann, Dr.Gerard Encausse, Dr.Francois Jollivet-Castelot, and organizations like the Martinist Order, the Rite of Memphis Mizraim, Rose-Croix Esoterique, O.T.O (?) were all considered as important european relations to AMORC. What’s really strange is that Lewis makes no mention of the Orders involved with the FUDOSI, which was constituted one year earlier, in 1934 !

Anyway, after the unsuccessive ‘adventure’ with T.A.W.U.C. Lewis is still interesting in a possible collaboration with ‘the Rosicrucians’ of Europe, mainly to lend credibility to his own Order, A.M.O.R.C. ( writer’s opinion). In this period A.M.O.R.C. was constantly under attack, as mentioned before.Therefore Harvey Spencer Lewis and his son, Ralph M. Lewis, started to “tour”‘ the United States extensively in the twenties and in the thirties. These ‘Rosicrucian tours’ ( read: Lectures ) were done to actually attract and convince people of AMORC’s credibility. They carried with them many letters, patents, charters ad nauseam etc. to support their claims of ‘authenticity’. Almost all of them were fraternal goodwill letters or membership attestations etc., given out of respect for Lewis. Most of these letters and charters etc. did not convey authority of any sort ! But that’s a different chapter, not being discussed on this forum ……

” T R A E N K E R a n d L E W I S ” :

On the “Honorary-diploma” which Lewis received from Reuss ( O.T.O.VII* – Honorary Member for Switzerland, Germany and Austria ) in 1921, one can find next to the O.T.O. Seal the seal of “PANSOPHIA” of Heinrich Traenker. This ‘Pansophic Seal’ can also be found on the official documents and letters of Krumm-Heller of ‘ FRATERNITAS ROSICRUCIANA ANTIQUA”. There are rumours that Krumm-Heller wanted to give a “charter” to H.S.Lewis. But it seems that Krumm-Heller thought that AMORC was “more of a business and therefore a fraud” – P.R.Koenig “Baphomet and Rosycross”; http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/fra.htm.

“Around 1920 Heinrich Traenker (1880-1956) created the “Pansophia”, mainly a publishing project that was financially supported by Karl Germer * ” who became co-owner in 1922. Traenker was already the ‘ German Grandmaster ‘ of Reuss’ O.T.O. ‘ Pansophia’ published ‘important rosicrucian books’ as well as early writings from Crowley. After the death of Reuss in 1923, Traenker ” gained insights into Reuss’ files and discovered that there was no appointed successor to the office of O.H.O.*

( ‘Outer Head of OTO”/ the actual Leader ). All kind of ‘political intrigues’ started and several Tenth Degree members would start to call themselves O.H.O. “From 1928 on, Traenker started to call himself O.H.O. of the ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS, of the ANCIENT and ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE, The GOLDEN DAWN, The RITE of HEREDOM, The HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD of LUXOR, The FRATERNITAS ROSAE CRUCIS, The GNOSTIC Church, and the ILLUMINATES* “.

( * Koenig; “Heinrich Traenker-Bookseller in Germany” http://home.sunrise.ch/~prkoenig/traenker.htm)

Next to the publishing company, there was the “Loge – Pansophia” . This ‘ Pansophic-Lodge’ was closed in 1928, and out of it’s ashes arose the still existing FRATERNITAS SATURNI , founded by Eugen Grosche/ Gregor A. Gregorius, secretary to Traenker of the ‘Pansophic-Lodge’. The whole movement is also known as COLLEGIUM PANSOPHICUM (CP). The CP claimed to be the only Order containing “the true secrets of the August Rosicrucian Brethren” (now where did i heard that before ?).

Harvey Spencer Lewis , as mentioned before, as a ‘Honorary member.., for Switzerland, Germany and Austria’ contacted the ‘Grandmaster’ for the German O.T.O. , Heinrich Traenker. In August 1930 both Lewis and Traenker are making plans for a “PANSOPHIA INTERNATIONAL ROSICRUCIAN COUNCIL”. This ‘ UNIVERSAL PANSOPHIC SOCIETY in co-operation with A.M.O.R.C. issues a declaration, called ‘ The second Fama ‘. : “kommet alle herbei – tretet ein ! … 33′ 90′ 96′ X’ , transl.: “Come all ye hither-enter in”, the degrees refer to various degrees from the AASR, and Memphis-Mizraim Rite of Masonry, and the O.T.O. The ‘ Second Fama ‘ reveals the manifestation of the Rosicrucian Order in modern times, and the co-operation of the involved parties. “The FAMA” revealed the ‘ presence ‘ of the REAL Rosicrucian brethren ( Guess who ..). However, the collaboration between AMORC and The PANSOPHIC Movement of Traenker turned out to be a disillusion for Lewis.

According to Karl Germer (co-owner “Pansophia-publ. dept., O.T.O. & A.A. initiate ) the “Collegium Pansophicum” was an invention of Traenker’s. He used the term partly to bluff other people: he hinted darkly at a body of high Initiates in distant countries whose agent for Germany, if not Europe, he claimed to be. These initiates never revealed themselves to him. The “C.P.” actually stood for Traenker and myself,” so Germer wrote to Max Schneider in november 1935. (1935/11/8, although the source is unreliable.( Koenig ; Karl Germer about Heinrich Traenker http://www.dplanet.ch/users/prkoenig/viator.htm).)

Lewis suspected Traenker to be a fraud. He started to lose interest in the collaboration.” In 1933 Lewis ridiculed the whole matter” . In a letter to M.Carl, dating 1934/ 02/ 16 , Lewis made the following statements concerning ‘Pansophia’ : “The real ‘chief’ of the O.T.O. and of ” The ORIENTAL PANSOPHIA’ was Theodor Reuss “( ?? ). And : “The term PANSOPHIA is referred to as a division of the Rosicrucian studies and work and not as a separate school or a separate organisation” (Lewis to M. Carl, letter of 16.2.34. Koenig “The O.T.O. Phenomenon” http://home.sunrise.ch/~prkoenig/book.htm )

. After the unsuccesful collaboration with AMORC Traenker established in New York the ‘ SOCIETAS PANSOPHIA UNIVERSALIS’. Around the time of the ‘AMORC-PANSOPHIA collaboration’ (1930 – 1931) Harvey Spencer Lewis contacted Jean Mallinger, loyal friend and disciple of Emile Dantinne. The correspondence between Lewis and Mallinger would eventually discharge into the establishment of the F.U.D.O.S.I. …….




T H E D A W N O F A N E W M O R N I N G ‘

F.U.D.O.S.I. – the preparation

It is not entirely clear to me how Lewis knew Mallinger. Fact is, that AMORC was internationally known within the esoteric community. The Order had already several ‘ Grand Lodges ‘ established abroad. It is known that H.S. Lewis corresponded intensively with fr. Wittemans (writer of ‘a New & Authentic History of the Rosicrucians’ ) in the beginning of the 1920’s (see Addendum 4, note 3 ), Wittemans joined the FUDOSI in 1934 and knew both Mallinger and Dantinne long before the FUDOSI was founded.

In 1931 AMORC- France also installed it’s first ‘Grand-Master’, Dr. Hans Grueter (1878-1945), a dentist from Nice. Grueter was a Freemason (33′), a member of the Memphis-Mizraim Rite (97′) and member of B’NAI B’RITH ( “Sons of the Alliance”, a Jewish Order established in 1843 in New York, analogous to masonry ). Grueter used to be a member of the ‘SUPREME CONSEIL de la GRANDE LOGE de FRANCE and chairman of the Chapter PHILOSOPHIE ECOSSAISSE INTERNATIONALE. Dr.Grueter probably knew Mallinger, both being a high-grade member of the M::M:: RITE. Both the M::M:: lodges they belonged to didn’t recognize Jean Bricaud as the Grand Master of the M::M:: Rite. They contacted each other around the same time. Anyway, after Mallinger, in the year 1932 EMILE DANTINNE started to correspond with Harvey Spencer Lewis. The contact with Dantinne was made possible either by Mallinger or by Leon Lelarge, who was Dantinne’s secretary. In 1933 Lewis received a grade of ‘L’UNIVERSITE de la ROSE+CROIX’ Belgium., the grade of “Doctor in Psychological and Hermetic Sciences”. He also received the exalted title ‘SAR’. *

It was Emile Dantinne who started to contact several Orders and societies with the idea of organizing a similar congress as the one held in 1908. The first Orders he contacted were ‘La Rose+Croix Universitaire’, ‘L’Ordre d’Hermès Tétramégiste’, ”Order of the Odd Fellows’, the ‘Rite of Memphis-Misraïm’ ( Belgium ) and the ‘Brahman Order’ (1).The “Brahmann Order’ and the “Order of Odd Fellows’ did not respond. The first two Orders were under the authority of Dantinne. The also contacted “Memphis Mizraim Rite” was the responsibility of Dantinne’s close friend Jean Mallinger. This ‘first congress’ was more of a ‘family party’ then the congress Dantinne had in mind.

In the same year (1932) Dantinne also contacted Victor Blanchard, of “L’Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique”. Blanchard also attended the 1908 convention. Together with Blanchard and Lewis (through Mallinger), Dantinne started the preparations for the foundation of FUDOSI. It is clear that after Blanchard was approached, the idea became reality. Most of the sources state, beyond dispute, that Dantinne was the great inspirer of the F.U.D.O.S.I., although , there are sources which indicate that Mallinger and Lewis (and what about Armand Rombauts ?) were the ‘driving forces’ behind the scenes (2). Before we continue with the events happening in August, 1934, we will take a closer look at the ‘esoteric career’ of Emile Dantinne, otherwise known as SAR HIERONYMUS (his ‘Nomen Mysticum’).



Emile Dantinne was born in the city of Huy, Belgium, on the 19th of April, 1884. In his youth he turned out to be an excellent student with a talent for languages. Dantinne taught himself Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Latin, and Russian. From 1909 on he studied Hebrew and Arabic at the University of Liege (Luik), in Belgium. In 1913 Dantinne meets C.Virollaud, managing director of “Babylionaca’, in Paris. He starts to study the ‘Sumerian Tablets’ and this way he also becomes an expert on the ancient Assyrian language.

In 1904 Dantinne meets Josephin Peladan when Peladan lectured at the Ravenstein hotel in Brussels. The Ravenstein Hotel was a meeting place for the members of Peladan’s Order ‘L’ORDRE DE LA ROSE-CROIX CATHOLIQUE EST ESTETHIQUE DU TEMPLE ET DU GRAAL’, originally founded in 1891by Josephin Peladan after he left ‘L ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE DE LA ROSE-CROIX’ ( The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose+Cross ). After Peladan founded his new Order, he organized the now famous ‘Salons des Rose-Croix’ in Paris. He engaged 170 artists who collaborated in the famous art–exhibitions. At the third exhibition held in Brussels in 1894, a branch of Peladan’s Order was established in Belgium. The Belgian branch was headed by the famous symbolistic painter Jean Delville ( one of my favourite painters! take a look at:


After the first meeting with Peladan in 1904, Dantinne became a regular visitor of Peladan’s branch at the Ravenstein Hotel in Brussels. The rosicrucian philosophy flourished in Belgium.

Brussels became the ‘headquarter’ of the european esoteric Orders and Societies. In 1918 Josephin Peladan died. His death was caused by foodpoisoning. The ‘ORDER OF THE CATHOLIC ROSE-CROSS …’ was reorganized by his disciples. The Order divided into several branches. Gary de Lacroze continued the Original “L’Ordre de la Rose-Croix Catholique” in France, as did the painter Jaques Brasilier. Brasilier was the publisher of a periodical, named ‘Les Feuillets de la Rosace’, later rebaptized ‘Feuillets des Dunes, organe de la Rosace’.

In Belgium the Order was reorganized by Emile Dantinne under the name of ‘ROSE-CROIX UNIVERSELLE’ ( the Universal Rosecross ) with the help of a certain Du Chastain.

“After the death of Peladan it was Sar Hieronymus who relighted the torch of the Order and restored it in the ancient tradition of the real Rose+Cross”. ( an Addition to ‘L’Oeuvre et la Pensée de Péladan’, written by Emile Dantinne in 1952 ).Sar Hieronymus is , as mentioned before, the ‘Nomen Mysticum’ of Emile Dantinne.

The title ‘SAR’ was used in the original ‘ORDRE DE LA ROSE-CROIX CATHOLIQUE…’ This title was only given to the highest initiates of the Order. The meaning of the title ‘SAR’ is ‘Son of Ra’ (Sa= son ; R’=Ra or Re). ‘SAR’ was also used among the ancient kings of Assyria. A more plausible explanation can be found in the letters which Josephin Peladan (SAR MERODACK) wrote to his friends. An example can be seen in ‘La Vie Supreme’ (Peladan’s first novel), in which we find a letter adressed to a certain Prince de Courtenay. If we’ll take a look at the opening words, we read :

‘ S.A.R. MONSEIGNEUR LE PRINCE de COURTENAY ‘. The abbreviation stands for ‘ SON ALTESSE ROYALE ‘ ( His Royal Highness). The ‘Nomen Mysticum’ -SAR- was eventually copied by SAR HIERONYMUS and later on attached to all dignitaries of the F.U.D.O.S.I.

In 1923 Dantinne reorganizes the whole R+C Order (ORDO AUREAE & ROSAE CRUCIS -OARC)in 3 separate Orders. ‘L’ORDRE dde la ROSE-CROIX UNIVERSITAIRE’, divided into 9 Degrees. ‘L’ORDRE de la ROSE-CROIX UNIVERSELLE’ under the leadership of Imperator Francois Soetewey ( SAR SUCCUS ), likewise divided into 9 Degrees. Both the Orders served the same cause, except the ‘ORDRE de la ROSE-CROIX UNIVERSITAIRE’ only admitted members who were university-trained. Finally there was ‘L’ORDRE de la ROSE+CROIX INTERIEURE’ under the leadership of Imperator Jules Rochat de Abbaye ( SAR APOLLONIUS ), divided into 4 Degrees. Consequently the R+C Order was divided in a total of 13 Degrees, the 13th being “the Degree of Imperator”.

On December 31, 1925 Dantinne founded a ‘R+C CENTRE’ in Brussels (Belgium) under the leadership of Francois Soetewey with Jean Mallinger as secretary. In 1927 Dantinne founded ‘L’ORDRE HERMETISTE TETRAMEGISTE et MYSTIQUE’. The Order was a reconstruction of the ‘Order of Pythagoras”. The Order was led by Dantinne (Sar Hieronymus) himself, Francois Soetewey (Sar Succus) and Jean Mallinger (Sar Elgrim), leader of the Belgian branch of the ‘RITE MEMPHIS-MIZRAIM’.

Dantinne worked as a librarian for the Belgian city of Huy. We know that Dantinne attended colleges at several universities all through his life. He published numerous articles in the famous Swiss periodical ‘INCONNU’, published by the rosicrucian Pierre Gillard, cousin of Edouard Bertholet (SAR ALKMAION) leader of the “ROSE-CROIX d’ORIENT” and “L’ORDRE MARTINISTE et SYNARCHIQUE (successor of Blanchard). Gillard was a member of the Swiss Grandlodge of AMORC.

Dantinne was also the founder of the C.R.S.O.(Commision de recherches scientifiques sur l’occultisme), established in Huy, Belgium. He also founded ‘Institut scientifiques sur l’occultisme’ and the ‘Societe Metaphysique’ in Brussels. The Government and the King of Belgium rewarded Dantinne several times for his contributions to education and culture. In 1962 Dantinne was admitted into ‘De Leopoldsorde’ (one of the highest honourable titles of the state of Belgium). It is needless to say that Emile Dantinne was an accomplished writer. During his lifetime he published over 30 titles concerning topics such as foreign languages, local history, metaphysics, occultism etc. Emile Dantinne died in Huy on the 21st of May, 1969, at the age of 85.

recollections of Sar Hieronymus :

“Our good master, Sar Hieronymous, also sent me a whole treasure of comforting thoughts, of sublime teachings and … his blessing, of which we have all felt the effects. I ask you, my beloved brother, to thank him on my behalf, for you would be able to express better than I could, all my affection and my infinite gratitude for the prayers he says for us to the Divine Master. He is so close to Him, and his soul is so beautiful that he must obtain much for those for whom he beseeches Him.” – Lydie Martin, Martinist, active within the F.U.D.O.S.I. (letter dated 1936/5/3 )

“As a good egotist, I will begin with myself, as I hasten to announce the profound impression I felt immediately the first time I encountered our Grand Master. His bright look, which probes the depths of your heart, and that expression of infinite goodness, penetrate you, and you immediately feel you are in the presence of one of the disciples that God likes to send you to instruct and guide you in the accomplishment of His will for the advancement of His Kingdom.” – Jules Rochat de l’Abbaye ( Sar Appolonius, Grandmaster of ‘La Rose+Croix Universitaire)

He then smiled and held out his hand to me as a sign of welcome. When he smiled, his whole face lit up with a radiant brightness. Then I became conscious of what it is that master artists tried to capture on their canvasses in their effort to make their subjects – saints, mystics and great philosopheers of the past – appear to radiate the esoteric light they had within them.” – Ralph Lewis, Imperator van AMORC.

“In daily life, Sar Hieronymous was also a perfect hypnotist and an astonishing diviner. Thus, he harmoniously combined knowledge with its practical applications.

He also had a special gift, which his friend Leon Lelarge, and I have witnessed for ourselves more than once: he was able to stop rain completely and send the clouds to another area. That would seem improbable to some people. However, I can only say, in good faith, that I have seen it!” – Jean Mallinger ( Sar Elgim ).

Notes :

(1) The Brahman Order here mentioned was a Pythagorean Order. Orders like the “Brahman Order” were a continuation of the ‘Fratelli Obscuri ‘ , constituted in 1575. Sir Thomas More (writer of i.a. “Utopia”) and Sir Walter Raleigh were among its first members.

(2) The position of Emile Dantinne as the ‘ driving force’ behind the

F.U.D.O.S.I. is indeed debatable. Dantinne was the ‘face’of the

F.U.D.O.S.I., as “Imperator of the Rosicrucians of Europe”

(nomen mysticum: Sar Hieronymus), but the real ‘driving forces’ were

probably his principle disciples, the people around him, such as Jean

Mallinger. Another ‘principal force’, as stated in “Addendum 6;

Victor Blanchard”, was Armand Rombauts with his leading qualities and

years of experiences within various esoteric fraternities, and, of

course, let us not forget Blanchard and H. Spencer Lewis and “his”


An incident occured in 1933 which indicates that Dantinne wanted to give up all his order-activities ! (source : Fr. Roger Marechal, Liège 1982, personal files).

On May 28, 1933 Mallinger alarms his friend Leon Lelarge regarding Dantinne’s consideration to give up all his order-activities, including the Rosicrucian Order. Mallinger sees in Dantinne’s decision “the hand of the Church”. Mallinger considers the event as a personal catastrophe, because Dantinne was Mallinger’s personal mentor on the path, “…it was Dantinne who showed me the Light”, thus Mallinger. No one did ever know for sure what led Dantinne to consider the suspension of all his activities. The sources suspect a link between Dantinne’s decision and the constitution of the “Grand Orient -in Belgium- of the Antient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraïm”. The constitution was published in the “Moniteur Belge” on

April 8, 1933- and was signed by Jean Mallinger and other members of the O::H::T::M::, ‘L’ORDRE HERMETISTE TETRAMEGISTE et MYSTIQUE’ (the Pythagorean Order). “Not having taken part at all in the constitution of the ‘new’ obedience (the Belgian M.’.M.’. lodges originally belonged to the French obedience, more information on the schism of the Belgian Lodges will follow in Chapters 5 and -especially- 6), one can suppose Dantinne would have felt ‘betrayed’ by his principle disciples” (thus Marechal)

The following year, in March 1934, it is Mallinger who informs Lelarge of his intention to resign from the Rosicrucian Brotherhood !

Anyway, as history tells us, 5 months later on all was forgotten …. on August 14, the birth of the F.U.D.O.S.I. … …

(God alone knows what has been said between Mallinger and Dantinne at the time, but from then on they would not question each other ever again …)




Robert Ambelain 33′ 90′ 95′, All Saints Day, 1963


“In the same year (1932) Dantinne also contacted Victor Blanchard, of “L’Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique”. Blanchard also attended the 1908 convention. Together with Blanchard and Lewis, Dantinne started the preparations for the foundation of FUDOSI. It is clear that after Blanchard was approached, the idea became reality.” , as was stated in partIV.

Unlike the earlier conventions, where the majority of the attending societies belonged to Masonic organizations, the F.U.D.O.S.I. – conventions were attended by the traditional Rosicrucian- and Martinist organizations, except for the M::M:: Rite in 1934. But the ‘Rite of MEMPHIS-MIZRAIM’ has always closely been linked to the Rosicrucian- and Martinist Orders . But, the membership of the M::M::-Rite would be short-lived…..

As i’ve mentioned before, between W.W I and W.W. II the centre of occult and mystical activity was shifted from France to Belgium. Belgium became the main-centre for many Brotherhoods of which many branches still exist today.

SAR HIERONYMUS (Dantinne), SAR ALDEN (Lewis), and SAR YESIR (Blanchard) started the preparations for the Convention of August 1934 …..

During the existance of the F.U.D.O.S.I. the leaders constantly worked upon the composition of the absolute leadership of the federation ( 3 Imperators ) and the F.U.D.O.S.I.-Council ( 12 members). The organization saw to it, that the heart of the actual leadership of the F.U.D.O.S.I. always consisted of , when possible, members from the original ‘ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE de la ROSE+CROIX’ ( OKR+C ) and the ‘ SUPREME CONSEIL de L’ORDRE MARTINISTE’ ( O.M. )., established respectively in 1888 and 1891. This ‘condition’ applied to Augustin Chaboseau (O.M.) and Lucien Chamuel, also known as ‘Mauchel’ ( OKR+C ). In all the F.U.D.O.S.I. organized eight conventions during it’s existence : in 1934, 1936, 1937, 1939, 1946, 1947, 1949, and 1951. All conventions were held in Brussels ( Belgium), except in the years 1937 and 1947. These were held in Paris, France.


The first Convention took place in Brussels from August 8 up to August 16, 1934. On August 8, 1934 Sar Hieronymus opened the first Convention of the F.U.D.O.S.I. in Brussels, Belgium. The opening address of Sar Hieronymus was partially published in 1935 in an article by Frater Artemis ( ‘Nomen Mysticum’ of August Reichel – Grand Master of AMORC Switzerland as replacement for Edouard Bertholet/Sar Alkmaion, delegate of ‘CONFRERIE des FRERES ILLUMINES de la ROSE+CROIX’ and ‘L’ASSOCIATION ALCHEMIQUE de FRANCE’ of Jollivet-Castelot), called (transl.) “WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE WANT”, for a magazine called ‘LA ROSE+CROIX’, published by Jollivet-Castelot, president of ‘ L’ASSOCIATION ALCHEMIQUE de FRANCE’.

day 1, August 8 1934 ; Rosicrucians

The first day of the Convention was reserved for the Rosicrucian Orders. The following delegates were present :







VICTOR BLANCHARD- SAR YESIR, delegate of ‘L’ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE de la ROSE+CROIX’ and replacing Lucien Chamuel, Grand Master of the OKR+C.

AUGUST REICHEL- SAR ARTEMIS, Grand Master of A.M.O.R.C.- SWITZERLAND, replacing Edouard Bertholet ( Sar Alkmaion ) and delegate of ‘CONFRERIE des FRERES ILLUMINES de la ROSE+CROIX’ and ‘L’ASSOCIATION ALCHEMIQUE de FRANCE’.

August 9, Ordre Hermetiste Tetramegiste et Mystique

At the same time on August 9, 1934, there was ( under the auspices of the F.U.D.O.S.I.) a meeting of ‘L’ORDRE HERMETISTE TETRAMEGISTE et MYSTIQUE’ (the Pythagorean Order). Present were :

EMILE DANTINNE, Universal Grandmaster of the Pythagorean Order.

GEORGE de LAGREZE, Grandmaster of the ‘Perfect Square’ (synomynus for Grand Lodge ) representing France and Switzerland. (in december 1934 both lands were seperated as two ‘Perfect Squares’. Lagreze kept France and AUGUST REICHEL became Grandmaster of the “Perfect Square’ in Switzerland)

LUIS FITAU, consul of Chili in Brussels, authorized by Dantinne as Grandmaster of the ‘Perfect Square’ in Chili. Fitau retired in 1939.

FRANCOIS SOETEWEY, Grandmaster of the ‘Perfect Square’ in Belgium.

August 8 to 14, the Rite of Memphis-Mizraim

August 10, on demand of the Grand Hierophant (head of the Rite) GUERINO TROILO (33*98*) (Argentinia), representing 60 Lodges, the convention of the M::M:: Rite was opened.Troilo himself was not present but he authorized Jean Mallinger (33*97*). This third day dealt with the organization of the Rite. The Rite was rectified to 99 Degrees. The first 90 Degrees are the symbolic initiation Degrees, followed by 9 ‘official’ Degrees. In hierarchical order :99* GREAT HIEROPHANT, 98* GRAND UNIVERSAL HIEROPHANT, 97* all members of the SUPREME COUNSIL, and 96* the SOUVEREIGN GRANDMASTERS.

Jean Mallinger was also authorized by Grandmaster JOSE-RAFAEL CANEDO of Bolivia. Also present were GEORGES de LAGREZE, authorized by JEAN-HENRI PROBST-BIRABEN (33* 97*), PEDRO BERSETCHE (33* 97*) Delegate for Urugay, VICTOR BLANCHARD (33* 97*), HANS GRUETER (33* 97*) (Switzerland and France) and AUGUST REICHEL (Austria). After a few days they were joined by HARVEY SPENCER LEWIS (U.S.A.), MAURICE De SECK, MANY CIHLAR (Austria), LUIS FITAU (Chili) and JOSE-RAFAEL CANEDO.

Troilo became Souvereign Grandmaster for the whole world and Georges de Lagreze became the ‘acting’ Grandmaster for the whole world. Jean-Henry Probst-Biraben (33* 97*) became Grand Councillor, the Souvereign Council consisted of :Raoul Fructus (33* 95*), Luis Fitau (33*95*), August Reichel (33* 90*) and Maurice Fallot (33*90*). The convention was solemnly opened by Georges de Lagreze (MIKAEL). Some of the Brothers who had received certificates without the corresponding initiation-ceremonies, were officially ‘initiated’.

The following Brothers were officially initiated in various degrees:

George de Lagreze 33* 97*

Jean Mallinger ,, ,,

Maurice de Seck ,, ,,

Many Cihlar 18* (Knight Rose-Croix)

Spencer Lewis 66* 87* 88* 89* 90*

Categno (Pedro Bersetche) 66* 87* 88* 89* 90*

87* up to 90* are the famous ARCANA ARCANORUM Degrees, made famous by Cagliostro in the 18th. Century. They were originally adapted and incorporated in the Mizraim-Rite in Italy, in the beginning of the 19th century. The “ARCANA ARCANORUM’ were also incorporated in the highest Degree of ‘ L’ORDRE HERMETISTE TETRAMEGISTE ET MYSTIQUE’ , one of the participants of the Convention.

Hans Grueter 33* 90*

Raoul Fructus ,, ,,

Victor Blanchard ,, ,,

Luis Fitau ,, ,,

August Reichel ,, ,,

Maurice Fallot ,, ,,

The High Council of ‘The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Mizraim’ was installed on August 11, under the leadership of ‘ Le Grand Invisible Hierophant’ Armand Rombauts (33*99*), otherwise known as OR-ZAM. Some of the other members of the High Council were Leon Lelarge and Raoul Fructus . The decisions made concerning this rite were done without authorization. Grand Master of the Rite was Constant Chevillon from France. Rombauts / Oz-Ram and the belgian M:.M:. Rite belonged to the Obedience of the M:.M:. Rite of France, and therefore had no authority whatsoever ! Rombauts and Mallinger tried to create an autonomous Order without any authorization. H.S. Lewis played an important role in the whole story, as we will see in another chapter.

The M:.M:. Convention was closed on August 14.

August 9 to 16 , Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique

Grand Master of the Order was Victor Blanchard, who was secretary to Papus at the 1908 Convention. Papus founded the ‘ FEDERATION MACONNIQUE UNIVERSELE’, which was officially established during the convention . The ‘F:.M:.U:. was a ‘ forerunner’ of the F.U.D.O.S.I.

Blanchard was the president of the Martinist- Convention. He was also a delegate of ‘ L’EGLISE GNOSTIQUE UNIVERSELLE’. He was also a delegate of the ‘ SUPREME COUNCIL DE L’ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE DE LA ROSE+CROIX’ .

Because of Victor Blanchard Martinism was introduced (once more) in Belgium. Emille Dantinne , Spencer Lewis and other dignitaries of the F.U.D.O.S.I. were initiated as Martinists during the convention.


12 Members were chosen to form the SUPREME COUNCIL, led by 3 Imperators :

SAR HIERONYMUS (E. Dantinne) Imperator of Europe

SAR ALDEN (H.S. Lewis) Imperator of the American continent

Sar YESIR (V. Blanchard) Imperator of Eastern Europe.

The symbol of the F.U.D.O.S.I. was created by H.S. Lewis. The meaning of the symbol will be explained later.

The following Orders and societies were represented on the first convention :



3. ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE DE LA ROSE+CROIX (Sar Yesir representing Lucien Mauchel)


5. A.M.O.R.C. U.S.A. (Sar Alden, Sar Emmanuel, Sar Iohannes)


7. ORDRE ANCIEN ET MYSTIQUE DE LA ROSE+CROIX AMORC-Switzerland (Sar Amertis representing sar Alkmaion)








15. L’EGLISE GNOSTIQUE UNIVERSELLE (Tau Targelius=Victor Blanchard)








– In part 5 (‘ F.U.D.O.S.I.- the first convention’ ) we could see that the decisions and rectifications made concerning the ‘ ANTIENT AND PRIMITIVE RITE OF MEMPHIS-MISRAIM ‘ (1) had a negative impact on the international masonic and esoteric community, especially on the M:.M:.Rite itself. To understand the opposition against the M:.M:. Convention of August 8-14,1934, one has to study the developments within the M:.M:.Rite of Belgium at the time. Many of the High Council members including the ‘Grand Invisible Hierophant’ (Rombauts) were members of the Belgian branch of the Rite.

The story begins in 1912 when ARMAND ROMBAUTS (1881-1947) was chartered by Papus ( one of the founders of the Martinist Order of 1884) to establish a Martinist-Lodge in Belgium. Rombauts founded the ‘ Grand Loge Nationale de Belgique ‘ which was named

‘ I.N.R.I. – Lodge’. Rombauts had also been initiated in the MEMPHIS-MISRAIM RITE by Papus. (other sources tell us that the initiator was a Dutchman).

In 1918 he became the official delegate of the Martinist-Order in Belgium. He was also initiated (2) into the highest degree (90*) of the Memphis-Misraim Rite by the Grand Master of France, JEAN BRICAUD.

In 1931 Rombauts received a Charter to establish a branch of the PYTHAGOREAN ORDER. This branch did not belong to the other existing Pythagorean Order in Belgium, which was founded by Francois Soetewey and Emille Dantinne in 1927 (O::H::T::M::), although both branches started to work with each other on a fraternal base. The Order of Rombouts started to accept women in their lodges and started to establish Lodges in several cities (Antwerp, Brussels, Liege). These developments did not have the approval of Bricaud. The Belgian Orders, which were headed by Rombouts, belonged to the French Obedience of Bricaud.

The above mentioned means that the Belgian Lodges were not ‘ Sovereign ‘ , therefore they could not establish their own Lodges. The Belgian Memphis-Misraim Order belonged to the French jurisdiction and had no authority whatsoever. At one time Rombauts asked Bricaud’s permission for the establishment of a Belgian jurisdiction, but Bricaud refused to give his permission. The Belgian branch started to contact other M:.M:. Lodges which Bricaud did not recognize as Grand Master of the Rite. Among the people who were contacted were Raoul Fructus, Hans Grueter (Grand Master A.M.O.R.C. France), George de Lagreze (Grand Master O::H::T::M:: France) etc. When Jean Mallinger was asked by Rombauts to rectify the rituals, Bricaud was forced to intervene.

From 1933 on the Belgian Lodges were officially not recognized any longer as ‘regular’ lodges of the ‘Antient and Primitive Memphis-Misraim Rite’ by the French Obedience.

The Belgian Lodges started to work with Lodges from the United States and South-America. In this part of the history the contact between Jean Mallinger and Spencer Lewis was established. Officially it is stated that a Belgian historian, Francois Wittemans(3), had advised Mallinger to contact Spencer Lewis. On January 11, 1933 Jean Mallinger wrote a letter to Lewis about a possible collaboration between A.M.O.R.C. and the Belgian Orders.

The whole history resulted in an indepent Belgian Memphis-Misraim Rite still existing today.

The schizm resulted in an international Order next to the original M:.M:.Rite of Grand master Jean Bricaud. George Lagreze and Hans Grueter became the Grand masters in France, Troilo in Argentinia and Constantin Platounoff in Belgium. It was this group of Lodges, under the guidance and leadership of Emille Dantinne (Dantinne was NOT involved in the M.’.M.’. activities), who would form the F.U.D.O.S.I. in 1934. One of the aims of the M:.M:. Convention (August 8-14,1934) was “The Return to the fundamental source of the MISRAIM- Rite “. The French Obedience, to which the Belgian branch belonged until 1933, worked the system of John Yarker, called officially ‘ THE ANTIENT AND PRIMITIVE OF MASONRY ‘ . Yarker’s system worked 33 degrees, divided into 3 sections, embracing MODERN, CHIVALRIC, and EGYPTIAN Masonry. In fact the system compressed the Rituals of the 90 working degrees of the MEMPHIS-Rite into 30 Rituals. One has to understand that the original system needed the fortune of a kingdom to carry on a Rite of 90 degrees with the necessary splendour. And this has been one of the main reasons that during the 19th century in several cities throughout Europe the original Rite was abandoned. Abandoned because of financial difficulties…..

The Belgian brothers used this to state that the French Obedience was a body representing the Rite of Memphis, instead of Memphis-Misraim. They declared that they found “old documentation” from the year 1818 of the original Rite of Misraim and they considered it was the right moment for a renewal of the complete Rite. A renewal according to the original intention of the sources of the Rite. According to the F.U.D.O.S.I. this would be a “Rosicrucian Renewal”, carried out by the First Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order, Harvey Spencer Lewis. In letters and articles written by Jean Mallinger, Spencer Lewis etc. (4) that i’ve red, the argumentation in favour of a Rosicrucian foundation of the Memphis-Misraim Rite was used to ‘legalize’ the rectifications of the M:.M:.Rite.

According to Spencer Lewis in an article called “True Mysticism” the Rosicrucians were descendants of the Essenes, which “created”and conserved the original Christian Mysteries, assisted by the adepts of the Great White Brotherhood and (later on) the Templars. All the Adepts belonged to the ancient rite of Memphis-Misraim ….

The International Grand Lodge, the French Obedience, strongly protested against these developments.

There exists a very interesting document, written by Constant Chevillon ( Grand Master of the original M:.M:. after Bricaud’s death in 1934) dating March 1, 1936 in Paris, describing the events of the whole history. The document was sent to all the M:.M:. lodges around the world, informing them what had happened within the Belgium M:.M:. Lodges over the last few years. Of special interest is the opinion of Chevillon about Dr.H.S. Lewis and the F.U.D.O.S.I. I’ve translated a few excerpts of the document :





Mr. Rombauts intiated the advocate Mallinger, who is no member of the Order, without any authority. Within months he was initiated into the highest degrees. Jean Bricaud, Grand Master of the Highest Sanctuary, objected in a writing against these developments within the belgian branch. Rombauts never replied ! Together with Mallinger he tried to establish an independant, autonomous Order. They rectified the rites, initiate both men and women into the highest degrees. They created supplemental grades, 98* and 99*, and raised the total amount of grades with the 96- and 97 Degree.”

” One of the attending visitors of this convention was the Imperator of A.M.O.R.C. , H.S.Lewis from San Jose, California. Spencer Lewis was initiated in Germany in 1921 (5) in the 95th Degree by Reuss-Peregrinus. Spencer Lewis claimed to be the Grand Master of the Great White Brotherhood of Tibet under the name of SRI- SOBBHITA- BIKKHU. Lewis gave Rombauts the title of Great Hierophant (99th Degree) under the name of OR-ZAM. This way Rombauts became Grand Master of Belgium, and what even is more peculair: Rombauts was given the name ROMBAUTS-OR-ZAM-PHANAR , and Phanar relocated the Order to the Highest Sanctuary of Belgium ( as one can read in the magazine ‘ADONHIRAM’, published by Jean Mallinger).”

” The Convention installed also a Great Hierophant of the 98th Degree, H.Troilo, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge in Santa Fe, Argentinia. The Grand Lodge of Santa Fe have written to us that they received a letter in which was written that the Order in Belgium declared themselves to be initiated into the 97 degree after the death of Garibaldi(6), and therefore were not recognized.

Next they created their own illegal Sanctuary in Europe, Switzerland, India and China, which never actually functioned. Then they organized an international convention in Brussels on August 1934, to establish an universal organization. The main purpose of this organization is to sentence other Sanctuaries, especially the Sanctuary of France. This happened, of course, without the authorization of the ‘Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry’!

The “official authorization” was given by H.S.Lewis, as SRI-SOBBHITA-BIKKHU !

Because of the “Tradition” , proclaimed by the Order , Lewis was “authorized” through the International Secretary to ‘charter’ the initiations of the Order. The Charter was declared as the “Urbi et Orbi” of the Order !

But the famous Great White Brotherhood of Tibet is UNKNOWN within Freemasonry, and therefore has no jurisdiction within the M:.M:. Lodges …”

” The Masonic community reacted immediately. Incidents followed. The brothers who asked for an explanation concerning the rectification of the Rite, did never receive a reply. “Official” documents disappeared and several magazines and newspapers revealed sensational stories. The institutional Charter of the Great White Brotherhood was ridiculed in public and an official statement pronounced the G.W.B.-charter being without any legal- or historical authorization. The so called “Authority” of Brussels was gone…”

” Following these events Rombauts retreated without making use of the false certification of H.S. Lewis, leaving the Order in chaos. He still calls himself the “Great Invisible Hierophant”of the Order with his associate Jean Mallinger as Grand Master of Belgium. H.S. Lewis, who tried to destroy the charter, still portrayed himself as the “worldauthority” of the Sanctuary Grand Alden under the protection of the F.U.D.O.S.I.”

” The Highest Sanctuary of France responded quickly :

– A return of all the Lodges concerned to the Tradition of the Order. The supplemental grades are “illegal” and therefore not to be recognized! All the members of the Grand Lodge of the “Belgian” group are expelled from the Order (Rombauts, Mallinger, Grueter, Lagreze etc).The permanent commission of the Order authorized the decisions made in France. Finally, the Lodge ‘ LES DISCIPLES DE PYTHAGORE ‘ permanently closed it’s doors on September 5, 1933, it’s charter being withdrawn.”

The document was signed :

Paris, march 1 1936, E.V.

EL S.G.M.G. Constant Chevillon

EL G. Adm. G. Chnc. Henry Dupont

As stated before, the whole affair resulted in the establisment of a new, international Order representing the Memphis-Misraim Rite, next to the “official” Order represented by Bricaud, and after his death, Constant Chevillon.

The opposition of the regular M:.M:. Rite against the decisions made on the convention of 1934 resulted in the expulsion from the F.U.D.O.S.I. of both the M:.M:.Orders represented on the convention : ORDRE MACONNIQUE ORIENTAL DE MEMPHIS-MISRAIM (STRICTE OBSERVANCE) and the MIXED ORDER OF MEMPHIS-MIZRAIM.

The 3 Imperators of the F.U.D.O.S.I. (Lewis, Dantinne, Blanchard) made this decision on August 1, 1935.

In 1935 August Reichel (A.M.O.R.C. Switzerland, CONFRERIE DES FRERES ILLUMINES DE LA ROSE+CROIX, and delegate of L’ASSOCIATION ALCHEMIQUE DE FRANCE) decided to leave the F.U.D.O.S.I. Reichel decided to work in the future within the framework of the Orders of Lyon, headed by Constant Chevillon (L’ORDRE MARTINISTE-MARTINEZISTE de LYON, L’EGLISE GNOSTIQUE UNIVERSELLE, ORDER OF KNIGHT MASONS ELUS COHEN OF THE UNIVERSE, THE ANTIENT AND PRIMITIVE RITE OF MEMPHIS MIZRAIM). The founding of the F.U.D.O.S.I., pictured in public as “the protectors of the authentic Initiatique Orders and Societies” , caused the other societies to react. This resulted in the founding of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. (Federation Universelle de Ordres,Fraternites et Societies Initiatique),’ headed’ by Constant Chevillon.





An aspect often left out when discussing the problems between the F.U.D.O.S.I. and the “Orders of Lyon” is an aspect of a political nature. The initiatic Orders and Societies, including Freemasonry, have always played an ambiguous role in society.

Especially in France there has always been (certainly up to the time when the F.U.D.O.S.I. was founded) a strong Republican-movement within the world of Orders and Societies next to the conservative Royalist-movement. One has just to be remembered of the role of Freemasonry during the French Revolution.

When we take a look at the standpoints of some of the core-members of the F.U.D.O.S.I. regarding this issue, we’ll get the next picture :

Emille Dantinne, for instance, was a Royalist strongly opposed to the republican movement.

He was a “Naundorfist”. The “Naundorf-movement” was build around a hypothesis that a certain Karl Wilhelm Naundorf, an adventurer, ’emerged’ in Berlin in 1810 and claimed to be the son of the French King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. He tried to prove his claim before a court in France in which he didn’t succeed. He had to leave France where he was no longer welcome. He left for Great Britain where he later claimed to be “the Messias”. In 1845 he finally settled in Holland, where he lived under the protection of the Dutch Crown (because of some military invention from Naundorf), where he died in the same year. His real name was Charles Louis Eduard de Bourbon. His descendants repeatedly tried to prove that Naundorf was of royal descent. The whole history finally ended in 1998, when Prof. J.J. Cassiman

( University of Leuven, Belgium) proved (DNA- test) that Naundorf could not have been Louis XVII, successor of Louis XVI, King of France.

Dantinne was even convinced that a member of the F.U.D.O.S.I., Andre Cordonnier, who became one of the Imperators of the organization in 1946, was the ‘new king’ of France ! We’ll discuss this matter in one of the following chapters.

The ideas of Dantinne concerning political -, social -, and even racial issues are reflected in his writings. The following statements made by Dantinne concerning these issues can be found in 2 documents of the F.U.D.O.S.I., entitled “Position des ordres initiatiques devant les problèmes contemporaines 12/10/1941” (A), and “Rapport sur les ordres et sociétés initiatiques. 12/10/1941” (B).

Concerning the topic “Les ordres initiatiques et le problème de la race” Dantinne speaks about the view of the F.U.D.O.S.I. in Europe :

“Contrary to the Church, the Initiatic Orders of Europe formally exclude the Jews and their organizations from their centres. Any collaborations with the Jews results in the following serious consequences: Intellectuel anarchy, indiscipline, schizm and discord, egoism, negligance of national interests etc”.

“On the contrary, The Orders require of their members discipline, a community spirit, morality, patriotism”…etc. (freely translated)

In the final part of the document it is stated : “The genuine Initiatory Orders are only open to the Aryan community and do not admit anyone belonging to the jewish race”.

Furthermore it is stated that the masonic influence was and is still very strong in society through high positions secured by masons in “all the wheels of the State”. The teachings of Masonry are described as a “glorification of men” instead of God, and therefore the aim of a mason in society is to gain personal profit.

(october, 12 1941 document A, signed : ‘the Imperator of Europe’)

From the second document (B) i’ve translated a part in which the attitude of the F.U.D.O.S.I. towards Freemasonry is stated :


1. In 1934, at the time of the foundation of the F.U.D.O.S.I., Freemasonry was condemned by the attending Orders as an atheistic organization and no Masonic Order would be admitted to the federation. One exception was made in favour of the Antient Rite of Memhis-Misraim, which was recognized as a spiritual Order not recognized by the other Masonic Obediences.

But the admission turned out to be an error (the text refers to the problems with Chevillon, see part 6). It proved that the Judaic and material character is inseparable from any masonic rite, that all reformation of Masonry is utopic, and as a consequence, no collaboration is possible between the F.U.D.O.S.I. and any masonic rite or order. In 1935, the leaders of the F.U.D.O.S.I. excluded the only masonic order within their ranks. They even forced their members to break all their ties to masonry, under penalty of exclusion (with the exception of Mr.Wittemans, who remained a member of a masonic organization)”.

The Documents are written in 1941, the european countries were invaded by the German troops of Adolf Hitler. We know that Dantinne was no Nazi, and certain members of the F.U.D.O.S.I. would play a role in the resistance, but nevertheless the Jewish race were openly discriminated by the F.U.D.O.S.I. through the official documents of their Imperator.

Also, there’s no mistake concerning Dantinne’s view of a Democratic society. He was strongly opposed towards the Liberal movement and a democratic model of State, which he saw as a masonic pact. And, as you can read in the above mentioned, masonry stood for an atheistic, material, a-moral organization in Dantinne’s eyes.

Other high officials of the F.U.D.O.S.I. shared Dantinne’s view on the problems of society at the time. It is well known that Harvey-Spencer Lewis of A.M.O.R.C. always favoured the autocratic systems above the liberal, democratic model. On the other hand, he associated himself with an ultra-nationalistic association in the United States. He even wins the confidence of Mussolini, who already banned masonry in Italy in 1925, who receives Lewis with open arms as “a friend of the family” as early as 1931. The Imperator compliments the dictator on “the absence of beggars in the streets, the impressive architecture, the punctuality of the trains” etc. Lewis returns once more to Italy in 1937. To this occasion, Mussolini gives a speech in which he promises a radiant future for A.M.O.R.C.

The inward conflict between Loyalists and Republicans within the Esoteric Orders and Societies (incl. Freemasonry) started before the French Revolution.

As mentioned earlier in part 4, Emille Dantinne was the successor of Josephin Peladan, the co-founder of the ‘ ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE DE LA ROSE-CROIX’ in 1888. Peladan was forced to leave the Order, after which he founded the

‘ ORDRE DE LA ROSE-CROIX CATHOLIQUE ET ESTHETIQUE DU TEMPLE ET DU GRAAL ‘. Next to the differences of opinion, which one can find in any biography of Peladan, between Peladan, Stanislas de Guaita and especially Papus, Peladan was also a convinced Catholic and strong defender of the Catholic Church. His loyalty to the Catholic Church gave him much credit by the Church. His writings and his Order were never condemned by the Church, unlike the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross and personalities such as Papus. Here we find the same contrast as we can find approximately 50 years later between Constant Chevillon and the F.U.D.O.S.I.

The differences between Josephin Peladan and the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross resulted in the famous ‘La guerre des deux Roses’ ( ‘ War of the Roses’ ). Fifty years later the differences between Chevillon and the F.U.D.O.S.I. would result in the founding of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I.. As stated before (part 6) the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. was established in defense of the Orders of Lyon and the other societies that were not involved with the F.U.D.O.S.I.


Federation Universelle des Ordres Sociétés et Fraternités des Initiés

( Federation of Orders and Fraternities of Initiates )

The foundation of the F.U.D.O.S.I. in Brussels in 1934 caused a reaction within the world of Orders and Fraternities. The F.U.D.O.S.I. claimed to be the protector of all TRUE initiatic Orders and Societies. One can easily imagine the reaction of all the Orders and Fraternities which were not represented at the convention of 1934. Especially Constant Chevillon, head of numerous Orders and successor to Jean Bricaud, was not pleased with the decisions made in Brussels in 1934 (see Part 6 concerning the problems within the Memphis-Misraim Rite). The result of all the hostilities was the foundation of the “FEDERATION UNIVERSELLE DES ORDRES SOCIETES ET FRATERNITES DES INITIES”, aka F.U.D.O.F.S.I. This Federation was an alliance mainly between Reuben Swinburne Clymer(*1), head of the FRATERNITATIS ROSAE CRUCIS, and Constant Chevillon, head of the ORDRE MARTINISTE DE LYON.

The F.U.D.O.F.S.I. was mainly established to act against Harvey Spencer Lewis. This statement is confirmed in a letter, written by Clymer, adressed to Chevillon (dated:1935/12/12). Chevillon appointed Clymer as “Commandeur des Chevaliers de L’Ordre du Saint-Graal” (Commander of the Knights of the Order of the Holy Grail) of France.

The first meeting of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. took place in Paris in february 1939. Those present : Reuben Swinburne Clymer, Alfred I. Sharp, Count Jean de Czarnomsky, Constant Chevillon, Henri-Charles Dupont, Henri Dubois, Raoul Fructus ( former member of the F.U.D.O.S.I. , see: part 5), Andre Fayolle, Nauwelaerts, Laugenier, and Camille Savoir. They were later joined by Hans Rudolf Hilfiker-Dunn (Heir apparent to Reuss) and Arnoldo Krumm-Heller. Chevillon consecrated Krumm-Heller a Bishop of the E.G.U.

August Reichel, who left the F.U.D.O.S.I. in ’35, joined the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. after he failed to arrange an agreement with Chevillon concerning the problems with the F.U.D.O.S.I. Not much is known about the F.U.D.O.F.S.I., because soon after the first meeting in 1939 Europe went to war ….. In 1944 Constant Chevillon was shot by the Gestapo. The dream was over……

The Organization of Chevillon and Clymer “existed mostly on paper and was not as successful as the F.U.D.O.S.I. itself, primarily because Clymer did not have the resources that A..M.O.R.C. was making available to the F.U.D.O.S.I. Also, the outbreak of hostilities in Europe prevented the development of Clymer’s efforts” (source: Trophimus ” A Martinist Treasury”)

The following Orders and Societies were represented on the first convention in 1939 :






6 ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS (Switzerland*2)






The organizations listed above are some of the most well known Orders which participated within the F.U.D.O.F.S.I.

Although the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. ceased to exist during W.W.II, and was not re-established after the War, some of the former members contacted each other in 1947 and established a continuation of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I.

“Hans-Rudolf Hilfiker became active again in 1947 when together with Swinburne Clymer (1878-1966), he tried to create a WORLDWIDE ALLIANCE OF ROSICRUCIAN ORDERS. This was particularly successful in Rio de Janeiro where Clymer merged his organization with Krumm-Heller’s. Hilfiker and Clymer actually met each other on Mai 7, 1947, and also in June 5, 1948 in Zuerich, Switzerland at the hotel “Baur-au-lac” (Koenig :”Consider the O.T.O.non existent” http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/consider.htm.)



notes :

*1) Clymer’s opinion regarding the F.U.D.O.S.I. : (from “The Rosicrucian Fraternity in America, Authentic and Spurious Organizations – Volume II”, by dr.R. Swinburne Clymer, The Rosicrucian Foundation, Beverly Hall, Quakertown, Pa. blz. 415 -417

“In the scheme for the fabrication of the Amorc of Europe and the Rose Croix University for Belgium, “Dr.” Lewis, alias Sar Alden, and his lawyer-Masonic confederate, “Dr.” Mallinger, alias Sar Elgim, needed a personage around whom they could build the myth of the Venerable “Imperator pour l’Europe”. They found the right material, as if made to order for their purpose, in a Mr.Danthine , a file clerk librarian in the town of Huy, Belgium, having a population of about 14,000. He is a credulous, timid and hesistant individual – rather effeminate and of the extremely negative type. Having always taken orders from others, he expresses no opinions of his own and does as he is told to do without questioning or hesitation. He is not an occultist or mystic, although he is well read and has acquired considerable information from books. He is a stay-at-home body, excludes himself and is seldom seen at public functions. In recent years he has only appeared at three meetings or gatherings, one at a reunion of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, when he paraded with Mallinger and received the honors of the Column of the North. Another time he appeared at a meeting of the AMORC in Brussels, where he undertook to announce that all poilitical views would be foreign to the organization, and finally at the Congress of Clandestinism, held in Brussels in August 1934, at which time and place the role assigned to him was to sing the praise of the ‘Great Imperator of America’, which, according to all accounts, he did very well. This is the man whom Lewis and Mallinger selected to be the mythical and venerable head of their recently fabricated and spurious R.C. Order and sham Rose Croix University in Belgium. They gave him the title of “Sar” and the nom de plume of Hieronymus and introduced him to the world as the Venerable Imperator of Europe and the Dean of the Rose Croix University of Belgium. However, all the affairs and business of the fabrication are arranged and attended to by Mallinger and their venerable myth is discreetly kept in the background and is inaccessible except when he has been schooled and carefully instructed for the occasion and the function he is to perform.

Mr. Danthine is a good man. Within himself he is harmless and is respected by his neighbors. However, he is of the negative, credulous type and in the hands of Lewis and Mallinger, his lawyer associate, he has become their willing and passive tool, without realizing they have made a myth of him and are using him as “window dress” for the accomplishment of their nefarious schemes and infamous purposes.”

*2) The O.T.O. is listed here as one of the participating Orders, represented by Hans-Rudolf Hilfiker-Dunn and Chevillon for the O.T.O. of France. But in a letter which Hilfiker wrote to Chevillon, dated 13 June !936, he stated:” DESPITE THE FACT THAT HEINRICH TRAENKER PROCLAIMS HIMSELF O.H.O. … THE O.T.O. DIED TOGETHER WITH REUSS” and regarding Aleister Crowley (who proclaimed himself O.H.O already in 1923), Hilfiker suggested they “CONSIDER THE O.T.O. NON EXISTENT ” (Koenig :”Consider the O.T.O.non existent” http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/consider.htm.)

As mentioned before, Hilfiker was the ‘Heir Apparant” to Reuss (incl. his Charters), founder of the O.T.O. who died in 1923.

*3) The “ORDRE KABBALISTIQUE DE LA ROSE CROIX ” at the time was divided into two “Lineages” due to the schism after the death of Teder (successor of Papus) within the ORDRE MARTINISTE. Victor Blanchard would have succeeded Teder, but he disapproved of the masonic structure of the Martinist Order. This structure was an idea which was realized by Teder. In 1921 Blanchard would establish a new branch of the Martinist Order, which would become known as the “Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique” in 1934 at the convention in Brussels. The new successor of Teder was Jean Bricaud. Both Bricaud and Blanchard had a lineage to Papus, who was also the Grand Master of the O.K.R.C. at the time of his death in 1916.

Lineage 1: the successors of Stanislas de Guaita, founder of the O.K.R.C. [1861-1897]

– Francois Charles Barlet (Albert Faucheux) [1838-1921]

– Gerard Encausse (Papus)

– Charles Detre (Teder) [1855-1918]

– Lucien Mauchel (Sar Chamuel) [-1936]

– Victor Blanchard (Sar Yesir) [-1939]

– Pierre Augustin Chaboseau [-1946]

– Georges Lagreze [-1954?]

– Robert Ambelain [-1994]

Lineage 2:

– Francois Charles Barlet

– Gerard Encausse (Papus)

– Charles Detre (Teder)

– Jean Bricaud [1881-1934]

– Constant Chevillon (1880-1944)

– Charles-Henry Dupont [-1960]

– Phillipe Encausse [1906-1984]



— Franz Hartmann, M.D. ‘Magic: White and Black’




Who’s who within the F. U. D. O. F. S. I. .? Who were the leading figures within the organization ? Where did they come from? Which Orders did they represent ? For what reason did they attack Harvey Spencer Lewis ?

As we’ve already seen in Part 6 and 7, one of the aims of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. was to {quote} “CLEAN THE OCCULT WORLD”, read : “act as an opposing force” towards the F.U.D.O.S.I. of Dantinne, Blanchard, and Lewis. Especially Lewis, we might add (as we’ve seen in Part 7; this statement is confirmed in a letter, written by Clymer, adressed to Chevillon, dated:1935/12/12). After the schizm within the Memphis-Misraim Rite (part 5 &.6), Chevillon looked for an alliance with the enemies of his opponents.

The ‘attacks’of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. were mainly concentrated upon Harvey Spencer Lewis.

In the eyes of his opponents Lewis had broke with the ‘Tradition’ on several points :

Lewis created a “new system” of Initiation, which included a ‘Home-correspondence course’ (lessons by mail) and ‘Sanctum-initiations’. A.M.O.R.C. members had to pay “membership-fees”. The quick advancement of it’s members through the degrees. A.M.O.R.C. started to publish and sell books upon mysticism. The advertising-campaigns to attract new members. etc.etc.

In the beginning of the 20th century the Traditional Orders still gathered in Lodges where the members received the instructions directly from the teacher, and this newly created system of A.M.O.R.C. was looked upon as a “blasphemy”. The A.M.O.R.C. system of teaching combined with the advertising-campaigns proved to be succesful because it attracted a lot of new (paying-) members. This way, A.M.O.R.C. became one of the leading Initiatic Orders of the thirties with Grand Lodges all over the world. Also, this kind of “management” proved to be a financial success …. Financially, A.M.O.R.C. was, and still is, the richest mystical Order on the planet.

Next to the ‘success’ of A.M.O.R.C. , the claims made by Lewis, especially regarding the authority that was given to him by “the French Rosicrucian-Order” and a certain E.L.A.M.M. Massananda Khan (see:part 6- the letter of Chevillon), were received with mixed feelings. To cut a long story short, A.M.O.R.C. was looked upon as “a business” and a fraud ! Especially by the members of … … … the F.U.D.O.F.S.I.



Profound thinker and indefatigable worker, dividing his time between Paris and Lyon, successor to Jean Bricaud, head of “the Orders of Lyon”. The most well known and prolific Orders Chevillon headed were :




One has to understand that before the foundation of the ‘Martinist Order’ in 1891 by Papus and Chaboseau, ” the name “Martiniste”designated the disciples of Martinez de Pasqually, then the Martinisme of Lyon descending from the Elus Cohen of Willermoz, or the Russian Martinisme, branch of the Elus Cohen established in Russia.

But at the end of the 19th. century, Papus created in the company of Augustin Chaboseau, an Ordre Martiniste whose essentail goal was the study of the works of Louis Claude de St. Martin, the ‘Philosophe Inconnu’, from where, today, the confusion exists between Martiniste and Elus Cohen. Afterwards, Papus became Grand Master of the M:.M:., all the while developing his L’Ordre Martiniste’. At the death of Papus, his successor, Teder, initiated in the Martinisme of Lyon (Elus Cohen), planned to reform the L’Ordre Martiniste of Papus, but death prevented him from realizing his plan.

Jean Bricaud succeeded him, taking up again the idea of reform, in presiding over the l’Ordre Martiniste of Lyon and that of Papus which became the INTERNATIONAL OCCULTIST SOCIETY (S.O.I.), where he regrouped all the profane , reserving the Order of Elus Cohen (Martiniste de Lyon) to masons of High Grades. At the death of Bricaud, C.Chevillon took up the torch and definitively cut the relation between the Rite of Memphis Misraim and the Elus Cohen from a part, and the S.O.I. from the other part, of which he named Mme Bricaud as president.”

(source; “Introduction to the True Face of French Masonry”, Rene Chambellant http://members.dynasty.net/merlin/chevil.htm)

Chevillon was also Patriarch of the ‘EGLISE GNOSTIQUE UNIVERSELLE’.

During the 2nd worldwar, his employers sent him out into the provinces where he complained about not being able to work. “He felt prowling around him the shadow of his premature death, and he was suffering from not being able to express the whole message that he was carrying”. Certain of his letters showed him in despair of his forced inaction. Interrogated two times by the official police, he was arrested at Mme Bricaud’s house on March, 25 1944.

“Taken by persons unknown, he was found the next day assassinated in the Lyonaisse neighborhood” (“True Face ….. R.Chambellant).

Officially it is stated that Chevillon was murdered by the Gestapo, authorized by the Vichy-regime. His executioners were members of the ‘Parti Populaire Francais’ and the ‘M.S.R.’, groups of collaborating Frenchmen.

Some of the works he wrote:

“Du neant a L’etre” -1942

“Et verbum caro factum est” -1944

“La tradition Universelle, -1946 re-edition

“Reflexion sur le temple social” -1936 etc. etc. In “Reflexion sur le Temple social” Chevillon describes his “Utopia”. Chevillon was a socialist at heart. His Utopia could therefore be described as a world of Spiritual Socialism. The book reflects his devotion to a political concept which comes from within. A concept which was also to be found at the base of the teachings of the ‘Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim’, of which Chevillon was Grand Master. Historically the M:.M:. has always been an oasis for progressive thinking and socialistic philosophies, or as the french describe it, an “enclave reactionnaire”… … … Chevillon was succeeded by Charles-Henry Dupont. Dupont decided on December 12, 1958 that the ‘ORDRE MARTINISTE de LYON’ had to merge with the ‘FEDERATION DES ORDRES MARTINISTES’, a federation founded by Philippe Encausse (son of Papus) which aim was to reunite all the Martinist Orders.


Founder of the ‘FRATERNITAS ROSAE CRUCIS’, established around 1920. He claimed to be representing the ‘BROTHERHOOD OF EULIS’, founded by Pascal Beverly Randolph (1825-1875), the first american R+C movement (1). His claims of being the heir of Randolph’s lineage were “invallid”, for whatever documents Clymer claimed to posses, he surely did not receive them from Randolph himself (it is stated by a few sources that the documents he “received” were bought by him from Randolph’s widow). Clymer was also initiated (S.’.I.’.) into the Martinist Order of Papus by Margaret Peeke , General-Inspector for the United States. However, he never actually openly affiliated to the Martinist order.

“Clymer devoted much efforts and work to slander and attack A.M.O.R.C. and it’s founder. They accused each other mutually of teaching “sexual-magick”. The Clymer-Lewis intrigues are awfully complex, and increased to involve other groups such as the ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP (of Max Heindel)” and the S.R.I.A. of G.W.Plummer. “The whole case culminated in several court trials, which Clymer Lost.”

One can easily understand why Clymer did want to coöperate with the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. of Chevillon. As mentioned before in Part 7, the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. was mainly established in the eyes of Clymer to act against Harvey Spencer Lewis. After the second worldwar Clymer tried to create a “Worldwide Alliance of Rosicrucian Orders”. The alliance was particularly successful in Brasil where Clymer merged his organization with Krumm-Heller’s (Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua). Reuben Swinburne Clymer died in 1966, he was succeeded by his son Emerson. Today, the Order is led by Gerald E. Poesnecker. The headquarters of the F.R.C. are located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The occult societies that comprise the F.R.C. at present are :










” It also includes the ‘INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF INITIATES’ and the ‘CHURCH OF ILLUMINATION’ which is the Outer Court or Gateway to the fraternity”. (source:”Manifestations of the Neo-Rosicrucian current” http://www.canonbury.ac.uk/library/lectures/neo_rosicrucian.htm )

Some of the works of Dr.R.S.Clymer :

“The Book of Rosicruciae” In 3 volumes

“a Compendium of Occult Laws”

“Dr. Randolph and the Supr. Grand Dome of the R+C in France”

“The Rosicrucian Fraternity in America” In 2 volumes , including a lot of material (and accusations) on A.M.O.R.C.


“Krumm-Heller was a man of the world who travelled all over the globe”. The German theosophist and homeopath Arnoldo Krumm-Heller received a Charter from Theodor Reuss at the esoteric congress of Paris in 1908, to establish the O.T.O. in South-America, were Krumm-Heller lived at the time. Krumm was a member of the THEOSOPHIC SOCIETY, were he was personally initiated by Henry Steel Olcott in 1897. In September 1902 he became a ‘Honorable Member’ of the ‘INITIATES OF TIBET’ in Washington D.C. He met Papus in 1906 who made him a ‘Honorable Member’ of the ‘SUPREME CONSEIL d’INITIATION, ORDRE HUMANITAIRE ET SCIENTIFIQUE POUR LE DEVELOPEMENT DES ETUDES ESOTERIQUE DE l’ORIENT’. He was also initiated in THE MARTINIST ORDER at lodge “Hermanubis”. He also received his initiation for the 90* and 95* grade of the MEMPHIS-MISRAIM RITE from Reuss and Heinrich Klein. (P.R.Koenig :”Baphomet and Rosycross”


Around this time (1908) he had contact with the famous HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT/LUXOR of Max Theon, Peter Davidson and Thomas H. Burgoyne. After the initiations he received, he started to spread the Martinist movement all over South-America, under the authority of Papus. When Reuss died in 1923, the O.T.O. was left without a successor. Although Aleister Crowley claimed to be the new O.H.O. (Just before Reuss died, Crowley wrote to Reuss that the O.T.O. was taken over by him, he declared himself as the new O.H.O., signing with his Nomen Mysticum “Baphomet”). The reality at the time of Reuss’ death was as follows: “At the time of Reuss’ death on October 28 1923, there are only two persons within the ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS who actually received the 10th. Grade, the grade of ‘REX SUMMUS SANCTISSIMUS’ or ‘SUPREMUS REX’ , the grade for all national Grand Masters of the O.T.O. These persons are



P.R.Koenig :”Baphomet and Rosycross”


“Hilfiker ‘Heir apparent’ to Reuss never claimed the O.H.O. , Krumm-Heller only claimed the “O.H.O of the F.R.A.” In 1927 Krumm founded the FRATERNITAS ROSICRUCIANA ANTIQUA (The Order works with a system of 7 grades). All ‘recognized’ Orders of Krumm-Heller are focusing upon the Spanish- and Portuguese speaking countries of the globe. Most of the Orders with a lineage to Krumm can be found in South-America. “After the death of Reuss, Dr. Krumm-Heller (He actually was a Doctor, he studied medicine in Mexico) was associated with Crowley amongst others, although Krumm-Heller regarded himself as the true successor of Reuss”. At the time, he initially gave H.Spencer Lewis authority to operate F.R.A. in the U.S. However, he later severed his ties with Lewis because he came to believe that A.M.O.R.C. was being operated as a business, rather than as a charitable fraternity. He later established ties with Clymer of the F.R.C. and participated in the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. During the second worldwar, Krumm was stuck in Germany. In 1949 he died, without appointing a successor. The different branches of the F.R.A. developed seperately under the leadership of the Grand Masters of each individual country. “Vain attempts to collect the Order was made by his son, Parsival Krumm-Heller and also Metzger (Swiss O.T.O. branch)”. Many Orders survived, especially in South-America. In Europe there are a few ‘unauthorized’ branches, still existing today. In 1937, Eduard Münninger (1901-1965) headed an Order called FRATERNITAS CRUCIS AUSTRIA”. After Krumm’s death, Among other things, he claimed to be the successor of Krumm-Heller. Martin Erler advised Münninger to ‘label’ his compilation of Orders under the heading of A.A.O.R.R.A.C., the same name that was used by Reuss and Krumm-Heller in the twenties, and which was also used by Lewis for his Order. In reality, the whole Order was an invention of Münninger himself, and belonged to the German branch of A.M.O.R.C. at the time(2), under the leadership of MARTIN ERLER (Erler, still alive today, claims to be the successor of Emille Dantinne). Münninger dies in 1965. The A.A.O.R.R.A.C. is still active today, but the organization is no longer recognized by Erler and by Münninger’s son, who heritaged the A.A.O.R.R.A.C. Karl Plank, who leads the Order today, works with a system which is a mix between A.M.O.R.C. and O.T.O. teachings …..

(P.R.Koenig :”Baphomet and Rosycross”


“Ein Leben fuer die Rose”



On October 24, 1917 was founded the ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS-Lodge “Libertas et Fraternitas” in Zürich (Switzerland), under Reuss and de Laban. “Some days before de Laban and Hilfiker had paid Reuss handsomely for their own O.T.O. charters. On these papers the O.T.O. was equaled with the Memphis-Misraim Rite. In 1919 Reuss founded a “SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE CERNEAU SCOTTISH RITE” for Switzerland, Hilfiker was made an official of the Council. On May 12, 1920 Hilfiker was made a 33*, 90*, 95* (M.’.M.’.) by Johnny Bricaud. After Reuss died in 1923, all of his Charters and official documents went over to his successor, Hans-Rudolf Hilfiker-Dunn. As we’ve seen before, Hilfiker never claimed the position of “Outer Head of the Order” (O.H.O.), in 1936 he wrote in a letter to Chevillon : “Despite the fact that Tränker proclaims himself OHO …. the O.T.O. died together with Reuss”.

In 1939 Hilfiker participated within the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. After the second worldwar the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. did not continue, due to the tragical death of it’s driven force, Constant Chevillon. But Hilfiker wanted to continue the idea of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. by trying to create a “Worldwide Alliance of Rosicrucian Orders”, together with Swinburne Clymer of the F.R.C. The idea became quite succesful in South-America, particulairly in Brasil, where the F.R.C. merged with the F.R.A. of Krumm-Heller. Hilfiker died in 1955. (Koenig :”Consider the O.T.O.non existent” http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/consider.htm.)


August Reichel was Grand Master of an obscure Order called the CONFRÉRIE DES FRÉRES ILLUMINÉS DE LA ROSE+CROIX (BROTHERHOOD OF THE ILLUMINATED BRETHREN OF THE ROSE-CROIX) and a faithfull disciple of Jollivet-Castelot, who headed the ASSOCIATION ALCHIMIQUE de FRANCE. Reichel was involved in several continental Orders, was a close friend of Theodor Reuss (O.T.O.) In 1934 he represented A.M.O.R.C. as Grand Master for Switzerland (replacing Edouard Bertholet) on the first congress of the F.U.D.O.S.I. in 1934. He also represented the “Confrérie des Fréres Illuminés ..”, the “Ordre des Samaritains Inconnus” and the “Association Alchimique de France” at the same congress. He was also chosen in Brussels as a member of the “Souverain Conseil” for the “Antient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim”, and he received the 33th and 90th degree of the same Rite. As we’ve seen in Parts 6 and 7, the decisions made in Brussels concerning the M.’.M.’.Rite were overruled by the Obedience of France, headed by Chevillon. Reichel tried to negotiate with Chevillon, but did not succeed. He then decided to break his relationship with the F.U.D.O.S.I. and joined the opposition in Paris and Lyon …….

Jan Korwin Czarnomski/ Count Jean de Czarnomsky

The Pole Czarnomsky represented the Martinists in Poland, Greece, and Madagascar.In 1935 was made 90* and 95* of Memphis-Misraim at Warsaw for the “La Pyramide du Nord en la Vallee de la Vistule” Lodge N* 16, and the “Pelican a L’Aube Naissante’ Rosicrucian Chapter N* 3”, and retained these posts until these lodges were closed. “In 1937 he created an offshoot of the anti-Semitic Austrian “World League of Illuminati” group in Warsaw, already in 1938 these lodges were closed down. In 1939 he became active in the ranks of the F.U.D.O.F.S.I. He called upon Krumm-Heller, Hilfiker, and others to join him. Jan Czarnomski was murdered by the Gestapo on June 25th 1944, two months after Chevillon.

(P.R.Koenig :”Templars, Illuminatie+the Fraternitas Saturni”

http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/illumin.htm )


Savoir was a close friend of Constant Chevillon and a (famous) Mason. He headed (and renovated) the RITE ECOSSAIS RECTIFICÉ (the Scottish Rectified Rite). The R.E.R. was the Masonic Rite which was incorporated within the “Martinist Order of Lyon”. Savoir was also involved in the development of the G.L.N.F. (Grand Loge National Francaise) in 1913 and the “Grand Prieuré des Gaules” , founded in 1935. The G.L.N.F. is the only French Obedience which was (and is) recognized by the English Grand Lodge of Freemasonry. He was a member of the “Grand-Orient” and the “Memphis-Misraim Rite”.


notes :

1) Pascal Beverly Randolph (1825-1875), founder of a Rosicrucian Order in the U.S., established around 1861 under the name of ‘BROTHERHOOD OF EULIS’. In the years before, he travelled all over the world (Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Europe) and met several prominent esoteric figures, amongst others the famous french occultist Eliphas Lévi. During these visits he learnt a lot of practical occult techniques, and the use of hashish, which was a real “revelation” to Randolph. He also ‘introduced’ sexual magic into his teachings. The actual teachings are similar to those of the famous european Order called the ‘HERMETIC BROTHER OF LUXOR’ of which he met a lot of members when visiting France and England. He called himself a Rosicrucian, always stating that the source of the”higher wisdom” he possessed, was a knowledge received through attunement. In this chapter i use the phrase “the first american R+C movement” in relation to Randolph’s Order. The statement is purely based on the actual use of the word “Rosicrucian” by Randolph in relation to his Order (Randolph also described himself as a “Rosicrucian” ). As far as i know, Randolph was the first person or movement in the U.S. to actually use this term.

2) Martin Erler was Grand Master of A.M.O.R.C. in Germany from 1949 up to 1955. Martin Erler, still alive today, is an interesting character, mainly because of his backgroud. Erler (Frater Albinus) belonged to a family which were close friends with the famous rosicrucian writer Gustav Meyrink (1868-1932). Meyrink lived for the most of his life in Prague. In 1893 Meyrink became a member of the “SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA in ANGLIA”, headed at the time by Dr. William Wynn Wescott, who was also one of the founders and leaders of the HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN. Later on he moved to Vienna, where he was one of the leading officials of the Lodge “Der Blauen Stern” where he met the successor of Mdm.Blavatsky, Annie Besant of the THEOSOPHIC SOCIETY. In 1907 he moved to Münich. Gustav Meyrink was the last (known) Grand Master of the ‘ASIAC BRETHREN’ (FRATRES LUCIS) in the city of Prague. He was also Grand master of the old German- based ‘ORDO ROSAE CRUCIS’. His widow and some friend re-united the Lodge after the second worldwar (There’s no official document/charter which proves the validity of the “A.Brethren” which Meyrink headed) . A certain Frater Victorius became the new Grand Master. It was this group Martin Erler joined at the age of 27 (probably). At the same time he joined A.M.O.R.C of which fr. Albinus was also a member. In 1949 he became Grand Master of A.M.O.R.C. in Germany. In 1953 he started to have “problems” with Ralph Maxwell Lewis, the Imperator of A.M.O.R.C. Erler left A.M.O.R.C. in 1955, taking a lot of members with him. In 1957 he was initiated by Emille Dantinne and after Dantinne died in 1969, Erler became his successor*. The whole picture makes the movement of which Erler claims to be the ‘heir’ most interesting. The movement has a direct lineage to the old German Rosicrucian Order and a direct lineage to the various Orders headed by Emille Dantinne and Jean Mallinger ! It seems that this movement is still “active”, but working in complete “silence”….

*Colleagues of the writer of this forum are in contact with Martin Erler, and they’ve found “evidence” that Erler might not be the rightful heir of Dantinne. It seems that Dantinne personally initiated several people next to Erler, who claim the same position as Erler does. Again, these statements are still not certain but we’ve seen these developments many times before within the world of esoteric Orders and fraternities……





‘ The Wanderings of Oisin ‘ Book III 1889

W. B. Yeats 1865-1939


F.U.D.O.S.I. – the 2nd, 3rd , and 4th CONVENTION. THE SECOND WORLD-WAR 1939-1945

September 1936 ; THE SECOND CONVENTION :

Two years after the foundation of the F.U.D.O.S.I. the Second Convention was held in September 1936, again in Brussels, Belgium. As we have seen before, the foundation of the federation in 1934 stirred up a commotion among the fraternal Orders and Societies. There were problems within the Memphis-Misraim Rite, problems which eventually resulted in a second ” War of the Roses” between the F.U.D.O.S.I. and the Orders of Lyon, headed by Constant Chevillon.

The hostilities between the F.U.D.O.S.I. and Chevillon was an item on the agenda of the second Convention. One of the dignitaries of the F.U.D.O.S.I. lost his membership, namely August Reichel. As stated in part 6, Reichel (Sar Amertis) decided to leave the F.U.D.O.S.I. in 1935 in favour of Chevillon…

On this convention Ralph Maxwell Lewis (Sar Validivar) received his initiation into Martinism. He received the S:::I:::IV degree, the “Initiators-Degree” titled “Philosophe Inconnu ” . Ralph M. Lewis was initiated by Victor Blanchard (Sar Yesir) into the ‘Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique’ (and NOT into the ‘Ordre Martiniste Traditionelle / Traditional Martinist Order , as some tend to believe ). Next to R.M.Lewis, Spencer Lewis’ wife and K.Brower of A.M.O.R.C. also received their Martinist initiation, they received the S:::I::: degree, the third degree of traditional Martinism, called “Superieur Inconnu”.

At the time, the F.U.D.O.S.I. did not recognize the ‘ Ordre Martiniste Traditionelle’ (TMO). As certified in 1934 on the first congress, the F.U.D.O.S.I. only recognized Blanchard’s ‘ Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique’ .

Ralph M. Lewis also “received his Rosicrucian Degrees” according to Fr. Fudicius from Argentina. If this is true, he probably refers to the 13th. Degree of the ‘Ordre Universitaire de la Rose-Croix” of Emile Dantinne (Sar Hieronymus). The 13th. degree was titled the ‘Imperator’s Degree’. Lewis was indeed initiated into this degree by Dantinne. Some sources state that his father, Harvy Spencer Lewis was also initiated into this degree by Dantinne but this is probably untrue, because Lewis Senior was already initiated into the Order as an Imperator in Toulouse, back in 1909. (1)


This third Convention took place in August 1937 in Paris, France, at the Temple of the ‘FRATERNITE DES POLAIRES’ / ‘THE POLAIRE BROTHERHOOD’ on the “Avenue Junot” in Montmartre. The ‘ Fraternite des Polaires’ belonged to the F.U.D.O.S.I. and were represented by Victor Blanchard (Sar Yesir), who became President of the brotherhood back in 1933. As we already know, Blanchard acted also as one of the three Imperators of the Federation.

Not much is known about the items on the agenda. The sources only mention Harvey Spencer Lewis who received the authorization to act as the Sovereign delegate (‘Souverain Légat’) of the “MARTINIST ORDER & SYNARCHY/ Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique” in the United States. The document was signed by Victor Blanchard (Paul Yesir), Lydie Martin (Sar Nitram), and Jean Mallinger (Sar Elgrim). Victor Blanchard and Lydie Martin both acted as the official representatives of the ‘ O.M & S’.

One of my sources reports that the document is dated July 9, 1937 and was given to Mr. Lewis by decree , another source states that H. Spencer Lewis received the actual authorization at the Congress, in August 1937.

September 4 – 10 , 1939 ; THE FOURTH CONVENTION :

The Federation returned to Brussels where they gathered on the fourth of September 1939 in the temples of the F.U.D.O.S.I.

The convention took place over 6 days during which the members of the council had to deal with the replacement of the Imperators Victor Blanchard (Paul Yesir) and Harvey Spencer Lewis (Sar Alden).

Blanchard had been expelled from the F.U.D.O.S.I., because he “auto-consecrated himself as the Universal Grand Master of the Rose-Croix and of all the Initiatic Orders of the world”,as is stated in ‘Addendum 6 : Victor Blanchard ‘ .

H.Spencer Lewis had to be replaced due to his death, one month before the convention, on August 2, 1939.

“It is Jeanne Guesdon (Sar Puritia ), Grandsecretary of A.M.O.R.C.-France, who warned Jean Mallinger by telephone and, at the same occasion, announced to him the arrival of Spencer Lewis’ daughter and son-in-law in Paris, the next day.” “Jeanne Guesdon will travel with them to Brussels on tuesday evening, whereas the official AMORC delegation will arive seperately”. “Mallinger informed fr.Wittemans and Grueter of this tragic event and in addition he phoned Mrs. Lelarge (mother of Leon Lelarge/ Sar Agni, secretary of Sar Hieronymus) and asked her to warn Emile Dantinne”.

Jean Mallinger (Sar Elgrim) writes to his friend Leon Lelarge (Sar Agni):

” The unforeseen death of Sar Alden causes an acute problem concerning his succession. Our task will be difficult, and i’ll forward this letter to our Grandmaster informing him that at present there are 2 candidates: H.Spencer Lewis’ son and Grandmaster Thor Kimaletho”.

” In spite of the errors (1) he made, I have a fond memory of Sar Alden, because he understood and recognized the superiority of our Master” ( taken from the “Leon Lelarge-files” , 2)

Concerning the succession of Dr.H.Spencer Lewis, it was Spencer Lewis himself who appointed his son, Ralph Maxwell Lewis as his successor in his last Will. His choice was proposed to the members of the council on August, 12 1939. On the convention Ralph M. Lewis acted officially as the Imperator of AMORC, and was installed as Imperator of the ‘ Triumvirat’, which formed the leadership of the F.U.D.O.S.I.

Returning to Blanchard’s dismissal, it is quite clear why he was dismissed (addendum-6) Blanchard was 100% convinced of his authority as the new Universal Grand Master of the Rose-Croix AND of all the initiatic orders of the entire world . But who or what gave him the idea that he was the new Universal Grand Master ? that’s an intrigueing question .

The cause of Blanchard’s conviction can be found within one of the initiatic Orders to which Blanchard belonged, namely the ‘ FRATERNITE DES POLAIRES / the POLAIRE BROTHERHOOD ‘. Blanchard became President of this brotherhood in 1933.

The Polaire Brotherhood is not generally known in the English speaking world .

” According to the legend of its foundation, the Polaire Brotherhood had its origin in the meeting between Mario Fille, and the mysterious hermit Father Julian in 1908 in the hills north of Rome. Father Julian gave Mario Fille a sheaf of old parchments which included a divinatory method called “the oracle of the astral force “.

The oracle allowed the brotherhood to enter into communication with the “Esoteric Rosicrucian Centre in the Himalayas”, directed by the “Three Supreme Sages” or the “Little Lights of the Orient” who proposed to prepare them for “the coming of the Spirit under the sign of the Rose and Cross”. And it was “the Oracle of the Astral Force” which gave Blanchard the idea that he was the new Universal Grand Master of the Rose-Croix…

“He sent a proclamation to each Grand Master of the federation, which requested allegiance and recognition of his new dignity”, as was stated in Addendum 6. It just happens that I’ve recently received a copy of the original document , dated July 14, 1938

here’s a translation of the header and the first paragraph :

To Sar Hieronymus


My dearest Brother,With great pleasure I bring to your attention that the Centre of Agartha, to which I am, as you already know, directly connected, handed over several magical objects and documents that once belonged to Christian Rosenkreutz, founder of the Rosicrucians…

The rest is history ….. Blanchard was expelled from the F.U.D.O.S.I. and was also replaced in all of the other high offices he held. Blanchard ‘s successor as Grand Master of the ‘Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose+Croix’ was Augustin Chaboseau.

Because of Blanchard’s expulsion, the ‘ ORDRE MARTINISTE & SYNARCHIQUE’ and the ‘ FRATERNITE DES POLAIRES’, which stayed loyal to Blanchard, also left the F.U.D.O.S.I.

Despite of the so called ” loyalty” to Blanchard of the ” ORDRE MARTINISTE & SYNARCHIQUE”, many members left the order to join the ‘ ORDRE MARTINISTE TRADITIONNEL / TRADITIONAL MARTINIST ORDER’ of Victor Emile Michelet and Augustin Chaboseau. As we already know the original Martinist Order had it’s problems after Papus died in 1916. A lot of Martinists left the Order when Teder, and after him, especially Bricaud , changed the Order into a Martinist Order built on a Masonic foundation. The other Martinists eventually re-organized under the leadership of Victor Blanchard. But Victor Emile Michelet did not recognize Blanchard as Grand Master. He founded the TMO in 1931. In 1938 he died and was succeeded by Augustin Chaboseau (who was, together with Papus, the original founder of the ‘Suprême Conseil de L’Ordre Martiniste’ back in 1891).

Among the Martinists who left Blanchard were Jeanne Guesdon and George Lagreze (MIKAEL), who were both dignitaries of the ‘Ordre Martiniste & Synarchique’.

George Lagreze belonged to the ‘Conseil Suprême Traditionnel’ of the TMO. The choice of the TMO as a replacement of the OM&T was an obvious choice.

On the first of September , 1939 Ralph Maxwell Lewis receives the S:::I::: grade from Lagreze. On the same day Lewis also receives the S:::I::: INITIATEUR (IV*), both signed by Chaboseau.

Emile Dantinne also received the TMO-degrees after he left Blanchard’s O.M.&.S.

Ralph M. Lewis requested to install a Martinist Council of the TMO in the United States. His request was honoured , Lewis received a charter as ‘Sovereign Delegate and regional Grand Master of the TMO for the United States’

This way the Conseil Suprême Régional et Synarchie des Etats-Unis’ was founded. The council consisted of 5 members :

Ralph Maxwell Lewis, Cecil A. Poole, Orlando T. Perrotta, James R. Whitcomb and J. Duane Freeman.

Augustin Chaboseau and George Lagreze were both interested in a Order called the ‘ORDRE DU LYS ET DE L’ AIGLE / ORDER OF THE LILY & THE EAGLE’. They were both that interested that each S:::I::: of the TMO received automatically the 4th grade (‘COMMANDEUR’ ) of the ‘ORDRE DU LYS ET DE L’ AIGLE’. This explains why the F.U.D.O.S.I. approached the Order , which was founded in 1914 by Démétrius Platon Sémélas ( Déon )., to join the F.U.D.O.S.I.

Another fraternity that joined the F.U.D.O.S.I. was the ‘ UNION SYNARCHIQUE DE POLOGNE’, founded by Dr. Tarlo Mazinski in 1937.

Augustin Chaboseau also succeeded Blanchard as Imperator of the ‘ Supreme Trinity” of the F.U.D.O.S.I. The new triangle was composed of the following imperators:




Another point of concern were the developments in Germany. The so called ‘ Edict of 1938’ from the Reichsfuehrer prohibited all Order-activities in Germany (in Italy Masonry was already prohibited in 1925). And …. In September 1939 (the month of the 4th congress) Hitler invaded Poland ….


As stated before, the Nazi’s prohibited all Order-activities, especially Masonry and other Initiatic Orders, Societies, and Brotherhoods. (Even the ‘ THULE- GESELLSCHAFT, a pro Nazi-Brotherhood, was prohibited by the Gestapo in 1942). All gatherings, publications etc. were forbidden by the Nazi’s. The archives of the Orders were confiscated and often destroyed. There was a special branch within the S.S. called ‘ AHNENERBE’ , the ” Ancestral Heritage Society”, lead by Heinrich Himmler himself, who were reponsible for this. Many members of Occult, Secret and Mystical Societies and Orders were arrested and put into the concentration-camps or shot by a firing-squad.

This happened also to one of the most prominent Order-leaders at the time, Constant Chevillon (part 6,7,8) , head of the Orders of Lyon.

In fact, Chevillon was assassinated by the Vichy-Regime ( Klaus Barbie /Gestapo). Mdm.Bricaud was under the assumption that Chevillon was murdered by the Gestapo, because he was the Grand Master of various Initiatic Orders. The explanation of Mdm.Bricaud (widow of Jean Bricaud, predecessor of Chevillon) is often used as the ‘ official version’ of the attempt. But the Vichy-regime had a different motive.


On August 14, 1940 the Vichy-Regime (Petain) prohibited all Order-activities.

The whole affair started with Jeanne Canudo, member of the ‘ FRATERNITE DES POLAIRES’. She was a journalist and collaborated with the Nazi’s. She worked for the “SERVICE DES SOCIETES SECRETES”, a special department which monitored the Secret Societies, especially Freemasonry. Canudo played an important part in exposing the followers of the Synarchy-movement (Addendum 7). In 1941 the S.S.S. searched the house of Hans Grueter (A.M.O.R.C.-France), where they found a lot of documentation, papers, official Order-material etc., especially documentation concerning A.M.O.R.C. and …. the MEMHIS-MISRAIM RITE !

The documents on the M.’.M.’.Rite were the evidence the S.S.S. needed to confirm their suspicion (Chevillon was the G.M. of the Rite, see: part 6).

The Gestapo raided Chevillon’s home (date unknown) were they found among other things several documents concerning the Synarchy-movement and a document of the “Synarchical Pact”, which he received in confidence from ……. Jeanne Canudo. Chevillon wanted to compare the ideas of Saint-Yves d’ Alveydre (founder of “Synarchy”, see: Addendum 7) with the documents that he received from Canudo.

This “Pact” had it’s source in the ‘ FRATERNITE DES POLAIRES”. Certain members founded the “Comite Synarchique Central en Mouvement Synarchique

d’ Empire”. This group was pro-fascist by nature and against a parliamentary system, and wanted to overthrow the French government. The whole story is very complicated, but we think that the Nazi’s suspected that Chevillon was one of the conspirators. The Nazi’s considered the “Synarchic(al) Pact” as a rival.

The story ends on March 23, 1944, somewhere outside Lyon, when Constant Chevillon faced a firing-squad, formed by a pseudo police-unit. In reality they were collaborating Frenchmen , by order of the ‘ Parti Populaire Francais” and the ‘M.S.R.’ … … …

Many members and dignitaries of the initiatic brotherhoods and societies were threaten with their lives or simply put into concentration-camps.

Robert Ambelain, a close friend of Chevillon, had a wife and child both deported to the concentration-camps. Jean Mallinger was constantly persecuted by the Gestapo.

Fr. Hutin (Sar Pascal), who was the Archon of ‘forreign affairs’ for the ‘ORDRE HERMETISTE TETRAMEGISTE et MYSTIQUE’ (Order of Hermes), was arrested in Cherbourg, France. He was deported to “Camp-Neuengam” were he died in Februari, 1945. Nico Wolff (Sar Ignis) was arrested on March 5, 1943 and deported to ‘Camp Flossenburg’ were he died on April 22, 1943, after prolonged torturing. Raoul Fructus , who was the chairman of the Grand-Council of the Memphis-Misraim Rite (under the F.U.D.O.S.I., part 5-6), died after his deportation in 1945.

and the list goes on and on ……

Many members were persecuted and many had to pay with their lives, especially within the Masonic community. There’s a Monument in Brussels, Belgium , in memory of all the Freemasons who’d lost their lives under the Nazi-regime.

Many Order-members were active in the resistance. For instance Leon Lelarge (Sar Agni), who acted as a go-between for Emile Dantinne (Sar Hieronymus) and the other members. There was no direct communication possible with Dantinne (Dantinne used this ‘ technique’ also before and after the war). Lelarge worked for the Belgian railways (N.M.B.S.) and joined the resistance in 1943. Sabotage of the railway-system was his specialty. After the liberation he became the vice-president of the N.M.B.S.

Another member who joined the resistance was Sar Lampas, also from the area around Huy in Belgium (hometown of Dantinne and Lelarge). His house was used for ritual working and gatherings.

All countries of western-Europe suffered under the Nazi-regime, keeping all Order-activities on a low profile. Except for Switzerland, which kept it’s neutrality (a dubious form of neutrality, but anyway…). The ‘ORDRE MARTINISTE & SYNARCHIQUE’ of Victor Blanchard directed it’s activities to Switzerland. The war had its impact on the Initiatic Order and Societies. A lot of the activities were directed towards the United States (this explains the ‘boom’ of new Martinist Orders just after the war in the United States and Canada).

A painful ‘ incident’ took place just after the war, when Emile Dantinne (Sar Hieronymus) was arrested by the Belgian police. He was accused of active collaboration with the Nazi’s. Several citizens of the town of Huy (his domicile) testified in court that Dantinne betrayed several fellow citizens during the war to the local German authorities. Dantinne was defended by Jean Mallinger , who was a lawyer by profession. Leon Lelarge testified in favour of Dantinne. The whole affair ended in a withdrawal of the accusations, leavin’ Dantinne a broken man who didn’t dare to show himself in public at the time …

The question remains today, was Emille Dantinne a collaborator with pro-German ideas? A difficult question. The facts are that Dantinne was taken to court, as stated above, and that he wrote certain documents (dated october 12, 1941) in which he openly discriminated the Jewish race, as stated in part 7. At the same time, some of his closest companions (Leon Lelarge) were members of the Belgian resistance !

In his book “Une police politique de Vichy: le Service des Sociétés Secrètes” , Lucien Sabah states that Dantinne wrote the documents to act as a kind of diversionary manoeuvre. The manoeuvre refered to the raid on the house of Hans Grueter, one month before the documents were written ! As we’ve seen before Hans Grueter was also a F.U.D.O.S.I. member …..

… Interesting statement

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notes :

1) Many prominent F.U.D.O.S.I.- members did not believe that Harvey Spencer Lewis was initiated in (or near by) Toulouse in 1909. Here’s a translation from a letter written by Jean Mallinger , in which Mallinger refers to their disbelief. The letter is adressed to August Reichel, dated: July 1935.

” Without denying the extraordinary activity of Lewis’ A.M.O.R.C., it is a wellknown fact, if one speaks about A.M.O.R.C. in a circle which is not well informed, the audience will only refer to Spencer Lewis and his methods. But I can tell you this, no serious initiate will accept the American methods, and no serious initiate will believe the “Toulouse-adventure” of Spencer Lewis. This is the formal opinion of F.Sjalung from Copenhagen, of Probst, and of Mikael ….. letter continues ”

The letter is adressed to August Reichel of the ORDRE ANCIEN ET MYSTIQUE DE LA ROSE+CROIX and the CONFRERIE DES FRERES ILLUMINES DE LA ROSE+CROIX, and deals with the abbreviation “A.M.O.R.C”. which was used by several organizations, in one way or another. The “Ordre Ancien et Mystique de la Rose-Croix” from Switzerland probably did not use the Lewis-teachings at the time. Up to 1937 A.M.O.R.C.-Switzerland was an independent organization, not affiliated to A.M.O.R.C. On an official document, dated August 14 (the first congress) 1934, the Swiss organization is called ORDRE R+C de SUISSE. The document is signed by Marc Lanval.

Another indication that the “Toulouse-Adventure” is an invention of Harvey Spencer Lewis is a document, which belongs to the files of the F.U.D.O.S.I., in which Harvey Spencer Lewis states that the whole story of his initiation in Toulouse is an invention of Lewis himself. This document is in the hands of the successor of Jean Mallinger.

Another interesting article :THE SUN, June 19, 1918. In this article (concerning Lewis’ arrest) H.Spencer Lewis states that he never claimed to be operating a R+C branch affiliated to the French Rosicrucians:



Half a dozen detectives attached to the District Attorney’s office were examining effects, meaning sateen sashes, robes and other regalia – taken in the raid of the headquarters of the so-called American Order of the Rosae Crucis….

Grand Imperator Lewis was arrested on Monday night in a spectacular raid on the headquarters of his organization in the old Lily Langtry house at 361 West Twenty-third Street…

From his home in Flushing last night Lewis told a reporter for The Sun that at no time had his organization – the Ancient and Mystical Order of Rosae Crucis – ever claimed to be operating as a branch of the Rosae Crucis organization in France. ‘We have never claimed to hold any warrant, charter, patent or authority from any foreign country,’ he said over the telephone….

Among the papers seized in lewis’ desk on Monday night is a piece of parchment headed ‘Pronuziamento R.F.R.C. No. 987,601. The document is adorned with a number of crude seals, dated Toulouse, France, September 20, 1916, and signed by one Jean Jordain. After the signature follow a series of hieroglyphics. In the body of the document addressed to Le Secretaire General, Thos. Kiimalehto, appears the announcement that a separate jurisdiction of the Rosae Crucis has been etablished in America …”

2) The files on the F.U.D.O.S.I. belonging to Leon Lelarge (Sar Agni, secretary of Emile Dantinne) were discovered in 1982 by Serge Caillet. The file consisted of many documents concerning the activities of the F.U.D.O.S.I. and Emile Dantinne. Without these documents a lot of information on this forum would not be published. Serge Caillet used these documents to write a book called : “SAR HIERONYMUS et la F.U.D.O.S.I.” , published in 1986 by Cariscript – Paris.

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