2008 05 31: LEO SPEAKS WITH PHIL #4 – 121 MINS.

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FW: Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-31 + Eric Jon Phelps and Monetary Reformer Marco Saba‏
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Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-31 1of2 + Monetary Reformer Marco Saba


Leo called me up on Skype together with Italian monetary reformer Marco Saba:



First we briefly broach the subject of Leo’s credibility as a Grandmaster of the Illuminati in the eyes of Mr Saba.

Then the next topics are discussed:

-The Dollar versus the Euro and that basically both are doomed currencies;

-The potential crash of the FED/Dollar in September with the Euro following suit only three months after;

-The looming danger of Bush declaring Martial Law;

-That Saba favours Ron Paul as president, with Dennis Kucinich as vice-president, because Paul may be the only one candidate suitable for implementing monetary reforms by supplanting the FED and its Internal ‘Racket’ Service (IRS);

-Fellow monetary reformer, Richard C Cook:





-Saba’s local Italian currency called the SCEC (“shek”) launched in May of 2007;

-The putting into effect of the Federal Reserve act, Income Tax act, Rockefeller Foundation and the ADL all in the year 1913;

-The Bretton Woods Agreement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woods_system

-The Kennedies and Monetary Reform;

-How a “nation of sheep begets a government of wolves”;

-That Ron Paul is favoured by the US Militias;

-Benjamin Fulford: http://www.rense.com/general82/dapt.htm http://benjaminfulford.com/secretgoverment.html

-That the recent Aldo Moro Conference in April this year was more than just a “book-signing” as some Zagami ‘detractors’ maintain;

-The Dinosaurs running about in the Italian Government;

-The psychopathy of Economist Maynard Keynes;

-The scope of the current economic crash compared with that of the crash of 1929;

-Marco Saba’s connection to the Jewish Community?



Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-31 2of2 + Researcher Eric Jon Phelps


The discussion presses on with Marco Saba leaving the discussion. Leo and I focusing on the following topics:

-the continuing skeptical reception of Leo at ConCen;

-Leo’s current family crisis in Norway and how Leo’s mother Jessica Lyon Zagami and his aunt the lawyer Felicity Carnegie are applying legal pressure on the Suslu family (the family of Leo’s wife) and the Gulen Movement to be able to arrive at some acceptable solution in which Leo will be able to see his now kidnapped son;

-How the Turkish Mafia Suslu family avoids paying taxes for their 5 or 6 shops in Oslo to finance their Muslim Gulen school;

-How Leo still is not too fond of the Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg;

-We embark again on the consequences of the pending crash in September;

Halfway through Leo decides to call up Eric Jon Phelps with Leo explaining to Eric that he intentions are genuinely good and anti-Vatican. While I’m being a tacit witness, the following matters are discussed between the two gentlemen:

-The desire to have a present masonic schism needed to oppose the powers of the Vatican such as what happened in the past with previous masonic schisms;

-Leo’s current family crisis in Norway;

-How Italy should be freed from the influence of the Vatican; the Garibaldi mission;

-Cagliostro one of Leo’s ancestors, grandmaster of the real Illuminati who opposed the Jesuitical abomination put forward through the likes of Adam Weishaupt;

-How the Priory of Zion is, and has always been, inimical to the Vatican;

-How Islam is completely allied with the Vatican;

-Both settle on authoring and making public of an anti-Vatican/anti-Jesuit Masonic Manifesto, which Leo promises to read out loud in the Monte Carlo Lodge this summer;

-The possible future race-war in America;

-The pending nominations of generals among the US Militia by Leo;

-That Leo regrets his hardship with Greg Szymanski;

-Silvio Berlusconi seemingly turning away from the Vatican upon his realizing that the latter is destroying his country;

-Mussolini the great betrayer of traditional Italian fascism;




http://studimonetari.org/ (Saba’s site)

http://vaticanassassins.org/ (Phelps’ site)



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