2008 05 28: LEO SPEAKS WITH PHIL #3 – 139 MINS.

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FW: Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-28‏
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Subject: Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-28

To download this on-the-fly-made interview scroll down below and click on the URL or copy and paste it into your favorite browser and go from there….


Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-28


This is, according to established tradition, a spontaneous and unplanned recording,

so don’t go breaking my balls thank you very much, all the more so since I do happen

to live in a rather noisy house, and it was getting later and later, while people

began sleeping more and more, and so I could afford to speak out louder, less and


Again, also according to established tradition, Leo does most of the talking, while I

do the most listening, but I do manage to slip in a question (or two) every now and

then LOL.

A hole plethora of issues are being discussed. Leo gives an update on his adventures

in the US, and Dallas in particular where he will as vice-president preside over a

soon to be built government sponsored, state of the arts Awakening Center, where

people can go and learn all about Jesus and the Second Coming. The curtain is lifted

regarding suspicions some people in conspiracy theory circles have surrounding Leo’s

masonic pass which states Monte Carlo on the outside and Kirby Lodge on the inside.

Furthermore we talk about:

-how the Norwegian John Vaerseth and Leo are not exactly the best of friends;

-how his one time masonic mentor Julian Rees betrayed him;

-what the nature is of the Atlantis Bookshop in London and its relationship to the

OTO, Satanism, Black Magic and Witchcraft;

-details regarding his masonic trial in Britain he was not able to attend;

-a article Leo has written on the Manifesto of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood in

Britain, to be read here: http://www.illuminati-news.com/Articles/36.html ;

-the controversy surrounding Leo;

-Leo’s on-going disclosure-project regarding the many facets of the NWO, good and


-the pending judgment of God on the world, its ensuing divine purge; technology of


-the ever pressing issue with the ever pernicious parasitic baddies ravaging the

planet in general and the US in particular, them being the Vatican, the Jesuits and

its allied Zionist faction and how Leo plans on how to deal with them;

-an upcoming Jesuit conference in the highly anticipated year 2012;

-Leo’s utilitarian connections to Italian fascism and the Mafia;

-why people should join Freemasonry;

-how to vindicate Jesus in front of the more traditionally skeptical portion of the

Jewish community

-the coming confrontation in September between Leo and a bunch of so-called Christian

leader in the US, among them Pat Robertson;

-why Leo Zagami should receive honorary doctorates and be called Dr Leo Zagami;

-the still running issue with Norway and its illustrious Prime Minister Jens


-how the Mossad serves Leo rather than the Labour Zionists;

-Leo’s attitude towards his now separated wife Fatma Suslu;

-the same for the Muslim Mahdi Fethullah Gulen and why Harun Yahya is on Leo’s


-that Leo does not work for the Jesuits and that if this latter group continues to

leech from the US Leo will seek to ban them from its soil;

-how Dr Phil (i.e. the other one from television) cracked up and seems to be in need

of a shrink himself and how Agent JJP will succeed Oprah Winfrey and how the old Fox

Rupert Murdoch does not like Leo too much;




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48000Hz Mono


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Length: 106m43s

Total Length: ~2h19m


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RE: Phil Interviews Illuminati Grandmaster Leo Zagami 2008-05-28‏
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Handling RAR archives is no problem with a windows rig. I cannot say the same for a mac due to lack of experience. I assumed it would be elementary for it too, guess not.

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