Subject: regarding John Compakt/Fort Collins
Date: 13 December 2010 11:59:45 GMT
To: TS

Dear Troy,

During my second visit to the USA in 2008 I was – if you remember – the guest of an elusive and strange figure called John I previously met at the Canonbury Masonic Center who guested me in his house in Fort Collins, before discovering he was a satanist and a high priest of the Bohemian Grove who secretly run AMORC in the USA and had the largest private occult library in the USA. During that time we did an interview with his brief intervention and you had made a page about him that I asked you to remove later on….do you still have that material? …

Ciao, Leo

From: TS
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 13:38:18 +0000
Subject: Re: regarding John Compakt/Fort Collins

Dear Leo

Is that the individual who you introduced to me as Frater Arthur? I had an enthusiast of your work (the one who made the song that sampled you that I sent you recently) ask me over Skype why Interview #6 was marked as unavailable & I said that it mostly me speaking with a certain Frater Arthur who was based in Fort Collins who you had said at the time that had a big occult library & that you’d asked for it to be removed. He said that you’d mentioned the same guy in a later interview, maybe with someone else & called the man John Compakt (which I thought was spelled “Compact” & could find nothing online when I subsequently searched – in fact I just looked now under “John Compact” & “John Compact AMORC” & could find nothing. Is this the fellow you mean?

Do you have any links online for info on him or any more info that you can give me? I don’t mind making the thing available through my Leo Zagami research blog again as I still have it loaded up online I think, although I may need to change the URL for the file at the blog.

Leo: it was interesting to note that the representative of AMORC (Steven Armstrong) that Mark Amaru Pinkham interviewed ( http://www.gnostictemplars.org/guardians/The_Guardians_of_the_Holy_Grail_2009-10-01.mp3 ) made it clear that they were very unlikely to be interested in attending the Macerata conference that was held in April. Why would this have been? I would be most interested to have some more info on this for my researches on the dynamics within the initiatic societies network. Have you had any dealings with Societas Rosicruciana in relation to Macerata? The orders that I know of that were involved at Macerata were the Grand Orient of Italy (rep. by Gustavo Raffi) , OSMTH (rep. by Paolo Corallini) & Memphis-Misraim Italy (rep. by Giancarlo Seri) – along with the smaller bodies such as Ian Sinclair’s own particular Scottish Knights Templar & yourself as representing the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis – not to forget the more commercial “mail order” type enterprises such as Mark Pinkham’s International Order of Gnostic Templars.

If I can have a bit more info on John Compakt & his connection with AMORC & what AMORC’s issue would be with avoiding events such as Macerata then that would be appreciated. I can have the interview that I think you are referring to available via my blog almost straight away then. …

Best wishes –

Subject: Re: regarding John Compakt/Fort Collins
Date: 13 December 2010 13:57:46 GMT
To: TS

Yes that is correct, the name he went by was also Arthur that’s because he is a big figure of the occult and the Masonic world and no info can be found online because he is also involved intelligence comunity but I will send you a very detailed mail about his Satanic connections and more in the next 24 hours.
At the time I was forced to tell you to take that link offline with the interview for my safety in the USA but now I’m gonna expose him in one of my new books so I don’t care and your interview could help people understand further the evil network and the links of AMORC to satanism.

Ciao, Leo

From: TS
Subject: Re: regarding John Compakt/Fort Collins
Date: 14 December 2010 00:49:15 GMT

Interesting … I was watching a few AMORC videos (a historical documentary & some RM Lewis lectures on YouTube after I looked up Rosicrucianism on there) trying to work out how they fit into things after I had been reading about the FUDOFSI – incl the APRMM – having been anti-AMORC. …

Thanks –

Subject: Re: regarding John Compakt/Fort Collins
Date: 15 December 2010 17:48:18 GMT
To: TS

Dear Troy,

When I was Arthur’s guest he invited me to follow him to another area of the basement where he had a temple. I immediately noticed it was not a Rosicrucian or a Martinist temple, but something much more sinister and told him I was not familiar with the symbology that I was supposed to recognize if I was a true Illuminati, but I basically played a bit stupid until we came out of the basement because what I saw was disturbing to say the least.

I recognized the Satanic temple symbology of a black magician of the Infamous Cultus Sabbati of Andrew Chumbley and when we were back upstairs in the kitchen I immediately showed him my papers showing my various lineages in the various secret societies and told him I was associated with a friend and associate of Andrew at one point (Frisvold). Then he finally relaxed thinking I was also a black magician and told me he was their Magister in the USA and that he was also deeply involved in the Bohemian Grove as one of their High Priests and apparently their MC, their Master of Ceremonies on many occasions, though he stressed the fact in a kind of suspicious way that no evocations were made there by the elite (Mmm why did he tell me that?).

This confirmed to me what we already suspected that AMORC was actually in the hands of very powerful black magicians pretending to work for the light and doing only white magic was all bullshit.
Later on my fears became even more, when he told me that in the last ten years FUDOSI had been secretly taken over by them so they could establish a genuine link in France with the Gnostic, Rosicrucian and Martinist tradition and that the person in charge now of the inner circle of AMORC was somebody in Paris operating from Grenoble, a person close to Jean Pierre Giudicelli, a woman called Jean Dubois. She is easy to find because she is the lady that runs the publishing company that printed Giudicelli’s book “Pour La Rose Rouge et la Croix d’Or”.

Now it was becoming more clear to me the extent of this Satanic infiltration but I waited and in the following two days before I left his house asked Arthur more about his connections and the roots of AMORC in the USA and he told me that the core of the group that is now runnning alchemical matters for AMORC in the USA since 1985 was to be found within the original members of the Paracelsus Research Society based in Salt Lake City, but that since the beginning of the 90’s changed when they wanted to grasp a much more strong link with the original European alchemical spiritual tradition. That’s why they slowly took over the key members of FUDOSI and established their AMORC Secret Supreme Sanctuary in Paris where Arthur/John even met his present new wife during one of their Martinist meetings.

Jean Pierre Giudicelli seems aware of all this but obviously does not talk about it and when I told Arthur I was working with him and I also knew through him the lady in Grenoble running the Mercure Dauphinois editions he kind of freaked out at the beginning and started to act a bit weird. He might have revealed too much about the secrets of the present AMORC inner circle to somebody like me who knew already many of the key players from other experiences in Europe and he was getting more and more worried about my position in all this and trying to corrupt me. Before I left he offered me lunch and asked me if I wanted to start working with his VIP circle in Hollywood that includes also Nicholas Cage amongst the others eventually interested in my Illuminati: Ordo illuminatorum Universalis. I never accepted in the end and left him wondering what would I do with all this info I gathered about him and the USA occult scene.

Now there is a war going on in the occult world and things are happening more and more at the speed of light, so the latest is that Sir Ian Sinclair has broken all ties with his Grand Prior Mark accusing him amongst other things of being a Thelemite or having too many deals with the dark side that could jeopardize the good name of his family. And AMORC members seem to be more and more in line with their Thelemic cousins and Mark seems to be going that way to with his Gnostic Templars …

Best Regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami


Leo calls from Fort Collins, Colorado, freshly escaped from a tornado & a tumbleweed attack, en route from Kansas City, another adventure in his American trip!

We briefly touch on 2012 again & Leo discusses safer places to be. “The Illuminati is preparing. I don’t know about you guys out there, but start preparing”.

We speak to Leo’s alchemist host Arthur, where Leo is staying overnight for an important meeting of Templars. Leo has known Arthur about 4 years since meeting at the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre in London at an event which Leo has mentioned several times before.

Arthur is a member of Rosicrucian, Martinist & Pythagorean groups on both sides of the Atlantic. An alchemist since 1985, Arthur discusses his teaching course which consists of a 50/50 split between laboratory & spiritual alchemy.

Practical work starts with essential oils from herbs, plants & seeds, this is followed by minerals & then precious metals. Spiritual work focuses around symbols.

“The operator changes the experiment & the experiment changes you”.




Details about illuminati Frater Arthur & Ordo Rosæ Aureae (ORA)‏
From: leo young (leoyoung1999@yahoo.com)
Sent: 23 May 2008 01:55:10
To: troy
Ordo Rosæ Aureae (ORA) descends originally from the
order of Peladan. The successor of Peladan, Emille
Dantinne (Sar Hieronymous) reformed the CRC together
with his kindreds (for instance assisted by some
members of KRC), and became its new Imperator. The CRC
was renamed: R+C Universitaire (9 degrees), R+C
Universalis (3 degrees) and R+C Interioure (the inner
order). Beyond the latter was the «Celestianl R+C»
which was only reserved to a very few, notably those
who attained such heights of illumination. The deputy
Imperator of RCU was Francois Soetewey, and Jean
Mallinger (leader of the Belgian OMM, among else) also
being one of its most important members. Jules Rochat
of Abbaye was made the Imperator of the inner order.
Dantinne resigned from his office as early as in 1952
(He died in 1969), replaced by the former German Grand
Master of AMORC, mr. Martin Erler. Again the order was
submitted to reorganizing, and got the name ORA in
1956. ORA also consists of the Pythagorean Order
(OHMT). Both HSL and RML of AMORC, received their
Imperator Initiation (the 13th degree of R+C, slightly
analogue to the LI of Martinism) from Dantinne in
Europe (the current AMORC imperator, have not received
such a recognition yet). RCU had been one of the
participants of FUDOSI, and ever since the dissolution
of the latter in 1951, ORA have been operating very
quiet and in small restricted groups. They obviously
does not desire great attention.

Frater Arthur of the ORA  is an important Martinist
and a Knights Templar also involved with many other
groups and fraternities, He is for example an honorary
member of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite in the
USA and a prominent Freemason in the City of Denver,
but that's only the surface of his work has a true
alchemist of this age like Jean Pierre Giudicelli in
France  or myself in Italy . Alchemy is the Royal Art
and for the nobly born   is obviously a must and  my
favourite cup of tea (yes better then
PSYOPs...hi..hi..)  has  my true passion is always
been the GREAT WORK and my constant search for the
light and wisdom of the ancient sages.
Frater Arthur as works with the Paracelsus Research
Society in Salt Lake City of Frater Albertus
Spagyricus (Dr. Richard Albert Riedel) (1911–1984)
which later evolved into the Paracelsus College. Based
on the Paracelsian concept of three essentials, Body,
Soul and Spirit, Frater Albertus developed a system of
teaching alchemical concepts using the spagyric
technique of separation and cohobation. The unique
gradated courses allowed students to explore aspects
of the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms in an
understandable and accessible way. Previous to this,
one had to be a member of a fraternity or secret
society in order to gain access to structured
teaching. After his death in 1984, the college ceased
operations in the United States but continued to carry
on the tradition in Australia. Frater Albertus had a
profound effect on the way Alchemy and particularly
the Spagyric method was disseminated and understood in
the mid to late 20th century. His works were
translated into many languages.
On October 10 to 12,  2008 there will be a very
personaly attend:
it will be the largest gathering of Alchemist in 500
Frater Arthur also suggest you  to check the
That's all for now Brothers,
 from Fort Collins (Colorado)
Frater Superior Leo Lyon Zagami R+C+
Supreme Commander
Knights Templars of the Apocalypse





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