Leo calls from the Kansas City Hotel, with a female friend that Leo refers to as “Agent J.J.P.” for the purposes of this conversation. Leo had met up with her via his dinner auction event that has brought him much heat on the internet in recent times. With a Black Christian minister father & a Jewish mother & a personal immersion in Gnostic Illuminism, we have a fairly lengthy conversation in the middle of the recording.

We hear about Leo’s quasi-exorcism or ending of his pact with Lucifer, which he differentiates from Satan. One of the only occultists with the power to have such a relationship with a principality & not a mere demon, a power exceeding that of the likes of Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set. “Lucifer can only be accessed by the bloodlines in Europe”. This relationship Leo had also been involved with his time in Russia involved in Project Lucifer, not to be confused with the Psy-Ops “Project Lucifer” involving the planned explosion of Saturn. This involves becoming one with Lucifer, although Lucifer could be exorcised.

Leo admits to having had a hand in occult machinations that brought about the recent earthquake in China. When Leo refers to occult technology it is a technology of the mind & spirit, not electronics or mechanisation. This technology is supposed to be revealed between 2012 & 2019.

On more practical terms Leo discusses the progress of his meeting with militia leaders that is a major part of his currently being in America. He reveals how he refused the position of KKK Grand Wizard. The Templars must rid the Luciferian elements from their presence, says Leo, stating that he was previously the “Sovereign Pontiff of Lucifer”.

Many other matters are brought up:

* How George Bush Sr walks into important meetings in the Pentagon with the head of a goat in his hand & no-one says a thing out of fear.

* how Lucifer is above Satan in the demonic realm.

* there is much talk of the “end of times”, with Leo acknowledging that many in the secular world rubbish the notion.

* we establish that the European Illuminati are all descended from the House of David.

* the Israel/Palestine, Muslim/Jewish issue is touched on.

* it is stated that the Priory of Sion/Zion Supreme Commanders (which is more than the mere hoax that it is portrayed) are the only ones who know the true story of Jesus, which Leo states will be revealed in December 2012, leading to 7 years of “wars & rumours of wars” (Matthew 24:6).

* it is confirmed that today’s Knights Templar elite is the Priory of Sion.

* Dan Brown is a CIA agent; the CIA is in the hands of the Vatican;.

* the Psy-Ops of the “Angels & Demons” film is touched on.

* we discuss the Shroud of Turin being Jacques de Molay’s face.

* the life of Jesus is looked at.

* the Knight Templar Order is said to be protected by the Virgin Mary;

* Leo says that Monte Carlo (Masonic Executive Committee) & Nice(Priory of Sion) declares war on the Knights of Malta.

* For Leo & the Templar bloodlines, Monte Carlo Executive Committee takes precedence over the Priory of Sion which takes priority over the Knights of Malta.

All of the above is only the tip of the iceberg of the info that Leo & JJP cover. Due to time constraints I haven’t been able to start to give it justice in my description above.

An essential session.



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