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Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 07:43:29 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
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I like  Craig's work but unfortunately he still doesnt
get yet  the complexity of the internal struggle Im
living at the moment , and that's very sad for his
present reasearch otherwise very good and down to the
point ,  He just  doesnt seem to be objective about
the recent events in my life and He accuses me of
being a Jesuit Agent (far from i Im just a victim of
their evil manipulation games eventualy )  Im their
number one enemy at the moment after they worked their
Black Magic  to destroy   my family , I mean how can
Craig put me  in the same category as Fr.Thomas Michel
SJ if Im criticizing him  every day along with  his
best friend  Fethullah Gulen  for fucking up my
marriage...how is that possible dear Mark ???
Please understand the folowing:
I have not been able to see my beloved son for more
then two month now my dear friend because of their
evil plan to screw  up my marriage and get me back
into the game...obviously  my defection from The Monte
Carlo Lodge in June 2006  played an important part
but without the Jesuits and their  Black Magic I can
garanty you that  I will be still happily married.
When I went to Konia in Turkey  to get exorcized  in
November 2006  with Fatma's (my wife)  brother
Kemalettin Suslu  they found over 50 demons on me and
the exocist told me himself they  were sent to me by
the General of the Jesuits himself Peter Hans
Kolvenbach in Rome.
I promise you The Monte Carlo Lodge   in my hands is
not gonna be a Jesuit friendly place as those Brothers
involved with them will be personaly punished by me  I
promise you this from now , no tollerance any longer
with these evil manipulators dear Mark now that I
recentely (5 days ago)  got my wife to finaly  confess
she was leaving me because of my exposure work and the
problem I was creating for the Gulen Movement but most
important she admited of  being a liar because of
their threats to take our children , I have lost my
child and the woman I love most on this planet dear
Mark for these fuckers what more can I do???  I have
now  forgiven Fatma  Suslu for her betrayal after I
understood the reality of the situation ,  and the
ammount  pressure she had to live under after I
started my exposure work against the Order with my
illuminati Confessions ,  she was the one that actualy
convinced me to go public in the first place to save
our family  from my past involvement with the Order.
  Im truly pissed off with Fr.A.Nicholas SJ and
Fr.T.Michel Sj for working against me after I decided
to continue with my illuminati Confessions and now I
lost my family so they could finaly have their enemy
ready for the ultimate confrontation of the end of
But Im honest and if they think  they can corrupt me
again forget it my friend Im gonna kill myself before
I collaborate again with a Jesuit , you are free to
believe what you want but now Im a Knights Templar
Commander again Im gonna wage war against them Im not
gonna tollerate what as happened..is not gonna be easy
but wait and see for the results my friend.
Im Don Leo from Cosa Nostra and you dont fuck with my
family even if you are the Pope or even worst the
Black Pope.
Hope that make it clear for you what are my
I want the Vatican to collapse and take it over so I
can establish the biggest disco in St.Peters Square
the ultimate RAVE.
A presto Fratello,
Don Leo
Sicilian Knights Templar Supreme Commander AI  CAPITO

--- mark <realdeal@fastmail.fm> wrote:

> Mr Leo Zagami,
> I believe in much of what Craig Oxley speaks of upon
> his website. I was
> wondering what you think of him now and his site?
> Sincerely
> Mark
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>   mark
>   realdeal@fastmail.fm
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