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Subject: Fwd: FROM LIBERTY LODGE No1 Kansas City USA TO SKULL & BONES 322 Yale
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Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 11:42:50 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: FROM LIBERTY LODGE No1 Kansas City USA TO SKULL & BONES 322 Yale
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Adherence to a liberty doctrine as a guide to American
foreign policy means pushing to the top of the agenda
the promotion of individual freedoms abroad. The
expansion of individual liberty in economic and
political affairs in turn stimulates the development
and consolidation of democratic regimes. To promote
liberty requires first the containment and then the
elimination of those forces opposed to liberty, be
they individuals, movements, or regimes. Next comes
the construction of pro-liberty forces with the use of
US Militias working with The Second Amendment  under
my personal control that will unite as The Waffen-SS
(German for "Armed SS", literally "Weapons SS")  the
combat arm of the Schutzstaffel ("Protective
Squadron") or SS.As you know  very well in contrast to
the Wehrmacht, Germany's regular army, the Waffen-SS
was a combat unit composed of volunteer troops with
particularly strong personal commitments to Nazi
ideology , as we are not Nazi's but 100%  American
Patriots our only commitment is to LIBERTY and  the US
Constitution   we only  want to use  the
organizational structure of the SS for the US Militias
that's all , the ideology will be obviously different
as they follow pure American values nothing more. The
United States Constitution's Bill of Rights declares a
well-regulated militia as "being necessary to the
security of a free State" and the elite of our
personal Liberty Protective Squadron will be initiated
in the Knights Templar of the Apocalipse in Kansas
City HQ'S.

 Finally comes the establishment of governments that
value and protect the liberty of their own people as
the United States does abbroad. The United States
didnt have the means to deliver liberty to all
subjugated people around the world untill now ,  but
things have changed since the establishment of Liberty
Lodge No1 on the 1st of May 2008. And the spread of
liberty and democracy will not always be simultaneous
as it's not an easy job but after the 21st of December
2012 we will establish after 7 years of tribulation in
2019 The Kingdom of God on Earth (IMPERIUM) our New
World Order in the name of Jesus our only Master and

By redefining the purposes of American power in these
terms, American foreign policymakers achieve several
objectives not attainable by narrower or less
normative doctrines. First, the liberty doctrine, like
containment during the Cold War, is useful in
clarifying the relationship between often very
different policies. 

 Second, the liberty doctrine properly defines our new
struggle in terms of ideas, individuals, and regimes —
not in terms of states. Allies of liberty exist
everywhere  but our biggest enemy is in the Vatican
and the Jesuit Order in particular for conspiring
against the United States. over and over again .Third,
the liberty doctrine provides a cause that others —
allies of the United States as well as states,
movements, and individuals not necessarily supportive
of all U.S. strategic interests — can support.

Fourth, the liberty doctrine underscores two phases of
engagement with enemy regimes — the destructive phase
and the constructive phase. To demonstrate real
commitment to this mission of promoting liberty
abroad, the United States must devote substantial
rhetorical attention and concrete resources to the
constructive phase of the promotion of liberty. If
not, we will be waging military campaigns against new
tyrannical regimes over and over again so let's act
now and use our PSYOPs for the benefit of mankind not
for their enslavement. We want true Liberty not lies
dear Brother George W.Bush,  so I hope you dont mind
my corrections to your original project my dear

 I hope the Skull & Bones 322 will finaly  invite the
Grand Master of the European illuminati Leo Lyon
Zagami in the  Bones crypt as soon as possible for an
internal investigation as requested officialy to
Brother Giorgio Hugo Balestreir  in June 2006 in the
Monastery of San Cerbone during our U.U. annual
The Knights Templar Supreme Commander Leo Lyon Zagami
wants to visit your own Priory as soon as possible as
you are now officialy accused  by the Order in Europe
of Satanic practices and other diableries.  "Neither
powers nor principalities, etc. shall separate me from
the love of God."  Freemasonry shall live on until men
shall look upon each other for their character and
uprightness, rather than through prejudiced eyes and
discriminating hearts.  Until then, we must fight
prejudice, despotism, and manner of evil that exists
in the hearts of men.  Our sword of justice and our
cause is right and "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES." 

Frater Superior Leo Lyon Zagami
Knights Templars of the Apocalypse Supreme Commander

Liberty Lodge No1
Kansas City (USA)

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