New Information Surfaces About Masonic/Vatican 9/11 Perps

Researchers Should Dig Deep into Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, Opus Dei and other Vatican connections concerning the real 9/11 perpetrators who are the same people that brought terrorism to Italy in the 1980’s and caused the Bologna
train station bombing.

By Greg Szymanski
April 15,2007

In the last five years, there have been very few solid leads appearing in
the mainstream and alternative media as to who really pulled the strings
behind the scenes, causing 9/11.

Of course, the mainstream still clings to the bogus 19 Arab terrorist
theory while the alternative media pussyfoots around, casting blame on the Bush administration and, of course, the Jews.

But, in truth, besides pointing fingers at tin-horn politicians, the
trail leading to the real 9/11 puppet masters has been conveniently
covered-up by their loyal minions working in the media, government and
religious organizations.

And according to a number of credible researchers, the reason the truth
about 9/11 will never be known is that “everybody is covering” for the
evil masterminds working behind the scenes — The Vatican and their
henchmen in the Jesuit Order Gestapo.

However, recently the first chink in the Vatican’s tightly knit and
devious New World Order armor was made concerning 9/11 when Italian
aristocrat and former high level Illuminati figure, Leo Zagami, began
naming names, linking 9/11 to the Vatican and their Freemason followers.

Zagami, a former member of the powerful Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, claimed he had first hand information members of his lodge, including former P2 leader, Licio Gelli and Commandante Georgio Hugo Balestrieri had prior knowledge of 9/11 and even help orchestrate the attacks for their bosses in the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

“If you research Balestrieri and those around him, you will get to the
truth about who caused 9/11 and it will lead right to the top people in
the Vatican as well as Cardinal Egan and former New York Mayor Giuliani,” said Zagami on a recent American radio appearance on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal.

“These are the same people that caused the Bologna train station bombing and who used Italy as a test country for terrorism in the 1980’s.
Although Gelli is in his 80’s now, he still is very powerful and
well-connected to the Vatican and those other people like Kissinger and
Michael Ledeen in America who are nothing more than Vatican puppets.

“Regarding Baestrieri, he has worked for them for a long time and used to control arms deals in the the Italian port of Livorno involving America,
the Vatican and the Middle East. He now has been given American
citizenship and is head of the New York Rotary Club. He also owns a
company which takes care of airport security in U.S. airports.”

Besides Zagami’s firsthand knowledge, not much else is known about Gelli or Balestrieri other than Gelli was implicated in the infamous Vatican Bank scandal in the 1980’s as well as being a close associate of former President Reagan and his cabinet, having been seen and photographed standing right behind Reagan at his inauguration.

“The both knew about 9/11 and their connections will lead to the real
perpetrators, but they will never talk — never!” added Zagami, who
claimed that Balestrieri has placed him on his “blacklist” for talking.

However, a confidential source has sent more information to the Arctic
Beacon about Balestrieri, saying the leads if thoroughly investigated,
will fill in many of the missing pieces about 9/11 and other important
matters concerning the Vatican-led New World Order.

Here is the recent information send by the confidential source. Note that
B and GHB stand for Balestrieri:

Your analysis reg. G.H.B. was quite interesting. However, you only
scratched the surface.

Here are some leads you might want to investigate further to put the
puzzle pieces together. The information that is being share with you are
all facts.

G.H.B. is a ‘switched’ off CIA/FBI asset. He was involved in so called
anti drug operations for the US government. It was also through those
channels that he obtained his US citizenship.

G.H.B’s son was killed in an accident last Christmas in Italy. He had
been an anti drug police officer who changed sides, became and addict, was hospitalized and jailed and then had the ‘accident’.

G.H.B. has been, or still is, on a special Italian/Senate advisory job
with special privileges, fronting for and probably spying his masters in
the US.

It appear safe to assume that B is still involved in unauthorized
technology transfer deals through his Italian/US connections. His alleged specialty is ‘signals’ / electronic eavesdropping equipment and other ‘sniffer’ electronics. He is ‘using’ www.rdn.it – Silvio Rononi to
‘warehouse’ for him.

Late last year he anchored himself into a situation in Rome/Italy. The
Giacomo Maria Ugolini Foundation, set up by the legendary, Republic of San Marino ambassador Ugolini, who died in early 2006, that has its
offices at www.villavecchia.it , a hotel / guest house near
Frascati/Rome. The foundation’s president is the ambassador’s deputy Dr. Angelo Boccardelli, an artist and scholar, rather than a businessman. Villa Vecchia is practically bankrupt.

B. positioned himself as the international adviser to Dr. Boccardelli.
Boccardelli has done extensive research on a sculpture alleged to have been carved by Michalangelo. This sculpture is owned by Boccardelli/the Ugolini Foundation.

B has taken Boccardelli to New York to promote and capitalize on the
Michelangelo research results that Boccardelli hold. At the end of the
Boccardelli interview, video clip you’ll see B position himself with a
comment that pretty much confirms all that has been stated here

In spite of the fact that Boccardelli was ambassador Ugolini’s right
hand for decades, he is not a businessman and has pretty much no
international experience, except for having been in Egypt, Jordan and
Syria with the ambassador. Those were the countries Ugolini had been accredited for.

Boccardelli still holds diplomatic status with the Republic of San
Marion. B is trying to gain diplomatic status using and instrumentalist
Boccardelli so he can engage in activities under the protective umbrella that come with a person’s diplomatic status.

A person that could probably give you very deep Italian insights is the
Marchese Roberto Caldirola in Rome. A somewhat unique and colorful
individual with a vast network in Rome. Caldirola can give you more in
depth information due to his intimate knowledge of the Italian scene.

Through B’s prominent involvement with the Rotary Club at the UN in NY City – Free Mason Light – he is instrumentalizing that avenue as well to keep a front of legitimacy. Within Rotary NY he is collaborating with a Turk – Kaan Soyak -, a wheeler dealer who is being used by certain groups within the Turkish power elite to facilitate ‘certain’ transactions between the US and Turkey. There is a connection with a NATO contract one of Soyak’s companies hold in Turkey. B and Soyak organized a multi state conference in Turkey two years back where all the regional players got together, using Rotary and their Free Mason components to make that all happen. There were more than 400 people at that event.

B, being in his early/mid sixties , being a failure and left over from
the cold war era, being personally bankrupt, he grabs any straw he can get to use others for his very own and short term gain. In how far he is being still ‘used’ by his former handlers is not known. Caldirola might be in a position to tell you more.

There is also a very interesting connection to an Italian lawyer Fabrizio
De Silvestri in Turino. De Silveri’s father and brother run a prominent
private banking operation out of Monaco. They are most certainly all P2 members.

This is also a very well camouflaged connection to Opus Die and B.

Please note that most of the people are not aware who B really is and who he fronts for at any given time. This is especially true for Boccardelli /Ugolini Foundation.

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