Zagami’s Message of Hope To Defeat Vatican-Led NWO Spreading Fast

Tour of Hope Committees forming all over America, as Leo Zagami, a former high level Monte Carlo P2 member explains his plan. He further explains why he decided to defect from the clutches of evil and fight the good fight.

7 Feb 2007

By Greg Szymanski

Leo Zagami, the Italian aristocrat and high level Freemason who recently defected from the evil clutches of the Illuminati, was first brought to  U.S. attention months ago by the Arctic Beacon and The Investigative Journal radio show.

Since then, Zagami’s valuable inside information has been heard by hundreds of thousands across the globe, taking head on the Vatican-led New World and letting then know people are “downright serious” about ending Rome and its minions’ evil reign.

Millions have been killed by the duplicitous and deceptive Vatican and Jesuit influenced Illuminati over centuries and, according to Zagami and many serious researchers, they are not about to stop now with the destruction America, the Middle East and Israel next on their agenda.

Zagami’s warning to stand up to the evil Illuminati comes from high level inside information, information that is now being picked up other truth seeking American journalists and radio broadcasters who are now giving Zagami a platform thanks to the Arctic Beacon’s initial exposure.

Besides a flood of requests to allow Zagami a chance to speak by other radio hosts, Zagami and the editor of the Arctic Beacon have initiated the “Tour of Hope,” which is a grass roots movement to gain support throughout America and the world to fight the New World Order.

Since the initial announcement three weeks ago, more than two hundred people from at least 15 states have expressed a desire and willingness to form Committees of Hope in their communities, in essence expressing a willingness to fight the evil Jesuit and Vatican hierarchy by putting their names on the dotted line as a unified resistance.

“This should be done under the old fashioned Charter system just like America was initially begun,” said Zagami in a recent interview. “We will then organize around the world fighting our organized enemy in the same manner, but replacing deception and lies with truth and justice.”

The “Tour of Hope” has caught wings as Zagami is in the process of coordinating efforts with others to arrange speeches and to unify the resistance in the old fashioned way – face to faces meetings and coordinated efforts by the Committees of Hope to becoming a beacon of truth throughout the world.

Anyone interested in forming a Committee of at least five or six people can contact the Arctic Beacon or contact Zagami at his website www.illuminaticonfessions.webfriend.it.

In order to better understand Zagami, he recently issued a statement explaining why he left the clutches of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge:

Since I’m finally out of the illuminati as everybody

knows, I want to talk without barriers. It seems to me

that no one was really expecting such a move from me

in the Masonic circle. Many know me from my years in

Freemasonry and the illuminati and thought

is he really doing this or is he gone completely crazy ?

No I’m really doing this and I will expose the Brotherhood

further in their evil intentions.

And yes I was finally free to stick a finger up to the

so called illuminati and say finally I’m a free and

accepted man as my equals and not the usual

privileged ‘bastard’ I used to be, or a supposed Free

and Accepted Mason in reality just another puppet of my Grand


The present state of the Masonic Order and of all

side Orders is a serious catastrophe, a catastrophe

ruled by incompetent and extremely dangerous

individual involved in Satanic activities

camouflaged as Egyptian esoterica (the usual Jesuit


The illuminati discuss amongst themselves

the significance of Gnosticism but in reality they are

high level Vatican puppets meetings these Conferences

at the Canonbury Research Centre in London, like the

last one at the beginning of November 2006.

We are also fascinated to see at this CMRC Conference many well

known esoteric wizards like Colin Wilson ,Tobias

Churthon with all these High level Masons and

prestigious academicians like Professor James

Robinson from Clermont Graduate University General and

Editor of the Nag Hammmadi library who all together form


However, a question comes to my

mind about these illuminati: do they still have a

heart? We need to focus a bit more on the real

significance of these kind of conferences promoted by

high level Freemasons and Satanists at the CMRC, and there

you might finally understand how these

Contemporary High Level Freemasons and illuminati

meet up to conspire against the rest of the world.

Professor and Freemason Thierry Zarcone presented at

this event on Saturday and Sunday the 4th and 5th of

November, affirming that the Ottoman Empire,

treated their own form of Ottoman Freemasonry as

another Islamic Sufi Society, and went on saying that

the ‘Ancient and Accepted Rite’ became the ‘Ancient

and Accepted Sufi Path’.

But Professor Thierry Zarcone who also mentioned the Bektashi Sufi Order,

deliberately did not give the connections between these

renegade Islamic figures of Ottoman Freemasonry

connected to the Vatican and the Zionists and the

birth of Nazism trough infamous Freemasons like Rudolf

von Sebottendorf aka Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or

von Sebottendorf).

So let’s see if they are ever going start revealing the

truth in such ‘illuminazi’ circles and let’s keep an eye

on these western illuminati operating at the Canonbury

Masonic Research Centre.

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