2007 01 23: “THE TOUR OF HOPE”


Get Involved In Stopping Vatican-Led NWO: Join ‘The Tour of Hope’ By Forming A Committee In Your City Or Town

The ‘Tour of Hope’ is catching on world wide with groups and committees to fight deception and evil forming in U.S., Canada, Norway, Italy, France and Australia.

23 Jan 2007

By Greg Szymanski

The worldwide Tour of Hope is gaining a life of its own as people are responding from all corners of the globe only one week after it was officially announced by Leo Zagami, former high-level Illuminati insider and recent defector to the of truth.

Zagami defected four months ago from the ranks of the influential Monte Carlo P2 Lodge and has been trying to wake-up Americans to the inner Masonic evil-doings of the Vatican-led New World Order, desperately trying to create a one world government, one world religion and universal fascism.

To fight back, Zagami is organizing what he calls a “ Tour of Hope“, which is a grass roots worldwide organization to spread truth and peace in order to counter the evil New World Order’s highly organized agenda, starting in the Vatican and trickling down to every corner of the globe, including America.

“No word is stronger than the word of God and we need to organize the people who follow the true word of God in all parts of the world to counter the evil being spread by worldwide government leaders, the Vatican and especially the evil Jesuits, who are the modern day Knights Templars working through deception and black magic,” said Zagami Monday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal on the Republic Broadcasting Network at www.rbnlive.com.

“I was involved in the highest levels of the Masonic Lodges in both Monte Carlo and England due to my aristocratic Sicilian and English bloodlines. I was born into it, worked on Vatican radio and TV and until I really understand the true purpose of the Vatican- led New World Order and the real evil at the top levels, I thought I could change things from the inside.

“But when I realized that was impossible, I decided to go public with all of my inside information in order to alert people of the evil hiding behind the Vatican and the government leaders of the world, including those in the U.S.

“When I was in the Monte Carlo lodge, the top people simply thought of Americans as the future slaves of the upcoming New World Order empire. It’s as simple as that and Americans need to wake-up.”

Zagami announced on The Investigative Journal that his “Tour of Hope” idea has “spread wings quickly” across the globe with people in Canada, America, Norway, Italy, France and Australia already contacting him to take part in the grass roots peace organization, an organization geared at spreading the “inside truth about the Vatican, Freemasonry and the numerous sell-outs and traitors who are secretly working for the New World Order,” according to Zagami.

The concept of the Tour of Hope is simple, added Zagami, with Committees of Hope to be formed in cities and towns across the globe.

“We need to organize to fight evil as the enemy is well organized,” said Zagami, whose website for more information about getting involved with the Tour of Hope can be found at www.illuminaticonefessions.webfriends.it.

“We already have speaking engagements set up in Detroit, St Petersburh, Fl., in Canada and several other locations being worked on as we speak. Greg of the Investigative Journal has agreed to help out and appear the initial speeches in order to network this idea throughout America and the rest of the world.”

If interested in taking part in the Tour of Hope and forming a Committee of Hope, what is needed is at least six people in each city or town. Once the Committee is formed Zagami and Greg, the host of the Investigative Journal, have agreed to come and speak to kick-off the organization and help make it grow.

“The idea is then to network, get other speakers and form a Tour of Hope web site,” said Szymanski, adding the information Leo Zagami is bringing forward is vital in order that America survive and once again become a free country. “He has inside information on how the Vatican organized 9/11 as well as telling Americans who are the real culprits pulling the New World Order strings both here and abroad.”

To get involved with the Tour of Hope and to form a Committee of Hope, contact Zagami at his web site or contact the Arctic Beacon at arcticbeacon@earthlink.net or call Greg personally at 509-242-9681.

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