Reagan Sold-Out America And P2 Masonic Leader, Licio Gelli, Was Right By His Side

Are Americans finally waking up from a deep, dark sleep? They better or the likes of Satanists, Pope Benedict and Daddy Bush, known as Magog, will usher in Nazism quicker than you can blink an eye.

13 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The fight against the Illuminati continues in small “truth circles” around the country as more and more Americans are waking up from a deep, dark sleep to realize their country has been turned into an evil fascist state under the guise of liberty and freedom.

To the Illuminati big wigs, including Satanist supreme George H. Bush, known as Magog to his sick-minded friends, liberty and freedom stand for death, destruction and Nazism.

It’s a sad state of affairs to realize top U.S. leaders like Daddy Bush, his Satanic son, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan and many others are nothing but sell-outs, traitors and dedicated to the Vatican-led New World Order takeover.

But it’s true just as it is true Benedict XVI is a Satan worshipper with a 24-year-old gay lover, facts verified by Illuminati insiders from Italy and the powerful Monte Carlo P2 Lodge.

So, it’s all down hill here from here unless Americans wake-up, fight back and finally identify and nab the true spiritual controllers of this fascist take-over.

“The Vatican and the Jesuit Order must be stopped,” said author Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins. “Throw the Jesuits out and end formal diplomatic relations before it’s too late, diplomatic relations reinstituted after more than 100 years by one of the biggest American traitors ever – Ronald Reagan.”

The fact Reagan sold out his country is no secret amongst historians and researchers looking for the truth and not covering it. The following connection between Reagan and Licio Gelli, the Italian Grandmaster of the P2 Masonic network, proves he was working to bring about Satanic rule under the evil New World Order.

Gelli now is in his 80’s and dying of cancer. He also was photographed right behind Reagan during his inauguration, although most all Americans never recognize the real evil behind the Presidency.

But Gelli is the real deal, the real evil lurking behind the Masonic structure spreading its Satanic tentacles through Lodges worldwide with the help and “blessings” of the Vatican and their henchmen, the Jesuit Order led by Jesuit “Satanic” General, Fr. Peter hans Kolvenback, known as the Black Pope and the real power in the Vatican controlling Benedict.

But to show how the New World Order is progressing behind the shield of Freemasonry, the Jesuits and Vatican duplicity, they are now arrogantly telling the world about their evil plans and the characters involved.

For example, recently Henry Kissinger was announced as an official Papal advisor. Remember, both Benedict and Kissinger are closet Nazis spreading war by saying it is peace and spreading freedom under the guise of fascism.

And as Kissinger and his Satanic crew go public so is Gelli going public overseas, telling people in a recent video how proud he was to be one of Hitler and Mussolini’s “young soldiers.”

Although Gelli’s story is unknown to Americans, Italians and other Europeans understand his connections and power. It is story worth telling since he was seated and the right hand of Reagan, indicating the power he wielded even in the U.S.

“He is dying of cancer and perhaps the Illuminati are paying tribute to him in their own twisted way,” said former high level Illuminati whistleblower from the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, Leo Zagami. “I know Gelli and before I defected their was much talk for me to take over in his place as new aristocratic blood was needed.

“He was a key New World Order strategist between the Vatican, the United States and the rest of the Illuminati Freemasonic structure that at the high-levels seek to institute Nazism even in America.”

Thinking about the recent video about Gelli, released over seas and listed below, Zagami reflected about Gelli’s power and how it connects to Freemasonry, the Vatican, all secret societies and the powerful government leaders around the world, all working together to bring about war and destruction.

Even more astounding, Gelli admits in the newly released video that the Vatican controls the intelligence services of the world, wielding tremendous power among all the top world leaders.

“Brother Licio Gelli, Past Worshipful Master of the P2,

proudly continues the piloted opening of his image

showing a photo with Hitler and Mussolini at the

beginning of the interview,and later we see him

talking about the infamous pictures of the Pope

wearing a swimming costume (a demented scandal of the

time involving the Pope half-naked by the swimming

pool),” said Zagami.

“And last but not least Brother Gelli reveals

that Opus Dei is a Catholic form of Freemasonry. The

Brother Gelli starts talking about the Secret Services

of the Vatican, described by him as a a very powerful

Secret Service for a very powerful State…yes one of

the two headquarters of Satan in the end of times(the other

being Jerusalem).

“Gelli says that the Opus Dei is defined also as white

Freemasonry and P2 as black freemasonry (the dark side

of the force). In a Masonic Temple we find on the

floor white and black that symbolize the good and the

evil side of mankind, the Vatican and the Jesuits have

obviously control over what’s good and what’s evil as

they think they are God as I told you in earlier


“But Gelli never mentions the SMOM and the Jesuits in

this video as such topics are considered off limits, as some secrets

must never be revealed.

“In the State archive in Pistoia they have opened the

heavy door of the room dedicated to the affairs of

Licio Gelli at the beginning of 2006, he donated part

of his archive which was transferred from his home

called Villa Wanda.

“It is an extraordinary archive containing letters of

Illuminati agents Torquato Tasso, Napoleon Bonaparte,

Giuseppe Garibaldi, Adolph Hitler, Giuseppe Verdi, yes

a very sick collection indeed.

“Some say it’s a truly God-given gift for historians

and for expert archivists but in reality Gelli kept the

best bits of this collection for himself, including all

the dirty work for the SMOM and his Jesuit Masters.”

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