More Illuminati Persecution In Norway

Roy Saetre says he was viciously attacked by Norway police dogs for no reason and Leo Zagami, Illuminati insider, says he won’t stop talking despite police threats.

12 Dec 2006

By Greg Szymanski

Leo Zagami, the former high level Illuminati insider turned whistleblower, is not the only one being harassed in Norway, as the evil arm of fascism exists on both sides of the Atlantic.

Americans take notice of what lies ahead.

Roy Saetre of Sandefjord says his illegal detainment is a case of mistaken identity, but Norwegian police claim he is a “terrorist law breaker’ even though police admitted Saetre wasn’t their man.

Although Saetre has apparently been cleared, he claims police harassment continues, including an episode where he was viciously attacked by a police dog leading to a hospital stint.

“I have been harassed by the police in Sandefjord in Norway in the deepest way you can think of,” said Saetre from his home in Norway . “I have done nothing wrong, but was mistaken for a terrorist/lawbreaker.

“Although there is proof I am not the police have found another way to harass me. Help!

Now the police are saying I am cooperating with terrorists and this is just not true. I have done nothing wrong, but their dog tore up my foot so Ihad to bee transported by the same police to the hospital where they left me without proper medical care, holding me without any charges being filed.

“I believe that the Norwegian authorities are corrupted and part of the New World Order. Look at Stoltenberg, Peterson, Bondevik, and the rest of our leaders, all selling out to eventually allow world dominance by one leader. I am trying to stop this and I know there are a lot of other people thinking the same way.”

Regarding Zagami, who lives in Oslo, his web site was recently shut down and police made an unexpected visit to his house, trying to threaten and coerce him to stop publishing articles exposing Satanism and New World Order corruption leading to the Vatican and the White House.

However, Zagami refuses and here is his most recent observations:

Key Satanist of today is Cardinal William Levada who

is running the Congregation from the Doctrine of the

Faith (CDF) Piazza del S. Uffizio.

Cardinal William Nevada was the Bishop of San Francisco were Anton Lavey use to have is Black House


On the 13th of May 2005, Benedict XVI announced

Archbishop William J. Levada of San Francisco was his

choice to head the CDF. Ratzinger held the post of CDF

Prefect for close to 25 years under secret direct

Jesuit control. Levada, is the first American

illuminati in history to hold such a senior position

in the Vatican and he is not a distinguished academic

theologian, unlike his predecessor but a good friend

of the Jesuits since Levada holds a doctorate from

Rome ‘s reputed Jesuit-run Gregorian University and has

worked in the CDF for six years from 1976 to 1982. He

was a member of the Vatican commission to draft a

Catechism for the Catholic Church, a source book on

the fundamentals of the faith, a bit scary the idea

that these kind of people have control over the faith

of millions around the world, especially somebody who

comes from San Francisco Satanic HQ’s. . Since 2000,

he has been a full member of the Congregation from the

Doctrine the modern version of the Holy Inquisition.

Levada’s asset is his rich pastoral experiences as a

bishop for about 20 years. Levada worked with the

California Catholic Conference of Bishops and the

archdiocese of Los Angeles before being appointed as

Archbishop of Portland in 1986 and Archbishop of San Francisco in 1995.

As Archbishop of San Francisco, the unofficial capital

of Satanism and gay activism in the U.S., he has been

in the forefront of opposition to same-sex marriages

mantaining the great hypocrisy of the Vatican in these

matters as the Vatican elite is (as we all know by

now) full of gay men and many deviant ones who like

very much young children. So it seems that hypocrisy is

a must for the Catholic Clergy these days.

And with people like Anton Lavey the founder of the

Church of Satan first and Lt .Col.Michael Aquino

founder of the Temple of Set after, the CIA and the

illuminati of America maintain a close and intimate

contact with the Vatican clergy. These dangerous

criminals from the Satanic Vatican Mafia participate

in ritual sexual abuse of children all over the United States. These Satanist form and constitute together

the most advanced weapon to submit mankind to a state

of slavery using MIND CONTROL something they love in

their satanic and corrupt PSYOP departments loyal to

the Vatican Church Satan.

So the new representative of the Congregation for the

Doctrine of the faith had to be from San Francisco,

so to honor in secret their Past Satanic Master

Anto LaVey and more important all the various evil

practices done in the name of Satan in California

since Crowley chartered is own illuminati Lodge in

the early 1940s the U.S. based O.T.O. Lodge, Agapé,

led by ‘Jack’ Parsons (1914-1952).

This O.T.O. lodge was the home of many evil things

to come including the Scientology cult, Dianetics, and

L. Ron Hubbard a proud disciple of the Beast A.Crowley

and a IXo O.T.O. member!

Like the “Invocation of my Demon Brother” a filmed

ritual that Anton La Vey did at the end of the 60’s

with infamous Kenneth Anger and Bobby Beausoleil at a

mansion that used to be the Russian Embassy .

Bobby Beausoleil soon after became an evil puppet in

the hands of is satanic illuminati Masters like

Kenneth Anger so to manipulate the sheep towards

satanism and terminate the Hippie-movement once and

for all . That’s why Frater Bobby got involved with the

Manson Crew of brainwashed psychedelic puppets, and

after that became one of the assassins of the

infamous Manson killings.

Beasoleil who was arrested wrote and performed in

prison the music for the famous Illuminati Satanic

film “Lucifer Rising” of Kenneth Anger that was later

edited and mastered in the basement of the famous

Rock musician Jimmy Page a member of the Ordo Templi

Orientis/Illuminati who works these days with the

OHO of the O.T.O. William Breeze.

Breeze participated to a Black Mass in the Vatican

with the General of the Jesuits in May 2000 e.v. with

Alberto Moscato IXo OTO ,Massimo Introvigne XIo

OTO/OTOA and Michela Mercenaro from the Order of Zion

and a few other very important satanist.

Charlie Manson was a member of the Ordo Tempi Orientis

Solar Lodge of Jean Brayton’s , The ‘Caliphate’ often

claims that Brayton’s group was irregular in O.T.O.

terms, but Phyllis Seckler, a protagonist in the

founding of the ‘Caliphate’, has admitted that it was

a genuine O.T.O. lodge. To exaggerate for a moment,

you might say that without Manson the ‘Caliphate’ OTO

would not even exist.

During Crowley’s lifetime there was only one active

O.T.O. lodge in the USA, the so-called ‘second’ Agapé

Lodge in California, yes the place were all this evil

started and the home of Cardinal William Levada and

and his sick crew. An insight into the prevailing

spirit at the Lodge in the 1940s was given by Harry

Hay, the founder of the modern gay movement in

California : during their performance of the Gnostic

Mass, he was present sitting at a piano playing the

tune “Yes, We Have No Bananas” and the gay catholic

clergy present apparentely liked it very much ; he

remembered thinking to himself that anyone who hadn’t

belonged to the O.T.O. would have had a very hard time

not bursting out laughing at such a comical Mass but

after all they were a bunch of illuminati pervets.

One of its members Grady Louis McMurtry, received some

special instructions from Crowley which stated that in

“case of emergency” McMurtry was to take over this

lodge, subject to the approval of Crowley’s heir

insofar as the O.T.O. went, a German called Karl

Germer. Germer did not think much of McMurtry (calling

him a “Minus” and saying that the US was a “spiritual

desert”), and he closed Agapé on 7 September 1953.

Germer now favored H.J. Metzger from Switzerland as

his own O.T.O. successor. With that, McMurtry

completely lost interest in the O.T.O. When he heard

of Germer’s death and the question as to the

succession arose, on 25 October 1963 McMurtry stated

“there is nothing I can do at the moment.”

In the 1960’s, a former member of Agapé called Mildred

Burlingame “initiated” Jean Brayton with some of

Crowley ‘s O.T.O. rituals;

Brayton’s Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. had existed well

before the modern ‘Caliphate’ lodge did; So what

exactly did Manson do in the Solar Lodge? As witnesses

have reported, Brayton began putting on “profane

parties” to draw in recruits for the illuminati from

the public, attracting people to the idea of a

special, semi-secret organization which performed

magical rituals, and which involved “sex and strange

doings and good drugs and groovy people.” About fifty

outsiders were involved, including Hollywood figures

like Jerry Kay, who had been the art director on the

film ‘Easy Rider’. Kay left the Solar Lodge around

August 1967, having done little more than take the

‘Oath of a Probationer’ (an A.’A.’. “degree”); the one

thing he took with him on his departure was a copy of

the ‘Book of the Law’, which he decorated with

illustrations, and later sold.

The most famous guest at Brayton’s parties was Manson,

who, like Brayton, believed he was the reincarnation

of Aleister Crowley (another one…hi..hi..) and

Sister Brayton an agent of the illuminati gave Manson

the possibility of being intiated to the highest

degree of this corrupt and sick illuminati Order the

Ordo Templi Orientis .

McMurtry who was a key agent of the illuminati for

their future satanic propaganda informed on Brayton

to the FBI to avoid the FBI investigating him ( a

piloted move of the illuminati do get out of any

future reference ). He also provided the journalist Ed

Sanders with material about the affair – and in return

Sanders made no mention of McMurtry in his book “The

Family” about the Manson murders. Now McMurtry,

together with his wife Phyllis Seckler founded a group

called ‘The Continuum’, and started publishing Crowley


The Continuum was the nucleus of the ‘Caliphate’ a new

O.T.O. founded in 1977 for the purpose of receiving

tax-free status as a religious body, and to benefit

from the royalties generated by Crowley copyrights


The scandals surrounding the Solar Lodge happened at

the same time as the Manson ‘Family’ was committing

the murders of Sharon Tate and her friends – seven

people in all – in August 1969; and both sets of

events took place within a few miles of each other.

This, and the similar occult backgrounds of Manson and

Brayton, made the tabloid press leap to the conclusion

that there must be a direct connection between the

Manson murders, and the Solar Lodge scandals – a

highly tenuous connection, to say the least.

But there is one more dependable, if unusual link

between the characteristics of the ‘Family’ and

Brayton’s Solar Lodge, and other O.T.O. groups. One

member of Manson’s ‘Family’ called Robert Beausoleil

lived together with celebrated underground filmmaker

and occultist Kenneth Anger. Before he became

embroiled in the Manson affair, Beausoleil had acted

the rôle of Lucifer in Anger’s film ‘Lucifer Rising’.

While imprisoned as a result of the murders,

Beausoleil occupied his time in composing a musical

score for the film. Anger was also instrumental in

founding Anton LaVey’s ‘Church of Satan’ – and

allegedly LaVey played the rôle of Satan in Roman

Polanski’s film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ (which is in fact

not true); Sharon Tate, one of the Manson

murder-victims was Polanski’s wife.

While Karl Germer had refused to accept Anger as an

O.T.O. member, today, Anger is a close friend of

William Breeze, the ‘Caliph’ or leader of the

‘Caliphate’. He is an IX° and as a member of the

VIII°-Areopagus has a say in this Order’s fate. Breeze

gave Anger the IX° for his knowledge and services,

that is his so-called art and Crowley collection.

But who is realy this disciple of A.Crowley known to

the prophane as Major Grady Louis McMurtry but to the

Illuminati as


Born on October 18, 1918 EV in Big Cabin, Oklahoma to

Grady and Bee Ivery Puckett McMurtry. He became a

member of Ordo Templi Orientis in June 1941 when he

was initiated to the Oº and Iº at Agapé Lodge,

Pasadena . His first profession was that of a soldier

and later intelligence officer; he served in the

European theatre during WWII, enabling him to become a

personal student of Aleister Crowley (with time off

for D-Day, and the liberation of France and the low

countries). In Fall 1943 he was initiated by Baphomet

XIº into the IXº O.T.O. It was also Crowley who

suggested he take the name `Umenaios A (Hymenaeus

Alpha), which in Greek gematria adds to 777. A.C.

wrote many letters discussing him as a Caliph, a

future successor. Crowley was guarding against the

possibility that Karl Germer (Saturnus Xº), his “heir

apparent,” might fail of an heir himself and endanger

the continued existence of the O.T.O.

In the late 1950’s he worked as a management analyst

for the State Department of Labor in Sacramento,

moving in 1961 to Washington, D.C. to work for the

Labor Department and the Washington Shakespeare

Society. Karl Germer died in 1962 and did indeed fail

of an heir– McMurtry therefore returned to California

and used his emergency powers from 666 as Caliph and

de facto head of the Illuminati O.T.O., presiding over

the rebirth of the O.T.O. In his last years he did

battle once again–in a courtroom rather than a

beachhead. Here also his victory was complete–the

world, as well as the Secret Master, acknowledged him

King of this Templar Order. But the final victory of

Grady McMurtry is yet coming as the Satanic powers and

George W.Bush and the grandson of A. Crowley are in charge

of humanity.

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