Are Threats And Controversy Surrounding Pope Benedict Another Illuminati Show To Incite More Hatred And War

Former Assassin of Pope John Paul II now claims from his Turkish cell he is the real Messiah or the Jesus of the end times.

29 Nov 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The mainstream press and television outlets have been running stories, claiming Pope Benedict’s life may be in grave danger. These media trumpeted threats come on the heels of his recent outbursts critical of Muslims made in Germany.

After the inflammatory comments, Benedict XVI back peddled on his statements, saying they were taken out of context or misunderstood.

However, a Vatican insider and former Illuminati member of the powerful Monte Carlo P2 Masonic Lodge claims the statements were made on purpose to further fuel the evil engine of war as well as being choreographed by none other than the Black Pope, Jesuit General Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the real force behind the Vatican-led Illuminati New World Order.

As controversy and possible violence now surrounds the Pope, an evil voice out of the past sounded loud and strong this week as the Turkish assassin who shot and wounded Pope John Paul II in 1981 declared from his prison cell that he is the new Messiah or the Jesus of the end times.

At the time of the shooting of John Paul II, the act was quickly blamed on the KGB, pitting immediate hatred between the East and West during the time of the Cold War.

Although this was the mainstream world conception, critics and insiders claim the shooting was an “inside job” devised to ignite hatred instead of bringing the world closer together in peace.

And as the controversy swirls around Benedict, the same critics are saying the threats presented in the media are a precursor for another “inside job” on the Pope, this time pinning the threats of violence or future violence on fundamental Muslin extremists in an effort to further the flames of war in Iraq and Iran and gaining dwindling support for the Middle East war among Americans.

In an effort to get the “other side of story,” former higher-up Illuminati member and Italian aristocrat, Leo Zagami, who recently visited Turkey, had this to say about the shooting of Pope John Paul II as it relates to the latest controversy surrounding Benedict XVI.

“In the last few hours Mehmet Ali Agca (born January 9,

1958) the Turkish assassin who shot and wounded Pope

John Paul II on May 13, 1981 as declared from prison

that he is the new Messiah, yes the new Jesus of the

end of times.

“This news arrives to us as no surprise in this never

ending Illuminati theatre.

“Let’s make it clear to everyone that Mehmet Ali Agca

went to visit the Scontrino Lodge in Sicily and Prince

“Alliata di Monreale ( my illustrius Mentor) the Puppet

Master of LA ROSA DEI VENTI AND GLADIO before going to


“The Pope was just a Illuminati puppet of this evil

show that still goes on twenty years later…


“Mehmet Ali Agca as also said yesterday to the Turkish

Press that the Vatican is about to fall in the Abyss

of chaos and destruction, and soon we will all face

Armagedon , so these are indeed the end of times

also for our dear PSYOP puppet A?ca!

“Khaled Saifullah Khan will pray for these

infidels, including our new MK-ULTRA brainwashed Jesus

Mehmet Ali Agca and that corrupt muslim called Erdogan

who recently invited P2 illuminati Brother Silvio

Berlusconi for his daughters wedding. And the finance

minister of Turkey as already joined the Bilderberg

Mafia two years ago.

“The Vatican Illuminati and their Zionist brothers

have already made their plans to use and abuse Turkey

in the next few years as a Trojan horse for the rest

of the muslim world, and at the end of the day the

city of Troy his in Turkey…what a coincidence.

“And on top of all this Buyukanit as been nominated as

new General in charge of the defense headquarters.

The problem is that General Buyukanit is a Jewish

Zionist and a Freemason close to the Vatican Neo

Illuminati and his Masters from Jerusalem.

“So why are Turkish citizens falling into this New World

Order trap and Erdogan submits willingly to Vatican

Luciferian powers by meeting the Nazi Pope Ratzinger?

“Well, Turkey is desperate to join the European Union

and enjoy the wealth and decadence of the western

Satanic powers under firm Vatican Jesuit Zionist

control, and it seems to me that Turks are falling

into this trap willingly , because of the level of

satanic infiltration in their society and in the

religious institution of their country, something that

only one man in Turkey could eventually stop and that

man is Fethullah Gulen, a true master of his country

who as to stand up now against Satan before his

country is completely under Vatican/Zionist control.

“Last but not least the so called communist of the PKK

(a bunch of dangerous CIA/MOSSAD puppets) have been

used to scare away until recently the foreign

investors interested in Turkey. This evil plan is put

in action so the illuminati sharks with the help of

their Rotarian Masonic Network can buy everything

cheap before joining officially the EU and making the

prices go up like crazy and make loads of money.

“These meetings to decide the future of Turkey and the

rest of the Muslim world have already been made, and

the most important ones have been the gathering of all

the masonic Lodges connected to the CLIPSAS network on

the 30th of October 2005 , the Rotary 100 years

anniversary gathering with Comandante Giorgio Hugo

Balestrieri in Ankara in April 2005 and last but not

least the usual Bildeberg meeting of a couple of years


“To finalize the corruption of Erdogan , the Vatican

Satan and the Italian illuminati slave State, had

already sent 3 years ago their most loyal Opus Dei

servant Fini from Alleanza Nazionale to Ankara with a

message and a warning from illuminati Puppet and

Puppet Master Silvio Berlusconi.

“At that point they started brainwashing Erdogan with

the following: you have to distance yourself from all religious

leaders including Fethullah Gulen otherwise you cant

join Europe that’s our main request coming from Vatican

HQ’s. And after they started to insist on this

point more and more, until they initiated Erdogan in

the illuminati Lodges and they said to him, NOW YOU


the only chance to be a pat of Europe is to become a

part of us the great Satan.

“But our dear Brother Erdogan Prime Minister of Turkey

is a simple village peasant and went on falling more

and more into the hands of Satan like most people with

his background who are given important positions by the

Puppet Masters of Nato, they finally had another puppet

for their evil games, another Neo illuminati under

Vatican/Zionist control.

“Well now you know the truth Turkey, its your turn to

act against those people who are bringing

pornography, drugs and weapons into your country to

slowly make out of a great city like Instanbul another

Babylon . Please don’t fall for it my dear Muslim

Brothers and rebel before is to late and you are also

trapped like the United States citizens in the Matrix

of Satan.

“Last but not least Mehmet Ali Agca said that he was

the guy who inspired Dan Brown for the Da Vinci Code

and that he has written a 100 pages book called THE


“Well what next?”

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