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XI° — Per Aftera Ad Astra
Anal Intercourse and the O.T.O.

P.R. Koenig

Aleister Crowley: “Of the Eleventh Degree, its powers, privileges, and qualifications, nothing whatever is said in any grade. It has no relation to the general plan of the Order, is inscrutable, and dwells in its own palace.” (Liber CXCIV, 1919)
Crowley: “I am inclined to believe that the XIth degree is better than the IXth degree”, diary entry 26 August 1916. “Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!”


  • VII° Adoration of the phallus as Baphomet, both within and without
  • VIII° Interaction with something outside the closed vessels of the vagina and the anus
  • IX° Interaction inside the vagina with either the blood or the secretions of a woman when excited
  • X° Impregnation + fertilisation of an egg + the act of creation or succession (e.g. election of the OHO)
  • XI° Two-folded: i) Isolation in the anus [per vas nefandum] where it is considered unable to interact with anything at all ii) interaction with excrements (one of Crowley’s preferred ingredients) and small amounts of blood (when small wounds occur through the intercourse), mucus and of course the mucous membranes that lead directly into the blood supply, etc., etc. Crowley dreamt of giving birth to a foetus per anum. “… a mass of blood & slime.”
    Crowley allegedly wrote a longer piece on the XI° from which only an outline has survived. He explained that “the ‘Child’ of such a love [XI°] is a third person, a Holy Spirit, so to speak, partaking of both natures, yet boundless and impersonal because it is a bodiless creation of a wholly divine nature.” [Note compiled by Cosmos Trelawney]

It seems obvious that there is no final decision as to “what is the XI°” and how “it” is been put “into” the many different O.T.O. systems.

Crowley’s 1914 O.T.O. system with 12 degrees:
It has been suggested that the XI° may not be considered in sequence between X° and Crowley’s expanded XII° of 1914 but as the position held by the Inner Head of the Order who works privately with the O.H.O. XII°. The title of the XI° is Baphomet. (XII° being similar to the X° National Heads i.e. an administrative degree.) In these circumstances the holder of the XI° would be Spiritual Head of the Order — the identity of XI° being known only to the XII° and X°’s. Prior membership of O.T.O. is not a requirement for the XI° but presumably a 0° initiation would be conducted first.

History of some Crowley-XI° lines

Victor B. Neuburg

In 1909 Aleister Crowley met the poet Victor Neuberg “Frater Lampada Tradam, Omnia Vincam” (6.5.1883-1940), and in December made use of him as his magical partner, when he allowed himself to become possessed by the Thelemic ‘Devil’ Choronzon, and receive “The Vision and the Voice”. In 1910 Crowley produced the “Bagh-I-Muattar” in which the joys of homosexuality were poetically extolled (the book has been widely reproduced in facsimile [e.g. the Morton Press edition] although initially copyrighted by Marcelo Ramos Motta in his “Sex and Religion”, published in Nashville in 1981; this copyright was renewed by Martin P. Starr in 1991.) Neuberg was Crowley’s sexual partner again at the end of 1913 in the “Paris Working”, which was performed “to reconstitute the OTO.” [1] On the basis of these experiments, Crowley wrote the homosexually-oriented sex-magical instructions for his branch of the O.T.O., the ‘Mysteria Mystica Maxima’. So, for example there was not only a ‘Venereal’ version of “Liber C” (one dedicated to Venus), but also a Mercurial one. He now signed the more important O.T.O. documents, like the “Statutes”, with an “XI°” as his title. Neuberg soon separated himself from his Master, and died on May 31st 1940. (More on Neuberg in Jean Overton Fuller’s biography “The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuberg”, London, 1965 and 1990).

It is uncertain when the homosexual XI° then fitted into the O.T.O. system; in “Liber CXIV” published in 1919, Crowley wrote: “Of the Eleventh Degree, its powers, privileges,and qualifications, nothing whatever is said in any grade. It has no relation to the general plan of the Order, is inscrutable, and dwells in its own palace.” Despite this, his synopsis of the O.T.O. degrees [2] stated that the XI° lay immediately below the OHO in the hierarchy. Since he later (July 16th 1944) disclosed to W.B. Crow that the “XI° is only known to the X° degrees”, Crowley’s inconsistencies in this matter have to be rejected out of hand.

The Choronzon Club

Crowley soon taught the practical side of the IX° and XI° to Cecil Frederick Russell “Genesthai, 143, Fiat Lux” in June 1918 in New York; Russell was a youthful seaman who had been dishonourably discharged from the American Navy for cocaine abuse. As Crowley noted in his diary at the time “Genesthai in ano meo”; the matter was later explored in greater depth at the Abbey of Thelema at Cefalù in Sicily. [3]

In November 1920 the “Cephaloedium Working” was celebrated in the Abbey, and on page 17 of this working’s record, Crowley noted under the influence of ether – “that the Paris Working [was] the first model for our present Orgia.” He went on about “The Devil of Lust, the Goat of Mendes, Pan, Baphomet: and spelt fully Ayin is the Erection… the Semen or fluid vehicle of the Spirit, the Elixir of Magick, the Blood…” and more in the same vein.

Crowley gave Russell instructions to form his own organisation, similar to the A.’.A.’. Marc Lully, who had made some chronological notes, had the following initiation-data: Crowley initiated Russell on May 11th 1921; [4] but by 1922 they had quarrelled, and Russell left Cefalù by way of Australia for the USA. [5]

In 1928 Russell was advertising for the ‘Choronzon Club’ (CC) in the American “Occult Digest”; after 1931 the group was called the ‘Great Brotherhood of God. Ray Burlingame was a member.

Crowley and Karl Germer, however, regarded Russell’s Chicago organisation with envious eyes, [6] because Russell had managed to gather a crowd of interested people around him, with his “short-cut to initiation” – abbreviated rituals. Meanwhile Crowley’s O.T.O. was fading out for lack of members.

This ‘short cut’ method yielded 40 members in Denver, 20 in Long Beach, 75 in Los Angeles, 50 in San Francisco and 25 in San Diego. [7] Its techniques of sexual magic were based on Ida Craddock’s concept of ‘Heavenly Bridegrooms’. [8] Its members had to wear a special ring, which cost $15.

But in 1933 a schism broke out in Russell’s ranks; a meeting was held on the 8th floor of 410 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, with the object of forming a group consisting exclusively of homosexual men (the basis on which all contemporary XI° groups are founded). Eventually four groups could be distinguished as springing from Russell’s initial foundation, which are hereafter enumerated as A, B, C, and D.

[A] Ray Burlingame refused to accede to Russell’s wish that he should lead the CC, left the organisation in 1935, [9] and joined forces with the Crowleyan 2nd. Agapé Lodge. By 1938 Russell had had enough of sex-magic, made a final break with his CC, which was now being run by one Arley Barber, and went to live in California. This group was revived in 1956 by the ‘Neighborhood Primate’ for San Diego and Los Angeles, Louis T. Culling “Aquila” – even though he was a IXth degree member of the 2nd. Agapé Lodge. On Russell’s orders, Culling ran the CC from 1956 onwards under the name ‘The Great Brotherhood of God’, though without any additional XI°. [10]

Russell had previously expressed himself in negative terms about Culling; [11] the two men never met face-to-face. According to a letter of February 22nd 1988 from Stefan A. Höller (Baron von Höller-Bertram), whom Culling had met, it was Culling, as a member of the 2nd. Agapé Lodge, who had accepted H.J. Metzger as OHO: “Louis T. Culling… showed me several letters, written by Mr. Germer,” [12] which set Metzger up as the heir to the O.T.O. From 1960-63 Culling allegedly repeatedly begged Höller to take over as leader of his organisation. On April 17th 1971 Culling resigned the leadership of ‘his’ O.T.O. and his ‘Thelema Club’ Lodge, in favour of Carroll Runyon Jr. [13] In February 2000, Rynon passed this leadership to Hal Von Hofe. (The page pictured is taken from “The Seventh Ray, Book II, ‘The Red Ray'”, published by CHS, Inc Feb 2000.)

[B] The group around Russell in California, and Russell himself, turned towards the ideas Rudolf Steiner. Its teachings now became an obscure mixture of ‘Gnostic Numerology’, the I-Ching, and Projective Geometry (previously employed by Frieda Harris for Crowley’s “Thoth” tarot-cards) – a mixture devoid of the XI°.

[C] The remaining members in Chicago, who had been an exclusively XI° group for some time, had held their meetings at 64 East Van Buren Street since 1941 independently of Russell; in the 1960s they returned to Michigan Avenue. Their rescension of the XI° was hierarchical (or magical?) in nature, and was further subdivided into degrees or grades; the XI°=0 was the highest level, and differed from Crowley’s XI°. The Chicago XI° system of degrees was based on the “Blocks” of Franklin Thomas, [14] which had be en produced in 1936 with the assistance of C.F. Russells “Liber B[lock] W[orking]”. Thomas himself lived in California, and was initiated into the XI° by Russell on June 30th 1936.

William C. Conway

Conway “Tau Lucifer II” (supposedly born on May 15th 1865) lived at Redondo Beach, California, and was inducted into the mysteries of the XI° by Franklin Thomas on January 1st 1945. Quite how this was accomplished with Conway remains obscure, as he was not himself homosexual. Of course, if the XI° had then included the lunar aspect of female menstrual blood, or been extended to anal intercourse with women, then it would have been perfectly possible for the XI° to be transmitted by women.

Conway was nominally a Mormon, but wished to unite this Christian sect with Druidism. Like the Mormon schismatic William Schnoebelen, Conway was a high priest of the Mormon priestly Order of Melchizedek. Massimo Introvigne has unearthed the intriguing fact that Schnoebelen “Syn” was ordained as a bishop by Bertiaux on July 23rd 1977. [15]

Conway believed in Joseph Smith (the Mormon founder), accepted a fundamentalist form of Mormonism (including polygamy), and united this with a belief in reincarnation.

Conway claimed to have the ‘Stone of Stones’ (supposedly a Mormon relic of the greatest significance), and was adopted by the Indian Zapotek tribe of Yucatan in Mexico in 1955, declaring him to be the mouthpiece of Jesus Christ. In 1958 he sent out “An Open Letter”, wherein the dangers of menstruation, and the holy power of sex were spoken of; the seed of Christ.

His partner was an Indian princess, who presented him with twins in 1956 – by means of immaculate conception. In the 1960’s Conway’s stationery still displayed the following organisations among others: “Ek-Klesian Order of the Oriental Templars, The Ek-Klesia-Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, Ancient Order of Melchizedek, Order of the Golden Dawn,” while he styled himself as “Druidic High Priest of the Order of the A.’.A.’.” [My thanks for this material to James D. Wardle, who knew Conway personally).

“Conway was 104, in 1969 when he passed, and a tough ol’ Taurus if I ever saw one” (R.M. Shreves to M.P. Bertiaux, 11.2.1972). Courtney Willis, OHO of the OTOA in America, maintained that Conway as well received the XI° from Victor Neuburg. [16]

Roland Merritt Shreves

Shreves came into possession of a transmission of the XI° via Conway on December 25th 1953 (1954?). Shreves got his “Sex training” from Conway’s “woman Priestess, as she was a expert” (W.W. Webb, letter of 19.3.1991), and an initiation on January 1st 1954 from “Franklin Thomas, I think. But it was the XI° in the X° of the CC tradition” (Bertiaux on 10.3.1991). By way of Anthony Fisher “Nemo” (d. 1974?) the XI° then reached W.W. Webb “Damon”, who has already been mentioned frequently here. On August 21st 1962 Webb and Shreves exchanged “consecrations”. Nowadays, Mr. Shreves has suffers from “a lapse of memory” concerning his past with the XI° and the OTO. [17]

W.W. Webb

“I was born on 11th May 1919 in Seattle, Washington, at 6.57 a.m. On 7th April 1941 I entered the Marines, and served as forward observer for the Artillery. I took part in operations in the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, and other Second World War events. On 4th November 1944 I married Margaret Tinnin in Ramona. In 1950, five years after I left the Marines, my mystical life began.” [18] Until he died Mr. Webb was an astrologer and artist. Together with his wife Mary-Ann, Fisher and Shreves, he founded the ‘Philosophic Gnostic Hermetic Society’ (PGHS), at Joshua Tree in 1963; it was a kind of Californian XI° offshoot of the Choronzon Club (although independent of Russell) [D].

Fisher and Webb had previously founded the clumsily named ‘QBL Alchemist Church’; Webb then passed responsibility for the PGHS over to Shreves.

“The Qabalistic Alchemist Church of April 1, 1960 – was founded by over 20 people. High Masons and Ethiopian Alchemest [sic] Church – 10000 of years old, and Eastern Orthodox Catholic. (Arch Bishop Theodotus of New York and Society of Rosicrucians in America…)” [19]

Webb, as a bishop, stayed loyal to the officially incorporated ‘Qabalistic Alchemist Church’ and his own ‘Ordo Argenteum Astrum’ (its English version published the “Equinox Magazine”).

The Gnostic Catholic Church Boast or How William Breeze lost his Apostolic Succession

Marc-Antoine Lullyanov

Born on January 5th 1949 in Chicago, in 1966 he became a minister of the ‘Spiritual Church’, as well as joining the Martinists, and the Vice-President of a Theosophical Lodge in Chicago. [20]

M.P. Bertiaux

On March 31st 1966, Bertiaux moved from Chicago to live at Wheaton in Illinois. In time the Chicago group [C] grew older, and shrank to barely a dozen members, or so it appeared to Bertiaux. As reading-material they used some books left to them by Ruby Jones (C.S. Jones’s widow). These books were later bought up by Marc Lully[anov] “Tau IV”. The XI° people in the CC went to see Bertiaux’s course of Theosophical lectures, where the youngest member Marc Lully made Bertiaux’s acquaintance in January 1966, and became a member of ‘”La Couleuvre Noire’.

Bertiaux also visited Golden Dawn-inspired groups, various Martinists, and the ‘Achad Society’, which Ruby Jones ran. In his taped “Historical Reflections” of 1978, Bertiaux decribed the atmosphere of depression and boredom that these cults emitted, traits which their respective leaders seemed to possess in person.

The meetings of the CC were held naked, and without female participation; most of the participants were black, for instance from boxing circles. The teachings of C.S. Jones, Russell, and Crowley were not favoured. Bertiaux thought that it had all got very “demonic”.

In January 1966 Bertiaux was initiated into Lully’s CC. [21]

January 18th 1967: Marc Lully became a member of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis under Bertiaux.

August 10th 1967: Marc Lully assisted at the exchange of consecrations between Bertiaux and Shreves.

November 4th 1967: Marc Lully and Shreves became bishops of the QBL Alchemist Church through Webb. The “charter… is XI°, only.” [22] Bertiaux believed that Shreves represented the ‘authentic’ O.T.O. [23]

December 22nd 1967: Lully and one George Adams exchanged “initiations” at the ‘Spiritual Church’ (previously mentioned in association with Lully) at Chicago’s Hyde Park. [24]

December 25th 1967: Marc Lully initiated Bertiaux.

January 18th 1972: Lully was ordained through the offices of Hector-François Jean-Maine.

Later in the 1970s H.P. Smith was frequently seen with W.W. Webb.

Bertiaux and Lully made enquiries to Shreves’s PGHS [D] in California about Franklin Thomas’s “64 Blocks”.

In 1977 Lully became the ‘Imperator’ of the OTOA, and supposedly had an alliance with the OTO run by Hansen “Kadosh” in Copenhagen. Bertiaux thought that the Scandinavian O.T.O. was of Theodor Reuss’ and ‘Papus’ origin, which then appeared in the OTOA’s publicity. In September 1978 Lully disappeared; it seems that he ended up “in a Roman Catholic Monastery.” [25]

It was later stated that Bertiaux’s “Choronzon Club has no link to Russell’s organization: Russell told me so and wrote me so.” [26] Bertiaux’s XI° system went much further than what Crowley had done so little to elaborate in Kabbalistic or practical terms. [28] It was proclaimed that “The next Aeon will be male homosexual (Typhon) and lesbian (Ma’at formula) strongly.” [28] In Bertiaux’s 16 degree system of the OTOA sexmagick starts with the VIII° (swords), IX° (cups), X° (wands), XI° (coins). Then there are the higher secrets related to the tattwas and the elements: XII° (prithiwitattwa), XIII° (apastattwa), XIV° (vayutattwa), XV° (tejastattwa), XVI° (akashatattwa), these latter four grades being purely homosexual degrees.

But one of the proponents of the Aeon of Maat (proclaimed by C.S. Jones in 1948) Maggie Ingalls “Andahadna, Nema” does not believe this; she believes that sex-magic is overvalued, and no longer places an image of Baphomet (which exhibits both male and female sexual organs) at the centre of her rituals – instead she uses a Gynander, which is itself concealed. [29] Bertiaux said of Ingalls that “She was asked to accept my authority in the name of AIWAZ, and she refused.” [30] Bertiaux, Kenneth Grant and Ingalls had all three committed themselves to ‘Achad’s’ Aeon of Maat, but none of them could agree which of the three was its Prophet.

The “Caliphate” has several times changed its views of the XI°.

In his office of ‘Caliph’, Grady McMurtry reactivated the mysterious Eleventh Degree on July 28th 1978, when he put his signature to the XI° rituals drafted by Patrick King. King “Meithras” named these rituals ‘The Rites of Shiraz’, and incorporated the already-mentioned “Bagh-I-Muattar” [31] into his teachings, as well as Crowley’s diaries, two chapters of “Liber Aleph”, the Tower Card from the Book of Thoth, the 16th & 14th Aethers from Liber 418″, Crowley’s “Confessions”, the “Cephaloedium Working”, Chapter XI of “De Arte Magica” and “Liber Agape”. His branch of the ‘Caliphate’ consisted of just three members at that time. [32]

    There was a whirl of confused activity. On October 12th 1980 ‘Marashti’ and ‘Valkyrie’ founded the ‘Rite of Mitylene’; meanwhile people were busy with the ‘Adonis Workings’, and soon afterwards a Sister ‘Egeria’ from New Zealand made futile attempts to get in touch with King. One ‘R. Tristan’ wrote an enthusiastic report on the innovations taking place, and another character called ‘Shaun’ from Salt Lake City went skiing again, The attempt by the German branch of the ‘Caliphate’ to revive an XI° was stillborn. In the summer of 1991 an Australian ‘Caliphate’ Lodge devoted to the problems of AIDS became active. [35]

Bertiaux commented: “the Caliph had no authority to give the XI° as he never got it from AC or anybody,” [33] to which McMurtry responded: “the question has arisen as to whether Crowley ever made any homosexual advances to me. The answer is no.” [34]
Bertiaux, though, had his own opinion: “We are not a history club or a nostalgia-buffs’ coffee shop… We are out for sheer power & good times – fuck the goody-goody worship of the Goddess – shit in her face – I say – CHORONZON! The purpose of the Choronzon Club is to destroy the OTO + to make sodomized mutes out of its members!” [37]

Patrick King’s selfs-styled initiation into the XIth degree mode of working came about after reading “The Island Dialogues” and meeting its author, Llee Heflin in 1974. Consequently, Heflin’s “Island Dialogues” had been added to King’s XIth Instruction papers, alongside with the Collected works of William S. Burroughs, the Collected works of Arthur Rimbaud, the Symposium of Plato, the works of Edward Carpenter and his own diaries.

Heflin had joined the ‘Caliphate’ under McMurtry, later resigned and wrote his book then went to live on Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain. Heflin was instrumental in the Publication of the Thoth Tarot book and cards now so popular and which have played so important a role in the birth of the ‘Caliphate’.

    Let’s hear Llee Heflin: “One night in a camp ground on Mount Shasta he ‘happened by chance’ to meet Mildred Burlingame (I think that was her last name). She, like Grady, had been active in the OTO associated with Jack Parsons and Cameron. She in turn introduced him to Grady and his wife Phyllis. He wanted me out there to meet them. It seemed like a logical next step. So I flew the SF [in 1969].
    Having come from the Magickal experiences I had had in London and Italy, I found Grady and Mildred very disappointing. They appeared to me not to be very magickal people in their own right. Had it been me alone I probably would not have gotten involved with them. But C. was more far sighted in that respect than i was and was more willing to deal with the Magickally disadvantaged than was I at that time. So one night in some camp sight somewhere Hymenaeus Alpha (wearing a bath towel for a turban) and Soror (whatever) initiated C., me and two others into the OTO. the whole thing seemed pretty farcical to me but i went along with it going along with C. C. and I were made 9th degree that night.
    [taken from http://777lleeheflin.org/939393/index2.html Llee Heflin’s on-line biography, URL now defunct]
    Llee Heflin added in personal emails (July 2000): “My Magickal partner C. and I did all the work and then Grady took the credit and the money and ran (so to speak). When I saw what was coming down the pipeline I called Yorke and asked him to renege on his agreement with Grady and turn the job over to C. and me. He said that, although he personally would like to do so, he had already made the agreement with Grady and that Grady did have some basis for his claim to be in control of the project and therefore he could not do it. So with that I withdrew from the project my self.”
    About being the first person who was initiated by McMurtry: “Now about what I said about the OTO not existing as an active organization at the time Grady initiated me and my friends. Absolutely nothing was said by either Grady or Mildred Burlingame about the existence of an active OTO organization. Sure there were Grady and Mildred, and a few other individuals left over from the old Pasadena/LA days of Agapé Lodge. But to the best of my knowledge they did not themselves constitute an active organization or Lodge. It was my very strong impression from everything that was said during that period, and from the ludicrous nature of the actual initiation ‘ceremony’ (Grady was so nervous he could hardly talk) that that was quite likely the first time he had ever ‘initiated’ anyone. Afterwards he conferred the IXº on us and that was that. I don’t remember that we really ever talked about the OTO after that. It was my impression that Grady had done nothing about trying to reactivate the organization until that time when he initiated us. And as far as I was concerned we had not formed an active Lodge of the OTO by virtue of that initiation. As far as I was concerned that event was a ‘non-event’. It was a charade, a travesty of a Magickal initiation. There was nothing Magickal about it at all, as far as I was concerned.
    What we went on to do (i. e. the publishing of LIBER ALEPH and the preparation for the publishing of the Thoth deck) we did as a group of individuals mutually interested in the work of AC. We were not acting as a manifestation of the OTO. I am fairly certain that this understanding was that of my friends as well. But I cannot say how Grady interpreted the situation. He may indeed have thought of us collectively as his OTO. But if that was the case that was certainly not how events unfolded. C. and I pretty much called the shots about how things were being done. And Grady and Mildred pretty much went along with it. I designed the layout of LIBER ALEPH and C. and I did all of the additional writing published with it if I am not mistaken. I was aware that Grady was not particularly happy with the situation as it was, i. e. that we ‘youngsters’ were not sitting at his feet etc. But he had no apparent Magickal ‘fire’ and no apparent Magickal ‘vision’ by means of which to be the ‘leader’. C. and I and the others in our band of ‘hippies’ had experienced too much real Magick already to acquiesce to such a ‘non-leader’ as leader. Grady never once said, ‘ I am the Caliph! I am the OHO! We will do things my way!’ We weren’t the OTO. In reality there was no active OTO at that time except maybe in the minds of Grady and Mildred. I could have renounced my initiation, but I could not have resigned from the OTO since there was no organization to resign from. I hope this makes the situation clearer.”

In 1977, Patrick King joined the ‘Caliphate’ and was immediately made the Official Representative in the City of San Francisco and personal ‘Herald of the Caliph in the Outer’. McMurtry was a very well known opponent to Llee Heflin and the Level Press also he didn’t much like “weak sisters” or in other words – homosexuals (according to King’s entries in his diaries).
“Encouraged by ATHANATOR, I undertook the adventure of re-creating Ex Nihil Lux the lost Councils of the XIth degree once again within the recognized body of the Order. First I secured the aid of most of the influential members of the Order to support (at least passively) my enterprise and then presented the Caliph with documents announcing the advent of The Rite of Shiraz XIth degree Ordo Templi Orientis. This was in 1978 the night before I was to take the 1st degree of the Order. I had already determined to leave the organization if Grady did not sign the documents and could not produce legitimate objections to them. My previously mentioned co-conspiritors anxiously awaited my corpse to be brought out the front door of Grady’s house. No one expected me to escape expulsion from the Order, let alone my success. The Caliph signed the documents after only a few questions thus vindicating my certainty in the Order and incidentally raising me to the rank of a Supreme Grand Master of the XIth degree. I must note that the Caliph did not hold (nor did he want to) this degree. Nor did he bestow it upon me. I re-created the eleventh degree O.T.O. based upon my own research and experiment – the Grand Lodge then “recognized” the new Rite of Shiraz and myself as the legitimate representatives of that Current. I immediately formed the Council of the Degree around 4 members including myself and this was known as the Z’tuch Qadosh.” Eventually he wrote Liber Qadosh (his diaries) and Liber Adonis as XI° instructions. Together with James Graeb (Ceril Grey) from the ‘Caliphate’ he planned a fun-magazine called “JIHAD!” and started a flaming correspondence with Timothy Leary about its name. “JIHAD!” was was mainly a project of P. King and Pasq (aka Fr. Dionysus).
There were a “Invocatio Astrum Occultum”, the “XI° Emblems” and the extensive use of rubber stamps like “Grand Master Meithras” etc.
Allegedly, William Breeze wanted King to give him the Xl°, but King refused. Breeze was furious, since he allegedly considered the Xl° to be the “Inner Head”. It escalated to the point where King knew he was getting expelled, for not giving this degree to Breeze. Two days before the expulsion, James Graeb and Patrick King met in a bar in San Francisco, called the Rose and Thistle. King gave Graeb all his papers, and the scribble authority on the napkin. This looked to be the only way to “save the day”, and keep the degree from Breeze’s hands.
However, according to Laura Deerfield, Patrick King may not have remembered passing his authority to James Graeb and in fact considered himself to be the Grand Master of the XI* until his death. The controversy is whether or not Patrick King passed such authority to Graeb. Evidence says yes and no. Letters clearly point this out because Graeb admitted that King handed out charters for Head of the XIth for money to a lot of people.

Excerpt from the Rites of Shiraz and Mitylene
This quote is from Laura Deerfield (Potnia Theron), a close friend of Patrick King, who is not a member of the XI° of the ‘Caliphate’.
“The female fluid is acidic, corrosive. What happens when you combine the contents of two vessels of acidic fluid? The combination of any two fluids may produce a reaction, so that they become a third substance, and elixir. Now a dramatic corrosive chemical reaction may then cause a reaction with the very material of the vessels, corrupting them each according to the manner in which the elixir reacts to the material of each. Note that the shape of the vessel matters very little in this case, especially as, in a dramatic enough reaction the mutually corrupting fluids will become highly unstable and melt down not only the core but the entire outer structure of the vessel. There may be a chain reaction throughout the being containing the vessel and perhaps beyond it. In keeping with the ‘undulatory’ female pattern, as the structure of the vessel begins to break down pulses go out, smaller explosions which trigger a series of larger explosions rather than a single event as per the ‘catastrophic’ male pat tern. While perhaps rarely reaching the level of impact or radiation of the latter, the female pattern creates less interference with itself and is therefore generally more sustained.”

Patrick King died of complications due to a beating of the Czech police as the result of a dispute with his landlord. His head wound never stopped bleeding and there was reason to suspect that he was bleeding internally. In fact he died when an electric radiator caught fire and filled the room with smoke. It may be considered a complication of the beating, since the only reason King and his friend staying at the little artist-collective-to-be (the building was still being fixed up) was because they had been locked out of their apartment.

Laura Deerfield:

    “Pat died Sept. 29th 1997, he was cremated by the Czech authorities and his ashes sent to the person listed as next of kin on his passport–Pasq Wilson. Patrick had long since lost nearly all of his things, and what little we had left was locked in the apartment that we had the dispute withthe landlord over. I later broke in to the apartment (and was arrested, but with the help of a translator was allowed to go back in to collect a few personal items) and picked up a few things such as his record and a few photographs. There were a few other personal possessions that I gave to the U.S. Embassy withthe understanding that they were going to have his next of kin pay to ship them back to the states. As it turns out, they are pickier than the Czechs about that person actually being kin and wouldn’t ship it to Pasq. Neither of his brothers would pay for it, and they would not let me take it back. While Czech law recognized me as his common-law wife, American law does not. As far as I know these items (one small backpack worth) are still at the American Embassy in Prague. When we left for Prague, the box of his papers (which he gave to Graeb and later had sent to him) was in the possession of Pasq. Last time I spoke with him, he was unsure if he still had it. Periods of homelessness, including a year in Prague, meant that Pat did not have many possessions left. He had sold nearly all of his wonderful library long before I met him to a book dealer in S.F., including come Crowley ephmera such as the “Dragon Papers.”

His surviving magical records (starting in 1973) have entries like “Anus quite excited at the intrusion of hostile alien solar-phallic object, the penetration of her secret soul by the radiant wand of its rightful lord. Anal fluid mixed with the substance of the sun produces a vital reaction in women and men. Her Yoni and backside completely “oozing” with the passionate breath of ineffable release – extremely horny girl. Elixir – consecrated to redemption of her slimy hole, quite lost in its depths.” Another one: “Note – I am a magician. However in the world of men of this earth I am “gay”. Thus as a self-defined individual I am free from the definitions of the troglodyte world. Because I accept one of them, I am free to function in that role (at least in most quarters of S.F.) without hindrance. But the truth of the matter is quite different–for as I said–I am a Magician — I have “sex” with sexes that don’t even exist within the accepted biological realm of this world we call the earth. Thus it does sometimes occur that an earthling will catch a glimpse of one of my “alien” opera. This is often a source of great disquiet and concern to them.”.
Between 1985 (McMurtry’s death) and 1989 (or thereabouts) the homosexual version of the XI° was not very well accepted i.e. it was “unacceptable because homosexuals cannot generate children or astral beings”.
Because the new “Caliph”, William Breeze, was member of Bertiaux’ collection of Orders and was consecrated by a close friend of Bertiaux, it is thought by the current OHO of the OTOA, Courtney Willis, that the transfer of the XI° to Breeze “has been PHYSICAL so Breeze is linked more closely to Crowley than would be thought”. [36] But Bertiaux: “William Breeze does have valid initiation but it is irregular.”. In addition, in the “Caliphate” Breeze has adopted the XI° and is known to favour the title Frater Superior in preference to ‘Caliph’. This is a further departure from Crowley’s system where Frater Superior is the Outer Head of the Order and XII°. It is rumoured that Breeze is expelling anyone giving or receiving Patrick King XI° initiations.

In April 2004, the lawyer James T. Graeb expels the ‘Caliph’: a letter to William Breeze and David Scriven — right-click and get the zip-file
Meanwhile, Breeze has changed the meaning of the XI°: Under Crowley it was an “inscrutable” degree while under Breeze it has become a “technical” degree. The difference is big enough to produce another bulk of confusion.

Marcelo Ramos Motta developed different ideas about the XI°:

at first he thought that the XI° could not be the OHO simultaneously because the XI° was the magical link to the A\A\ Motta was not aware of Crowley’s 12 degree system but later changed his mind and assumed the XI° and the OHO.
Based on Crowley’s Liber LXV and his Comments where the Adept is to “assume the woman’s part”, mostly the Communication with the Holy Guardian Angel (H.G.A.) is seen in the context of the XI°.
Motta: “I should worship the Phallus more (identify myself with Him, or It): … and I should fuck more and learn more … I should visualize the Sigil of My H.G.A. while fucking.” “I must practise the sex act a lot, until the necessary muscular knowledge sinks into the unconscious and I can concentrate on the will.” “First, the Angel is just as female as He is male; indeed, It is omnisexual. Second, we do not know if a woman could reach the Knowledge and Conversation aiming at the thirsting cup of her Goddess, rather than at the pelled wand of Him …; in other words, going a Path in which the Man-Symbols are not … But this we do know: that for her that should identify herself with her Angel as a woman, there would still be left the task to identify herself with Him as a man.”

H.J. Metzger‘s version of the XI°

The Swiss O.T.O. in his own 13 degree system does not hint at any sexuality at all.

The XI° in the Typhonian-O.T.O.

The T.O.T.O. is based on intercourse during menstruation and is considered by some as the true reversal of the IX° i.e. being a part of the same cycle.

The Typhonian O.T.O. is concerned with effective transmissions and communications from ‘outerspace’ for the purpose of opening Gateways. The Typhonian ‘deities’ denote specific operations of psycho-physical alchemy which involve essences or elixirs secreted (thrown out and/or considered unclean) by the human organism.
It is regarded that Crowley was unaware of the true formula as the Typhonian XI° involves specific kalas that are entirely absent from the masculine organism.A Collection of Material can be found here.

There is no comparison to other O.T.O. versions, essentially because there are no group rituals or ceremonies of initiation at any stage of the degree structure. The basis of initiation is the assimilation of direct magical and mystical working. It follows that all initiation is in effect self-initiation. There is a small amount of set gradework in the Typhonian O.T.O. However, the emphasis is on the initiate charting his or her own course. There is of course the experience of others to draw upon.


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Translated, adapted and enlarged from a chapter on the O.T.O. Protagonists in “Das O.T.O.-Phänomen” (1994) by Mark Parry-Maddocks German original online. “Der OTOA-Reader” contains XI° texts of Bertiaux’ OTOA. Read Oscar R. Schlag’s ideas about Thelema and suppressed Homosexuality
XI°: Experiences by Runar Karlsen in Oslo
Jack and Jill Party in Russia: faked XI° charters with a faked signature
Eugen Grosche: Das Goettliche Negative Prinzip


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