MY uLTiMaTuM To THe GuLeN MoVeMeNT oN THe 5TH oF MaY 2008 & FaTMa SuSLu

Fwd: My ultimatum to the Gulen Movement on the 5th of May 2008 and Fatma Suslu‏
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Subject: My ultimatum to the Gulen Movement on the 5th of May 2008 and Fatma Suslu
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On the 5th of May the day of Fatma Suslu's Birthday  I
decided to give an ultimatum to the Gulen Movement in
Turkey ( I include it in the attachment ) so I could
finaly be able to see my son and talk to Fatma Suslu
again . It actualy worked  !!! Yes my dear friends
soon after my ultimatum  Fatma finaly made contact
with me  via e-mail and admited she had fallen victim
of the illuminati plot to have me back into their
powerfull organization. She was put under extreme
pressure by the illuminati and the Monte Carlo Lodge
in the last two years since I left them  and Fatma
couldnt  take this situation anylonger , my wife as
actualy been a very courageous woman in these two
years to stay with me in such circumstances   , but
the risk and difficulty of my  attempt in opposing my
destiny in  the illuminati was to much for a peacefull
 Sufi like Fatma . Im happy to finaly know the truth
but is also very very painfull for me in this moment
that my wife leaves me because of the great pressure
these people have put  on our marriage , I feel is the
greatest injustice I have to suffer because of my
mission and my unusual work ,   I  was truly thinking
I could live in peace and harmony in Norway for the
rest of my life ,  instead these ultimate manipulators
 used the people I loved the  most, my wife and my son
to get me back in action with my old Brothers after
destroying my little family in such a terrible way.
And I cant do anything about it if I want to stay
alive and be able to see my son again this summer  I
have to play "The game" ,   and  keep on working for
my important and delicate mission in the USA and
abbroad now that Im back in the Monte Carlo Lodge .
Finaly Fatma Suslu fully admits the existence of a
conspiracy to have me back in the Order and she also
admits she is leaving me because of them not because
of the false accusations of violance  she made to the
norwegian police  under extreme pressure by the
illuminati. I forgive my now ex- wife for falling into
their  evil trap ,  she is not a bad person she is
just a victim of this impossible  situation just like
So to limit the damage made by all this injustice and
manipulation I ask you to pray for me and  Fatma  and
possibly start understanding the reasons that made
Fatma act in  this terrible way against me.  After two
days of e-mails and clarifications with Fatma Im now
ready to say to the rest of the world  that Fatma
Suslu the mother of my only child Isak Rumi Zagami is
actualy a great person and it definetely took some
courage from her side to finaly  make contact with me
and   tell me the truth about what realy  happened
before and after my arrest in Norway. Fatma  liked my
involvement in the Monte Carlo Lodge when we first
got togheter ,  she was actualy a  great supporter so
we  married and decided to have this wonderfull child
but what happened since June 2006 was to much for any
normal  human being to take on board , I  understand
now that  especialy for a woman like Fatma brought up
in brainwashed little Norway my reality was to much ,
I mean we are talking about Norway the land of the
ultimate  NWO Mind Controled sheep. It was to much to
ask a peacefull Sufi to fight an impossible struggle
against such a powerfull organization like the
illuminati and their intelligence network . I should
have realize that earlier when the norwegian police
came to our appartment in December 2006 to ask me to
close down my site or they would have taken our
children  , my wife in those difficult moments was
completely supportive of me but no woman should cope
with such threats in any case  . I will still go
further in exposing the Norwegian Police State and
their evil actions against me as they are the ones
responsible for all this suffering and pain in my life
,  they arrrested me and even looked me up in mental
instituations several times without any real reason.
Im now working with a Norwegian journalist in trying
to expose all this injustice I had to suffer in Norway
and I hope Fatma Suslu will forgive me one day for
what as happened and the pain she had to suffer
because of my involvement with the illuminati .
 As me and Fatma love eachother very much but the
western illuminati didnt like that from the begining ,
Im still a bit upset with the Gulen Movement for
failing in their mission to protect me from my past ,
as  I joined them with honest intentions and became
part of their muslim illuminati council thinking they
could protect me from my enemies but that's not
possible obviously.
I have still some issues I have to discuss with
Fethullah Gulen if I get to meet him in the next few
weeks ,  but finaly their Movement  and my ex-wife as
given up this show of enimety towards me and they have
agreed to let me see my son when Im back in Europe .
This is exellent news for me and the Zagami family  as
we didnt want to create  a war with the muslim world ,
but they have to learn to respect us and our Templar
tradition as Im not gonna tollerate their
fundamentalism and their intollerance towards
Freemasonry or my  Christian eritage anylonger.In my
heart  Isak Rumi Zagami will be Muslim and Christian
at the same time , as he is the child of dialogue and
tollerance amonst two old enemies that need to
understand more  eachother in the future to avoid
confrontation and more wars. I have as you know many
problems with the Muslim faith right now  but the
dialogue is finaly  opened and my son is not only the
descendant of illustrius Prophet  Mohammed but also a
proud member of the Lyon and Di Gregorio Templar
Traditions of Europe.

Fatma  Suslu wrote :

 "as long as we can change towards the
better and see God and all his messenger as the source
of light, especially in our hearts, what ever you name
yourselve is up to every individual. I really don't
mind, but as you said with their twisted half twit
jinnis they managed to bring you back to work, and
they would in any case, belive me. As I said I am
created to work for light, I didn't choose, since I
would never understand the dark side. But God
sometimes blesses people like you with understanding
of both, and that can actually crash very much with
pure light around."

Sad but true...

Leo Lyon Zagami
Liberty Lodge No 1
Kansas City


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Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 07:35:43 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
To: kunde@makseiendom.no


Sorry if I repeat myself  but eventualy you will pay
for this great sin  my dear Gulen Movement , I cant
believe  you still dont  realize what kind of enemy
you  have  made for yourself now Im against you my
dear Murat (as Im back in the Monte Carlo Lodge now)
, but soon you will realize your great mistake as you
never  fuck with people like me from the Sicilian
Knights Templar  as you can get  killed or tortured at
any time by my Freemason Agents all over the world
including  your wonferfull Turkey  and you know that
very well to be true as we still control  you Secret
Police and your military thanks God, so prepare
yourself as Im not joking Im declaring war on your
corrupt  Movement with the help of Freemasons and
Templars worldwide if you dont give me back my son as
soon as possible and get a   proper official apology
and a possibility of dialogue. Do yuorself a favour
before is to late , get our dear Kemalettin to
immediately contact me or face some big problems after
I personaly go and meet your Master Fethullah  Gulen
as Im realy pissed off with the Suslu family  for
their criminal acts against me including my illegal
arrest in Norway and their attempt to dicredit me and
ruin my reputation with lies and false accusations.
Fatma is completely brainwashed by Gulen so our only
solution as she is not officialy authorized to talk to
me untill May 2009 ( Norwegian cort order)  is to go
and talk with Her Master Fethullah Gulen and Im not
joking Bro Im very serious and also very dangerous.
Best Regards  Leo Lyon Zagami
                                     CIA RULES!

PS: give this e-mail to your police if you find it
offensive or you get scared  as  they work for us and
they will  find it very funny...hi..hi...

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