To FaTMa SuSLu FRoM Leo ZaGaMi oN THe 5TH oF MaY 2008

Fwd: To Fatma Suslu from Leo Zagami on the 5th of May 2008‏
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Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 10:02:59 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: To Fatma Suslu from Leo Zagami on the 5th of May 2008
To: luxpectus@yahoo.no

Now you say :

(When God makes the right time arrive, he will make
you see your son...)

What does that mean  dear Fatma Suslu ? 

What right time ?

You know very well my dear  that you  have no right to
not show me my son or even worst  to send me to  a
Norwegian court because of your  sexy Belly Dancing
Video ,  or my  picture with your Master  Abdhullah
Aymaz that you want to protect from a sure scandal .
But because of your powerfulll friends in Norway you
are  still trying to ruin my reputation and get me
arrested if possible with this case you are creating
against me  ,  but Im not in Norway anylonger  my dear
  and you can go and  screw yourself and the Norwegian
Goverment that  you have corrupt so well  with the
Fethullah  Gulen Movement,  but I warn you and Im not
joking my dear ,  you are gonna be exposed very soon
by the Norwegian National Papers so prepare yourself
for a shock when the truth finaly goes out there and
your evil actions against me will be finaly on public
display  for  every one to see.

You and the Norwegian Goverment are simply criminals
in my eyes for what you  have done  against me and
against my son , and  that' s a stament I make today
on the day of your birthday  my dear Fatma Suslu as a
present to you and  you can go and show them this
e-mail  if you wish as   tomorrow  they will finaly
decide about this idiotic court case of yours and
maybe it can help you corrupting them further dear
traitor...just give them a smile as you usualy do that
will work.

You know very well the damage you made by getting my
computers , my phones and my phone agenda's
confiscated , you have no right to act this way
because of your position as  muslim Princess in Norway
,  position these  idiots and ignorants of Norway are
protecting because of your powerfull  family  and your
past work for the goverment  , but I wonder if they
know how your brothers are making alot of black money
not paying  any taxes to the Norwegian Goverment so
you can finance your Gulen Schools... did you know
that's a crime my dear ? Does the police of Norway
tollerate people who have 5 shops in downtown Oslo as
the Suslu Family  and dont pay any  tax because they
think of themselfs as superior only  because they are
descendants of the false Prophet Mohammed . Well
goodluck my dear and remember 2012...

Leo Lyon Zagami 33o
Des Moines ( Iowa) USA

PS: A Freemason proud of his membership in the
Fraternity  living now  in the United States of
America the land of the Free the Home of the Brave.

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