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Written by Today’s Zaman
Friday, 14 March 2008
American University President Likens Turkish Schools to Islands of PeaceAnn Munley, the president of Pennsylvania’s Marywood University, has said Turkish schools all across the world acted as islands of peace when a tropical storm hit the capital region of the Philippines last year.

“Our world at present needs such peace islands where people can live in peace and solidarity more than ever,” said Munley during a conference titled “Contributions of the Gülen Community to Muslim Dynamism and Education” held yesterday at her university.

Major rainstorms hit Manila, the National Capital Region of the Philippines, last year as the country was affected by tropical storm. Turkish schools extended a helping hand to those affected by the storm.

“Turkish people establish schools all across the world and show great self-sacrifice in educating people of all races and religions. The Gülen movement considerably contributes to the establishment of these schools,” noted Munley.

Professor Thomas Michel from Georgetown University said the Gülen movement was not a political group. “This movement has never been engaged in politics. It has reached millions of children all across the world and helped with their education regardless of their races, languages, religions and nationalities. This is a great self-sacrifice and success,” he said. (Kadir Bulut, Pennsylvania)

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