Sun, 27 Apr 2008 19:50:23 +0100 (BST)
From: “leo young” <leoyoung1999@yahoo.com>
Subject: Leo Lyon Zagami from the USA / KNIGHTS TEMPLAR HQ’S
To: “Henry Makow”
Dear Henry,
Im finaly in the USA with all my supporters and my
Green Lyon Security Team taking good care of me. My
intentions and my work in this beautyfull country are
soon gonna be made clear to the public trough my new
website http://www.leozagami.com
though things are not easy at present and we will
need alot of work to achieve our goals and gain public
support , I want to introduce asap the american
public to the hidden truths of the NWO and their
secret Luciferian agenda so to create an intelligent
opposition to this unstoppable Orwellian system
unfortunately in the hands of the Devil Himself and
his Legion. We have to defend the good side of
Freemasonry , the good and innocent people in the
Craft that want to oppose the evil NWO take over of
illuminati groups such as Skull & Bones or Bohemian
Grove who are working hand in hand with the Vatican
AntiChrist and their Zionist allies for their own sick
version of the NWO , these two groups the Vatican and
the Zionist manipulate the muslims at their own will
corrupting their spiritual leaders all over the world
, and even the family of Prophet Muhammed is now
corrupt by the Vatican in the year 2008 and working
believe it or not within the realms of Black magic…
so it seems Islam as not been able to accomplish
their mission in receiving Jesus as their Master in
the end of times and they are just serving the
Satanic side of the western illuminati in order to
accomplish their goals in the materialistic realm.

Our enemies are satanist who dont want to give up in
any case their immense power and wealth (whatever
their own religion or race they are just families of
the elite wanting to rule the world as usual in one
way or the other ) , so we are constructing a
possible alternative and a true resistance that can
once again defend the great American ideal of Liberty
, a truly masonic ideal that we now need to defend
with our lifes if required.
My war against the evil side of the illuminati that as
at present dominates over Freemasonry worldwide is a
serious challenge not a joke my dear friend , let’s
put it this way the war with what we could define as
the Dark illuminist is now an internal struggle
again , due to my sudden re-entry in the Monte Carlo
Lodge and the possibility of a massive change in the
system with my re-installed position as Grand Master
of the European illuminati (Ordo illuminatorum
Universalis) and Grand Master of European
Alternative Freemasonry .
So we are now facing incredible challenges in the
coming months within the masonic and Templar
institutions and my intention is to have an open
dialogue were possible with the enemy but Im not
tollerant of their satanic believes and their evil
practices anylonger, the Fethullah Gulen Movement has
managed to kidnap my only child as you know , they
also tried to destroy my life in the most evil way
and totaly brainwashed my wife, I cant forgive them
for this terrible sin against my family and my son.
The Islamic faith has to now open a serious dialogue
with the Knights Templar group wich I preside in order
to clear their position or face the possibility of a
war, a possible crusade that will destroy them once
and for all , in the meantime the A.Weishaupt side
of the evil illuminati needs to be clearly
distinguished in the eyes of the public from the
Rosicrucian enlightment of Brothers like Sir Francis
Bacon , Benjamin Franklin and myself the good side of
the western illuminati.
I am willing to have a chat for the sake of dialogue
with muslim illuminati leader Fethullah Gulen who
lives in the USA in the next few weeks , and I hope
that turkish illuminist Gulen is gonna be willing to
do the same for the benefit of mankind and in the name
of true dialogue and true tollerance , otherquise we
will unfortunately use against them the motto of the
Skull & Bones : WAR.
Fraternaly and Sinceraly yours,
Leo Lyon Zagami
Supreme Commander
Knights Templar of the Apocalypse

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