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Dear Leo,

I thought of a few ideas for possible expressions
of repentance.

I remember your having mentioned on the show that
there are some out there who wish to do good and extricate themselves of the
demonic element within Freemasonry, as you know my belief is it s all demonic by
design and oath.

Perhaps this might seem unrealistic to those who
have little faith, but I couldn’t help thinking of how wonderful it would be to
have those of the P2 (who are disenchanted) renounce their Masonic
oaths and take up a new oath while rededicating themselves to the purpose
of restoring and reflecting God’s intentions for humanity, that is for freedom
and personal inner transformation.

Also, I was not sure if you have been in contact
with the one who appointed you grandmaster of the European segment of the
Illuminati? What is happening in that regard?

I am very interested in any recent innovations
in this regard. (I am believing Greg should be of primary interest as one who
should be informed in this matter as well.) As you know he has shown you much
respect and support especially during your time of need when you experienced
betrayal back in February.

The Great Feast of Pascha is soon upon us. I will
continue to keep you, your intentions, loved ones and friends in

Pascha Blessings,

Keri aka Sr. Keri Burnor

Orthodox Christian Neophyte

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