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This is a transcript of a telephone interview on radio.
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On October 12, 2006, Leo Zagami was the guest on Greg Szymanskis
Investigative Journal on the GCN Radio Network.

Leo was born into the aristocracy and illuminati in Sicily. His mother is
from the Lyon family, of the same bloodline as the mother of the Queen of
England. His father is from the de Gregorio family, keepers of the Sicilian
“Knights of Malta.” He was a high degree member of several secret orders, a
33rd degree member of the Monte Carlo P2-lodge of freemasonry and part of
the Masonic Executive Commitee in Monte Carlo. He has put that behind him
and is now exposing corrupt activities of elite networks worldwide.

Greg’s words have been omitted in many cases, in order to shorten the text.

[Greg introduces his guest]

Leo: It’s a pleasure to be on your show today Greg, to unveil a bit the
situation to the American public, which it’s the first time I’m talking to,
and I hope they open their ears because I don’t know for how long we will
have the possibility of such freedom of speech, if things get really out of
hand in America, but not only in America because by having a corrupt nation
such as the United States in charge of the United Nations, now we have
basically a corrupt world. This corrupt world in which unfortunately it’s
impossible to really find a way to be honest if you don’t really front this
demon which is present in all of us, which is the demon of matter. We are
bound to matter, the moment in which we renounce to that matter, we say well
I don’t care about the cash you might provide to me, and then you are free,
and you feel so, like I am today, to say what is really the plan and what is
really the situation going on in the upper and higher levels of the

Greg: Tell us a little bit about your background, and then lead us up to
some of your experiences of the Vatican and things like that.

Leo: Yes, I’m quite young. The thing is quite young, I mean for an
illuminat, I mean for the illuminat born in the Aristocracy, actually you
start from when you are a kid, really. To be brought up in certain
situations, and knowing certain truths, so by the time you are 20 you are
already ready for an initiation that will change your life. I took this
initiation when I was 23, I was in Rome. It was a specific day in the
history of freemasonry, quite a sad one; which was the 13th of April 1993.
This day, the Grand Master, “Di Bernardo” [Giuliano di Bernardo] of the
Grand Orient of Italy, because of the P2 scandal, declared the Grand Orient
of Italy irregular by accusing them of being corrupt, and he himself walked
out, forming his new obedience. In that day, I was initiated by another
Sicilian gentleman, known as prince Alliata [H.R.H. Gianfranco Alliata di
Monreale]. This initiation took place on the Sword as we say in the masonic
terms, meaning it wasn’t the classic inititation you give when you go
through the ritual, but because it’s through Aristocrats they give it to you
on the sword.

Later on though, I wanted to prove myself as a mason and I wanted to know a
bit more about this situation going on worldwide because coming from Italy I
saw that really the reasons were to be searched in Italy for all the evil
problems that was going on around in the world, but not only. So I wanted to
see what was going on around and I was very lucky to choose the path of the
arts by deciding to be a DJ; a record producer, it gave me the possibility
it gave me the possibility of travelling for many years unnoticed to the

And at that time, I visited lodges, I worked within the illuminati
organisation trying to understand it. That was a way for me to save my
fellow brothers of this organisation from this great evil. Because, you
don’t have to, like some of you actually have in view of in some
documentaries and in some documents; it’s true, most of the masons in the
lower levels are mislead. And the ones who start seeing the real light, are
often thrown out of the organisation or, because they pose a threat.
Obviously, if the person is himself from within the Aristocratic bloodlines,
then at that point the situation is a bit different, because then they want
you to be in the leader’s position of these rites of freemasonry, which–

Greg: Tell us about your mother’s bloodline and your father’s bloodline
before we go into the break.

Leo: My name is Leo Lyon Zagami, but my grandmother from my father’s side is
Marchesa de Gregorio, basically. The family de Gregorio goes back to
Frederick II of the second Roman empire. Frederick II ‘Barbarossa’ as we
know him in Sicily [Frederick II of Hohenstaufen]. And basically, as you
will know, Frederic II was part of that nobility from the Holy Roman Empire
that actually posed quite a threat to the temporal power of the pope
himself. And they were the ones in charge from, they left from Germany where
they still, you can see in the cathedral of Koln, on the floor of the
cathedral the symbol of my family. And they went to Sicily to protect and
bring up, as tutors, this great emperor that after actually waged war
against Rome, and was only stopped in “Tagliacozzo,” So he nearly united
Europe, but not quite. From there on, the family stayed there in Sicily, and
obviously had posts of importance in all the various orders of knighthood,
including the Knights of Malta.


Leo: It’s quite a long story. It’s really intricate and I hope that the
people at least understand that this is a web of diabolical proportions;
whereby either you study for many years all the systems and rites and sects
and whatever, or otherwise you’re not gonna get a grip of it all. What we do
in freemasonry at the high level, is to have a perception of the whole
system of what we call the western initiatic system, which I also think has
been decadent for quite a long time. That’s why we don’t really have any
true masters here in the west, that can claim to do the things they were
doing 100-150-200 years ago, whatever. This decadence has started right with
the illuminati, which was born with a guy who was totally involved with the
jesuits, and obviously we know his name “Adam Weishaupt,” and his
“Spartacus” inside name, which was later used by the communist organization
of the same name in Germany. Because what I think you, unfortunately I sent
you a document about it but it’s in Italian and it’s a bit complicated for
you to translate it now, but I will do it myself soon.

The catastrophe of it all is that at the beginning the illuminati order was
founded with a belief that things could change actually for the better, but
because Weishaupt and the jesuits were actually totally involved in the
black arts, and they were actually themselves ateists at heart, because I
think that nowadays we can all say very clearly that most satanists are
ateists at heart, that’s the big problem. They don’t even believe in a
satan, they just believe in nothing, and that philosophy took over, in 1782
actually Baron Knigge [Adolf von Knigge, close associate of Weishaupt] who
had made the rituals of the illuminati, he was a great initiate, he left
them. He saw that they were going on the dark side, so the problem which I
wish to point out here is that not all European aristocrats are corrupt.
Obviously the ones that are corrupt prevailed, because they accepted money
from the usual suspects and thus the jews linked to the sionist plot,
because not all jews are the same, but the ones who have deviced the sionist
plot are on top of it all. They are the finance of the situation, the
jesuits are the mind, let’s say, of the situation, because they want to
control the mind of the people. Don’t want to ask me something specifically
Greg, which might interrest the American people in the situation?

Greg: Well yes it’s a fantastic background here what you’re giving us and
that is the jesuits, the Vatican. You’ve come out very strongly regarding
these organisations, the jesuits, the Vatican.

Leo: Well because I belonged to them, and I belonged to them until I
understood that really there was no hope for their souls. In what I was
mentioning earlier, the conference of “San Cerbone” that took place on the
third of June [2006], near Pisa, the problem was really that, that I
reiterated, that the maneuvers that the “Grand Orient of France” did in 1870
when they went ateist and they let the ateists inside their lodges, was just
like the final chapter of the dissolution of true masonic Christian belief,
if there was one at the beginning.

Greg: Let’s get back to this, you were actually still involved with them, as
just recently as of June, you were at the Monte Carlo P2-lodge. You were a
33rd degree mason. Tell us about what happened there in June, at that

Leo: At that meeting basically everything was, I arrived from Monte Carlo
where I had been a few days at the house of “Ezio Giunchiglia,” who is the
second in command after “Licio Gelli” who was also involved in this tragedy
in Bologna, but who after seven months was absolved and he now is clear of
all, by legal, at least in legal ways. But at the end of the day, who these
people were working for, let’s be clear to the American public. These people
were working for your intelligence. This is “Gladio,” this is an American
creation. Obviously the mind can come, the spiritual mind can come from the
Vatican because the American, the United States government, searches for a
blessing in this new world order which they have had since their foundations
with the illuminati, and that blessings needs to be always present. Now the
important, like another important element you know was Marcinkus [Former
head of Vatican Bank, Paul Marcinkus] who died just recently in Sun City,
Arizona. And until actually his death he was still considered though, by the
Monte Carlo lodge, an important character. Even if the Vatican officially
said he died poor and left on the side of the situation.

Greg: So you’re saying that cardinal Marcinkus, the former head of the
“Vatican Bank” who has just recently died in Phoenix, was a member of the
Monte Carlo P2-lodge.

Leo: Yes, and what I can assure you that because I mean, being an insider of
the lodge, I saw who the brothers were, who they were not. What I can tell
you about Marcinkus, and what I can tell you at least about the people at
his level, in the Vatican, who belonged to such lodges of illuminati, is
that we called them “brothers at the ear” meaning that when the grand master
calls, they recognize the voice and they know that the orders come from the
ear, but no trace is ever left on paper. These are not the ordinary masons
that go in lodges, wear aprons and do the whole show, no no no. These are
people in charge of very powerful posts, that freemasonry has, in fact Licio
Gelli, at the time when he founded then, well P2 was already Christian, but
then he founded his own P2 because he went on even after in the grand orient
it was an internal war.

Greg: Now you knew Licio Gelli, correct?

Leo: Licio Gelli was, I started you see in my art world I was a DJ. I worked
in 1988 for a club that belonged to a member of the P2, and through that,
and I was living in Arezzo [Toscana], as you know Licio Gelli is living
there in villa Wanda. And I got in contact then directly to him, and through
also a person that I was involved with personally, at a sentimental level at
the time. And after that, Licio Gelli was, let’s say a person which I knew
about, but I didn’t want to be too close. It was actually later, when I was
actually wanting to really sort out this situation.


[Leo is disconnected from the line, a long time passes until he comes back]

Leo: This is one of the usual tricks they like to play to piss me off. I
would like to say hello to “Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri,” commandante in chief
of the United Nations Rotary-club, for his usual disclosure of power in my
regard. Well, what can you do? This is a world of crooks, welcome to it. So
there is a bunch of crooks that are sitting right in the United Nations,
with the theater of idiocy. I personally tried to put some sense in them,
and that’s why the Rotary-club of the United Nations sent me a document,
which I’m gonna eventually post you.

Greg: So you think they cut your phone?

Leo: I mean this is a typical example of wanting to, you know, it’s little
sabotage what you can do nowadays because at the end of the day you can
still go through the lines and things, you know.


Greg: Are you there Leo?

Leo: I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.

Greg: Ok, somebody doesn’t want you to talk.

Leo: Well I know the people that don’t want me to talk, and that’s because I
think that we have reached a level of hypocrisy at a worldwide scale which
is unheard of. People are dealing with cocaine and all kinds of drugs then
after they go into another place behaving like they are, you know, blessed
by the lord for some holy mission, and maybe the day after, they’re selling,
they do a weapon deal. You know, I mean, hypocrisy is all over the place,
and you were asking me how is the link at this time with the jesuits and the
freemasons, and I can tell you that the jesuits and the freemasons at the
moment have as their main base “Livorno,” which has always been a very
important place because it also has a very important Jewish community. It is
also the city of the ex-president of Italy, Ciampi [Former Italian president
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi], and it is the city which has this very large port in
which at night, they bring in weapons, with the blessings of the United
States, and now, even the Chinese are getting into the illegal business in
the port of Livorno, and basically in this port, the P2 had one of the
biggest deals when it came out [Referring to the P2 scandal] actually.

Officially in the Grand Lodge of Naples in the middle 70’s, at a reunion of
the Grand Lodge of Italy, this was a big scandal, because somebody went
public, saying that the port of Livorno was used for all these activities
with the blessings of the United States. And that the P2 lodge was involved
with it, and at that point the whole situation started to crumble down a
bit, in the eyes of the other masons in Italy for the P2. But things have
changed in the last few years and actually the P2 is coming back quite
strong because it’s coming back in a more respectable way between brackets.
And they still have the same links, the same contacts, the same wrongdoings,
the same network, let’s say and, but now they are a bit more clever in
making it sound like it is proper. It has to have some kind of cover-up of
esoteric or of a cultural nature. That’s why so it’s some kind of
association where they talk maybe about some kind of very complicated
esoteric matters, but in reality at the end of the day guys, don’t lay trust
in all that because the commandante comes in, and the minute after they’re
signing around the corner a deal for the sale of some business of some kind,
maybe illegal or legal.

So you have to understand that, at the higher levels of secret societies,
actually the esoteric is something to be abused, not to be respected like
maybe the people who initially were working with some of this stuff had in
mind. Maybe the fathers of freemasonry themselves had a more idealistic
thing in mind, but freemasonry became immediately from 1717 onwards from his
formation, a way for the British to have their own empire and for the French
also to have their other, their own show. Continental freemasonry, as we
know it which is linked to the French Grand Orient and “Grand Lodge,” is
closer to the jesuits. While instead the “United Grand Lodge of England-”
network is closer to the “Opus Dei.” But, I think at the end it’s quite
obvious they are all working for the same club, and that behind closed doors
there is no conflict because cash talks and the rest is nonsense. I mean I
saw a high member of the Opus Dei which is called, he’s the guy in charge of
the headquarters of the Opus Dei in Bologna, which is called “Carlo Maria
Baserga,” receiving in one day the 33rd degree only because he was a senior
Opus Dei member.

So I mean, this is the level nowadays. And I have created this website which
has some interresting information for the researchers more than maybe for
the general public, because there is a lot of documentation in it. It’s
called http://www.illuminaticonfessions.squarespace.com [currently
illuminaticonfessions.webfriend.it], in which I disclose some documents
which demonstrate that at the same meeting in “Villa Leona,” which is by the
way also the residence for the “Associazione Nationale Carabineri a Riposo,”
meaning one of the police associ-you know the “Carabineri” was the military
police in Italy. And their association for people who are in tension, and in
this headquarters, it’s also the headquarters of the Opus Dei, the
illuminati meet in Bologna. And their meetings are quite funny actually
because on one side of the table you see the conservative catholic, on the
other side you see the satanists, it’s just incredible. And one is actually
taking the gimmick from the other, he’s teasing him like I remember once
that, it was actually Carlo Maria Baserga, sitting on the head of the table
and on the other side of the table there was this guy who is, you can go on
the internet and search for him, he’s quite well known in the satanic
illuminati circles in Italy, called “Roberto Negrini,” a quite right-wing,
but with a touch of what I call nazi-maoism, let’s say, which is a bit of a
communism mix where at the end of the day, you are an ateist at heart and
you are a satanist.

Roberto Nigrini is also close to another character which is somebody who is
very close to the jesuit order which is called “Massimo Introvigne.” Now,
Massimo Introvigne, I don’t know if you’ve heard about him, Greg, you heard
about Massimo?

Greg: No, go ahead, tell me, tell me about him.

Leo: Massimo Introvigne, is very easy to find on the internet because he’s
the responsible for “Alleanza Cattolica,” and “Cesnur.” Cesnur is the center
of research that the jesuits have secretly sponsored, so they can research
on every form of new religion, sect, everything, but not only research that
basically just goes there in academically files, ok this and that, no no no.
They infiltrate organizations, they send their own representatives, they do
it quite openly, and they have created this underground network, that links
people that officially would be impossible to. For example if you go to the
Cesnur website of Massimo Introvigne, who is supposed to be a catholic, then
if you have a look around the corner you can find also his vampire website
where he’s the member of an order “Draconis,” of “Sons of Dracula.” And that
love to meet up and they are notorius satanists, who participate in these

And Massimo Introvigne was the guy who actually rented his own apartment in
Rome, to “Alberto Moscato” who is, who was until he disappeared this spring,
an heroin addict but also a member of the “Guardia di Finanza,” in charge of
the internet research on frauds, on paedophile rings and all that. Imagine
what kind of people you had in charge. This guy here is the grand master of,
was the grand master of the “Ordo Templi Orientis Caliphate,” this
illuminati satanic ring, connected to the church of satan of “Anton LaVey.”
Connected to, basically, America, to California, to New York, and to the
publishing company that owns, because they own it now, officially the rights
for, the copyrights for this “Aleister Crowley-” material that they publish,
with this Jewish publisher “Samuel Weieser.”

And this whole link is typical of the way the Jesuits infiltrate and
manipulate especially in circles of where is practised black magic. I’m
living in Norway at the moment, and I can tell you that I’m quite safe now,
in Norway because I have exposed them and actually I had to go through a
couple of arrests. And it wasn’t very pleasant what they did to me here in
Norway, but at the end the Norwegian government had to back off, because
what I saw was that in a lodge of illuminati here in–

[break] [Unfortunately this thread is broken here, and Leo goes to another
subject after the break.]

[Greg asks about Leos background in the arts, as a DJ and about his record

Leo: In London actually I had a record label and I lived in London for many
years after I decided to leave Rome in 1994, because of the various episodes
that had happened in that period because I had worked closely with the Jews,
in the Jewish ghetto in Rome, who are linked to the Mossad, and known also
in Rome as “la Banda della Magliana.” And at one point, basically this
operation which I concluded, which was for the benefit of the Italian
police, put me slightly in jeopardy, because it was quite a big operation
and it was though successful. I mean these people were dealing with hundreds
of kilos of drugs a week, and they were supported by all parts and
structures of the various corrupt secret services, so to put it out, and to
make some people actually, but they did it for a specific reason, I only
understood later that I was used myself by the intelligence here in Italy.
So when you actually work within the frame of the illuminati, you often end
up also working with the intellicence. There is like an interconnection down
the line, because we work with some of the same things, for example, one of
the main specialities of the illuminati is mind control, which is obviously
created through all sorts of esoteric arts and magic which at the end of the
day is low magic in the hands of these people that don’t have any angelic

This is a time where we should really have angelic contact, and I personally
myself felt ashamed that these people for materialistic reasons were
actually selling out these secrets that should be unveiled towards the time
of contact with a higher truth, which I believe will come soon, I would
believe that this time it is really a 26000 year cycle that finishes and the
freemasons know that very well. It’s also written in one of the books of the
“Grand Orient of Italy” in regards to rituals that this date, the 21st of
December 2012, will be a specific date. Why? Because it coincides with a
cycle known also to Pythagoras which as you know, for them is and for all
the freemasons is really the father of this school of Alexandrian origin,
that then filters through south of Italy really because in south of Italy is
important for the illuminati, because you have to understand, that the south
of Italy is also ancient Greece. It’s not only Italy, at south of Italy,
Sicily is ancient Greece. Ancient Greece, for the illuminati is very
important. Especially when they have to deal with certain forces. And at one
point, I must say, that this was understood also by the English who sent one
of their most powerful black magicians in Sicily during the 20’s, between
1920 and 1924 which was Aleister Crowley, that stayed in “Cefalu” for a

But it is in “Crotone,” where Pythagoras started where we have really the
founding school of the secret “UR-group.” UR-group or “Gruppo di UR,” is
really the spiritual part of fascism, that was born within the high degrees
of the Scottish rite freemasonry in Italy, in the early part of last
century. When Mussolini subscribed to the Vatican with “I Patti
Lateranensi,” [Lateran Treaty of 1929] he betrayed the Gruppo di UR and at
that point they didn’t think two times of ending Mussolini and his game very
fast. Because the Gruppo di UR was very powerful and in contact directly
with the illuminati in England of the illuminati college, the famous
metropolitan college of the “Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia.”

As you can see, it’s not only about the “Ordo Illuminatorum” of Weishaupt,
there is a big pentacle of networks of immense proportions, of secret
societies linked to freemasonry, including the “Martinist,” “Elus-Cohen,”
(Elect Priests) which are part of it, in the high ranks. And other
organizations, orders of all kinds that are used for, eventually
manipulating people because I really rarely saw genuine initiates in my
life, and I had to go and find them in the middle east, and thanks to my
journey through the coptic churches in the muslim world, I’ve learned much
more about Christianity than into the western world that is corrupt.

And nowadays I really have, as a master of reference, the grand master of
the Sufis worldwide which is a man of peace, a man you should all be
listening to because he’s a man of dialogue. And he’s also the spiritual
teacher of prince Charles, and we are talking here about Nazim al-Haqqani
[Sufi Master Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani], who is a real spiritual teacher of
this age, who wants to bring to the west because he speaks quite good
English in his speeches, and a philosophy which is closer to reality.
Because the problem now is that you are living irreality, you are living a
dream, you are living something which is being created for you, it’s not
true. It’s not freedom what you have, it’s subscriptions you have to pay.
This is not the word of God, this is the word of the devil. Jesus will come
back, this is said by the Koran, by the Bible, by every single religion on
the planet, it’s said there will come a time of great change, in which a
prophet will come forward. This prophet will have to fight a war because
these people will not give up so easily.

These people which you find in Monte Carlo with their nice yachts arriving,
are people who will sell anything and everything. And at the same time they
don’t have morals, the morals are not there anymore, and actually there was
a master of this age who lived around 100 years ago was “Gurdjieff.” [George
Ivanovitch Gurdjieff] As you all know, Gurdjieff was a great illuminati of a
certain kind, and he wrote a book called “Curse of Beelzebub.” [Beelzebub’s
Tales to His Grandson] There is a specific page of this book which talks
about the false illuminati, having the false initiated, the false, the
“window-” masons, the window-rosicrucians. What we say, window? Because they
actually are just a window; they don’t have any truth inside them. There is
only control driven by money and interest. So if the western society has
lost that spiritual connection it’s important they, they reconnect.

The reconnection can’t come only with an exterior church, and the Vatican
knows that very well. The jesuits know that very well, so what do the
jesuits sponsor in the minds of people? The jesuits for example, are also
behind the support also that the Vatican church has given to the idea of
aliens. Aliens? It’s completely ridiculous. They are called “genies” in the
middle east; they know them since time “i memorio,” they live with mankind,
there is genies, there is good ones, bad ones, angels, beings of light, they
move, they do things, they can kidnap you and put you somewhere. It’s very
well known in the middle east, you go in village you’re told oh that guy
he’s been kidnapped by genies you know he, silently he reappears [makes a
swooshing sound]. But this is, and the rest is man-made craft by the
military, who have to work out the latest devices, but what I want to say to
the American people, that’s: Wake up.


Greg: I’m back with my guest Leo Zagami, and Leo; your mother didn’t want
you to go forward with this information. She feared for your life, and then
she heard about what happened to you and now she’s behind you, your efforts
to tell the truth. But anyway, you decided, you broke, what you told me you
broke with anything to connect you with the American illuminati in 2003, and
then with the Monte Carlo P2-lodge in 2006. And now..

Leo: Well, the Monte Carlo P2-lodge just didn’t want to let me go, they
offered me anything possible. The latest offer that I was about to say
before, was that they wanted me to even have a lodge inside the United
Nations. So, I mean an “Ordo Illiminatorum Universalis-” lodge supported by
commandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri who is a P2-member, which you can find
also on the internet if you want, a registered P2-member who is the founder
and chairman of board of the “E-POL group,” [E-POL Group, Inc.] and vice
president, international development, of MSGI security solutions. Now MSGI
security. [MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.]

Greg: He’s an American citizen too, right?

Leo: Yes, he’s an American citizen now because in the 70’s he was convicted
even, well convicted, convicted. In Italy they convict you one day the day
after you are out. He was basically suspected of being part of this whole
weapon conspi– thing that was going on obviously in Livorno. Because in
Livorno you have also the military base of Livorno and he was a captain
there at the time, and he was coordinating for Ezio Giunchiglia who is the
second in command of the P2-lodge, who also, as I said before ended up in
prison for a period. And yes, he was after this scandal of the P2, his name
was cleared, obviously very cleared, because he ended up in the United
States, living in New York and becoming the director of the Rotary-club in
New York, which has also a special office in the United Nations.

So this is the kind of people that you have as directors of one of the most
important institutions in the United States that should be dealing with
morals, moral values. I don’t see them. Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri reports,
because he’s part of MSGI security solutions, inc. to “Joseph C. Peters.”
Joseph C. Peters served president George W. Bush as assistant director of
the white house drug policy office, commonly referred to as the “drug tsar
office.” Well, my dear friends, commandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri deals
very closely also with drug dealers, P2 drug dealers in South America, well
known who have immense power in freemasonry. Like the “Regular Grand Lodge
of England,” of the so-called “Duke of Gabinda Rui Gabirro,” known as
“Mafuka” for the secret police. A character that uses a lodge in Cancun,
Mexico, called “Ha-shem No.39” to deliver cocaine into the U.S. This cocaine
is flown by airplanes, and he says to us in the lodge; it’s all regular
folks, because you know, until we throw it, then it’s legal. It’s
international up there in the skies, you know. This is the kind of people
you have, so just to let you know.

Greg: Now the connection, just so Americans know, I just wanted to make this
connection between the Vatican, the jesuits here, and our government and why
we Americans should not allow these people to do business as they’re doing.
Tell us, because you know something; people may say, well they do this in
Italy but not here. But I know you know otherwise.

Leo: The problem is that you can’t change anything until this whole lobby
connected to irregular now freemasonry, because I judge now the world of
freemasonry as irregular, very few freemasons in my eyes are regular in the
world. Connected then to more powerful lobbies on top, but everything is
directed then spiritually by the jesuit order, but this, you’re not gonna, I
mean there is a web that is too powerful. How are you gonna front it Greg?

Greg: Yeah.

Leo: What you gonna do? This guy Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, do you know who
he is? He is the guy who has made the patents, and I can give you the number
of the patents here if you want, on your security in the airports. And he’s
the guy who has made the document, number 55366 on June 13, 1990 called
“Terrorism, defensive strategies for individual companies and governments.”
The book written prior 9-11 brings together some of the country’s leading
experts on terrorism, from the government, police department and
universities as well as computer, medical, biological and chemical
specialists. Library of congress control number 2001132013 eisbn
0-9659174-5-2, copyright 2001. This is your government! Americans!

Greg: Yeah, I see what you mean.

Leo: You must repent in front of the lord if you are Christians, Jesus was
not this.

Greg: Right.

Leo: The jesuits have brainwashed you left, right and center, and the
corrupt protestants who are linked to it. So don’t make out of the catholics
the only scapegoats of the situations here, because I can tell you that they
are as bad as the protestants. And you have to sit and descend? that this is
because at the top levels, the protestant priest is meeting up with the
catholic priest, and they’re under the orders of the jesuits. In Italy for
example, this happens in Livorno, where they have their own masonic
obedience dedicated to the rectified Scottish rite called the “La Grand
Loggia Unita Tradizionale” of grand master “Luigi Piazza” and everything
happens quite regularly under the light of the masonic light, and this
happens also with the blessings of the French. Which are on the other side,
which are obviously the French. Why the French? The jesuit order was born
there. I mean, it’s from France that this whole thing comes out. And I want
to also reveal you for the first time, on this radio show, Greg, the link
between P2 and the fake “priory of sion.” [Prieuré de Sion] I can give you
the name of the person, and you can find it on the internet if you want,
he’s called “Jean Pierre Giudicelli de Bresac de la Bachelerie.” He’s a very
known occultist who works directly with “Gino Sandri” the secretary of
Plantard Sinclair [Pierre Plantard de Sinclair]. These people are working,
were working (sorry because Plantard died), for the Vichy-nazis, and
everything about the priory of sion is of bullshit, sorry, and is being a
cover-up for right-wing activities. Even the library in “René de Chateau” is
owned by the Vichy party. That’s how it’s–

Greg: And how are the jesuits involved there?

Leo: Because the jesuits are involved with the schismatic Lefèvre [Jacques
Lefèvre d’Étaples], in a conspiracy of immense proportions to play around
with certain things that obviously have to prepare the way for the coming
of, you know things to come. They have everything in plan, I mean they have
even put the black cardinal who has to become the black pope of the
prophecies, already in Velletri which is the post [cardinal bishop of the
suburbicarian diocese of Velletri-Segni] that Ratzinger [Joseph Alois
Ratzinger, Pope Benedictus XVI] used to be in, which is traditionally the
post of the pope before he becomes pope.

[break] [Greg asks about paedophilia rings in the Vatican, and whether the
black pope is a satanist.]

The situation is that obviously there is a tradition going on in the
congregation for the doctrine of the faith. This tradition goes back to the
fact that the jesuits helped establishing what is known as the “Holy
Office,” which was the continuation of the holy inquisition, that before was
in the hands of the Dominicans. The jesuits are traditionally the ones who
really come in when they have to do some big maneuvers, and there is a man
of responsibility that has to do something really, quite heavy. And in this
period, definitely, the church has to front many problems, not least also
the problem of the Vatican bank, because there has been a lot of internal
problems, and they are– have been exposed several times as being a bunch–
a bunch of crooks, basically. And this is obviously, not a very spiritual
thing. What I actually, what you told me before we went into commercial, was
to talk about the link Balestrieri – Cossiga [Former Italian president
Francesco Cossiga] and then obviously, the Vatican. Because this is the
link, really, which is very important if you want to study, the link between
the illuminati and the jesuits, there is one specific man in Italy who is
responsible, and that man is Cossiga. Francesco Cossiga comes from a family
of freemasons, of illuminatis from Sardinia for many centuries, also
involved in the “Knight’s Templar.” And, but he never became a freemason,
and he said that openly because he’s a catholic. And that’s because he is in
reality the great puppet master of the Italian “Gladio.” He is the one who
was also exposed at one point for this link, because he can take exposure, I
mean at the end of the day, Cossiga is really a man of even many more
talents than myself. [laughs]

And so, Cossiga directs Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri
arrives on the third of June at this secret meeting in San Cerboni. And
basically, I don’t agree with the decisions made by Giorgio Hugo
Balestrieri, that once again is trying to bring the whole of this illuminati
gatherings always under the influence of the sionist lobby. And he wants to
give, as a name for the “universal unity,” because universal unity was this
website that I also denounced on my own website, it’s now shut down. It
belonged to the illuminati, if you want to check it yourself this website
was http://www.universal-unity.net, and this website has been closed down now
because it contained some knowledge, which I’m gonna probably bring forward
in the next few weeks. Because I have it print in some book but it has to be
obviously put down on format for the computer, but basically this is the
book of the new world order. It contains, you will see, 33 protocols, that
talk about what is known in Italy as “unita mundiale.” Unita mundiale,
“without frontiers,” one single currency, and I understood that this
situation with universal unity started to be a bit really for me totally
unacceptable, even to be there, even to see what was going on. Because they
wanted to call the universal unity award, because they wanted to issue an
award after opening an office with the support of the Rotary-club in New
York– in New York at the United Nations. Basically they wanted to issue
this “Isaac Rabin” award for the universal unity, so these were the plans
that they had in mind, and I also at this point felt really that the jesuits
had taken over. Because I will bring also forward in the next few weeks, the
evidence I have regarding the participation to this meeting of the Grand
master of the Rectified Scottish rite in Italy. That as we said before, is a
33rd degree high representative of the Scottish rite who is promoting this
system for the jesuits, involving also protestant priests, Italian
protestant priests. Because they then can corrupt the Italian protestant
priests using this specific rite of freemasonry, which is very Christian, at
least apparently. But in reality, behind closed doors is always the usual
people doing the usual things and manipulating everybody using the esoteric

So me, I grew up in this world in Italy, which is a world of great puppet
masters, but also of great actors. I mean, Licio Gelli has been always a
great actor. I mean in the 90’s, in the middle of the 90’s the whole, they
were all searching for him, and where was he? He was in the middle of Paris
playing with an old carillon [music box] the music with a little monkey in
the middle of the street, I mean, guys, this is the kind of puppet masters
we have. They really love to take the, to make people you know like, ok guys
you know I can go in the street and act like this but I’m basically your
puppet master. I can do it because, this is a show, everybody’s part of a
show. The pope knows that and the problem with the pope is that it’s very
easy for the jesuits to blackmail the pope now on every point, because the
jesuits are blackmailing the pope because of his sexuality, the pope has a
gay lover, a 24 year old gay lover. This news was given to me by a senior
P2-member, inside of the Vatican.

Greg: So the pope has a 24 year old gay lover? Is that what you said?

Leo: Yes. That’s what I’m saying.

Greg: Interesting.

Leo: I’m repeating if you want, I don’t have any problem in going public
with it, because I saw not only young gay men offering the service in the
Vatican, but also I saw the paedophilia ring you wanted to talk about, very
active. And I know exactly who is behind these paedophilia rings, one of the
senior people of the Vatican, you know cardinal Ruini [Cardinal priest
Camillo Ruini].

Greg: Yeah.

Leo: He himself is involved in a paedophilia ring. And I, when I was, and
entered the church as a child, I was from a good family thanks God and they
didn’t want to touch me so much, but I had a priest trying a couple of
times, and I put his hands badly on the side. And because I came from the
family I came from obviously, as you say, my ass was saved, in the real
sense of the term, in this case. But I saw poor kids of poor families
literally taken in these paedophile rings, abused, and these poor kids
really had their lives forever ruined, or they end up as workers in the
Vatican, doing something. Somebody can be working as a camera-man on the
Vatican TV, the other guy can be cleaning toilets, whatever.


[Greg asks if the paedophile ring in the Vatican still exists today]

Leo: Sure, sure. It’s, I mean, the thing is that they are in close contact
with the illuminati because they are linked with these satanic lodges that
practise this so-called “eleventh degree,” which is basically the demon of
the abyss “Choronzon.” The evocation of the demon can only happen by anal
intercourse, and this was a ritual deviced by that diabolical guy called
Aleister Crowley, who experienced it because he wanted as far as, I think it
was 1909-1910, he wanted to evoke the demon Choronzon to open the way to the
Revelation. Meaning this: Crowley was conscient of taking all the curses of
the world; of being diabolical. He was deliberate in his actions because he
gave himself to a demon.

What he did though, functions as what is known in alchemy as the “burning
phase,” where you actually burn everything, and that happened because then
Crowley developed his message in California, in California through the
Parson Lodge of the OTO ten years after his death the Beat generation then
the hippie generation. It took over, free love, free everything. I mean
this, because “William Burroughs,” “Brian Gysin” and these were adepts of
Crowley and also all the gay lobby, but the eleventh degree is something for
them esoteric. So they are conscient that by doing this kind of action, they
are actually doing an act of black magic, most of them. Obviously not all of
them are, but most of them are, that’s why there was an article that came
out in the United Press International, but disappeared very soon because the
illuminati got very furious about it it mentioned the gay so called pink
Palace influence of A.Crowley in the US Catholic clergy of the 60’s.

And I actually am gonna publish an e-mail I have of “Lon Milo Duquette” who
is a known illuminati in the U.S. Grand master of the Tarot association,
grand secretary of this “Ordo Templi Orientis” U.S. grand lodge. And
basically he has published the manual handbook of 666 of Aleister Crowley in
the U.S. He’s in contact with the church of satan through one of his
present, let’s say, descendants of this perverse satanic faith of Anton
LaVey, which is called Carl Abrahamson. They’re all in it in their way.
Obviously these are characters that are driven more into the esoteric

Then you have the upper circles that are driven by money and use the
esoteric. Like I was saying before, the priory of sion for example, if you
want to make a research on what the priory of sion does nowadays, they
actually still exist because people still like to be manipulated with these
fake knighthoods, and they have even opened the priory of sion as late as
two years ago. A chapter in New York, in Wall Street, and this chapter was
opened by Jean Pierre Giudicelli de Bresac de la Bachelerie, which is also a
representative of the illuminati rite of memphis and misraim, and connected
with the french secret police, and to this fake priory of sion brainwashing
operation. But he himself these days is in charge, together with “Dr. Marco
Paret,” of “NLP in Europe,” neurolinguistics in Europe.

[Greg interrupts and tries to ask about the jesuits being the mind of the
new world order, and how the american government want the blessing of the

Leo: They are the mind of the new world order– I would say the mind of the
new world order but definitely they’re not alone, you see, as I stated also
in one of my articles, the jewish are the ones who also are their partners
with this sionist plot which works together with them and is closely linked.
They both use these secret societies to be linked together. They finance
secretly, for example the birth of a specific masonic rite, of the
illuminati so they can manipulate people, and then on one side you have
people manipulated by the sionists on one rite of freemasonry, on another
rite, instead you have the jesuits manipulating the freemasons.

So everybody, everything is divided in a system which is, once you have it
in front is quite well put together. It’s a pyramid of power you know, I
mean it’s like, in America also you have the shriners, but the shriners are
the bottom level. When you go to the peak of the shriners then you have the
“order of the hillbillies” and then you get into bohemian grove. That is how
it is, it’s just, if you are really ready to compromise with your own
morals, because you really have to compromise with your own morals to stay
in these illuminati circles because I was only staying into them for the
sake of the study of the esoteric arts, and because I was working lately as
a, in the inter-religious affair department. That was my job, I was helping
in the inter-religious affairs because I don’t feel myself anymore as of the
esoteric, but more as a believer, a full believer in God’s great immensity,
and great beautiful creation that he has created for us, that we are
leeching, not respecting this creation. That the jesuits are doing that
willingly, knowing that because they know that they are using the ancient
genies of ancient Egypt. Basically, it was “Athanasius Kircher” who bought
out some of the first alchemical formulas, let’s not forget also the jesuit
importants in bringing out certain egyptian formulas in the outer world of
the esoteric, and the jesuits know that these genies, these evil forces can
be controlled. The genies actually themselves though, tend to, to elude man,
to make man a fool, and the man becomes a fool in the hand of the genie and
then the genie takes control of the pyramid, whatever that is.

[Greg asks how the George Bush Jr. and Sr. names come up in the esoteric
circles connected to the U.S. and their role.]

Leo: The father George Bush senior is meeting regularly with 33 degree
scottish rite italian masons, under the embassy in Rome, american embassy.
This is common knowledge for freemasons of 33 degree, so what do you expect?

Greg: Yeah, so they are involved and they take their marching orders from
those people, correct?

Leo: Correct. The thing is that there is a pyramid of power where everybody
is being in their own little piece, you know, of the cake, to make this
thing, you know appetible for everybody, so they can balance everybody’s
needs. That’s why they cover organisations that are at the opposites of each
other, may they be right wing, left wing, center, up on top.

[Greg interrupts to take a caller with a question for Leo, but the caller is

Greg: Tell us why you think it’s important that Americans understand this
order of power. What do they have planned for us in this country?

Leo: Well, as I said, I have tried to bring here in Europe, in certain
circles of the illuminati in Europe, the knowledge that this was a big
threat to the establishment, that was you know, obviously the minds behind
it in the Vatican, but then the effective machine behind it is now fully
driven by America, by the United States. Giorgio Hugo Balistrieri is now
supposedly to be nominated the head of the order of the sons of
ital-americans, the OSIA [The Order Sons of Italy in America]. The OSIA is
divided in chapters and lodges, and works like freemasonry. And basically,
Giorgio Hugo Balistrieri secretly wanted to establish these lodges as from
paramasonic which they are now, to bring them into freemasonry, but link
them obviously with that freemasonry which is linked with the jesuits, which
is linked with a certain kind of Vatican circles. And then obviously try to
manipulate the show, and probably he will manage to do that because I have
tried to put some sense in my fellow brethren and I want to, because maybe
some brothers, freemasons out there are doubting my work, I want to tell
them, they can go my website, I gave it before, but I want to tell them, my
research is fully proven on paper, and I took my positions in open lodges,
at the witnessing of many brothers.

[Gregs show ends here, but more interviews follow, the next one is October