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Leo Lyon Zagami, Leo Young Zagami, Leo Robert Zagami eller Khaled Saifullah Khan (also known as Leo young and Leo Tong) (born March 5, 1970) is, according to himself, a high-ranking defector from Illuminati, and he is publicizing his revelations on the web site Illuminati Confessions. Zagami is living in Oslo, Norway, and the summer of 2005 he married a girl from a prominent sufi family, Fatma Suslu[1]. Together they have the sons Zakaria and Ishak Rumi (one son was born on July 7, 2006). He adopted his Islamic name when he converted to from Catholicism to Islam (the decision to become a muslim he had already taken in 2003[2]. On October 20, 2006 also his mother, Jessica Lyon Zagami converted[3]. Jessica Lyon, according to Leo Zagami is of the same bloodline as the queen of England[4],. Her father was Harry Lyon Young, first cousin of the Queen Mother[1][2] This would entail that Leo Zagami is Prince Charles’ third cousin. Jessica Lyon’s mother, Leo’s grandmother, was the author Anne Cummings (also known as Felicity Mason). The grandmother came to Italy to work in Italian movies in the fifties and sixties (she has worked with Fellini). There Leo’s mom met Leo’s father, Elio[5] a Jungian psychoanalyst who also held a strong interest in magic[6]. Leo’s paternal grandfather is the Sicilian senator Leopoldo Zagami[7], and his paternal grandmother os the Marquisa di Gregorio[8]. The Di Gregorio family can trace their acestry back to Frederick II of Hohenstaufen,[3] keepers of the Sicilian “Knights of Malta” (which control all other freemasonry globally).

Today he works as marketing manager for D’Arte Radiators AS in Oslo, Norway[9], a company the retails high-end household radiator. Zagami has intermittently been affiliated with people connected with the gnostic congregation in Oslo (Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia).

Leo Zagami is born into one of the most prominent Italian Illuminati families, and according to himself he was chosen to be the heir to the Italian Illuminati hierarchy after Licio Gelli. Before he defected he was a 33rd degree freemason (the highest, bar the three upper “secret degrees”) and a member of the infamous P2 lodge of Monte Carlo. There he was also a member of the “Masonic Executive Commitee”. He was initiated at the age of 23. At that time he also performed the extremely testing magical ritual which is described in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, an effort that nearly cost him his life[10]. His interest in magic he had acquired from his father already before the age of ten, and his father posessed a large library of magical literature which Leo secretly studied (his father has forbidden him to read the books which he felt Leo was still too young to be able to deal with).

Leo Zagami states that he has come under fierce attack after he decided to come out as a defector with information which uncovers corruption within the Vatican and masonic organizations leading all the way to the White House. In connection with several Illuminati summit meatings in Italy in the beginning of June 2006, he became privy to orders given by Francesco Cossiga (former Italian president and a lackey for the Jesuits) to Comandante Balestrieri of Gladio/P2 to have him killed if he didn’t follow orders given to him on June 4[11]. On June 6, 2006 he was back in Oslo and started to retort against the Illuminati big shots.



[edit] Stalked by Norwegian authorities under OTO/Illuminati directives

In a radio interview with Greg Szymanski Zagami explains how the Norwegian authorities, which he claims are in cohort with the Illuminati, have attempted to brand him as mentally unstable by attempting to take away his children[12]. According to Zagami the police stated that “anonymous friends” of his has contacted them and expressen concern for his mental well-being and the welfare of the children. Zagami has been hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals previously.

In a posting to the usenet discussion group alt.freemasonry Leo Zagami claims that he was arrested by Norwegian police on three occasions and tortured. Norwegian military intelligence is also alleged to have been active in these assualts.[13]. Zagami accuses Norwegian liberal-conservative parliamentarian Per Christian Krogh of being av member of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis), and for having orchestrated the harassment and assaults on him and his familiy by the authorities. Krogh has previously been secretary to the defense minister. Another accomplice according to Zagami is the freemason Trond Kaare Westby[14] which is employed by the Norwegian defense headquartes.

Also the seceretary for Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in Norway, John Faerseth (who has also been seen in the gnostic milieu in Oslo) is alleged to be an active part of what Zagami describes as a satanist conspiracy orchestrated by the OTO on behalf of the Illuminati. In the discussion forum Conspiracy Central Zagami has made accusations against Faerseth, that he, among other things, has threatened his former web hosting service into closing down his account. Correspondence surrounding this particular incident that were retrived by others do, however, not support Zagami’s version of what has happened[15].

[edit] Previous uncoverings

As early as the winter of 2005, Leo Zagami made a presentation at the Mogador café in Oslo where he detailed the nefarious activites of the Illuminati and freemasonry. The talk was recorded and there was at the time exressed an intent to make this available in the Internet. In that presentation he confidently declared the winner of the forthcoming Americna presidential election, information to which he was privy via his elite contact, to be – John Kerry.

[edit] Club DJ and house music producer

Already at the age of 13, in 1983, Leo Zagami began his career as a musician with the starting up of a local radio station under the auspices of a local catholic priest. Zagami is a pioneer of the house music scene, having an impressive career to show for himself, both as a music and event producer and as an international club DJ. Ha staged Italy’s first rave, he us credited with discovering the DJ Bushwacka, and he also organized The Prodigy’s first show ever outside the UK. Under various aliases such as Leo Young and Leo Tong he has performed as a club DJ. He has also produced house music since 1988.

[edit] Norwegian house music scene

Since 1989 he has performed at various clubs in Oslo, such as Sikamikanico and Nomaden where he does his «Electronic Voodoo» concept. He has relaesed the Norwegian duo Trulz & Robin. He has appeared with Norwegian DJs Strangefruit on NRK radio (national) and G-Ha on The Voice 104,8 MHz in Oslo.

[edit] References

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  2. The information about the maternal grandfather is given in the Hesham Tillawi interview
  3. This reference may be erroneous. In the Current Issues interview Leo states that he descends from Frederik Barbarossa of Sicilia. This Frederik is referenced with the ordinals “the second” and “the third” (Frederik II/III) and lived 1272 – 1337

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