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FW: URGENT:Betrayed by my wife and the muslim community + LEO’S INTERVIEW, MY ASSESSMENT & MUCH MORE‏
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Dear truth-seeking friendsPlease read the email below from Illuminati defector/whistleblower Leo Zagami, then listen to this most urgent interview, downloadable at the following link. I believe Leo’s ordeals to be genuine & that he has been genuinely betrayed by his wife & the Muslim Gulen Movement.http://www.mediafire.com/?nqmddtdv2imIn truth & awareness –


P.S. I received a strange & not quite accurate (as Leo’s wife has left him, not got a divorce from him) message on my blogpage – which I have pasted below – that suggests to me that her or some party promoting her wish to totally seperate her name from Leo’s. I asked for more details &, no surprise, none were forthcoming. Leo’s email is below that. Following that I have posted the relevant portions of an email that I sent Eric Jon Phelps regarding the Gulen movement that Leo was linked to via his estranged wife.

I originally sent this on the 27th of February & Leo had no knowledge of this. I believe that his interview going indepth on the Gulen Movement & Leo’s feeling compromised in his loyalties since he married four years ago – but more so in recent times – is unfortunate, but a harsh lesson for him & that those of us in the truth-seeking arena shouldn’t be too hasty to cast stones. I have no doubt that his distress is genuine & I would suggest that anyone who has been through a breakup of a four-year realationship, as I did myself five years ago, would recognize the honest anguish that he exhibits during the interview.

It is my opinion also that the timing of this situation & the resultant related incidents, such as Leo being detained by Norwegian police is down to opportunism by Leo’s wife & her political advisors, with them taking advantage of Leo being attacked as a suspected Jesuit expose infiltrator. A stance that I cannot honestly in my mind & heart take, as I feel that he has been set up for a fall & betrayed by his wife & the Gulen movement. Attacking him is supporting them in my estimation, & as they are New World Order lackies & apologists, then I cannot take a stance against him, based on all the evidence that I have considered to date.

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I got the above message at my blog page. The article is not mine, the original is posted at the link that I give on the blog.

Can you provide some detail to support this?

Looking forward to your response –


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Subject: Fwd: URGENT :Betrayed by my wife and the muslim community
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Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 17:36:43 +0000
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: URGENT :Betrayed by my wife and the muslim community
To: gregbeacon@gmail.com

Dear Greg,
after the recent events unfortunately Im not feeling to well, it has been the worst experience in my life .First I get abbadoned by my wife that leaves me on the 23rd of Febbraury taking also my only son away from me after stating that I was becoming a problem for the interreligious dialogue of the Fethullah Gulen Movement and I wasnt a good muslim for her. Then she also said that my dangerous stand against the Vatican driven New World Order was damaging the possibility of her return into politics in Norway, later after she left she even written in a sms message that she could finaly work with Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri and Ezio Giunchiglia of the P2 …I was basicly completely shocked about the situation but my alarm bells should have been ringing from the moment I saw coming into the picture in May 2007 this strange Jesuitcalled Thomas Michel SJ at a a Gulen Movement event dedicated to Sufi mystic Rumi arranged by muslim illuminati Kemaletin Suslu one of the brothers of my wife. After that I started criticizing the Gulen movement and their New World Order position close to the Jesuits ,a move that made me increasingly unpopular with my wife Fatma Suslu that started to say to me that I should stop immediately my illuminati Confessions on the net and convert to a strict and more fundamentalist view of Islam otherquise she will leave me, that was obviously a brainwashing imposition for me and I couldnt accept such a proposal and on the 23rd of Febbraury 2008 she eventualy left . Initialy I was sad but she promissed to show me the kid and that I shouldnt worry about this difficult moment . But the following Monday my lawyer calls me and tells me she went to the police and has moved charges of domestic violence against me and she has no intention of showing me my son Isak Rumi Zagami ever again. I soon realized that she had been completely brainwashed against me by the Jesuit friendly Gulen Movement known also as the Opus Dei of Islam and she wanted to grow up Isak on her own so they could brainwash him with their twisted and hypocrit version of Islam . Sufism should be about tollerance and the family of the Prophet Mohammed wich my wife belongs should be a true beacon of light for the muslim world, instead my dear friends they are simply New World Order criminals like everybody else affraid that my stand against the system could damage their so called interreligious affairs and all the rest of their dirty business….
In any case after two weeks of not seeing my son Isak I try to put pressure on the religious movement of my wife in order to show me my son again but instead at 9.30PM on the 4th of March two policemen and a police woman come to my house and arrest me so I spend 12 hours in a cold prison cell and few hours been interviewed by the police that eventualy released me at 1.30 pm on the 5th. But at 10 o’clock in the morning I saw a priest to wich I finaly tell the truth about my forced conversion into Islam to please my wife’s family and the way they sold me out to the authorities as only a true Judas could do. Yes my wife sold me to to my worst enemy the Norwegian Freemasons. From now I cant obviosuly continue to follow a book (the Q’uran) that tells me that I should respect the family of my wife because they are traitors and criminals to their own religion , happily working for the New World Order mafia and their sick establishment of lies and corruption. My wife Fatma Suslu was my best friend and my only love and to be betrayed by her in this way is definetely the worst exeperience of my life.Fatma had also an important meeting with a Norwegian politician last month regarding the possibility of running a Cultural Center (obviously in the hands of the Norwegian Freemasons) that simply means she has been bought by the enemy but I hope my son Isak will one day read this article and realize the evil connections of Islam and the Suslu Family with the Vatican NWO and how much is father had to suffer because of their injustice and their malicious lies on my persona. Now my illuminati enemies got a new friend in Fatma who desperetely works relaunching her immage on FACE BOOK with her illuminati friends like Yoko Ono and even Paulo Coelho. In the meantime Im waiting an answer from my lawyer on what’s going on with Fatma’s false charges against me, she as no witnesses on her side so at the moment is simply her word against mine but the police have confiscated my two computers (a MAC and a PC) and two mobile phones.Why??? Well this abuse of power is tipical of this fascist driven country and their police state that already came to visit me last year after they close my first website saying that they will take my kids from me if I didnt close down my new site in Italy , well in that occasion Fatma was totaly supportive of my struggle against the New World Order and she even went public on the radio to talk about it and later went to the social workers to defend our case and our kids from these evil people.
The Gulen Movement as influenced the police in Norway to confiscate my computers as they are probably affraid I could use some of the pictures I have with leaders of their organizzation, pictures made in secret meetings and they want to avoid any scandal that could link them to their Jesuit manipolators , but the police is also gonna find on my computers a wonderfull video of my ex wife Belly dancing in a very non fundamentalist style…I hope they dont erase it as it was definetely a perfomance that could make a Jesuit faint and a very unique one from a descendant of Prophet Mohammed .
From the 5th of March 2008 I’m officialy a Christian again as my sufference made me realize that He is our only savour and Mohammed is a false Prophet who’s descendants are involved in satanism and the New World Order.
It’s time for a reality check and for an ultimate exposure of the muslim side of the illuminati cake….Im now alone and in great danger in Norway. When I went out of my house earlier there was a police surveilance car parked in front of my door, I dont know anymore what they are gonna do with me now that I dont have any protection and Im so vulnerable, I might disapear or I might be condemned without any reason to spend my next few years in a boring prison cell. I realy dont know what will happen, but remember my true friends out there I will never stop this war against the New world Order untill I die , and one day my precious son will finaly revenge me and bring down this evil Vatican beast and their muslim allies.

Leo Lyon Zagami
ex Khaled Saifullah Khan

RE: your discussions with Zagami at Investigative Journal‏
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Sent: 04 March 2008 15:12:05
To: Eric Phelps (eric@vaticanassassins.org)

I don’t know if you had another discussion with Leo planned for Greg’s show, but it would be interesting to see how he responds questions relating to the info below, which unfortunately I previously sent to you, but too late for last week’s show:


Leo has sung the praises of Fethullah Gulen on many occassions in interviews with Greg Szymanski .

Gulen met Pope John Paul II in 1998 & has called for Jerusalem to be a international city. Other interesting points are highlighted below.

There may be points below which you may wish for Leo to clarify & discuss.

* http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/archive/index.php?t-22513.htmlMurad
21-05-2007, 12:10 PMAssalamu Aleykum,Has any one heard of Leo Zagami aka Khaled Saifullah Khan a new convert and ex illuminati elite, his Sheikh is Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani , his leader and teacher is Fethullah Gulen and his muslim advisor and friend is Gabriele Mandel Khan?

* http://www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/29-Nov-2006.html

“And on top of all this Buyukanit as been nominated as

new General in charge of the defense headquarters.

The problem is that General Buyukanit is a Jewish

Zionist and a Freemason close to the Vatican Neo

Illuminati and his Masters from Jerusalem.

“So why are Turkish citizens falling into this New World

Order trap and Erdogan submits willingly to Vatican

Luciferian powers by meeting the Nazi Pope Ratzinger?

“Well, Turkey is desperate to join the European Union

and enjoy the wealth and decadence of the western

Satanic powers under firm Vatican Jesuit Zionist

control, and it seems to me that Turks are falling

into this trap willingly , because of the level of

satanic infiltration in their society and in the

religious institution of their country, something that

only one man in Turkey could eventually stop and that

man is Fethullah Gulen, a true master of his country

who as to stand up now against Satan before his

country is completely under Vatican/Zionist control.

“Last but not least the so called communist of the PKK

(a bunch of dangerous CIA/MOSSAD puppets) have been

used to scare away until recently the foreign

investors interested in Turkey. This evil plan is put

in action so the illuminati sharks with the help of

their Rotarian Masonic Network can buy everything

cheap before joining officially the EU and making the

prices go up like crazy and make loads of money.

“These meetings to decide the future of Turkey and the

rest of the Muslim world have already been made, and

the most important ones have been the gathering of all

the masonic Lodges connected to the CLIPSAS network on

the 30th of October 2005 , the Rotary 100 years

anniversary gathering with Comandante Giorgio Hugo

Balestrieri in Ankara in April 2005 and last but not

least the usual Bildeberg meeting of a couple of years


“To finalize the corruption of Erdogan , the Vatican

Satan and the Italian illuminati slave State, had

already sent 3 years ago their most loyal Opus Dei

servant Fini from Alleanza Nazionale to Ankara with a

message and a warning from illuminati Puppet and

Puppet Master Silvio Berlusconi.

At that point they started brainwashing Erdogan with

the following: you have to distance yourself from all religious

leaders including Fethullah Gulen otherwise you cant

join Europe that’s our main request coming from Vatican

HQ’s. And after they started to insist on this

point more and more, until they initiated Erdogan in

the illuminati Lodges and they said to him, NOW YOU


the only chance to be a pat of Europe is to become a

part of us the great Satan.

“But our dear Brother Erdogan Prime Minister of Turkey

is a simple village peasant and went on falling more

and more into the hands of Satan like most people with

his background who are given important positions by the

Puppet Masters of Nato, they finally had another puppet

for their evil games, another Neo illuminati under

Vatican/Zionist control.

* http://www.fethullahgulen.org/

* http://www.fethullahgulen.org/content/view/1348/2/

Meeting with the Pope John Paul II

Interview with Prof. Niyazi Oktem on This Meeting

Q: Why is that meeting so important?

A: It is of global import. First of all, the West has a very negative image of Muslims. In their eyes, Muslims are unproductive, consumers [only], implacable, and inclined to terrorism. And [they see] Islam as the religion responsible for such vices. So, a religious leader’s meeting with the Pope at just this time means that he is ready to enter a dialogue with Christians and that Islam is not closed to dialogue. This meeting also contradicts those Europeans who allege that Muslims are too radical to enter a dialogue and offer that as an excuse for not allowing Turkey to join the EU.

Q: Some question Mr. Gulen’s status [his worthiness] to meet with the Pope.

A: This is a matter for the Pope not us. But it seems that the Vatican knows Mr. Gulen better than us. The Pope does not accept everyone’s request for a meeting. Besides, his appointments are arranged years in advance. Mr. Gulen’s meeting with the Pope was arranged last year, which shows that the Vatican considers him an important person.

Personally, I regard this meeting as one of the most important events of the twentieth century. Although at first glance it seems to be a simple event, it will have far-reaching consequences, for positive, important changes in world history [often] have been started and realized by those wholly dedicated to a cause, not the official actors in state structures. Those people may not have official titles, but they have a power resting upon the love of their followers. Gulen has a large following. People agree with him on his initiative. I wish the state would give him greater support. I worry about certain fundamentalist movements in Turkey. Gulen’s calls for dialogue make the atmosphere more peaceful and propitious for the coming together of opposing groups. Our ambassador’s welcoming him shows that important power centers in the state support him.

Q: What do you think about the proposals Mr. Gulen made to the Pope?

A: It is very meaningful that Muslims and Christians celebrate the 2,000th anniversary of Jesus’ birth. As Jesus has a significant place in the Qur’an and Islam, cities such as Antioch, Ephesus, and Jerusalem have a great deal of meaning to both Muslims and Christians. Gulen suggested to the Pope that they visit those cities together. He proposed that Jerusalem be a city that the followers of the three religions could visit without a visa, and that they hold conferences in different cities. He also proposed opening a university or a faculty of theology in Urfa, where scholars from the three religions would teach and students would study. All of these offers are of great significance for promoting dialogue, peace, and mutual understanding.

* http://www.fethullahgulen.org/content/view/1351/2/

Two Important Points in Gulen-Pope Meeting

Written by fgulen.com

First of all, Fethullah Hodjaefendi’s recommendations to the Pope:

· As Christianity is entering its third millennium, mutual visits should be made to such sacred Middle Eastern places as Antioch, Tarsus, Ephesus, and Jerusalem.

· Efforts should be made to declare Jerusalem an international district so that Christians, Jews, and Muslims can freely visit without limitations or a visa.

· With the cooperation of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders, conferences should be arranged in various capitals, beginning in America.

· An independent university should be founded at Harran to meet these three religions’ needs. In addition, there should be a student exchange program between the Christian and Islamic worlds.

These are Hodjaefendi’s recommendations. If they are realized, cooperative dialogue among these three religions will become more stable, fanaticism will drown, and Turkey will become a global focal point of religions.

In particular, the suggestion to make Harran a center of religious knowledge is a magnificent suggestion that will deter the difficulties we’re having in the Southeast. It also will contribute to global peace and open the way to healing wounds with “celestial compassion.” It should be supported.

Fethullah Hodja [presumably an affectionate name for Fehtullah Gulen] did what was expected of him, and made his master happy by being an exemplary “loyal disciple.”

* http://www.fethullahgulen.org/content/view/1352/2/

Fethullah Gulen on His Meeting with the Pope

Written by fgulen.com

Saturday, 14 February 1998

Q: What was the process that finally made it possible for you to meet with the Pope?

A: One cannot achieve something positive in an atmosphere dominated by enmity and through reactionary measures. As social and civilized beings, especially in our day when human values are given prominence even though rather verbally, we can and should solve our problems through dialogue. It is our belief, which also is shared by sociologists and political analysts, that religions will be more influential in the twenty-first century. Islam and Christianity have the largest followings. Buddhism and Hinduism also have considerable followings. Judaism has an influence of its own. If we expect a universal revival toward the end of time, then this requires, as a preliminary condition, that thse great religions cooperate on the essentials that they have in common.

We have no doubt about the truth of our values. We urge no one to join us, and I think that no one conceives of urging us to join their religion. The Qur’an made a universal call of dialogue to the followers of other heavenly religions. Unfortunately, however, the centuries following this call saw conflict and quarrels rather than dialogue and mutual understanding. Our time is the time of addressing intellects and hearts, an undertaking that requires a peaceful atmosphere with mutual trust and respect. At first glance, the conditions of the Hudaybiya Treaty seemed unacceptable to the Companions. However, the Qur’an described it as an opening, because in the peaceful atmosphere engendered by this treaty, the doors of hearts were opened to Islamic truths. We have no intention to conquer lands or peoples, but we are resolved to contribute to world peace and a peaceful order and harmony by which our old world will find a last happiness before its final destruction.


* http://meria.biu.ac.il/journal/2000/issue4/jv4n4a4.html


* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fethullah_G%C3%BClen

Fethullah Gülen
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Philosophy and activities

Gülen’s published works in the 1990s advocated dialogue among communities and faiths, tolerance, and acceptance of others.[8] He personally met with religious leaders, including Pope John Paul II, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomeos, and Israeli Sephardic Head Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron.[9]

According to Gülen his theological views lie solidly within the Turkish Sunni mainstream while being more responsive to modern world than other Islamic movements[citation needed]. It should be noted, however, he has also adopted the views and mystical tradition of founder of the Nur (light) movement, Said Nursi, as evident in his highly emotional sermons.

Gülen claims the modern world is plagued by individuals’ lack of faith, and in particular, the failure adopt scientific methods while preserving moral values and belief in God.[citation needed] Gülen argues that faith can be scientifically proven, and science benefits from or requires a moral foundation from religion.[citation needed]

He has guided his supporters to open about 500 educational institutions in more than 90 countries in Eurasia, Africa and North America.[10][11]

[edit] Gülen movement

Gülen movement consists of volunteer based organizations which are ideologically connected into a network by the leadership of Gülen.[12] The movement is run by volunteers, who most of the time were educated or received support from the institutions founded by the movement. The volunteers run more than a thousand schools all over the world. There is a school almost in every country of the world. In these schools children from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds are educated by mainly Turkish educators. It has founded universities of its own, an employers’ association[citation needed], unions[citation needed], and hundreds of sub-organizations, lobby groups, and student bodies. The movement as a whole counts several hundred thousand of members, making it one of the largest Islamic movements in Turkey.[13]

One of the main caracteristic of the movement is that; it is faith-oriented but not faith-limited. There are many Christians, even at the community leadership level, in several countries feel themselves close to or inspired by the movement.


Gülen is a highly controversial figure in Turkey. Despite his large number of followers and significant influence in Turkish society and politics, he has been living in the US for several years. While his followers and a significant part of Turkish society respects him as a humanistic figure at the service of Islam, a large fraction of society perceives him as a significant threat who aims to transform the country’s secular system, allegedly by gaining followers in high places and brainwashing school children[14].

In 1998 a scandal developed in which Gülen was claimed to have urged his followers in the judiciary and public service to “work patiently to take control of the state.”[15] Several months before this scandal broke, Gülen had moved to the United States, apparently to receive better treatment for his severe health problems (he suffers from diabetes and a range of its side effects) though some allege that this move was made to avoid his standing trial in person. In 2000 Gülen was prosecuted for inciting his followers to plot the overthrow of Turkey’s secular government. He was acquitted in 2006.[16]

The authenticity of the tapes used in the scandal are debated. Gülen himself explained that the footage in question was completely taken out of context (he was giving advice to a group of official employees who felt marginalized by other groups within the state system that wanted them gone), and that he can’t be judged for intents, only deeds.[17] Accordingly, he advised them that they should not relinquish their careers out of religious fervour but that they should remain in order to do good for the people, even if this meant not practicing their religion in the open. However, critics of Gülen argue, Gülen’s own writings, some of which is quoted below, are in accordance with the ideas mentioned in the tapes; he pushes to make Islam the guiding principle in society while at the same time advising his followers caution and an embracing attitude until the conditions are ripe[4].

Gülen’s appeal to various ideological strands in Turkey differs. His supporters probably constitute the most influential Islamic movement in Turkey both for its human and financial capital. Various other shades of the Islamic movement and conservative segments of society are generally sympathetic to him. His detractors are mostly in the nationalistic wing of the secularists, critical of his alleged affinity for a theocratic society and his ties to the US. For the elites, the ranks are broken by certain liberals, who point out that Gülen’s group, at least in its public representation, has proven to be most willing to evolve and most open to international influence.

Due to its spearheading westernization and secularization since the late Ottoman era, and later founding the secular republic under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the army has always viewed Islamic movements with suspicion and since the 1980s has identified Gülen’s group as a threat to the republic. In 1986, a military court revealed Gülen’s supporters had infiltrated the military academy and the group was purged[5]. From then on, the Turkish army has repeatedly alleged that Gülen tries to infitrate its ranks and pressured politicians to take action against Gülen[6][7]. In response, Gülen has praised the army publicly various times and attempted to allay its fears about the group’s intentions, but the tension remained [8].

Gülen was widely criticized in 2004 when he, in contrast with his public calls for tolerance, commented that he considered terrorism to be equally despicable as atheism.[18] In a follow-up interview he declared he did not intent to equate athesists and murderers; rather, he wanted to highlight the fact that according Islam both were destined to suffer eternal punishment in hell.[9] Gülen does not deny the idea that there is Islamist terrorism,[19] that is, he agrees that such terrorism exists but argues that Islamist (a violent deviation from the true path) is not Islamic or Muslim, and has written an article in response to the September 11 attacks[20] saying:

We condemn in the strongest of terms the latest terrorist attack on the United States of America, and feel the pain of the American people at the bottom of our hearts.[21]

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