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Posted: Feb 18 2008, 12:34 AM


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Dear truth-seeking friendsI’ve been waiting to see what direction the producing of evidence against Leo Zagami was to take in the wake of recent consternation regarding the (Jesuit) company that he keeps based around a photo that he himself put out. So far there has been NONE: ZERO & this is a very important point.

Zagami may be a bit of a joker, but he is not stupid. Why did HE (& no-one else) put out that pic of himself with a Jesuit, a year after his claimed defection from the P2 & the Illuminati? We’re not unquestioning, naive Alex Jones fans, & he would almost certainly have realized that questions would be asked with the release of that picture. So let them be asked & be answered fully & thoroughly. I’d hope that we’re all in favour of giving the man a chance to speak for himself & to have a fair hearing. Perhaps it WAS that old classic move of (not) discreetly (enough) “mocking the victim”, but let’s have an open & reasonable forum on the matter? If Leo wishes to defend himself, then let’s at least provide some dignified circumstances under which he may do so.

Maybe Leo is still working for the other side, but none of us know for sure do we? What response was Leo expecting in putting that pic out is more to the point & one that he should be prepared to answer in full. I don’t think any of us are in a position to know which Jesuit is beyond redemption & which isn’t, so rightly we should be suspicious of all & all who associate with them. This is not the same as assigning absolute guilt to someone. Otherwise, we’d never trust the bulk of Alberto’s testimony.

Who else has ever deliberately “outed” themselves in such a manner? For the time being I don’t buy it as conclusive of anything, my personal internal jury is out for the moment.

Some quarters suspect that Leo is utilizing a strategy of discrediting the “Vatican created Islam” scenario in order to gain Islamic converts. Numerically speaking, it’s the most ineffective Islamic conversion programme that I can think of. Zagami, if he is an Islamic recruiting agent, should be fired.

Alberto Rivera said that Cardinal Bea declared that the Vatican created Islam & this was the story that Alberto put forth in “the Prophet” (number 6 of Chick Publications’ Alberto series). As we know, Cardinal Bea was the source for Alberto’s story on the formation of Islam. The principle of operating on a “need-to-know” extends all the way down from the Jesuit Superior General to the Entered Apprentice Mason. So even within the 4th Vow there would be heirarchical, compartmented knowledge.

How about this? All Jesuits get fed the “Vatican created Islam” story, totally at odds with virtually every other a/c on the matter, as a SELF-DISCREDITING MECHANISM, should they go public, as did Alberto, regarding the Jesuits occult nature NWO control?

This makes total sense & knowing the genius of the Jesuits & also bearing in mind that the intell agencies do a similar thing w/ the ET/UFO thing, as Cooper came to realise later on.

I believe Alberto was 100% legit, but I do say this: these are a devious bunch & if Bea thought that telling Rivera (& who knows how many other young Jesuits) that the Vatican formed Islam, then it may well have been to kill in-the-womb, any combined effort between Islam & Bible-believing Christians to take a united stand against the Vatican system.

As we well know, many different factions within Christendom combined to really bring the Reformation into full swing. How much more would the Vatican fear it’s two biggest (numerical) enemies to unite against it from without? And why believe what Bea told Alberto? Even Rivera was operating on a need-to-know basis. IMO, Alberto was legit, yet anyone in his position would still be capable of being deceived by their superiors.

Cardinal Bea was capable of lying to Alberto about anything, possibly including the origin of Islam. I’ll reiterate that even if this was the case, that Alberto has not intentionally deceived on anything regarding his story. Leo hasn’t debunked Alberto, he states the above situation: Bea deceived, as far as I recall. This affects the rest of Alberto’s story non one jot.

I can’t recall where Leo stated that he got the info on Bea’s story being apocryphal, perhaps it was from his high-level Sufi sources & not from Roman sources. The argument being put forward that a Jesuit of the 4th Vow would always no more than someone in Zagami’s claimed position(s) is not necessarily true.

Now as I understand it, not all Jesuits (i.e. not all of those below the 4th Vow) are part of the NWO plan. Alberto wasn’t was he? No, he was apalled when he discovered that high-Jesuitism was one & the same as high-Masonry.

I must say that it strikes me as more than ironic that up till the recent releasing of this photo of Leo with a Jesuit, all of the internet allegations on various threads (vaken.se & others) have focussed around the belief that Zagami is a crazed, attention-seeking fantasist & that all of his Memphis & Misraim Freemasonry, Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua & Ordo Templi Orientis documents were fakes, supposedly backed up with other documents which supposedly proved that signatory Nicholaj Frisvold was kicked out of or had left the Memphis & Misraim/F.R.A./O.T.O. circles by the time that Leo’s documents were dated.

Now we are claiming the polar opposite: that indeed this photo that he has released, when viewed with others that he has used to verify his P2 & Illuminati links, like the photo of him with P2’s Ezio Giunchiglia at what is presumably the latter’s home, is declared to be proof that he not only was, but indeed still part of the New World Order secret society network. This remarkable turnaround in events is due to Leo HIMSELF emailing this photo.

I don’t believe in declaring people guilty until proven, or as close to as possible. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he can’t justify his actions adequately, then that is another matter. For the moment, I’m holding tight. It would be more fruitful focussing on what points of any of his info any of us believe to be false.

In truth & awareness –


NOTE: For more on the Bea/Rivera/Zagami/Islam/Vatican question see this very important thread:


The focus of this thread is the “Islam created by Rome” story attributed to Cardinal Bea. Note that no-one below is asserting that Rivera was doing anything other than repeating what Bea told him about his matter & that this does NOT affect Alberto’s integrity. The “Cardinal Bea, an alleged Zionist agent” statement is unfortunate distraction, as we know that Labor Zionism that created & controls Israel is ultimately subject to Rome & not vice versa. That shouldn’t divert consideration given to the many points raised & arguments put forth. There are some thoughts that are well worth considering here I feel.

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