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It is interesting to note that Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri of the terrorist P2 Masonic lodge is head of the Rotary Club at the United Nations in New York, as well as being involved with E-Pol internet police & MSGI Security Solutions, Inc. & has no doubt benefitted from the sales of his patented airline security systems sales in the wake of 9/11.




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Giorgio Balestrieri – Rotary Club of New York at the United Nations – International Division Chairman

Rotary Club of New York Board of Directors

International Service Division (Rotarians Action Group of the NYRC) Chair & Board Liaison

Rotarians Action Group of the RCNY at the UN Forum for PEACE & UNDERSTANDING [!] (Balestrieri – Pedde)

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E-POL is led by Giorgio H. Balestrieri, Chairman & Founder, and Stephen B. Haggerty, Chief Executive Officer and Director. Commander Balestrieri brings his vast strategic and tactical airport security expertise, solid international contacts and his worldwide business development capabilities. He pioneered the total airport security concept and developed the SLA-C4I System.
Complementing their E-POL Group roles; Giorgio H. Balestrieri will function within the MSGI [MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.] organization as Vice President, International Business Development, Steve Haggerty will be Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, and they will be joined by Kaan Soyak, Director of Broader Middle East Operations.

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Author of “SLA-C41 Multifunctional Cross-Border Airport Security System” the 6th Chapter of “Terrorism: Defensive Strategies for Individuals, Companies and Governments” edited by Lawrence J. Hogan (published by Amlex, October 1 2001)




*** CONTINUING EXISTENCE OF P2: (See Pp. 224-242)

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*** BALESTRIERI & 9/11:

Excerpted from “Who Really Controls The 9/11 Truth Conferences And Are Americans Really Getting The Full Story? (Speculation abounds about who really caused 9/11, but why is the Vatican/Jesuit connection conveniently left out of the debate in big conferences like Chicago and the upcoming one this month in Arizona?)” by Greg Szymanski, 14 Feb 2007

If we are only in the speculation stage of getting at the true 9/11 culprits after five long years, then the question must be asked why have the so-called experts and 9/11 truth seekers and speakers in these conferences never bothered to speculate about Vatican involvement.

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? And is the bad side or the good side really controlling the public debate about 9/11.

For example, recently a former high-level Illuminati member of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge, Leo Zagami, who defected 4 months ago to tell the truth about Vatican and Jesuit involvement in the New World Order and destruction of America, presented inside information regarding some of the perpetrators of 9/11.

Zagami stated he had personal knowledge that the Jesuit Order (Jesuit Gen. Fr. Pete Hans Kolvenbach), the Gladio intelligence pysops group, Licio Gelli (former Masonic P2 leader in Italy and good friend of Ronald Reagan, Commandant Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri (now the head of the New York Rotary Club) and former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as well as NY Cardinal Eagan, all had prior knowledge and were instrumental in planning and carrying out 9/11.

Here is what Zagami recently said about Balestrieri:

“Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, ATTIVO 907 P2 LODGE, now a proud American citizen!

“Check for yourself on the internet and you will be surprised to see one of the present New York Rotary Club Directors registered as a member of the infamous P2 Lodge, and if you bring your research a bit further you will also find is involvement with the illegal arms trade in the port of Livorno in the 70’s!

“So Welcome to the International Service Division of the Rotary Club of New York’s Newsletter for proud satanic slaves and Directors of the New World Order

“Here is a recent Newsletter sent out by Balestrieri:

Welcoming Note and Listing of Articles:

The International Service Division of the Rotary Club of New York is delighted to present this newsletter in order to demonstrate the commitment and continuing support of Rotary to the United Nations and its Millennium Development Goals. This newsletter will also serve as a platform for information and dialogue between all Rotarians who are interested in the programs of the United Nations and in contributing towards achieving its goals. We invite you to share your experiences from collaboration in projects between Rotary and the United Nations. Also, all Rotarians are invited to attend the NY Rotary International Breakfast Meetings which are scheduled on the third Wednesday of every month and held at the German House located at 871 United Nations Plaza (49th St. and First Ave). These meeting provide an opportunity for Rotarians to stay informed regarding United Nation programs and to exchange views on related topics with UN officials and representatives of its member states.

Yours in Rotary Service

Com.te Dott. Giorgio H. Balestrieri

Chairman, International Service Division

Director, The Rotary Club of New York

[PS: Dont mention GLADIO please …]

Zagami added:

“Americans need to investigate deeply the names I mentioned (above) and you will find out who really caused 9/11,” said Zagami Tuesday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal on the Republic Broadcasting Network at

“Balestrieri, who now has American citizenship, is a key link between the Vatican, Jesuit Order and the U.S. government in many illegal activities, including 9/11 and illegal arms dealing. He has much experience in pysops operations, heading up the sales of arms in the 1970’s from the Italian port of Livorno.

“He now heads up the New York Rotary Club, which I call the robbery club, and is connected with Giuliani, Bush and the others, as well as helping the Vatican and Jesuit Order with the upcoming Pope’s Crusade.

“Americans, wake-up! I know these people, including Gelli and others, were all involved in planning 9/11 because I heard it myself. This is what should be discussed in your 9/11 conferences, but I know they are sending agents controlled by the Vatican to keep this discussion off the table.”

And Zagami makes a good point. Why isn’t the Vatican ever discussed in connection with being involved in causing 9/11? Why? Perhaps because someone is paying people to make sure the connection isn’t made!

Lastly, ask why at the end of the day when the Arizona conference is completed why Vatican speculation is left out? Better yet, ask why the “bigshots’ of the 9/11 movement (and you know who they are) leave the Vatican story completely out of the picture?

Ask these questions and someday the truth may be told and people like Donna Marsh-O’Conner, who lost her pregnant 24-year-old daughter running for her life out of the South Tower, may someday get justice by bringing the real 9/11perpetrators and mass murderers before the American people.

For, without question, Marsh-O’Conner and others who lost their loved ones on that tragic day deserve better then what these 9/11 conferences have to offer, Further, family members who lost loved ones could care less what trail finally leads to the true perpetrators of 9/11 even if all roads finally lead to the doorstep of the Vatican and the White House.

Greg Szymanski


Leo: It’s a pleasure to be on your show today Greg, to unveil a bit the situation to the American public, which it’s the first time I’m talking to, and I hope they open their ears because I don’t know for how long we will have the possibility of such freedom of speech, if things get really out of hand in America, but not only in America because by having a corrupt nation such as the United States in charge of the United Nations, now we have basically a corrupt world. This corrupt world in which unfortunately it’s impossible to really find a way to be honest if you don’t really front this demon which is present in all of us, which is the demon of matter. We are bound to matter, the moment in which we renounce to that matter, we say well I don’t care about the cash you might provide to me, and then you are free, and you feel so, like I am today, to say what is really the plan and what is really the situation going on in the upper and higher levels of the Illuminati.

Greg: Tell us a little bit about your background, and then lead us up to some of your experiences of the Vatican and things like that.

Leo: Yes, I’m quite young. The thing is quite young, I mean for an Illuminat, I mean for the Illuminat born in the aristocracy, actually you start from when you are a kid, really. To be brought up in certain situations, and knowing certain truths, so by the time you are 20 you are already ready for an initiation that will change your life. I took this initiation when I was 23, I was in Rome. It was a specific day in the history of Freemasonry, quite a sad one; which was the 13th of April 1993. This day, the Grand Master, Di Bernardo, [Giuliano di Bernardo] of the Grand Orient of Italy, because of the P2 scandal, declared the Grand Orient of Italy irregular by accusing them of being corrupt, and he himself walked out, forming his new obedience. In that day, I was initiated by another Sicilian gentleman, known as Prince Alliata [H.R.H. Gianfranco Alliata di Monreale]. This initiation took place “on the sword” as we say in the Masonic terms, meaning it wasn’t the classic inititation you give when you go through the ritual, but because it’s through aristocrats they give it to you “on the sword”.

Later on though, I wanted to prove myself as a Mason and I wanted to know a bit more about this situation going on worldwide because coming from Italy I saw that really the reasons were to be searched in Italy for all the evil problems that was going on around in the world, but not only. So I wanted to see what was going on around and I was very lucky to choose the path of the arts by deciding to be a DJ; a record producer, it gave me the possibility it gave me the possibility of travelling for many years unnoticed to the public.

And at that time, I visited lodges, I worked within the Illuminati organisation trying to understand it. That was a way for me to save my fellow brothers of this organisation from this great evil. Because, you don’t have to, like some of you actually have in view of in some documentaries and in some documents; it’s true, most of the Masons in the lower levels are mislead. And the ones who start seeing the real light, are often thrown out of the organisation or, because they pose a threat. Obviously, if the person is himself from within the aristocratic bloodlines, then at that point the situation is a bit different, because then they want you to be in the leader’s position of these rites of Freemasonry, which–

Greg: Tell us about your mother’s bloodline and your father’s bloodline before we go into the break.

Leo: My name is Leo Lyon Zagami, but my grandmother from my father’s side is Marchesa di Gregorio, basically. The family di Gregorio goes back to Frederick II of the second Roman empire. Frederick II ‘Barbarossa’ as we know him in Sicily [Frederick II of Hohenstaufen]. And basically, as you will know, Frederic II was part of that nobility from the Holy Roman empire that actually posed quite a threat to the temporal power of the pope himself. And they were the ones in charge from, they left from Germany where they still, you can see in the cathedral of Koln, on the floor of the cathedral the symbol of my family. And they went to Sicily to protect and bring up, as tutors, this great emperor that after actually waged war against Rome, and was only stopped in “Tagliacozzo,” So he nearly united Europe, but not quite. From there on, the family stayed there in Sicily, and obviously had posts of importance in all the various orders of knighthood, including the Knights of Malta.

Leo: It’s quite a long story. It’s really intricate and I hope that the people at least understand that this is a web of diabolical proportions; whereby either you study for many years all the systems and rites and sects and whatever, or otherwise you’re not gonna get a grip of it all. What we do in Freemasonry at the high level, is to have a perception of the whole system of what we call the Western Initiatic System, which I also think has been decadent for quite a long time. That’s why we don’t really have any true masters here in the west, that can claim to do the things they were doing 100-150-200 years ago, whatever. This decadence has started right with the Illuminati, which was born with a guy who was totally involved with the Jesuits, and obviously we know his name – Adam Weishaupt – and his “Spartacus” inside name, which was later used by the communist organization of the same name in Germany. Because what I think you, unfortunately I sent you a document about it, but it’s in Italian and it’s a bit complicated for you to translate it now, but I will do it myself soon.

The catastrophe of it all is that at the beginning the Illuminati order was founded with a belief that things could change actually for the better, but because Weishaupt and the Jesuits were actually totally involved in the black arts, and they were actually themselves Atheists at heart, because I think that nowadays we can all say very clearly that most Satanists are Atheists at heart, that’s the big problem. They don’t even believe in a Satan, they just believe in nothing, and that philosophy took over, in 1782 actually Baron Knigge [Adolf von Knigge, close associate of Weishaupt] who had made the rituals of the Illuminati, he was a great initiate, he left them. He saw that they were going on the dark side, so the problem which I wish to point out here is that not all European aristocrats are corrupt. Obviously the ones that are corrupt prevailed, because they accepted money from the usual suspects and thus the Jews linked to the Sionist plot, because not all Jews are the same, but the ones who have devized the Sionist plot are on top of it all. They are the finance of the situation, the Jesuits are the mind, let’s say, of the situation, because they want to control the mind of the people. Don’t want to ask me something specifically Greg, which might interrest the American people in the situation?

Greg: Well yes it’s a fantastic background here what you’re giving us and that is the Jesuits, the Vatican. You’ve come out very strongly regarding these organisations, the Jesuits, the Vatican.

Leo: Well because I belonged to them, and I belonged to them until I understood that really there was no hope for their souls. In what I was mentioning earlier, the conference of “San Cerbone” that took place on the third of June [2006], near Pisa, the problem was really that, that I reiterated, that the maneuvers that the “Grand Orient of France” did in 1870 when they went Atheist and they let the Atheists inside their lodges, was just like the final chapter of the dissolution of true Masonic Christian belief, if there was one at the beginning.

Greg: Let’s get back to this, you were actually still involved with them, as just recently as of June, you were at the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge. You were a 33rd degree mason. Tell us about what happened there in June, at that meeting.

Leo: At that meeting basically everything was, I arrived from Monte Carlo where I had been a few days at the house of Ezio Giunchiglia, who is the second in command after Licio Gelli who was also involved in this tragedy in Bologna, but who after seven months was absolved and he now is clear of all, by legal, at least in legal ways. But at the end of the day, who these people were working for, let’s be clear to the American public. These people were working for your intelligence. This is “Gladio,” this is an American creation. Obviously the mind can come, the spiritual mind can come from the Vatican because the American, the United States government, searches for a blessing in this New World Order which they have had since their foundations with the Illuminati, and that blessings needs to be always present. Now the important, like another important element you know was Marcinkus [Former head of Vatican Bank, Paul Marcinkus] who died just recently in Sun City, Arizona. And until actually his death he was still considered though, by the Monte Carlo Lodge, an important character. Even if the Vatican officially said he died poor and left on the side of the situation.

Greg: So you’re saying that cardinal Marcinkus, the former head of the “Vatican Bank” who has just recently died in Phoenix, was a member of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge.

Leo: Yes, and what I can assure you that because I mean, being an insider of the lodge, I saw who the brothers were, who they were not. What I can tell you about Marcinkus, and what I can tell you at least about the people at his level, in the Vatican, who belonged to such lodges of Illuminati, is that we called them “brothers at the ear” meaning that when the grand master calls, they recognize the voice and they know that the orders come from the ear, but no trace is ever left on paper. These are not the ordinary Masons that go in lodges, wear aprons and do the whole show, no no no. These are people in charge of very powerful posts, that Freemasonry has, in fact Licio Gelli, at the time when he founded then, well P2 was already Christian, but then he founded his own P2 because he went on even after in the Grand Orient it was an internal war.

Greg: Now you knew Licio Gelli, correct?

Leo: Licio Gelli was, I started you see in my art world I was a DJ. I worked in 1988 for a club that belonged to a member of the P2, and through that, and I was living in Arezzo [Toscana], as you know Licio Gelli is living there in Villa Wanda. And I got in contact then directly to him, and through also a person that I was involved with personally, at a sentimental level at the time. And after that, Licio Gelli was, let’s say a person which I knew about, but I didn’t want to be too close. It was actually later, when I was actually wanting to really sort out this situation.

Greg: I’m back with my guest Leo Zagami, and Leo; your mother didn’t want you to go forward with this information. She feared for your life, and then she heard about what happened to you and now she’s behind you, your efforts to tell the truth. But anyway, you decided, you broke, what you told me you broke with anything to connect you with the American Illuminati in 2003, and then with the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge in 2006. And now..

Leo: Well, the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge just didn’t want to let me go, they offered me anything possible. The latest offer that I was about to say before, was that they wanted me to even have a lodge inside the United Nations. So, I mean an “Ordo Illiminatorum Universalis” lodge supported by commandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri who is a P2 member – which you can find also on the internet if you want – a registered P2-member who is the founder and chairman of board of the “E-POL group,” [E-POL Group, Inc.] and vice president, international development, of MSGI security solutions. Now MSGI security. [MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.]

Greg: He’s an American citizen too, right?

Leo: Yes, he’s an American citizen now because in the 70’s he was convicted even, well convicted, convicted. In Italy they convict you one day the day after you are out. He was basically suspected of being part of this whole weapon conspi– thing that was going on obviously in Livorno. Because in Livorno you have also the military base of Livorno and he was a captain there at the time, and he was coordinating for Ezio Giunchiglia who is the second in command of the P2 Lodge, who also, as I said before ended up in prison for a period. And yes, he was after this scandal of the P2, his name was cleared, obviously very cleared, because he ended up in the United States, living in New York and becoming the director of the Rotary Club in New York, which has also a special office in the United Nations.

So this is the kind of people that you have as directors of one of the most important institutions in the United States that should be dealing with morals, moral values. I don’t see them. Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri reports, because he’s part of MSGI security solutions, inc. to Joseph C. Peters. Joseph C. Peters served president George W. Bush as assistant director of the white house drug policy office, commonly referred to as the “drug tsar office.” Well, my dear friends, Commandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri deals very closely also with drug dealers, P2 drug dealers in South America, well known who have immense power in Freemasonry. Like the “Regular Grand Lodge of England,” of the so-called “Duke of Gabinda Rui Gabirro,” known as “Mafuka” for the secret police. A character that uses a lodge in Cancun, Mexico, called “Ha-shem No.39” to deliver cocaine into the U.S. This cocaine is flown by airplanes, and he says to us in the lodge; it’s all regular folks, because you know, until we throw it, then it’s legal. It’s international up there in the skies, you know. This is the kind of people you have, so just to let you know.

Greg: Now the connection, just so Americans know, I just wanted to make this connection between the Vatican, the jesuits here, and our government and why we Americans should not allow these people to do business as they’re doing. Tell us, because you know something; people may say, well they do this in Italy but not here. But I know you know otherwise.

Leo: The problem is that you can’t change anything until this whole lobby connected to irregular now freemasonry, because I judge now the world of freemasonry as irregular, very few freemasons in my eyes are regular in the world. Connected then to more powerful lobbies on top, but everything is directed then spiritually by the jesuit order, but this, you’re not gonna, I mean there is a web that is too powerful. How are you gonna front it Greg?

Greg: Yeah.

Leo: What you gonna do? This guy Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, do you know who he is? He is the guy who has made the patents, and I can give you the number of the patents here if you want, on your security in the airports. And he’s the guy who has made the document, number 55366 on June 13, 1990 called “Terrorism, defensive strategies for individual companies and governments.” The book written prior 9-11 brings together some of the country’s leading experts on terrorism, from the government, police department and universities as well as computer, medical, biological and chemical specialists. Library of congress control number 2001132013 eisbn 0-9659174-5-2, copyright 2001. This is your government! Americans!

Greg: Yeah, I see what you mean.

Leo: The situation is that obviously there is a tradition going on in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This tradition goes back to the fact that the Jesuits helped establishing what is known as the “Holy Office,” which was the continuation of the Holy Inquisition, that before was in the hands of the Dominicans. The Jesuits are traditionally the ones who really come in when they have to do some big maneuvers, and there is a man of responsibility that has to do something really, quite heavy. And in this period, definitely, the Church has to front many problems, not least also the problem of the Vatican bank, because there has been a lot of internal problems, and they are– have been exposed several times as being a bunch– a bunch of crooks, basically. And this is obviously, not a very spiritual thing. What I actually, what you told me before we went into commercial, was to talk about the link Balestrieri – Cossiga [Former Italian president Francesco Cossiga] and then obviously, the Vatican. Because this is the link, really, which is very important if you want to study, the link between the Illuminati and the Jesuits, there is one specific man in Italy who is responsible, and that man is Cossiga. Francesco Cossiga comes from a family of Freemasons, of Illuminatis from Sardinia for many centuries, also involved in the Knights Templar. And, but he never became a freemason, and he said that openly because he’s a catholic. And that’s because he is in reality the great puppet master of the Italian “Gladio.” He is the one who was also exposed at one point for this link, because he can take exposure, I mean at the end of the day, Cossiga is really a man of even many more talents than myself. [laughs]

And so, Cossiga directs Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri arrives on the third of June at this secret meeting in San Cerboni. And basically, I don’t agree with the decisions made by Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, that once again is trying to bring the whole of this Illuminati gatherings always under the influence of the Sionist lobby. And he wants to give, as a name for the “Universal Unity,” because Universal Unity was this website that I also denounced on my own website, it’s now shut down. It belonged to the Illuminati, if you want to check it yourself this website was, and this website has been closed down now because it contained some knowledge, which I’m gonna probably bring forward in the next few weeks. Because I have it print in some book but it has to be obviously put down on format for the computer, but basically this is the book of the New World Order. It contains, you will see, 33 protocols, that talk about what is known in Italy as “Unita Mundiale.” Unita Mundiale, “without frontiers,” one single currency, and I understood that this situation with Universal Unity started to be a bit really for me totally unacceptable, even to be there, even to see what was going on. Because they wanted to call the Universal Unity award, because they wanted to issue an award after opening an office with the support of the Rotary-club in New York– in New York at the United Nations. Basically they wanted to issue this “Yitzhak Rabin” award for the Universal Unity, so these were the plans that they had in mind, and I also at this point felt really that the Jesuits had taken over. Because I will bring also forward in the next few weeks, the evidence I have regarding the participation to this meeting of the Grand master of the Rectified Scottish Rite in Italy. That as we said before, is a 33rd degree high representative of the Scottish Rite who is promoting this system for the Jesuits, involving also Protestant priests, Italian Protestant priests. Because they then can corrupt the Italian Protestant priests using this specific rite of Freemasonry, which is very Christian, at least apparently. But in reality, behind closed doors is always the usual people doing the usual things and manipulating everybody using the esoteric cards.


I. PERSONAL DATA NAME (Last, First & Middle)
400 East 71st Street (Apt. 6 J) New York, NY 10021 USA
Telephone / Fax / E Mail
(212) 288 3949 / (212) 439 6007 /
Place / Date of Birth
Fauglia (Pisa) Italy / September 29, 1943
USA / New York City (US Passport Number 112349238 — Exp. Jun 2010)
English (Fluent) Italian (Fluent) French (Very Good Conversational and Business) Spanish (Working knowledge Read/Understand) Arabic (Minimal knowledge)
Italian Navy Commanding School/Captain of a Combat Ship (1977); Italian Navy postgraduate degree in Telecommunications — Accademia Navale di Livorno at the Universita‖ di Pisa (1974); A graduate of the “Accademia Navale di Livorno”, the ‖Elite” Italian Navy College at the Universita‖ di Pisa — Dottore in Scienze Marittime e Navali — Classe delle Lauree delle Scienze della Difesa e della Sicurezza (‖Corso Kon-Tiki” Class of 1968 see HYPERLINK Educated at the Don Bosco Salesians Institute in Alexandria Egypt (1949 1961).
III. SUMMARY Com.te Dott. Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of The E-POL Group, Inc. and Vice President International Business Development of MSGI Security Solution Inc. (NASDQ: MSGI). A former Navy Officer, graduate of the Italian Navy Commanding School and of the Accademia Navale di Livorno – Universita‖ di Pisa: ‖Dottore in Scienze Marittime e Navali” Difesa e Sicurezza (Defense/Security Sciences) has been a Team Partner of Security Management International until the retirement of its President Arthur W. ‖Mick” Donahue. Commander Balestrieri has over 40 years experience: Sixteen years experience in NATO and National operations, including Captain of a Combat Ship and as the Operational Consultant for the Navy R&D Institute; twenty-five years in the strategic planning, evaluation and implementation of advanced technologies in complex cross border security systems. Fluent in English, Italian and French, with a good knowledge of Spanish, he has taken over 130 overseas trips in the last fifteen years supporting the efforts of small, medium and major international corporations in Europe (Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, UK); Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa); Middle East (Saudi Arabia); Central and South America (Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela); Asia and Emerging Market Economy Countries (Bangladesh, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and Ukraine). Commander Balestrieri is a Life Member and Past-President of the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association New York Founders’ Chapter (AFCEA International); a member of the Advisory Board of SATCON; a member of ASIS (NY Chapter) and for several years of the ASTM F12 Committee on Security Systems and Equipment. He pioneered the total airport security concept with the design of the Intelligent Airport Security System (IASS) for “facilitation & security” in airport operations. In 1985 the design included passenger and baggage reconciliation (with positive passenger identification), leading to today’s SR-A2 version of the SLA C4I the Multifunctional Sea-Land & Airport Cross Border Management System published in Chapter VI of the book ‖TERRORISM: Defensive Strategies for Individuals, Companies & Governments”. The book, written prior 9/11, brings together some of the Country’s leading experts on terrorism from the governments, police department, and universities as well as computer, medical, biological and chemical specialists. He recently redesigned EDICS, the “Explosives and Drugs Interdiction and Control System” integrating advanced non invasive inspection technologies and methodologies to detect weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The updated EDICS makes the best use of state of the art systems such as the electronic manifest for passengers and cargo, and the “Method of tagging and detecting drugs, crops, chemical compounds and currency with Perfluorocarbons tracers” — Balestrieri US Patent 5409839. Com.te Dott. Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri is a Senior Sustaining Member of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce (Established in 1887) and a Director of the Rotary Club of New York, the “Host Club of America and the United Nations” (Founded in 1909). As the Chairman of the International Service Division of the Rotary was the recipient of numerous “Special Service Awards” from various NY Rotary Presidents. On February 24, 2004 he received from the Ambassador of Madagascar the Paul Harris Award for creating and supporting the United Nations Public and Private Alliance for Rural Development. The unique leadership and communication skills of ‖Giorgio” include his ability to interact and be well received at the highest political, diplomatic and corporate level.
IV. DISCLOSURES, PUBLICATIONS & PATENTS SLA-C4I (SEA, LAND, AIR-C4I — Disclosure Document No.255366 on Jun. 13 1990): Integrates security subsystems which collate data on the movement of passengers, baggage, personnel, cargo on any given harbor, border crossing or airport. The SLA-C4I the Multifunctional Sea-Land & Airport Cross-Border Management System was published in Chapter VI of the book ‖TERRORISM: DEFENSIVE STRATEGIES FOR INDIVIDUALS, COMPANIES & GOVERNMENTS”. The book, written prior 9/11, brings together some of the Country’s leading experts on terrorism from the governments, police department, and universities as well as computer, medical, biological and chemical specialists. Library of Congress Control Number 2001-132013, ISBN 0-9659174-5-2, Copyright © 2001. PLCM/PS (Passenger Luggage Correlation Management / Portable System — Disclosure Document No.237001 on Oct. 10, 1989): A portable system that matches passengers and luggage of an airline in any airport not equipped with fixed systems. Today‖s version provides the electronic manifest of passengers at the gate. VI-PASS (Visa and Passport control and Security System — Disclosure Document No.217687 on Jan. 13, 1989): The system provides authorities with intelligent identification of all visa and passport holders. Today‖s version provides the electronic manifest of passengers, with computer data exploitation capabilities for facial matching/recognition, tracking of terrorists and dangerous individuals. EDICS (Explosive, Drugs Interdiction and Control System — Disclosure Document No.217673 on Jan 13, 1989): Part of the SLA-C4I and described in above mentioned book, EDICS is an electronic corridor combining advanced detection technologies, x-rays systems, metal detectors and confirmation sensors. NAVSS (Navigation Management and Security System — Disclosure Document No. 220698 on Feb. 24, 1989): An Automatic Aircraft (and Airport Mobile Equipment) Position Reporting, Performance Management and Navigation Control. TRACER: Tagging of Drugs, Crops, Chemicals and Money with Perfluorocarbons tracers (PFTs) for the detection, identification and tracking of illicit drug related activities, production facilities and substances (co author with J. Fraser and N. Kaish in 1993). Two year later (April 25, 1995) awarded a patent for a ‖Method of tagging and detecting drugs, crops chemical compounds and currency with Perfluorocarbons tracers” — Balestrieri/Kaish US Patent 5409839. V. REFERENCE
Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri reports to Joseph C. Peters, Esq. the President of MSGI Security Solutions, Inc. ( HYPERLINK “” Mr. Peters served President George W. Bush as the Assistant Deputy Director of the White House’s Drug Policy Office – commonly referred to as the Drug Czar’s Office. There his duties included supervision of the country’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Program. Mr. Peters also served as the Drug Czar’s Liaison to the White House Office of Homeland Security and Governor Tom Ridge. Previously, Mr. Peters joined the Clinton White House, to direct the country’s 26 HIDTA’s, with an annual budget of a quarter billion dollars. Mr. Peters consults to national and international law enforcement organizations on narco-terrorism and related intelligence and prosecution issues (e-mail: HYPERLINK “”

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