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Real Name: Leo Zagami
Profile: With his first release on Tummy Touch mere moments away (the diablo-funk-groove melange that is The Magickal Childe), it seems appropriate to offer up some background on our most unusual Italian friend to date, Leo Young.
Stamped through with all the hallmarks of a spiral-eyed, baby-eating loonball, Leo’s history is nothing if not colourful.
Kicking off his DJing career through the unlikely medium of catholic church radio stations in his native Italy, Leo Zagami (aka Leo Young) found himself under the spotlight as the youngest broadcast DJ in his country after playing his own show at the tender age of 13 back in 1983.

By ’86 Leo had achieved national prominence through regular exposure on commercial networks countrywide, before taking up a residency in the once infamous London celeb haunt Legends in 1987 (apparently no less a figure than Mick Hucknall honed his party-hopping ginger wankster skills there by hitting on scared young girls with that awful beaming orange face of his).
The following year saw Leo reach the DMC national finals and shift further into the burgeoning rave scene that would consume him for the following decade. Recognised as the man responsible for organising Italy’s first rave in Rome back in ’89, L’Impero Dei Sensi was a three day non-stop extravaganza that galvanised Leo’s subsequent musical activities.

Further parties lured Detroit originators Underground Resistance and Juan Atkins to Europe for the first time, while he also takes the credit for giving The Prodigy their first gig outside the UK.

By 1991, Leo had initiated the seminal Friday Uonna club in Rome – another first in his country, combining as it did art exhibitions with an eclectic stew of house, disco and Detroit techno sounds – before opening The Underground in the catacombs of Constantine.

Soon after, controversy blew up around Leo’s reclaiming of a catholic church as the venue for his Sunday Morning Cosmic House events, which went on to run for six heady months before intervention of a non-divine nature led to the plug being pulled.

With some thirty records already released since 1987 on a brace of quality imprints from MBG to Tresor, and a DJing reputation built on countless world-wide performances and legendary 12 hour sets – perhaps most memorably at Berlin’s Tresor, where Leo was a fixture between ’95 and ’96 – the man’s contribution to dance music is significant to say the least.

Aliases: Lee Tong
In Groups: Leo Magic Orchestra, The, Leo Young Presents The Subiaco Project, True Underground Sound Of Rome, The
Name Variations: All | Leo Young | L. Young | Leo | Young
179 for sale in the Discogs Marketplace
Mystic Voyages (12″) Pronto Recordings
So True? So What! / These Are My People (12″) C.S.M.F. Records
The Afro Porn Adventures Of Leo Young (12″, W/Lbl, Promo) Pronto Recordings
The Electric Funky Afro Sounds Vol. 1 (12″) Pronto Recordings
The First Solo Project (12″) Pronto Recordings
The Lake’s Monster (12″) Pronto Recordings
The Roman Funk Front EP II (12″) Pronto Recordings
I Need You (12″) Animus Records 1994
In Geneva Vol. 1 (12″) Stronghouse Records 1995
Other Vrs. / So True I Want You (12″) No Access Records 1996
Rockford / In The City Of Gangia (12″) Power Records (8) 1996
True (12″, S/Sided) KTM 1996
African Rhapsody (12″) MAMA Records 1997
Beyond The Stars (12″) Spectrum Records (4) 1997
Cosmic Land (CD) KTM 1997
Cosmic Land (3xLP) KTM 1997
From Russia With Funk (12″) Pronto Recordings 1997
From Russia With Funk (12″, W/Lbl, Promo) Pronto Recordings 1997
Presents The Subiaco Project (12″) Pronto Recordings 1997
Secret Mission (12″) Music Institute Records 1997
Spy In Rio (12″) Spectrum Records (4) 1997
The Sicilian Recipe EP (12″) Strongjazz Records 1997
The Roman Funk Front E.P. (2×12″) Disorient 1998
The Roman Funk Front III (The True Sound Of Roma 2000) (2×12″) Pronto Recordings 2000
A True American Hero (12″) Tummy Touch 2001
The Magickal Childe (2xLP) Tummy Touch 2001
The Magickal Childe (CD) Tummy Touch 2001
The Magickal Childe (CD, Album) Tummy Touch 2001
Analog Addict / Mr Cosmico (12″) Electrik Soul 2003
Never Too Late (2×12″) Never Too Late (Club Mix) Animus Records
E.P. (12″, EP, Promo) Male Productions
Untitled (12″) Not On Label
The Second Double Golem EP (2×12″) MBG International Records 1992
My Gitana (12″) People 2000
The POOR Brother Of PETE (2xLP) Surprise Records 2000
Appears On:
Clouds / Interface (12″) Male Productions
The Viciousaus / Workin’ The Truth (12″) Workin’ The Truth C.S.M.F. Records
Viciousaus / So True? So What! (12″) So True? So What! C.S.M.F. Records
Untitled (12″) UMM 1991
EP (12″) Music Institute Records 1994
The Question (12″) Music Institute Records 1994
Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin’ 199999 – Mixed By DJ Pica Pica Pica (CD, Album) BTS Beats, Cosmic Land Comma (Japan) 1999
In My Bag (CD) Let Me Be Weird! SSR Records 2000
The Oslo Boys EP (12″) The Incredible Stoned … Aristocratica 2000
The POOR Brother Of PETE (2xLP) Surprise Records 2000
Tracks Appear On:
Casa De Samba 2 (CD) Spy In Rio High On Rhythm Records 1997
Casa De Samba 2 (2xLP) Spy In Rio High On Rhythm Records 1997
London Menue (CD) Space Avenue, Soul Henry Records 1998
Steve Loria – Bang The Drum (CD) Secret Mission V-Wax Inc 1998
Definition Of House Vol. 8 (2xCD) True Container Records Hamburg 1999
Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin’ 199999 – Mixed By DJ Pica Pica Pica (CD, Album) BTS Beats, Cosmic Land Comma (Japan) 1999
Acid Jazz Vol. 66 (CD) Cagliostro Is Back New Sounds 2000 2002
MM01 (CD) Mega Therion Trust The DJ 2002

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