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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:46:56 +0100
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May God Bless you Benjamin ,
thank you for your support my Brother and friend and
bring my  thanks and appreciation  for their support
to all our Eastern Brothers at Work .'.
I will keep you posted on the latest and the truth
must finaly come out of the closet this time or else I
prefer to die a  Martir
killed by a bunch of ignorant mind controlled idiots
called muslims but thats not gonna happen
as you know
:) and if it happens
is automaticly Martial Law!
all the best.
Sinceraly and Fraternaly yours,
Leo Lyon Zagami

--- Fulford Benjamin <benjaminfulford@hotmail.com>

> Dear Mr. Zagami,
> It is good to hear you regained support in Italy. We
> all need to cooperate now to stop these nazi
> bastards.  This summer is a good time to try to stop
> these people once and for all. After that the big
> priority is to free suppressed energy technology.Let
> me know how the Asian society can cooperate to help
> you in your battle there.
> Sincerely yours,
> Benjamin Fulford¸ÅÊâÆ»¥Ù¥ó¥¸¥ã¥ß¥ó090-3439-5558
> Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 03:12:04 +0100From:
> leoyoung1999@yahoo.comSubject: Fwd: Chicago....To:
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> --žÁ÷¤µ¤ì¤¿¥á¥Ã¥»¡¼¥¸--Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008
> 02:17:07 +0100From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.comSubject:
> Chicago....To: gregbeacon@gmail.comThey the evil
> illuminati of the dark side are tryingin every way
> to discredit me around the net and stopmy plans for
> a possible  solution to the Vatican ledNWO problem
> dear Greg , but now even Berlusconi likesmy project
> apparentely ( as he been suddentely illuminated ? )
> , this was stated by US DepartmentState official
> Cristiano Lovatelli Rovarino ,  so nowmy main enemy
> is Islam at the moment Greg because nowthese
> infedels want to  realy kill me  after I
> haverenounced their false faith wich I only accepted
> formy wife Fatma Suslu as you know. This it's not a
> jokeand we are increasingly worried for my security
> inthe US so we hope  that the law inforcement
> agencieswill also be alerted and highly operative
> on the 20thin Chicago for this very special arrival
> , Imreceiving  many murder  threats from muslims
> even onthe Forum of my site illuminati Confessions
> that youcan check for  yourself  Greg they are
> insane. Pleaseforward my concern to the American
> people , as what ishappening in the Monte Carlo
> Lodge is of historicimportance for the illuminati
> and their end of timestruggle against the Vatican
> Beast  and his muslim allies ,  but I have to stay
> alive to sort it out andthe situation is getting
> litteraly  more and moredisturbing with the Islamic
> fundamentalist on my back after the Fatma Suslu
> affair and leaving the muslimilluminati support.  I
> believe in the American Dreamand Im praying every
> day  that God protects me in myarrival in Chicago
> from this  great evil , but if Idie my son will one
> day read this and revenge me as the corrupt
> Freemasons of Norway  and the FethullahGulen
> Movement  have taken everything I had from mebut now
> I have a new friend the United States ofAmerica , a
> true friend  I hope  helping me in my mostdifficult
> moment  and Im ready to die  now to freeAmerica from
> the muslim problem as we cant go onliving with  this
>  terror in our every day lifeanylonger  , the
> muslim  illuminati have to bestopped before is to
> late now that we know their trueintentions of
> serving the Papacy in order  tosecretely  establish
> Islam in the Vatican  havingalready  converted 40
> Cardinals to their corruptreligion and wanting to
> secretely take over Rome withthe support of the
> Jesuits manipulators  like ThomasMichel. Leo Lyon
> Zagami    --- greg anthony szymanski
> <gregbeacon@gmail.com>wrote: > How did this happen?
> What do the evil members think> of this?> > On
> 4/12/08, leo young <leoyoung1999@yahoo.com>> wrote:>
> >> > Dear Greg,> > is with great pleasure that I
> comunicated today by> > phone  with Cristiano
> Lovatelli Rovarino of the US> > State Department
> and  after that I can tell you> that> > my entrance
> in the USA is now certain and the> favoured> > city
> for my arrival is Chicago , looking forward> to> >
> our important mission in the land of great> >
> opportunities and prepare for the Tour of Hope to>
> kick> > off soon my dear friend and true Brother.> >
> In the last few hours a incredible event happened >
> I> > have achieved full controll over the Monte
> Carlo > P2> > Lodge as the new Grand Master of
> European> Alternative> > Freemasonry  recognized by
> illustrius Brother> Silvio> > Berlusconi soon to be
> Prime Minister of Italy  and> I> > will use my new
> position for the benefit of> mankind> > and to fight
> the abuse of the Vatican led New> World> > Order and
> his allies. The Monte Carlo Lodge in the> > last few
> hours   has fallen under my complete > control> >
> and is  officialy against the Gay Pope and the>
> Jesuit> > General  and Im being  re-installed as
> Grand> Master of> > the Ordo illuminatorum
> Universalis (The> illuminati) on> > the 1st of May
> 2008 at ANTI NWO LIBERTY LODGE No1> in> > an
> important US city.> > Now I will  deal directely
> with my  NWO satanic> > enemies and punish them if
> necessarely  when they> > dont respect our Freeedom
> and continue with this> mad> > plan to follow Satan
> and His Legion in the end of> > times , my patience
> his coming to an end dear Greg> > it's time to act
> in defence of our  American ideal> of> > true
> Liberty and our only Savour Jesus. The enemy> is> >
> the Vatican & Zionist  illuminati supported by >
> the> > illuminati Mulism family of the Prophet
> Mohammed > and> > all those religious fundamentalist
> and bigots in> the> > world created by corrupt
> illuminati bloodlines > that> > have sold their soul
> to the Devil for the control> of> > their own mind
> prisons but dont respect the Sacred> > pacts of the
> illuminati bloodlines with God and> put in> >
> jeopardy the Prophecies.> > All illuminati  families
> are corrupted by satanism> and> > perversion these
> days my dear Brothers and Sisters> of> > the
> illuminati so let's terminate such thing asap> and>
> > focus on our Divine Mission as United States of> >
> America and as NOVO ORDO SECULORUM.> >> > Leo Lyon
> Zagami> > AS-HERMETIS FOUNDATION> > Oslo> >> >> >>

From: troy
Sent: 16 April 2008 01:14:17
To: leo young (leoyoung1999@yahoo.com)

Dear Leo

Please see that below I have posted your unambiguous denunciation of Jesuit-trained Ben Fulford that was in a letter that you wrote to Henry Makow.

Leo, how do you reconcile that irrefutable reutation of this liar with you thanking him as a “Brother” (presumably not in Christ) & “friend” for his “support” & asking him to thank your “Eastern Brothers at Work”?
The following I had posted many times on the Myspace “truth” network late last year, absolutely sick of seeing endless idiots promoting this man’s easily provable lies. Henry Makow is wise to Fulford, as you appeared to be. What has changed, dear Leo?
Here’s my words to the disinfo-recyclers of Myspace:
I can’t believe that people are still propogating the Fulford deception. This man is an out & out liar. After giving him some credence for about 5 minutes, further investigations uncovered the nature of his fraud. Like Alex Jones & David Icke, he is another psy-ops agent, shoved in front of your faces to hide the Jesuits/Vatican/Knights of Malta control over Illuminati Masonry & Papal Masonic Zionism.

Fulford is a Jesuit agent who lied about his plans to broker a deal with David Rockefeller. They both work for Rome. Henry Makow regrets bringing this disinfo agent’s story to wider attention. As should the rest of us!

In truth & awareness –

Hoping that you will respond to the evidence below: your recent warm & friendly email exchange with Fulford, your uncompromising refutation of Fulford from November last year (6 months ago), Makow’s disgruntled reflection on Fulford’s false promises & devious deceits posted on Makow’s site the day before that plus some relevant comments to Henry’s article.
Dear Leo, you do realize that you are dangerously close to discrediting yourself among those who have been prepared to make (some would say too) many allowances for your actions. I am hoping that you can relect upon everything that I have posted below & will lay the cards out honestly on the table.


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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:46:56 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Chicago arrival….
To: benjaminfulford@hotmail.com

[Emphasis in bold by Troy]

May God Bless you Benjamin ,thank you for your support
my Brother and friend andbring my  thanks and appreciation
for their supportto all our Eastern Brothers at Work .'.
I will keep you posted on the latest and the truth
must finaly come out of the closet this time or else I
prefer to die a  Martir
killed by a bunch of ignorant mind controlled idiots
called muslims but thats not gonna happen 
as you know
:) and if it happens 
is automaticly Martial Law!
all the best.
Sinceraly and Fraternaly yours,Leo Lyon Zagami


[All emphasis in bold by Troy]

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
November 11, 2007
Dear Henry,

Last summer I tried to contact Benjamin but the answers he gave me during our short correspondence were always vague and not at all convincing to somebody like me who is been inside the [Illuminati] Order and knows exactly their connections to the NWO.
He talks about having the backing of this Secret Society from China but from what I have studied in the Illuminati the Chinese Secret Societies are all manipulated by a powerfull figure known as ‘The Lord of the Mountain’ based in Hong Kong and a close ally
of British Freemasonry and the western illuminati.
Alot of information regarding the old tradition that links East and West Secret Societies can be found in the book of illustrious Freemason and Illuminati Rene’
Guenon ‘The Great Triad’. I sincerely think he is a disinfo agent when he says things like if they see any evidence of a new attempt to kill people, this Chinese Secret Society will make their move..well people are being killed every day in Iraq and in the rest of this planet because of the illuminati policies dear Henry so Fulford is completely false in this
statement which I include bellow in the couple of e-mails I received from this charlatan. All this Fulford stuff sounds to me like complete rubbish and I already stated this a couple of weeks ago in an interview to the Kentroversy Tapes athttp://kentroversypapers.net/ available on line from the 19th of November.
How can a guy like Benjamin trained by the Jesuits and from a prominent Illuminati family oppose the New World Order ? I was working dear Henry fro Ezio Giunchiglia, the
treasurer of the P2 who works for Mr.Rockfeller ! I know this scum and their disinfo agents and I warned my friend Daniele who wanted to call him (Mr.Fulford)
to test his credibility and was very disapointed after the call full of delirious nonsense from our dear Mr.Fulford. I also pointed out my fears about Fulford on one of my Radio Shows with Greg at Artic Beacon so I’m pleased to see this new article of yours .

Opposing the New World Order in Japan dear Henry it’s not a joke so I also include after the two e-mails of mind controlled agent Benjamin Fulford.

Sincerely yours Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

— Fulford Benjamin <benjaminfulford@—–.com>
wrote to me :

> It seems there is no talking sense into these Rockefeller gangsters. We
> should try to arrange a meeting in order to discuss > future moves. I have
> the backing of both the Japanese government and the Chinese secret society.
> My belief is that if we can mobilize all religious, environmental, governmental etc. organizations to ask the U.S. government and the Rockefeller clan to stop killing people then we can stop them dead in their tracks with soft power. I believe we need to focus on the very few people at the very top, if we can get them to step aside, then the rest should be negotiable. Please let us know what you think.
By the way, if you need proof that our organization is real it can be
provided. The phone number of the Hongmen Worldwide Chinese Union is
886-4-22259148-9. The e-mail is whmta.k110@msa.hinet.net.

Sincerely yours,

Benjamin Fulford

“Fulford Benjamin” <benjaminfulford@—–.com>
To: leoyoung1999@—–.com

The situation as it now stands is that the Chinese have given their
warning. They will not make the first move but, if they see any evidence of
a new attempt to kill people, they will make their move. In the meantime, I have been authorized to make assorted contacts and try to generate a soft power movement. A boycott of the dollar is a likely tactic and is already starting. My worry is that if we use violence at this point we will give those desperate fools an excuse to unleash their armagedon.

Benjamin Fulford

Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at henry@savethemales.ca.


Fulford’s Ninjas: Don’t Hold Your Breath

[All emphasis in bold by Troy]

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
November 10, 2007
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
“Oh my Gawd!” I exclaimed when Benjamin Fulford sent me his picture with David Rockefeller. “He actually met the Grand Panjandrum of the New World Order!”
When we last tuned in, Benjamin Fulford had issued an ultimatum to the Illuminati on behalf of an ancient Chinese Secret society, consisting of six million members, including thousands of assassins, gangsters and ninjas: “Desist with your plans for world depopulation or else you and your families will be assassinated.”
“We will pluck out the eye at the top of the Illuminati pyramid,” Fulford told us. “We have trained ninjas close to them all. They will be wiped out in a matter of hours.”
Fulford offered to meet David Rockefeller at the estate of his great grandfather, tycoon G.T. Fulford in Brockville Ont. He waited but there was no response.
Silence. The whole (conspiracy) world held its breath. In August, Fulford reported that the Illuminati had promised to play nice: George Bush would not finish out his term. He also reported that the Japanese were going to cast off the Rockefeller yoke, and would make continued financing of the US debt conditional on reform.
Now this!

One problem. Something was wrong with this picture: specifically the expression on the intrepid Fulford’s face. He looks like a kid who just met Santa Claus, not the arch-enemy of mankind. Rockefeller’s family financed Auschwitz and Mengele’s experiments on live inmates. They and their Satanic henchmen are dragging humanity into an abyss.

“Oh my God, is that DR?” I asked the Tokyo-based journalist. “Have you gone over to the dark side? Wipe that silly grin off your face!”

It turns out the meeting was not in response to the ultimatum after all:
“There is much I cannot say but I guarantee you I would rather burn in hell than go over to the dark side. Hell, though is just total and permanent oblivion. I told him I thought of him as the Wizard of Oz and said, “Mr. Rockefeller, we all want to go back to Kansas.” He was with two handlers and most of the conversation was on camera; that meant there was no chance of getting him to admit to any secret plans. I also gave him a private letter from G.T. Fulford. At G.T.’s insistence the contents cannot be made public now for reasons of global security. I talked with him before he went to meet the Emperor. Big changes are coming. The world is going to get much, much better, that much I promise.”
Makow: “I take it then that you did not meet DR in your capacity as rep of the Red and Green [secret society], and that DR did not know of your previous “invitation.”…Frankly I see this conspiracy as so pervasive that it is not likely to change course. But I want to be wrong, naturally.”
Fulford: “The meeting was in two capacities. One was within the matrix to get his public face and official views on the record. The other was personal in order to verify that the Fulford and the Rockefeller families have been intertwined for over a century by the ghost of G.T. Fulford. The secret society’s messages can be read in the newspapers every day.”
“The Asian countries are dumping their dollars. The Japanese have pulled out of the Afghan coalition. Asian nations are calling for world peace. Japan’s government has approved 911 documentaries on prime time TV. The emperor summoned David Rockefeller. This but a sampling of the evidence that the secret society has begun its move.Their aim is to end 300 years of illuminati world rule. They will succeed. The evidence is in the newspapers. Just watch the dollar and the pound (the ultimate sources of illuminati power) plummet. Japan is paying for oil in yen, many countries are refusing to use dollars. If people do not accept dollars, the U.S. cannot afford to maintain its military machine.”
(Alas, the British pound is not collapsing but going up in relation to the dollar.)
G.T. Fulford was a patent medicine tycoon like J.D. Rockefeller. Apparently he was the largest shareholder in General Electric and was about to buy General Motors when he met an untimely death in 1905 when a trolley rammed into his chauffeured limo. Apparently he was planning to finance Tesla.

Anyway, the picture has changed from the one Fulford gave me back in June. Then, he was about to declare war on the Illuminati, but would give them one last chance. Now he is delivering letters written by the ghost of his dead great grandfather, and talking about how the two families are intertwined.

For some reason Fulford chose me to introduce his story. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I want to keep believing in Benjamin and his Ninjas, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Letters from ghost of G.T. Fulford to David Rockefeller.

Comments for “Fulford’s Ninjas: Don’t Hold Your Breath”

David said (November 13, 2007):

Re:Benjamin Fulford. One of the most difficult to access individuals; is he a disinfo, a wacko, a real cog in the wheel of Illuminati progress? I am less convinced he is a disinfo due to the comments of Leo Zagami. His involvement with Greg Syzmanski brings a real doubt to his own legitimacy. We have heard far too much proven disinfo provided by Mr. Syzmanski. What a shame. I hope Mr. Zagami is real, but I did not hear any real specific condemnation of what Mr. Fulford had to say. Fulford’s mention of his dead grandfather’s ghost was never hidden, but certainly raises doubts in more than a few minds of his sanity. It seems a disinfo agenda would not allow such controversy… Meanwhile it is a nice dream. Take out the 10,000 bastards responsible for the agony of the world… you betcha.

Anthony said (November 12, 2007):

G’day Henry,
I consider you one of the best when it comes to your social commentary, your brilliant writings on feminism and your opinions on the reasons behind the moral decay of our society. BUT, I read the original article on ‘Fulford’s Ninjas’ and thought it was a load of dribble back then and having read your latest article on that particular subject my opinion has certainly not changed. This guy is obviously delusional and I’m surprised that you would include this nonsense on your website, it will only prove to turn away first time readers who would (wrongly) consider you to be of a similar mental capacity as Fulford. Please stick to the facts instead of speculating about who is going to take on these big bad illuminati boys (who are basically representative of Satan himself). Prayer, faith in God and following the example the Lord set for us is the only way to individual and global salvation, if we are relying on Fulford’s Ninjas we deserve everything we get.
Anthony (Melbourne, Australia).

Sue said (November 11, 2007):

Thank you for having the integrity to publicly express your doubts about Fulford. As the one who introduced Mr. Fulford to the altnews
world, this must have been a difficult column to author.
It DID seem too good to be true… like NESARA and what’s the other one– oh yeah, Wanta… and VK Durham’s $6 trillion dollar ‘trust’,
and various off-planet alien groups… (“help is coming, the problem is too too big for you to solve, just relax, do nothing, the problem
is too too big for you to solve,help is coming, just relax, do nothing…)…
We’re in the soup, and the temperature is being turned up daily, and salvation will not come from human beings (although maybe we can push
back the forces of darkness for awhile by electing–AND SUPPORTING!!– Ron Paul– that paragon-with-two-first-names…)
Revelation, the last book of the Bible, clearly tells us that this planet in it’s present state is doomed. We are seeing the final pages
of history-as-we-know it unfold on the daily news, whether the process takes 1 year or 100 years…
Jesus Saves!
Best Wishes from your Adventist fan,

John said (November 11, 2007):

No one with any serious interest in the Illuminati Problem should wait for Fulford’s Ninjas. It isn’t going to happen, the Hung Society is powerful but their focus is turned almost exclusive to “Our Land”. If you have seen the movie “The King and the Assassin” you have the keys to that statement.
The Illuminati should have three serious problems but they took care of those problems with the Babylonian Exile of the Jewish people and the careful systematization of the Talmud on the one hand, and of the regeneration and remanifestation of the Roman State and the emergent Christian religion, and with the banning of Egyptian religion, managed to take out their biggest threat. Sometime do a study on how , God of Chaos, became fused with , Absolute Evil, in the New Kingdom.
The Illuminati sent their representatives, the Knights Templar and the Ismaeliya, on missions to recover any surviving fragments of the ancient teachings. Though the Knights Templar were shut down, the Imaeliya continue. That is a worthwhile study to see their expansion. When one such fragment was found in Bombay around 1895, anyone who worked on the discovery, the translation, and the subsequent printing of a study and translation, was murdered once London got word of the work in progress, and the entire printing shop burned to the ground, and all records of those events erased, except for an accidental leak.
And while there is a war going on that is managing some model success, the war that should be run from within the Jewish, the Christian and the Moslem world isn’t happening and won’t be happening. The situation may be too far gone for anything short of massive divine intervention, and that did not happen with the Roman invasion of Israel. Many of us fear that the Devil’s Advocate movie is right, we have an Absentee God/Landlord. Those who are tracking prophecy outside of the Christian BS picture, are getting too many images of life vanishing on this planet, becoming a new Venus

Randy said (November 11, 2007):

I just read with great interest, as I do all of your articles, of your most recent analysis of the Benjamin Fulford material presented to us this past summer. In fact, I was just wondering last week what had happened to all of the action from the secret ninja mafia Mr. Fulford clued us all in on exclusively.

I have to say that when I first read the two pieces, it got my attention and of course my hopes up, yet I had somewhat of a problem with the (how many?)……..6 million secret members? And if I recall something in the neighborhood of 100,000 trained secret assassins?

Do you think perhaps Dr. Makow that ol’ Ben got confused in his excitement and actually conferred in those secret meetings with the Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles rather than the Red and Green?

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