2008 04 09: ABOUT LIBERTY LODGE #1 – 1ST OF MAY, 2008 – U.S.A.

aBouT LiBeRTY LoDGe #1 – 1ST oF MaY, 2008 – US.A.

Fwd: ABOUT LIBERTY LODGE No1 – 1st of May 2008 USA‏
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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 10:47:36 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: ABOUT LIBERTY LODGE No1 – 1st of May 2008 USA
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The Spirit of Jesus is back to kick ass my friend not
to sit down and wacht this idiotic end of times
Vatican led NWO show ruin my life and possibly yours ,
 is time for Divine revenge , my lodges open for men
and women  are in absolutely no way masonic or other
otherquise connected to the dark side and
their illuminati. We are fighting for our LIBERTY  we
are organizing the ILLUMINATI RESISTANCE once and for
all in a proper way using at times the same tecniques
weapons as our enemies FOR SELF DEFENCE ONLY including
the use of Secret Societies to protect ourselfs from
the AntiChrist and promote our true believe in Jesus
our only savour in the end of times . We are hopposing
the AntiChristian believes of the NWO, We  also
believe we are working for Jesus our Emperor not a
sacrificial Lamb to be put
on a cross once again  but a FREEDOM FIGHTER  with an
army.We are working for the Kingdom of God on earth.
We know that from 2012 a new pact with  God needs to
be found with mankind and we want to be part of it.
May God help us all in our struggle whatever your
religion might be ,  God is in any case ONE and we
have to only follow the path of love and the way of
the heart  to be one with him and defeat Satan and his
Legion in this most critical time for our evolution.
Let's welcome into the picture the birth in the Unites
States of America of a true and honest illuminati
resistance and may God protect it from the evil one.
Frater Leo Lyon Zagami
Knights Templars of the Apocalipse  Supreme Commander
Phanteon HQ's April 2008
Rome (Italy)

(about Pantheon :
http://wikitravel.org/en/Rome/Pantheon )

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