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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 02:17:07 +0100
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
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They the evil illuminati of the dark side are trying
in every way to discredit me around the net and stop
my plans for a possible  solution to the Vatican led
NWO problem  dear Greg , but now even Berlusconi likes
my project apparentely ( as he been suddentely
illuminated ? ) , this was stated by US Department
State official Cristiano Lovatelli Rovarino ,  so now
my main enemy  is Islam at the moment Greg because now
these infedels want to  realy kill me  after I have
renounced their false faith wich I only accepted for
my wife Fatma Suslu as you know. This it's not a joke
and we are increasingly worried for my security  in
the US so we hope  that the law inforcement agencies
will also be alerted and highly operative  on the 20th
in Chicago for this very special arrival , Im
receiving  many murder  threats from muslims  even on
the Forum of my site illuminati Confessions that you
can check for  yourself  Greg they are insane. Please
forward my concern to the American people , as what is
happening in the Monte Carlo Lodge is of historic
importance for the illuminati and their end of time
struggle against the Vatican Beast  and his muslim
allies ,  but I have to stay alive to sort it out and
the situation is getting litteraly  more and more
disturbing with the Islamic fundamentalist on my back
after the Fatma Suslu affair and leaving the muslim
illuminati support.  I believe in the American Dream
and Im praying every day  that God protects me in my
arrival in Chicago  from this  great evil , but if I
die my son will one day read this and revenge me as
the corrupt Freemasons of Norway  and the Fethullah
Gulen Movement  have taken everything I had from me
but now I have a new friend the United States of
America , a true friend  I hope  helping me in my most
difficult  moment  and Im ready to die  now to free
America from the muslim problem as we cant go on
living with  this  terror in our every day life
anylonger  , the  muslim  illuminati have to be
stopped before is to late now that we know their true
intentions of serving the Papacy in order  to
secretely  establish Islam in the Vatican  having
already  converted 40 Cardinals to their corrupt
religion and wanting to secretely take over Rome with
the support of the Jesuits manipulators  like Thomas

Leo Lyon Zagami 

--- greg anthony szymanski <gregbeacon@gmail.com>

> How did this happen? What do the evil members think
> of this?
> On 4/12/08, leo young <leoyoung1999@yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Greg,
> > is with great pleasure that I comunicated today by
> > phone  with Cristiano Lovatelli Rovarino of the US
> > State Department  and  after that I can tell you
> that
> > my entrance in the USA is now certain and the
> favoured
> > city for my arrival is Chicago , looking forward
> to
> > our important mission in the land of great
> > opportunities and prepare for the Tour of Hope to
> kick
> > off soon my dear friend and true Brother.
> > In the last few hours a incredible event happened
> I
> > have achieved full controll over the Monte Carlo
> P2
> > Lodge as the new Grand Master of European
> Alternative
> > Freemasonry  recognized by illustrius Brother
> Silvio
> > Berlusconi soon to be Prime Minister of Italy  and
> I
> > will use my new position for the benefit of
> mankind
> > and to fight the abuse of the Vatican led New
> World
> > Order and his allies. The Monte Carlo Lodge in the
> > last few hours   has fallen under my complete
> control
> > and is  officialy against the Gay Pope and the
> Jesuit
> > General  and Im being  re-installed as Grand
> Master of
> > the Ordo illuminatorum Universalis (The
> illuminati) on
> > the 1st of May 2008 at ANTI NWO LIBERTY LODGE No1
> in
> > an important US city.
> > Now I will  deal directely with my  NWO satanic
> > enemies and punish them if  necessarely  when they
> > dont respect our Freeedom and continue with this
> mad
> > plan to follow Satan and His Legion in the end of
> > times , my patience his coming to an end dear Greg
> > it's time to act in defence of our  American ideal
> of
> > true Liberty and our only Savour Jesus. The enemy
> is
> > the Vatican & Zionist  illuminati supported by
> the
> > illuminati Mulism family of the Prophet Mohammed
> and
> > all those religious fundamentalist and bigots in
> the
> > world created by corrupt illuminati bloodlines
> that
> > have sold their soul to the Devil for the control
> of
> > their own mind prisons but dont respect the Sacred
> > pacts of the illuminati bloodlines with God and
> put in
> > jeopardy the Prophecies.
> > All illuminati  families are corrupted by satanism
> and
> > perversion these days my dear Brothers and Sisters
> of
> > the illuminati so let's terminate such thing asap
> and
> > focus on our Divine Mission as United States of
> > America and as NOVO ORDO SECULORUM.
> >
> > Leo Lyon Zagami
> > Oslo

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