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Are they stupid or what?
Sorry but I was thinking a bit more higher of you  and
I know you are more clever then this  dear Murat and
you are a good agent of the Gulen Movement  with a
nice pistol in your office in Turkey by the way
....well that's what I call a real Sufi..hi...hi......
want to play again with guns Brother ? Maybe you
should come and visit me in my new militia  base in
Montana if you want you are my guest...

This is my  official answer to the Gulen Movement :


you will pay a very high price for what you have done
to me in front of God and in front of man right here
right now during my existance on this planet.

The Fethullah Gulen Movement still has the courage to
call me Brother after what they did to me and my
family  I say this is insane or a peace game I refuse
because false and made of hypocricy.
God please put some sense in their heads because they
do not know what they are doing.
Puzzled...but with a clear reference in my mind from
the book Prophet Muhammad as COMMANDER by my  soon to
be new enemy
 M.Fethullah Gulen :
(pag 79)
The Qur'an describes this situation as follows:
When the come against you from above you and bellow
and when your eyes swerved and your hearts reached
your throats, while you thought thoughts about God;
there it was that the believers were tried, and shaken
most mightly.

Remember Murat I can never forget or forgive this to
anyone :
 Leo Zagami jailed in Norway :


refresh your mind Fethullah Gulen Movement  as Im
going to the United States to complain directely to
your Master as He is an illuminati  working with the
Vatican led NWO enemy and we all know this by now,  so
we dont need to go any further for the moment with the
facts and the evidence I have in my hands , material
that will shock you to say the least.

Do you want to change things dear Gulen Movement  ?

First a written apology from Fethullah Gulen to myself
 for what as happened to me in the last two months  in
the Kingdom of Norway thanks to his  loyal disciples
of the Suslu Family  and immediately after a visit to
my son Isak Rumi Zagami that I have not been able to
see since the 22nd of February otherquise you can go
and submit to the AntiChrist of Rome and be cursed for
eternity for doing so my friend. You have tried to
ruin me and my reputation , you have not respected my
family the Zagami and the blood deal that links me to
the family of your Prophet , you have sinned greatly
towards me and put me in the hands of my norwegian
enemies , you are traitors to the cause and deserve a
severe punishment from God for your actions against my
persona , I cannot tollerate disrespect and foolish
games agaisnt me.
The last word I will give to Fethullah Gulen now that
Im going to visit him with my personal  US militias
and my 6 bodyguards/guardian angels   as soon as
possible after my arrival to the USA on the 20th of
April 2008.

On the first of May we are establishing Liberty Lodge
No1 in the USA against your Vatican led NWO. And maybe
one day  I should tell you the true story of Harun
Yahya's secret sex cult  and my now soon to be ex wife
Fatma Suslu the sister of your illuminati  Boss
Kemalettin Suslu   and you will finaly  understand who
these people realy are ,  dont be fooled by their
appearence they are very clever and extremely
Wake up dont be silent get to understand who are the
real Puppet Masters on top of you dear Murat and
forget your lies and half truths become a Free man ,
we are in the end of times now  not in a  fictional
play but a reality stronger then you can ever
immagine. If I die my son Isak Rumi Zagami  will one
day revenge me and bring down the  Vatican Beast  and
their muslim and Zionist allies including the Gulen
Movement  because He is also born a Knights Templar
Commander like his father , after 900 years we have a
troyan horse in your muslim illuminati bloodline , the
blood of your Prophet and the  blood of our Prophet
are finaly linked , you can do nothing about it  but
wait and pray for your own souls when the time comes
for judgement day.
Fraternaly yours,
Leo Lyon Zagami
Knights Templar Supreme Commander
Pantheon HQ's
April 2008

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From: kunde@makseiendom.no
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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 13:10:19 +0200

Selamunaleykum Brother,
I read the article word by word. It seems a little bit ironic. Writer has a
very shallow overview of the movement, mostly partial references which
cannot be connected by simple look. He must get deeper perspective of the
movement to make better analysis. You are already much more aware of
situation I believe and I have utmost confidence that you have already
responded to him with truth.

Kind Regards
Murat Aykut

Purchasing Manager
MAKS Eiendom AS.
Head Office: KarlJohansgt. 5, 0154 Oslo Norway

MAKS Eiendom aims to provide professional consultancy services to meet
client' property needs for investment as well as residency purposes. We aim
to satisfy clients' needs quickly and efficiently. Our mission is to
establish MAKS Eiendom as the principle point of reference on Turkish real
estate market in Scandinavia, while contributing to this market's growth
through the highest standards of professionalism. For more information
please check www.MAKSEIENDOM.no or www.MAKSINVEST.com 

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