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Subject: From Leo Lyon Zagami to my lawyer in Oslo Arne Berdal
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Dear Arne the above link is an important Radio
interview by Greg at the Arctic Beacon from December
2006 were me and my wife Fatma Suslu  talk about the
Norwegian Police and their  recent treaths to take my
children if I didnt give up my website illuminati
confessions and much more. This episode happened 24
hours after they closed down my previous website in
the USA at Squarespace.com on the 5th of December 2006
and after some anonimous cowards (we still have not
identified) had filed complains to the police against
me since the 1st of December 2006 saying that my
website damaged their reputation and I was a dangerous
man for my family and my children. I brought you the
police statement the last time we saw eachother and I
would still like you to investigate this matter
further as it is very important for the recent
developments of my case.  My wife was forced later
that week to defend  succesfully my position with the
social workers and the norwegian authorities so we
could keep our children. This is further evidence of
Fatma Suslu's  strong support for me and my work at
the time  given with her own words on Greg's Radio
Show , were she
also states  dear Arne in clear words  that I wasnt a
violent man in any way and that the accusations
against me were false so this is important evidence we
can use against my enemies in an eventual court case .
Fatma   also talks openly  during the interview
against the evil enemy behind the scenes  (her new
friends now...)
and  this insane  episode of police abuse , an episode
we know
secretely manipulated by the  Norwegian Freemasons
 to the satanist of the Ordo Templi Orientis sect
that already back
then wanted to take my children away from me if I
didnt stop my web site project  exposing the
illuminati. Fortunately at that time as you know  I
had the full support of my loving  wife Fatma
Suslu and I went on with my website revelations for
the benefit of mankind. Now is important that you
listen to this interview dear Arne and judge the
situation yourself , we have enough evidence to say
that the corrupt Norwegian Police was already working
behind my back for my enemies trying to stop my work
and destroy my family , please take this matter very
seriously as I want  some justice finaly  from the
norwegian system not more lies and false accusations
against my persona to ruin my reputation as a
researcher and a truth seeker.
The brother of Fatma called Ahmet Suslu who is now
getting trained to become a police officer in Norway
and possible become an intelligence operative  is in
large part responsible for brainwashing my wife and
forcing her to give the false statements she made to
the Norwegian Police  two days after she left my home
,  I cant and will never forget this abuse of power
that was made against me by the norwegian police on
the 4th and 5th of March 2008 and I want to you to
prepare a written complain to the norwegian police
authorities for such abuse. The photo I wanted to
publish on the net was a picture of me and Abdullah
Aymaz  leader of their fundamentalist muslim Movement
known as the Fethullah Gulen Movement . the norwegian
governemnt as confiscated my computers , my phone's
and all the rest to protect such criminals but the
truth will prevail and I have already a large support
for my actions from the USA alternative media and I
will give tomorrow an interview to a Norwegian
Christian paper regarding this injustice and this
nightmare Im living in your country. Fatma  , the
Suslu Family ,  and the Gulen Movement are already
feeling the pressure building up against them that's
why she is now telling you that they might want to
show me my son in the future, that simply  because
they are scared dear Arne of the conseguences of their
illegal actions against me within the Norwegian System
but it's to late now Im afraid. Im not gonna be  able
to see my son before I leave for the United States but
I will continue my battle in the next few years  and
one day my son Isak Rumi Zagami will know the truth
about her mother and these fundamentalist muslims
protected by your corrupt  Government.
Best Regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami

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