20TH oF aPRiL: MY CHaLLeNGe To THe VaTiCaN-LeD N.W.O.

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Subject: 20th of April my challenge to the Vatican led NWO (articolo per il sito)
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On the 20th of April there will be a great  public
event within The Archdiocese of New York: The Bavarian
Holy Father's  Mass at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, April
20, 2008 its probably one of the biggest events planed
for Benedict the XVI during is stay in the USA
Imperium. This is the day I Leo Lyon Zagami have
decided to arrive in the United States to challenge
these demonic  Vatican establishment and their Zionist
allies,  this is the day Adolf Hitler was born and in
this  day Her Ratzinger obviously will be doing is
Nazi Catholic Show at Yankee Stadium, and that's not a
coincidence of course my dear friend  but  for the
happy sheep present for this massive Catholic
gathering this is the day they gonna meet the Pope ,
the so called rappresentative of God on earth...an
empty bag if you ask me but my opinion is obviously
not bias.
The US Empire is ready to welcome is Gay Pope in the
most pompous and lavish way possible but a few people
are ready instead  to receive and welcome Brother Leo
Lyon Zagami on the 20th of April  in his first
official visit to the United States, well I have at
least my 6 body guards and my staff waiting for me at
the airport but will they let me trough in the first
place ? Who knows ...Hopefully yes and then let's kick
off with  this up and coming anti NWO revolution  ,
can a Gay Pope stop us? Of course not ! We believe
that the Church of Rome is the mother of all
corruption and abomination on this planet and I plan
to arrange for a special pray at my arrival to fight
such evil and dark force present in the United  States
on  that day , and dont worry folks we are gonna
prevail over these NWO charlatans in charge of the
various Churches , Mosque's,Sinagogues and all the
rest ,  as they are all false pretenders to the throne
of God working for the AntiChrist and their NWO
I want my arrival to be a symbolical act of rebelion
towards the illuminati  elite that without any shame
wants to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday in a
Catholic Mass at Yankee Stadium , Wake up America we
are  about to kick off with the illuminati Resistance
and on the 1st of May we will if God wants give birth
to Liberty Lodge No1 the first Anti NWO illuminati
resistance Lodge in the USA .
There must be unity for the message of the Truth
Movement to be taken seriously and in a acceptable
manner from  the people of the US but this unity is
unfotunately not present in the so called 9/11 Truth
Movement so we have to go forward in a different way
trasforming such Movement in a true resistance were is
It reads, "The Great Seal of the United States" A
"state" is also "a condition of mind , and an
attitude"  The pyramid represents a certain state of
mind  and the eagle represents another state of mind;
bring them togheter and you have "United States" .
My state of mind is quite positive about finding in
the US Brothers and Sisters ready to share my goals in
the upcoming struggle against the NWO and free their
mind from any mind control slavery imposed by the
illuminati so they can  finaly be ready for a new
brighter future without this Orwellian nightmare at
every corner. We have to remember  that America was
seen by the Founding Fathers as the new Jerusalem with
a divine destiny to fulfill  not a diabolical one in
the end of times were are now living. The hopes and
aspirations of many of the earlier settlers centered
around four major concerns:
1) Freedom of Religion
2) Freedom of Speech
3) Freedom from Want (material accomplishment)
4)  Freedom from Fear
Im coming to the US because this was the just and
honourable foundation of America and I want to defend
such principles with my own life if possible . We have
to start togheter a new american dream of true
liberty and real freedom   so to establish once again
the United States as a leading Nation in the eyes of
the world but especialy in the eyes of God  and get
rid once and for all  of any foreign influence  that
will damage this great Nation , including the Vatican.

If you want FREEDOM you must fight for it
If you want TO FIGHT You must organize
If you want TO ORGANIZE
Write to leoyoung1999@yahoo.com

God Bless America.

Leo Lyon Zagami

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