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On the 29th of March I receive the invitation to a
very interesting conference regarding the denied truth
of Aldo Moro's assassination,
 a conference to be held in the foreign press HQ's in
Rome for the presentation of a film/documentary on
this very sad event that took place 30 years ago in

You can find more about President Aldo Moro on this


were you can also find the following that should make
you realize who  were the real perpetrators of this
murder and why they are still covering up the truth
about his assassination , as the alternative point of
view regarding Moro's death seems the most real to me
and others who have my knowledge of the events:

Alternative point of views about Moro's death
(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldo_Moro)

Many other theories have been advanced about Moro's
death. Some[attribution needed] suggest that Moro's
murder could have been orchestrated by the Italian
Masonic lodge, Propaganda Due (also known as P2), or
that the Red Brigades (BR), which is claimed to have
had an inside "supergang" type of core-team, was
infiltrated by US intelligence (CIA). The alleged
presence of two motorcycle riders in the kidnapping
has been proposed[attribution needed] to explain the
rapidity and cleanliness of the act, in which the
kidnappers, as well as Moro, remained untouched while
all the escorts were killed: but it has never been
confirmed. Another theory[attribution needed] is that
P2 members in the secret services sabotaged the
investigation or intentionally failed to uncover the
location where Moro was being held, in order to ensure
his eventual death at the hands of the BR. Although
Gladio's influence on Italy's strategy of tension may
have been proven (see the Bologna massacre as one
example), no concrete proof has been found of Gladio's
interference with Moro's kidnapping. Historian Sergio
Flamigni, an erstwhile communist party member,
believes Moretti was used by Gladio in Italy to take
over the Red Brigades and pursue a strategy of
The "Gladio network", directed by NATO, has also been
accused. In BR member Alberto Franceschini's book,
Aldo Moro is described as one of Gladio's founders.
Evidence has emerged to support this view of American
involvement in the overarching events known as the
strategy of tension, and of known strong American
foreign policies against the then looming historic
(unprecedented in post war times) coalition that would
have admitted the eurocommunist PCI into a government
of national unity, the fear on the US side being that
Italy thereafter might withdraw from NATO and that the
U.S. would have then lost access to vital
Mediterranean ports.Moro's widow later recounted
Moro's meeting with US President Nixon's advisor,
Henry Kissinger, and an unidentified American
intelligence official, who warned him not to pursue
the strategy of bringing the Communist Party into his
cabinet, telling him "You must abandon your policy of
bringing all the political forces in your country into
direct collaboration...or you will pay dearly for it."
Moro was allegedly so shaken by the threat that he
became ill and threatened to quit politics.

This was the invitation to the conference sent to me
by a friend:

MORO, la verità negata MORO the truth denied

31 Marzo 2008 ore 11.30   Sala Stampa Estera

Via dell'Umiltà 83/C 00187 Roma

tel. 06-675911 fax 06-67591262


my friend also wrote:

Ci sarà, tra gli altri: Marco Saba, il principe
lolli-ghetti, l'ammiraglio Accame, il generale Porta,
Ferdinando Imposimato, Otello Lupacchini, etc. etc.
più un sacco di giornalisti. Ricco buffet e dopo
possiamo stare un po' assieme.

There will be amongst the others Marco Saba,  Prince
Lolli Ghetti , Admiral Accame , General Porta (Italian
intelligence ) , Ferdinando Imposimato and
(illustrius magistrate) Otello Lupacchini.

Well there were alot of interesting people from the
intelligence and military comunity  present in Via
dell'Umilta in Rome  on the 31st of March 2008
including the daughter of Aldo Moro called Maria Fida
and Ive collected photographic evidence that I include
in my attachments bellow  of my meeting with her and
all the other characters mentioned above.

In my small speach  to the conference I stated that
the P2 played an important part  in this assassination
and the manipulation of the so called Red Brigades
because they were the mind behind the GLADIO
operations. Admiral Accame that talked about GLADIO
during his talk also  confirmed to me the same thing
and Prince Lolli Ghetti stated that Kissinger a
notorious satanist from the Bohemian Grove was one of
the main puppet masters of this sad tragedy.

The day after unfortunately none of the national or
even international newspapers present wrote anything
about it.... and this terrible   silence surrounding
Aldo Moro's assassination continues  even after  Maria
Fida Moro announced officialy in this conference that
she is about to leave Italy because she feels betrayed
by this corrupt  system and her father's supposed
friends, I support Maria Fida in her decision and I
demanded a applause for this decision in front of the
crowd present for this conference. It was a very
intense moment of my stay in Italy tat's for sure.

I write all this in memory of Aldo Moro a true italian
hero not to be forgotten.

Leo Lyon Zagami
4th of April 2008
Rome (Italy)

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>  on picture DSC00317.JPG  Im with italian/american
> aristocrat Cristiano Lovatelli Rovarino working for
> the US State Department a descendant of illustrius
> illuminati Prince  Caetani .  Cristiano as a
> interesting website
> www.cristianolovatelliravarinonews.com and his a
> very
> imporant figure in the US intelligence comunity
> quite
> known in Virginia HQ's...
> on picture DSC00335.JPG Im with Generale Porta
> Senior
> Strategic Analist of the italian intelligence.
> On picture DSC00356.JPG  Im with the daughter of
> Moro called Maria Fida Moro.
> on the picture DSC00364.JPG Im with illustrius judge
> Otello Lupacchini.
> on the picture DSC00356.JPG  Im with Admiral Accame
> on the picture DSC00318.JPG Marco Saba and Cristiano
> Lovatelli Rovarino
> on the picture DSC00327.JPG Maria Fida Moro and
> italian politician  Giovanni Galloni author of a
> book
> on Aldo Moro
> on this picture DSC00321.JPG  a incredible secret
> document made on the 2nd of March 1978 by the
> italian
> Ministry of Defense talking about contacting middle
> eastern terrorist in regards to Aldo Moro's
> kidnapping
> BUT THIS HAPPENED  14 days before Moro's kidnapping
> !!
> On this picture DSC00334.JPG Prince Lolli Ghetti di
> Ferentino ,Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino and Leo Lyon
> Zagami
> Hope I was of help and keep up the great work my
> dear
> truth seeker.
> Fraternal yours,
> Leo Lyon Zagami
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> > Thanks for your email Leo but before I post it on
> > Conspiracy Central it
> > would be nice if you could state the names of the
> > people you took a picture
> > of.
> >
> > All the best,
> >
> > Phil
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