Leo LYoN ZaGaMi FRoM SaN GioVaNNi iN LaTeRaNo (RoMe)

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Dear Halvor,
sitting in the middle of Rome with a nice italian
latte macchiato ( milk with touch of coffee) at the
local bar in San Giovanni in Laterano in front of the
splendid Basilica in the center of Rome were
Christianity as we know it was born , Im  enjoying the
view in a truly beautifull day full of sunshine and
hope for my future. The norwegian police sent me a
official list of my confiscated goods  yesterday , and
obviosuly there was a few things of great importance
missing  wich I talked about in my previous mail but
finaly after putting the norwegian police under
pressure in the last 24 hours  they have  found the
missing objects,  the mobile phone and my computer
case with all my phone diary's and that's what my
lawyer told me at 5pm today after many conversations
with the norwegian police  that tried to get these
things to disapear obviously to protect the Gulen
Movement  and their corrupt masonic  institutions . We
dont know if these things will ever return to me and
in what conditions (probably alot of material will be
obviously erased by then )  but my two computers , two
mobile phones and all the rest as now been sent to a
norwegian court for a possible case against me , what
kind of case we dont know yet  but that means that
every single picture or  video they erase will
apparentely  be done officialy only if the court
permits it  ( at least that's their official line) .
We still dont know what kind of accusations  they are
moving against me dear Halvor  apart from the insane
ramblings of my manipulated  wife unfortunately  in
the hands of a fundamentalist muslim cleric and a evil
illuminati sect of the muslim world. And the norwegian
police and court authorities still have not told us
why they are keeping all my stuff  for a possible
court case,  what's their reasons for keeping all my
working  tools ??!!  Well we know that :)  but these
NWO norwegian fanatics and corrupt Freemasons  of your
country  seem to enjoy very much their dirty job at
protecting  evil muslim fanatics and their
fundamentalist ways. They  obviously knew after my
conversation yesterday with my lawyer Arne Berdal
that any attempt of this kind to make my things
disapear will start a massive investigation from the
official media into this dirty  affair and after
realizing I had enough evidence against them already
they ended up finding the lost stuff  , this is it's
quite obvious also for my lawyer who is usualy skeptic
and very pragmatic about it but realizes now what kind
of power these people have in twisting the norwegian
laws to always benefit their side. But the norwegian
police doesnt like scandals and I actualy started to
contact the big media outlets in Norway yesterday
dear Halvor about what's happening and Im ready to go
to them if this insanity against me continues. My
mother Jessica Lyon Zagami in the meantime will go to
Norway in two weeks  to press charges with the
Norwegian police against Fatma Suslu and her family
for the kidnapping of her grandson Isak Rumi Zagami
as we dont have any news of  him since the 23rd of
Febraury  2008 and my family , that's my mother
Jessica  my father the famous  Jung psicoanalist  Elio
Zagami and my brother  Sebastiano Zagami ( a  lawyer)
fully support me in this battle to prove my innocence
and get to see my son again . I's with great pain and
suffering in my heart that I write you these words
dear Halvor as today is one month and five days since
I last saw my son but now we are ready to move legaly
against them and prove to the norwegian goverment that
this is a real kidnapping by turkish mafiosi with the
support of your Police State  not a joke. My mother is
a very respected aristocratic lady in Europe directely
linked as you know to the British Royal family and
ready to act  in my defence in Norway after these
people have used their most evil strategy to end up my
marriage and take my son from me trying to ruin my
reputation of good  and honest family man.
I want to also tell all muslims out there  dear Halvor
who keep on sending me e-mails of various kinds to
convince me not to leave the islamic  faith that I
still believe and always will believe in one God ,
that's it the God that unite us all  despite of our so
called religious differences . Unfortunately I can't
respect their Holy Book anylonger as it states very
clearly that I should respect and pray for the family
of the Prophet  every day and that's no longer
possible for me as you can immagine , I can only pray
for my son  Isak Rumi Zagami who as a descendant of
Prophet Muhammed will have the duty and the spiritual
authority  to repair in the future the big damage
their faith as done to me and the rest of humanity
with their present state of corruption and their
fundamentalist believes that have nothing with the
great message of peace and tollerance of Sufi mystic
poet Rumi. The NWO puppets know very well that if my
mother comes into the picture the situation will be
very different as she is still considered by the
western illuminati as a very respectable and important
lady so if Im no longer respected in your country at
least they should respect a woman that is even related
to your King! We will bring this matter to the highest
level of the present hierarchy  if needed dear Halvor
, in the last few days I received hundreds of e-mails
of support and also some very interesting phone calls
from various members of the western illuminati still
close to me  regarding my case, I  even received with
great pleasure a call from the illustrius Brother
aristocratic  French Freemason and Rosicrucian of the
Priory of Sion Jean-Pierre Giudicelli de Cressac
Bachelerie  who  I actualy criticized in the past as a
member of the Monte Carlo Lodge and other groups
connected  but Im now happy to say he is no longer
involved with them at any level , Jean Pierre  as also
 become so to speak  an ex-illuminati and  ex
freemason as he doesnt believe in their mission and
their initiatic schools any longer for the advancement
of mankind.
Jean-Pierre called me from  France the first day I
arrived in Italy after he heard of what happened to me
in Norway and I must admit he truly showed some me
some  real brotherly love, as it states in the masonic
tradition that you should always call a Brother in
need and that's what happened to me with Jean-Pierre
Giudicelli de Cressac Bachelerie a true noblemen and a
real alchemist who as just published in France the
book :
alchimie-hermetisme et ordres initiatiques.

 Editions Le Mercure Dauphinois

I advice you to get a copy as it describes very well
the inner secret workings of the western illuminati
tradition and not only that so it's a must for any
serious researcher in the topic of the illuminati and
their mistery schoools.

Another dear Brother close to me  from Kirby Lodge
2818 of the United Grand Lodge of England  contacted
me after the latest events and gave me is much
appreciated Brotherly support but he also warned me
that I was considered at the moment one of the most
dangerous Brothers in the world....welll that's a
little bit to much my dear Brother at Great Queeen
Street  but I can live with it and I can even consider
it a compliment from a fellow mason...hi..hi...

But most important on the 5th of March 2008 after I
came out of my sad prison ordeal  I was called
immediately by Roman aristocrat Prince Lolli Ghetti di
Ferentino a dear friend of mine who was also a close
friend of Bishop Marcinkus  and a  close friend to the
Pope , Prince Lolli Ghetti  said  to me  that the
Catholic Church will  immediately give me the
protection and help I needed  against the muslims  if
I personaly  asked for forgiveness to the Pope about
all my sins against the Catholic  Church and he told
me that for an aristocrat of my level it was natural
to join the Catholic Church establishment again , well
I didnt want to offend the Prince but I obviously
refused such an offer from what I still consider to be
my  main enemy. The Prince said the first thing I
should do was to go to the Benedictians monks n Oslo
...well that's not what I need right now a forced
reconciliation with the Vatican who as always been
there trying to manipulate my life is definetely
something I dont want!
Gonna go for a nice meal now in my local osteria in
San Giovanni in this beatifull city of Rome were the
enemy at least respects me for my position and wil
never dear to do what they have done in Oslo in the
Satanic Kingdom of Norway , and were the local
intelligence and the italian police  actualy protects
me from my new enemy : muslim fundamentalism
manipulated and controled by the NWO illuminati.
So now I have as  my enemies:

and other I dont even bother to mention ...
 so what more can I ask  ?

Well Im going to the USA on the 20th of April were I
hope I will get some proper  protection from the
Patriots  down there but let's see if they let me in

Leo Lyon Zagami
ex Khaled Saifullah Khan

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Dear Leo

Thanks for keeping me posted with your latest turns of events. It sounds like Norway was a dead end street as far as your options go. May your moves from your current open-ended situation be fortuitous for yourselve & for all increasingly opressed by this Vatican-led NWO beast system.

London is an overpriced, stressed out dump that barely resembles how it was when you were living here. So not much to report about my locale! Roll on summer! Last year it didn’t happen & the year before the heat & pollution were so bad that there was no respite at night or in parks in the day. Hope it is a good one this year!

I’m sure that you’ve been busy & have had a lot of emails to reply to, but I thought that I would repost my email below. I’ve just listened to Part One of William F. Mann’s interview on Red Ice. He’s a Canadian Templar of the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada. Lots of talk about bloodlines, maps of the Americas found in Solomon’s Temple & the return of Christ. Who’s Christ though? The Vatican’s planned false-messiah, Harun Yaya (or however his name is spelled) & the fake Muslims’ false-messiah? or a real Christ. My bet is on some combination of the first two. That got me thinking about your Templar references.

Thanks for your time & effort in sharing your knowledge, may you always use it as a force for good for the world & may you be rewarded by the ultimate God & not man. Any details that you can flesh out some answers to my questions below would be appreciated. If it’s okay with you, then perhaps I could post the reply on my blog page.

When you get to America, maybe you could ask Balestrieri if he’s still got that job for you at the Rotary Club of the UN! JOKE!!! ;D

Take care & God bless –



From: troy
Sent: 25 March 2008 18:04:57
To: leo young (leoyoung1999@yahoo.com)
Dear Leo

Thanks for your reasonable, credible & thorough – not to mention prompt – response regarding your ‘conversion’ to Islam. While researching Raouf Boutros-Ghali I came across this page:


Interesting to note that Raouf’s wife is a Lutheran from Norway(!) Even more interesting regarding his brother Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former UN head: ‘Colleagues from French language schools includingthe fabled Jesuits where Professor Ghali had studied as a schoolboy,referred to him simply as ‘Bo-bo’ a nickname that would resurface atthe UN years later.’

It seems that Raouf is also a memeber of Egypt’s Shura Council. Interesting family.

As always (!), your writing raises other questions, which hopefully you have the time to clear up, such as:

* Which Knights Templar order were you a Knight Commander with (I see that there are at least three referred to in your email from the other month appended below & no doubt there are others)?

Some background on your involvement with them & if you copuld establish what the precise nature of your SMOM Knights of Malta connection was (I understand that your certain members of your family bloodline were/are traditionally high-level Sicilian Knights of Malta & thought you wrote a speech for a SMOM event, that took place at the time you left the P2 Lodge in June 2006. You haven’t mentioned much in the past your Knights Templar involvement, although Eric Phelps seems aware in the email below that you were a Templar.

* Was the ‘Center for Esoteric Studies’ in New York that you referred to a planned new branchof the Centre for Esoteric Studies (as that is based in Toronto) or did you mean the School for Esoteric Studies in NYC? I have included URL’s/links below for the organisations I found.

* While I think of it & related to the last one: I don’t remember you covering the Theosophical Society before. I would be interested to know how you understand their influence to be today.

I found your reference to having a 16,000 man team at your assistance in the US to be most unexpected. I understand that you are reticent to divulge too much, but any more on that would be appreciated.

Make the most of your time in Rome, I think that unfortunately the US is in for shock this year, as maybe we all may be if the worsening economic climate is allowed to completely collapse & provide the trigger for extreme totalitarian order measures in response to the resultant chaos.

In truth & awareness –









School for Esoteric Studies

58 Oak Terrace
Arden, NC 28708-2820

The School for Esoteric Studies was established in 1956 by former close co-workers of Alice Bailey. The School is located in New York City and offers training for discipleship in the New Age. Its courses, given via correspondence to English speaking students throughout the world, focus on study of the ageless wisdom teachings, meditation, and service as a way of life. Discipleship is seen not as devotion towards any individual or group, but as intelligent cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy (i.e., the Masters of the Wisdom or the Christ and His Disciples) towards the working out of the Plan of Light and Love within humanity.

The curriculum of the school is based on the methods and various texts by Alice Bailey and others. Apart from the courses for students, the school has made available a series of small introductory booklets for the interested public on such subjects as the Spiritual Hierarchy-Inner Guidance of the World; There is a Plan-Cooperation of Humanity with the Spiritual Hierarchy; the Externalization of the Hierarchy; and Building and Bridging-the New Group of World Servers.

Membership: As of 1992, the student body fluctuates between 200 and 400 students of which approximately 80 percent resided in the United States and Canada. It is not organized into local groups.

Building and Bridging. New York: School for Esoteric Studies, n.d.

Gregor, Norman. Whither Man?. New York: School for Esoteric Studies, n.d.

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 14:40:01 -0800
From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: Fwd: Re: From Italy, about Jesuits order and the Knights Templars of today…
To: troy

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From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: From Italy, about Jesuits order and the Knights Templars of today…
To: eric@vaticanassassins.org

Ei Eric,
thank you for mailing me this one. Just tell the guy
to check who is the Grand Master of his Templar Order:
we are talking about a guy who is reporting directely
to Jesuit driven George Bush :

loyal Knight and New World Order supporter James J.
Carey !

In 2001, the Order known as  O.S.M.T.H. was accredited
by the United Nations Economic and Social Council as a
Non-Governmental Organisation :


Their lineage goes back to  Fabré-Palaprat's
Templar Order and several Johannite Lodges prior to
that .
Gould refers i.a. to 'La Petite Resurrection des
Templiers' ('Little Resurrection of Templars'), a
licentious society established in 1682, and to a
French masonic lodge named 'Les Chevaliers de la
Croix' which existed around the time of the foundation
of the 'Ordre du Temple' in 1804.
The connection to 'La Petite Resurrection des
Templiers' was made by
several masonic scholars at the time who asserted that
the 'statutes' of 1705 were a forgery created by the
 According to these sources, these statues had been
forged by the none other then Jesuit Father Bonani and
was 'actually the resuscitation of a 1681 Society
entitled the 'Little Resurrection of Templars' and
that it had as one of its members the learned Fenelon
who converted Ramsay to orthodoxy', thus illuminati
Grand Master John Yarker in his book 'Arcane Schools'
states stupidly  that 'in any case, if of 1705, the
Charter proves the existence of a branch of Scottish
...yes another creation of the Jesuits...
 Papus another Jesuit agent  stated that 'Templarism'
had existed as a 'revolutionary force' in France.
Since the mid-
1750's the Templar Order secretely promoted by the
Jesuits had changed its activities and started to
infiltrate masonry by creating the Higher Degrees,
their influence within the masonic Lodges created an
atmosphere which eventually 'fueled' the French
Revolution, a Jesuit revolution, that created the
Grand Orient of France.
 So a contemporary Mason is able to write : ' It is
not excessive to say
that the masonic revolution of 1773 was the prelude
and the
precursor of the Revolution of 1789.' What must be
well observed is
the secret action of the Brothers of the Templar Rite.
It is they
who are the real fomentors of revolution, the others
are only docile
agents'. ( source : 'Martines de Pasqually', par
Papus, président du
Suprême Conseil de l'Ordre Martiniste, p. 144 ,1895 )

The  O.S.M.T.H. as been created by the Jesuits to
oppose in their own words ( the words of the
O.S.M.T.H. )  the position of the Knights of Malta in
the power structure of the Vatican,  and reclaim an
important position for the Templar  Order they
preside,  but in reality they are simply working all
togheter for the Vatican New World Order and their
Vatican made crusade against Islam...
The Scottish Templars from a different Order  who
apparentely oppose the O.S.M.T.H.  go directely to the
Pope instead, beging to be reinstalled after the
recent historical findings about the Templar Order not
being exomunicated in the Chinon Document :
and the italian Cattolic Templars born from occultist
and illuminati Gastone Ventura could be renamed the
Benedict Fan Club
were they state the glorious words 'We gonna fight
satanism in our comunity' ...well the problem is that
they are themselfs satanist so no hope for the
It's all for the Holy Church of Rome the mother of all
Can Frater Luca please wake up?
The question is are you willing to work for the Pope?
If yes stay a Knight Templar!
Fraternal regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami

--- Eric Phelps <eric@vaticanassassins.org> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Lettieri,
> Thank you for contacting me.
> The Neo Templars are most assuredly an arm of the
> Jesuit Order, specifically the Black Pope and his
> Assistants.  But since you have not been in the
> Templars for very long, the picture is not fully
> disclosed to you as of yet.  The deeper you go, the
> more you will inderstand that Brotherhood will be
> used to further the agenda of the Jesuits ruling the
> Vatican.
> I am forwarding your question to my friend and
> former Templar/P2 member, Leo Zagami.  He will give
> you much insight and history of the Order as well as
> its overt and covert purposes.
> Sincerely in faith,
> Brother Eric
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>   From: Ass. studi Templari 'Mandatum Templi' -
> Napoli
>   To: eric@vaticanassassins.org
>   Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 2:14 PM
>   Subject: From Italy, about Jesuits order
>   Good evening Mr. Phelps,
>   I'm reading your book and, just a question: What
> about the Neo Templars ?
>   I know, I've been one of them since some months
> ago. Neo Templar organizations are connected toe the
> Jesuits and their plans or not ?
>   When I've been one of them nothing was so clear
> and as I can say, where I was an associate there was
> no links with 'Company of Jesus'.
>   Thank you in advance,
>   Regards
>   Luca Lettieri
>   www.templarinapoli.it 

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