From: leo young (leoyoung1999@yahoo.com)
Sent: 25 March 2008 13:48:37
To: troy
Dear Troy,
that story about my conversion to Islam in Egypt was made at the time to get the support of the Fethullah Gulen Movement and my wife’s family the Suslu’s descendants of Prophet Mohammed . In reality Dr.Safuat never convinced me to change faith as he knew I was an illuminati and a Christian , in fact Dr.Safuat was introduced to me by the Boutros Ghali family who is the patron of the Coptic Church as you know.In my last meeting with Dr.Safuat in London after my Cairo visit he offered me in front of my mother and my ex girlfriend Barrister Jayne Harvey to go and work with him in the USA for the Center for Esoteric Studies in New York ( a US intelligence operation run by the illuminati) and I obviously refused. Later on I asked is help in a couple of occassions to support my false story about my conversion to Islam with Fatma and her family because that was the only way dear Troy we could stay married but I deeply regret what Ive done as it jeopardized my intergrity and my true intentions towards the Christian faith. Fatma’s huncle from Konya didnt want her to be with me after knowing I was 33rd degree and a Knight Templar Commander , he said to Fatma that the Knights Templar tried to infiltrate the bloodline of Prophet Mohammed for 900 years and I was not to be trusted . In reality the Monte Carlo Lodge and my Knights Templar Brothers there saw a great opportunity for dialogue with the muslim world in the birth of our son Isak Rumi , and that was also one of the reasons why I distanced myself from them in June 2006 when I saw they wanted to take advantage from it and gain status for their illuminati criminal group , my wife was actualy one of the main reasons as you know for living the Catholic elite of the Monte Carlo Lodge, one of the resons being that Balestrieri asked me to spy on their Movement and meet Fethullah Gulen with him in the US. But Fatma didnt seem to like so much our life after I left the western illuminati establishment and their privileges , the Gulen Movement in the meantime started to realize that I was actualy just creating problems for their so called interreligious dialogue so at the end you saw what happened my friend.I’m now actualy happy that my Templar bloodline as infiltrated with a troyan horse like Isak Rumi their corrupt family of descendants of Prophet Mohammed and I hope one day he can show these infedels the true way of Jesus and finaly destroy their false believes. If you have any other specific questions about this affair please forward them to me and remember I was truly diapointed to discover the Jesuit corruption in the Fethullah Gulen Movement as you can ask yourself to any of the members of my Committee of Hope in Oslo, the Gulen Movement was for me my only protection against the NWO and they were like my new family, so to be treated in this way by them is one of my biggest disapointments. I just can’t believe how my wife has been brainwashed by these Islamic fundamentalist in making all this terrible statements against me on the net and all the rest , I wish this was a normal break up dear Troy but there are to many other interested parties involved in this affair and now she and the Gulen Movement got the Norwegian Police to confiscate my computers and accused my website of being a threat to the Norwegian Nation , well she can go to hell with her evil handlers as one day dear Troy we will prevail over this NWO agents and their corrupt elite system that manipulates all religions for their own evil interest.In any case if you had the kind of enemies I have you will convert to anything to save your life dear Troy remember that.
Leo Lyon Zagami


From: troy
Sent: 25 March 2008 03:51:22
To: leo zagami (leoyoung1999@yahoo.com)
Dear Leo

I have been keeping myself busy researching & have deliberately avoided putting my oar in while you & Fatma air your breakup grievances. So I’ll refrain from passing comment for the time being, as I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interests at this point intime.

Leo, I have been supportive of your efforts & information for some time now, on Myspace, on my troyspace.wordpress.comblog, on Eric Phelps’ mail list, on my mail list & at the UnhivedMind forum. One of the results of all this is that certain parties have ceased communication with me, which is unfortunate as it has caused partisanship further afield & has only benefitted the spiritual controllers of the New World Order in Rome.

If I am in any way to be inclined to continue endorsing & promoting your endeavors then I feel that it should be partially dependent upon whether or not you choose to seriously address the following matter:

Why did you say on more than one ocassion in your interviews since you went public about Fatma leaving you, that Fatma made you adopt Islam? Please find below an article in your own words which shows that statement to be completely false. I have highlighted in bold the significant passages.

I have other questions regarding your contrary position in regard to the Gulen Movement, but feel that that should be addressed another time. I’m passing this on to Brother Eric Phelps, as he too has taken flack for the endorsement that he has given you & your information in the past & his withdrawal of his initial charges of calling you a Jesuit coadjutor last month.

Trusting that more good than bad comes out of recent events & looking forward to a thorough & credible response to my concern.

In truth & awareness –


From 1994 to 2002 Leo lived in London where he was introduced to English Freemasonry and other occult Orders affiliated with the English Rosicrucians and at the same time achieved international recognition as a record producer and an international dj superstar . He has also continued studying the esoteric arts, developing his magickal work and receiving global recognition in the esoteric field for the work done in Rome between 1993 and 1994. He became a well known figure in thelemic magick and contemporary Rosicrucian circles around the world especialy in Russia, counting amongst his friends and collaborators celebrated contemporary Illuminati like Ezio Giunchiglia of the famous Montc Carlo Lodge ,Julian Rees the illustrius english masonic scholar and even stars of the so called occult field like Lon Milo Duquette,Kenneth Anger and swedish occultist Carl Ahbramson. He directed for two years with the title Commandor of the Rosa-Crux the AULA LUCIS CAGLIOSTRO of the Fraternitas Rosecruciana Antiqua in London and received the VIIIo known as Perfect Pontif in the Illuminati OTO/Ordo Illuminatorum system, but during his stay in the Aereopagus of the american Illuminati Leo discovered the deep corruption and evil of the so called Illuminati Order in America and the full extension of their New World Order satanic project so He rebelled in the name of Jesus Christ against this great evil that Satan was unfolding on the world .He then went to Egypt after being arrested and kept in Oslo for 3 weeks against is will under orders of the American Illuminati .Leo wanted to get rid off all this black magic present in the western occult scene and went to be exorcized by the famous holy lady of Cairo Madamme Fulla from the Orthodox Coptic Church a personal of the Boutros Ghali family wich supported Leo’s sudden move to abbandon in the year 2003 the american Illuminati with the help of Dr Safuat the wise Egyptian exorcist , magician and Sufi Master that exorcized amongst other things the UN building in NY who’s father was a disciple of the great muslim illuminati Said Nursi.
Leo went to Egypt to study also the real Jesus and find out more about the Masters of the East and during that period in November 2003 Leo decided under the pyramids to become Muslim and change is name to Khaled Saifullah Khan.He understood after Egypt that true illumination and the most accurate portray of his Grand Master Jesus was contained in the Holy Quran and he accepted Mohammed(Peace and Blessings be upon Him) as his last Prophet rejecting any other believe previously hold, contact with true Sufi’s source of Holy knowledge and divine wisdom had been made and his mission was now clear more then ever before:
Leo had also made another wish in Egypt,a very personal wish and one month later Leo met for the first time with his wife a muslim scholar of Letters of the Illumination.

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