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Dear Halvor,
I read with interest the bio you made of Fatma Suslu and I find it very objective and very true , as you know my wife was no ordinary woman and came from no ordinary family as she claims to you nowdays. I her mail to you she contradicts in more then one occasion her actual statements given to the Norwegian police two days after she left me , as there was no contact between me and Fatma (apart from the 23rd when she left ) untill the 4th of March 2008 when they illegaly arrested me without a warrant because of my supposed threatening messages to my wife and the Fethullah Gulen Movement made her feel unsafe, the Gulen Movement is a dangerous sectarian group as you know that have litteraly kidnapped my son Isak Rumi Zagami with the support of the Fascist illuminazi Norwegian authorities that later confiscated my two mobile phones, my two computers and my phone agenda’s that have now been sent to court as evidence (evidence of what?) . So I have probably lost my computers forever dear Halvor with a great damage to my work in exposing this global criminal elite behind the New World Order. Last Monday I finaly saw my lawyer Arne Berdal in Oslo and read the false and malicious accusations my wife Fatma Suslu (as we are not divorced yet as you pointed out ) moved against me with no apparent reason two days after she left (25th of Feb) , and she clearly states in these accusations that I was making her political career a problem and that I disturbed her with my phone calls during her political meetings and she also states her recent involvement with evil femminist politician Rita Westvic for the construction of this cultural center (center she is putting togheter with the help of local freemasons from INNOVATION NORWAY ) …so as you see Fatma Suslu is a liar and doents want a cleaning job at all but an important position with her new Freemason and illuminati friends in the corrupt Kingdom of Norway.
In the statement she makes accusations of violence of my side but she doesnt have any eye witnesses as she claim to you ,Troy and Greg at the Arctic Beacon so her case is not strong and is just a way for the Gulen Movement to recover those photos I wanted to pubblish and for the Norwegian Freemasons to keep my computers and all the rest so they can stop me from exposing them. She also says in the stament of the 25th to the Norwegian Police that I used to be in the Monte Carlo Lodge and was trying to infiltrate and expose the corruption of Norwegian Freemasons at the time I first got to meet her, so she seems to be totaly on their side now dear Halvor and her statment to the police confirmed me her opportunistic ways in wanting to discredit me in order to get back into the political arena and get support from the Norwegian Freemasons against me.
On the 4th of March when I finaly sent a couple of messages she went to the police and said I wanted to publish an important photo of me and a muslim leader from the Gulen Movement (the ex editor of Zaman ) to discredit him and expose the Gulen Movement,
well thats the kind of threatening messages they arrested me for (is that truly enough to arrest a person Halvor?) , you can go and check yourself with Fatma at the police station as you will not find any trace of any true threat in my messages to her or the kids as I love them and I only wanted to put some pressure on her and the Movement to see my child again but these Turkish criminals from the Gulen Movement think they are living in the 15th century Ottoman Empire and even manage to corrupt the Norwegian authorities as they are all part of the this evil Vatican Zionist led New world Order. I want to also confirm Fatma Suslu’s membership in Harun Yahya secret sex cult untill March 2004 when she was actualy stopped by the Gulen Movement after her mother initiatial approval of her membership (she use to be their official rappresentative in Oslo University) . But after Fatma went to visit the powerfulll CIA mind controler and muslim scholar Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) in Instanbul the situation got a little bit dangerous for the Gulen Movement and she was forced to quit (Harun Yahya was actualy arrested 3 hours after Fatma left his residence ) , Fatma in that occasion was offered by illuminati leader Harun Yahya the position of Head of the Said Council and probably something more…
In the higly secret sex cult of Harun Yahya a truly sick interpretation of the Q’uran makes everything possible for their elite members apart from vaginal sex including exchanging the women involved betwen the leaders of their Lodges and this has been exposed by the national Turkish papers in more then one occasion. Im truly sorry that my wife as been corrupt to this level and I hope one day God will forgive her for her terrible sins towards me and my son Isak Rumi.
She is full of lies and only a corrupt court will be able to support her false statements made essentialy to damage my image and relaunch her political career, a woman like this dear Halvor as no morals or any true ethical values and that’s tipical of such kind of politicians .
Regarding my mother Jessica Lyon Zagami she was forced to convert from Catholicism to Islam when she visited Fatma’s mother for the first time , and that only happened because my mother is a very tollerant person who dint want to offend these fundamentalist idiots but is now ready to tell the truth about what happened.
The Gulen Movement also tried in the last year to infiltrate and corrupt our Committe of Hope in Oslo as you can ask to our common friend Lars from the Gnostic Center.
I am now fed up of this situation and this persecution in your country so Im leaving Norway tomorrow and Im moving soon to the USA were I will be under the protection of some trusted friends of mine ready to build the illuminati resistance for the next critical 4 years. Please forgive my spelling errors and pray for me my friend as these have been the most difficult moments in my life and keep on your sincere and honest work as truthseeker .
Blessings and
Fraternal regards,
Leo Lyon Zagami

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