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Subject: URGENT :Betrayed by my wife and the muslim community
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Dear Greg,
after the recent events unfortunately Im not feeling to well, it has been the worst experience in my life .First I get abbadoned by my wife that leaves me on the 23rd of Febbraury taking also my only son away from me after stating that I was becoming a problem for the interreligious dialogue of the Fethullah Gulen Movement and I wasnt a good muslim for her. Then she also said that my dangerous stand against the Vatican driven New World Order was damaging the possibility of her return into politics in Norway, later after she left she even written in a sms message that she could finaly work with Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri and Ezio Giunchiglia of the P2 …I was basicly completely shocked about the situation but my alarm bells should have been ringing from the moment I saw coming into the picture in May 2007 this strange Jesuitcalled Thomas Michel SJ at a a Gulen Movement event dedicated to Sufi mystic Rumi arranged by muslim illuminati Kemaletin Suslu one of the brothers of my wife. After that I started criticizing the Gulen movement and their New World Order position close to the Jesuits ,a move that made me increasingly unpopular with my wife Fatma Suslu that started to say to me that I should stop immediately my illuminati Confessions on the net and convert to a strict and more fundamentalist view of Islam otherquise she will leave me, that was obviously a brainwashing imposition for me and I couldnt accept such a proposal and on the 23rd of Febbraury 2008 she eventualy left . Initialy I was sad but she promissed to show me the kid and that I shouldnt worry about this difficult moment . But the following Monday my lawyer calls me and tells me she went to the police and has moved charges of domestic violence against me and she has no intention of showing me my son Isak Rumi Zagami ever again. I soon realized that she had been completely brainwashed against me by the Jesuit friendly Gulen Movement known also as the Opus Dei of Islam and she wanted to grow up Isak on her own so they could brainwash him with their twisted and hypocrit version of Islam . Sufism should be about tollerance and the family of the Prophet Mohammed wich my wife belongs should be a true beacon of light for the muslim world, instead my dear friends they are simply New World Order criminals like everybody else affraid that my stand against the system could damage their so called interreligious affairs and all the rest of their dirty business….
In any case after two weeks of not seeing my son Isak I try to put pressure on the religious movement of my wife in order to show me my son again but instead at 9.30PM on the 4th of March two policemen and a police woman come to my house and arrest me so I spend 12 hours in a cold prison cell and few hours been interviewed by the police that eventualy released me at 1.30 pm on the 5th. But at 10 o’clock in the morning I saw a priest to wich I finaly tell the truth about my forced conversion into Islam to please my wife’s family and the way they sold me out to the authorities as only a true Judas could do. Yes my wife sold me to to my worst enemy the Norwegian Freemasons. From now I cant obviosuly continue to follow a book (the Q’uran) that tells me that I should respect the family of my wife because they are traitors and criminals to their own religion , happily working for the New World Order mafia and their sick establishment of lies and corruption. My wife Fatma Suslu was my best friend and my only love and to be betrayed by her in this way is definetely the worst exeperience of my life.Fatma had also an important meeting with a Norwegian politician last month regarding the possibility of running a Cultural Center (obviously in the hands of the Norwegian Freemasons) that simply means she has been bought by the enemy but I hope my son Isak will one day read this article and realize the evil connections of Islam and the Suslu Family with the Vatican NWO and how much is father had to suffer because of their injustice and their malicious lies on my persona. Now my illuminati enemies got a new friend in Fatma who desperetely works relaunching her immage on FACE BOOK with her illuminati friends like Yoko Ono and even Paulo Coelho. In the meantime Im waiting an answer from my lawyer on what’s going on with Fatma’s false charges against me, she as no witnesses on her side so at the moment is simply her word against mine but the police have confiscated my two computers (a MAC and a PC) and two mobile phones.Why??? Well this abuse of power is tipical of this fascist driven country and their police state that already came to visit me last year after they close my first website saying that they will take my kids from me if I didnt close down my new site in Italy , well in that occasion Fatma was totaly supportive of my struggle against the New World Order and she even went public on the radio to talk about it and later went to the social workers to defend our case and our kids from these evil people.
The Gulen Movement as influenced the police in Norway to confiscate my computers as they are probably affraid I could use some of the pictures I have with leaders of their organizzation, pictures made in secret meetings and they want to avoid any scandal that could link them to their Jesuit manipolators , but the police is also gonna find on my computers a wonderfull video of my ex wife Belly dancing in a very non fundamentalist style…I hope they dont erase it as it was definetely a perfomance that could make a Jesuit faint and a very unique one from a descendant of Prophet Mohammed .
From the 5th of March 2008 I’m officialy a Christian again as my sufference made me realize that He is our only savour and Mohammed is a false Prophet who’s descendants are involved in satanism and the New World Order.
It’s time for a reality check and for an ultimate exposure of the muslim side of the illuminati cake….Im now alone and in great danger in Norway. When I went out of my house earlier there was a police surveilance car parked in front of my door, I dont know anymore what they are gonna do with me now that I dont have any protection and Im so vulnerable, I might disapear or I might be condemned without any reason to spend my next few years in a boring prison cell. I realy dont know what will happen, but remember my true friends out there I will never stop this war against the New world Order untill I die , and one day my precious son will finaly revenge me and bring down this evil Vatican beast and their muslim allies.

Leo Lyon Zagami
ex Khaled Saifullah Khan

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