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From: leo young (leoyoung1999@yahoo.com)
Sent: 21 February 2008 01:05:09
To: troy
The Gran Loggia d'Italia degli ALAM of Piazza del
Gesu'  known as Palazzo Vitelleschi  (with 8000
members)  is the Obbedience listed in your list
because they have been involved in the creation of the
CLIPSAS and they are the ones traditionaly more close
to the Jesuits.
The Grande Oriente Italiano of Piazza del Gesu' is a
much smaller Obbedience (500 members)  but they are
still in mutual relations with the CLIPSAS  and other
international bodies of Freemasonry  close to the
Grand Orient of France that oppose the United Grand
Lodge of England. I am also fully aware of their
connection with the Jesuits and the links that this
Obbedience had in the 70's with Jesuit Father Caprile
and the Past Grand Master of this Obbedience Pietro
Maria Muscolo .But as I stated very clearly in my mail
the Garibaldi Lodge in Rome  was courageous enough to
ask their superiors  and their present Grand Master
Nicola Tucci  to have me there as their guest and I
accepted this kind invitation . It's not the first
time that a Anti-Mason is invited in a open Lodge to
have a speach as even  stated by Masonic Info : "Now
many Masons will recognize that for decades
anti-Masons have been invited to speak at meetings. Ed
Decker, in fact, has been invited to speak at Masonic
lodges on several occasions." from
What the Grande Oriente Italiano and his Grand Master
do with the Jesuits or the CLIPSAS at the present time
 is not my concern ,  as I was only invited to attend
as a guest on the 10th of Jannuary 2008  and Im not a
subscribing member of this Lodge or this Obbedience.
My speach in the lodge that day ( as I wrote and
stated before ) was actualy very critical of the
Jesuit roots of the Scottish Rite and  focused on the
Vatican NWO manipulation of Freemasonry. True
Freemasonry should be about meeting even with your
enemy in a Fraternal way inside the Lodge , and as I
already said before I prefer the position of dialogue
when possible and I definetely dislike what the Grand
Lodge of Maine (close to the UGLE) as done with their
many lies on my masonic history including the
illarious statement that the P2 was closed down in
1976. I invite the researchers out there to check out
instead this invitation at the Rotary International
Service  Division at the UN were Masonic Info says  I
could not not have participated or be elegible for
membership in the Rotary...what a lie especialy when
you know that this  P2 criminal  of Balestrieri is the

Da: GBRotary@aol.com Data: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 16:35:11 EDT Oggetto: http://nyrotaryunitednations.blogspot.com/ http://nyrotaryunitednations.blogspot.com/ A: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com, amato.roberto@gmail.com, drgruggiero@tiscali.it Alle Nazioni Unite Giorgio ___________________________________________________ Welcome to the International Service Division of the Rotary Club of New York's Newsletter Welcoming Note and Listing of Articles: The International Service Division of the Rotary Club of New York is delighted to present this newsletter in order to demonstrate the commitment and continuing support of Rotary to the United Nations and its Millennium Development Goals.This newsletter will also serve as a platform for information and dialogue between all Rotarians who are interested in the programs of the United Nations and in contributing towards achieving its goals. We invite you to share your experiences from collaboration in projects between Rotary and the United Nations. Also, all Rotarians are invited to attend the NY Rotary International Breakfast Meetings which are scheduled on the third Wednesday of every month and held at the German House located at 871 United Nations Plaza (49th St. and First Ave). These meeting provide an opportunity for Rotarians to stay informed regarding United Nation programs and to exchange views on related topics with UN officials and representatives of its member states. Yours in Rotary Service Com.te Dott. Giorgio H. Balestrieri Chairman, International Service Division Director, The Rotary Club of New York
THIS IS IMPORTANT INFO THAT Masonic Info (or better disinfo) desperetely tries to debunk by writing: His most recent message had what was supposed to be an e-mail to a well-known UK Mason turning down an invitation to join a United Nations Club. Mr. Zagami/Kahn/whatever wrote forcefully (and with his usual horrible spelling) that he wasn't going to be involved in a Satanist, Illuminati conspiracy. What was this message that he'd received and had to share with us to prove he was 'right in the thick of things'? We almost fell on the floor laughing: it was an ANNOUNCEMENT of a monthly ROTARY Luncheon being held at the UN building's cafeteria. Zagami wasn't being invited to JOIN anything and would be neither eligible to attend that luncheon NOR would he qualify for Rotary membership anywhere as far as we can tell. FROM : http://www.masonicinfo.com/zagami.htm http://www.unigre.it/pug/judaicstudies/en/CardBea.asp this happens because of the Rotary involvement of Comandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri exposed by me as a registred P2 member and arms dealer who is as you all know by now one of the Directors of the Rotary Club in NY , Balestrieri is also a "regular" member of the Grand Lodge of New York , a traitor , and a P2 murderer involved in 9/11 on behalf of the Vatican establishment. So please focus your atention on the real illuminati enemy like Balestrieri and remember that my position in the Order was a position of leadership , so you shouldnt be surprised if I still have a few contacts in the establishment of the Beast but no submission is possible from my side as Im not a novice in any way dear Eric and Thomas.. What's important now is that I dont retract on my position towards the illuminati Pyramid and I will never change my mind on their evil show made in Vatican with full Zionist support. What Cardinal Bea did was to cement this alliance between the Jesuits and his older Brothers from Zion and to spread malicious lies on Islam. And the link between the Jewish Masters and the Jesuits is a proven fact for Cardinal Bea : CARDINAL BEA CENTER FOR JUDAIC STUDIES !!! Dear Brother Eric what more evidence do you need a Talmud on Cardinal Bea's head? Leo Lyon Zagami now Khaled Saifullah Khan
--- "troy" <troy> wrote: > > Hi Leo > > Just > got your email. I was wondering if you could please > clear up the apparent > discrepancies between the highlighted references > with the information > below. > > Many thanks - > > Troy > > * EXCERPT FROM LEO'S EMAIL: > > Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 11:04:03 -0800 > From: leoyoung1999@yahoo.com > Subject: my latest response to the Investigative > Unit... > > The photo's I recentely sent you were made on the > 10h > of Jannuary 2008 when I was invited at the > Garibaldi > Lodge of the Grande Oriente Italiano of Piazza del > Gesu' in Rome, this invitation was made by a > group > of courageous Brothers who are not scared of the > Vatican neo illuminati and dont have any problems > with my anti masonic and anti NWO revelations , > inviting me instead with the permission of their > Grand Master to speak in open Lodge as their > special > guest they demonstrated their unique tollerance and > their true fraternal spirit . The Grande Oriente > Italiano of Piazza' del Gesu' is a regular and > legittimate Obbedience recognized internationaly by > the CLIPSAS but strictly indipendent who's Grand > Master is Nicola Tucci and as nothing to do with Rui > Gabirro's Jesuit influenced Grande Oriente Italiano > Federale Regolar > > * > EXCERPT FROM ARTICLE OF GREG'S BASED ON LEO'S INFO. > ARE PIAZZA DEL GESU > MASONS "ALWAYS CLOSE" TO THE JESUITS & ILLUMINATI OR > NOT?: > > http://www.illuminati-news.com/110106b.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CLIPSAS http://www.clipsas.com/en/members_f.htm > > More Satanic Worshipping in Vatican Verified > by Greg Szymanski, Oct 31, 2006 > > Mussolini > was given an honorary 33degree at the train station > of Florence. Then > he started Fascism with a Quatriumvirato that > included 2 Masons from > Piazza del Gesu' and two from Palazzo > Giustiniani.Then like Hitler he > started persecuting the Palazzo Giustiniani > obedience but not the Piazza del Jesu' ones always > close to the Jesuits and the Illuminati. > > * THE WIKIPEDIA C.L.I.P.S.A.S. ENTRY ASSERTS THAT > C.L.I.P.S.A.S. IS FOR IRREGULAR MASONIC > JURISDICTIONS: > > > > The > Centre of Liaison and Information of Masonic Powers > Signatories of > Strasbourg Appeal (CLIPSAS) is an international > organization of Masonic > jurisdictions. These jurisdictions are considered > irregular by the > United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and most other > Anglo-Saxon Grand > Lodges[citation needed] because they do not require > Masons to have a belief in a Supreme Being or accept > women. > > * > C.L.I.P.S.A.S. MEMBERSHIP, "GRANDE ORIENTE ITALIANO" > NOT LISTED, GRAN > LOGGIA D'ITALIA IS NOT THE SAME OBEDIENCE. I'M > CONFUSED BY YOUR CHOICE > OF WORDS IN THE EMAIL "...RECOGNIZED BY CLIPSAS BUT > STRICTLY > INDEPENDANT...": > > > > Name > > Since > 01. Gran Loggia d'Italia > > Founder > 02. Grand Orient de Suisse > > Founder/Back in 2005 > 03. Großorient von Österreich > > Founder > 04. Grand Orient de Luxembourg > > Founder > 05. Serenísima Gran Logia de Lengua Española > > Founder > 06. Grand Lodge of Denmark > > 1970 > 07. Gran Logia Mixta de Puerto Rico > > 1976 > 08. George Washington Union > > 1979 > 09. Gran Logia de la República de Venezuela > > 1980 > 10. Grand Rite Malgache > > 1981 > 11. Omega Grand Lodge of the State of New York > > 1982 > 12. Grands Orient & Loge Unis du Cameroun > > 1982 > 13. Gran Logia Simbólica Española > > 1983 > 14. Grand Orient du Congo > > 1984 > 15. Grande Loge Féminine de Belgique > > 1984 > 16. Nederlandse Grootloge der Gemengde > Vrijmetsalerijj > > 1985 > 17. Grande Oriente Lusitano > > 1985 > 18. Grande Loge Haïtienne de Saint-Jean des > Or..d'Outre Mer > > 1985 > 19. Grande Loge de Haïti > > 1987 > 20. HUMANITAS- Freimaurergrossloge für Frauen und > Männer in Deutschland > > 1987 > 21. Gran Oriente Latino Americano > > 1987 > 22. Grand Bénin de la République du Bénin > > 1988 > 23. Großloge Humanitas Austria > > 1989 > 24. Grands Orient & Loge Associés du Congo > > 1989 > 25. Liberal Grand Lodge of Turkey > > 1989 > 26. Gran Logia Mixta de Chile > > 1991 > 27. Grande Loge Française de Memphis-Misraïm > > 1991 > 28. Grande Loge Féminine de Memphis-Misraïm > > 1992 > 29. Grande Loge Symbolique Helvétique > > 1992 > 30. Grande Eburnie > > 1992 > 31. Gran Logia Femenina de Chile > > 1994 > 32. Gran Loggia Massonica Femminile d'Italia > > 1995 > 33. Grande Loja Unida do Paraná > > 1995 > 34. Séréníssime Grand Orient de Grèce > === message truncated ===

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