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Kent )  It seems like the Jesuits have their hands in
just about everything. Any comment on that?

Leo ) Well, I had a very of a sad experience lately of
a Jesuit, who was at the Center for Interreligious
of the Jesuits, Thomas Michelle. I met him in May of
this year. A really wonderful person he was, I was
very surprised to meet a Jesuit like this.
And I was very surprised that he was still alive
actually, given what he was doing. And in fact he
apparently had a car crash and his now in a coma.
Obviously, the car crash was arranged for him by the
Jesuits, as he was not obviously following what the
Jesuits wanted him to follow.
They are killers and very dangerous assassins,
Next year they have the election of the new general,
so there is a big movement inside the order at the
for who has to become the new general.

This was an extract from the following interview :


I gave last year to the Kentroversy Tapes :

we know what the Jesuits did to poor  Brother Alberto
Rivera and now you also know what they did to ourdear
Brother Thomas Michel SJ.
To all the researchers out there I invite them to
study better the situation and consider apologizing
regarding the figure of Fr.Thomas Michel ,  for the
sacrifice of a man who is obviously done something
that has seriously disturbed the Jesuits to find
himself in this dangerous situation. This man as put
his life on the line to meet people like me and
support the true muslim cause, and yes He was a Jesuit
but did you consider that not all Jesuits are the
Some are Zionist agents for example like Malachi
Martin SJ
who nobody ever touched during his life because he was
a double agent ,  working for the powerfull Zionist
agent Cardinal Bea and his friend Rabbi Abraham
Heschel of the American Jewish Committee, Heschel was
the person  who originaly created the false tale of
Islam being a Vatican creation. Check more about
Cardinal Bea Zionist ties on this official web site:
and  remember that  Alberto Rivera was in this case a
victim of the  Zionist disinformation of Cardinal Bea
to wich the center for Judaic Studies at the
illustrius Gregorian University  in Rome is now
obviously dedicated.
Alberto Rivera clearly said that Cardinal Bea declared
that the Vatican created Islam & this was the story
that Alberto put forth in "the Prophet" (number 6 of
Chick Publications' Alberto series).
There are  many historical errors in this story spread
by Cardinal Bea by way ,  like the fact that the
Christian wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was Maria
and not Khadijah as stated erroneously by Rivera , and
Khadijah who was the first wife of the Prophet  was a
close relative of Mohammed (PBUH) and  had never been
Christian, Maria instead who was  born Christian
became muslim at the end of her life.
Unfortunately Alberto really didn't know that what he
was spreading was dangerous Zionist disinformation ,
and because of this unfortunate episode  the rest of
his precious revelations are not taken seriously  by
muslims worldwide , muslims  who would profit very
much on listening to the rest of his stories about the
Vatican corruption. The dangerous tale that  the
Vatican formed Islam was spread so that  Islam &
Bible-believing Christians will never  take a united
stand against the Vatican system and their Zionist
allies ,they were and they are  very worried for this
So untill the anti-Vatican Truth Movement doesnt
adknowledge properly the fact that there is a close
collaboration in this NWO conspiracy between the
Jewish Zionist and the Vatican there can be no proper
truth. There is a war out there and the key players
are the Jesuits and their Zionist friends as I always
stated, and they definetely don't want any true
muslims outside of their corrupt versions of Islam
(like the Wahaabis) to have a true alliance with
Bibble believing Christians.
There is a big fear in their minds about the
possibility that people like me who have been  Vatican
insiders and know the truth about what's happenning
inside their secretive establishment  ,  and the  true
extent of their Vatican/Zionist plot  will finaly blow
the wistle  and point the attention of people towards
both of them , yes both of them my friends  not one or
the other ,  like seems to happen very often today in
the conspiracy movement. Hope you all understand that
the attacks I have received in the last few days are
totaly unjustified and highly offensive for my
integrity, and I'm sure that now that I've made clear
my relation with Fr.Thomas Michel and reported what
happened after ( with his car accident )  alot of so
called researchers like this:
will have to apologize if they are honest  for their
rude ways and their false accusations against my
persona  , as I'm already fighting a difficult battle
and I definetely dont need to be called  a Vatican
At the end of this article I want to announce that
today at 6pm US Central Time ( 1AM European Central
Time) there will be an important Radio Show to clear
this matter once and for all at the Arctic Beacon
with me , Greg and Eric Jon Phelps :

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan
RE: Regarding Fr.Thomas Michel SJ a victim of his Vatican Masters‏
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Thanks for helping clarify a few matters here. There is one matter though as to which I am even more confused, as are many others no doubt in this Jesuit expose research movement. If you get this email in time for tonights show, it would be most useful for all concerned for you to explain how the Zionists could have double-agents within the Jesuits, as it is perceived by many of us that the Jesuits created & control the predominant form of Zionism referred to by Eric Phelps & others as Masonic Labor Zionism. Some further insight into the power struggles (if they exist) between Zionists & the Jesuits would be helpful.

Also: are you able to elaborate on the true origins of Jesuit founder Ignatius Lloyola? Eric Phelps maintain that he was a Gentile others say that he was a Jew. There are also claims that the Jesuits are a front for the Borgias to operate through & maintain autonomy from the Vatican. Speaking of powerful families do the Rothschilds control Zionism? Claimed 1970’s Illuminati-defector John Todd alledged that the Order of the Golden Dawn is the Rothschilds private church & they choose the members. Do you know the truth about this? Others have claimed that B’nai B’rith is the direct controlling force behind Freemasonry . Is this true? If so how do they conduct operations with the Jesuits, the Duke of Kent’s UGLE & the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis, i.e. what is the pecking order chain?

If Leo or Greg doesn’t get this email in time, perhaps Brother Eric would be so kind as to get Leo’s input on these matters. How& to what extent the Jesuits – via the Pope’s Knights of Malta & high-level Masons – affect & influence Israeli politics & intelligence would also be enlightening topics to cover.

Wishing a swift & just resolution to recent events.

In truth & awareness –


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