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INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE AT WORK In 1995 the Thirty Fourth General Congregation of the Society of Jesus promulgated Decree Five: Our Mission and Interreligious Dialogue. This made it a priority for Jesuits to engage in inter-religious dialogue, saying “To be religious today is to be interreligious in the sense that a positive relationship with believers of other faiths is a requirement in a world of religious pluralism.” This document not only recognized religious pluralism as a fact of life in our times, but also insisted that interreligious encounter and dialogue must become accepted as an integral dimension of the ministries of Jesuits and those who work with Jesuits. Jesuit efforts in interreligious dialogue are coordinated through the Jesuit Secretariat in Rome. The current head of the interreligious office in Rome is Fr. Thomas Michel, S.J. in the photo in the attachment with myself Leo Lyon Zagami at an interreligious meeting in Oslo (Norway) in May 2007.

Because of my previous position with the interreligious department of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge I still have a few contacts in this field , and I still continue to play an active role were possible in the way of dialogue between different faiths and cultures. I find very important at this time to show this picture as a testimony of my past work at the highest level of the illuminati pyramid and my intention to continue the dialogue if possible even with the enemy . We have to try to understand eachother and our differences , and I questioned Father Thomas Michel during our meeting about the position of the Jesuits in the curent world affairs and told him that many people question the genuity of their intentions in the interreligious dialogue , but Father Thomas smiled at me and told me instead that he wants to retire soon and return back to Asia were he lived and worked for
many years , as he didnt seem to happy about working in Rome but now is old friend Adolph became the new General so let`s see what happens…
Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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