PoPe MouRNS FRa. BeRTie, GRaNDMaSTeR oF THe oRDeR oF MaLTa

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Gran Master of Knights of Malta, Fra Andrew Bertie,
dies at 78

The Associated Press
Published: February 8, 2008 

ROME: Fra Andrew Bertie, a descendant of Britain's
royal Stuart family who was grand master of the
Knights of Malta, has died, the ancient lay Roman
Catholic order said Friday. He was 78.

Bertie, who was the 78th grand master of the
900-year-old charitable order, died Thursday in a Rome
clinic, the group said in a statement. No information
on the cause of death was given.

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I wonder why no information on the cause of the death
was given ?
That gives a tipical Vatican touch to the event ,
possibly death or maybe Vatican style murder ?
He was apparentely in good conditions lately so it all
sound more misterious.... Well a new Grand Master of
the Knights of Malta must now be  elected by the
professed, religious members of the Order less then a
month after the election of the new Black Pope
....Mmm.. and He serves for life. Elections of the
Grand Master must be naturaly approved by the Supreme
Pontiff  Ratzinger the Pharaoe with a word of advice
from Fr. Adolph Nicolas, SJ (newly elected Father
General of the Society of Jesus),  as the religious
superior of the Order the Pope also appoints a
Cardinal patron and a Prelate of the Order  and the
show continues in Vatican HQ's ,  were alot of changes
are on the way after the election of the new General
of the Jesuits Adolf pardon Adolph.

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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