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The official announcement from Rome concerning his
election is as follows:
Father Adolfo Nicolás new Superior General
Father Adolfo Nicolás was elected Superior General of
the Society of Jesus on Saturday, 19 January in a
solemn ceremony following four days of prayer and
conversation by the 217 electors who came to Rome from
all over the world.
Latest News
Jesuits finaly elect new leader
Rome - The Roman Catholic order of Jesuits have
elected the 71-year-old Spaniard Adolfo Nicholas as
their new Superior General. The Jesuits Superior
General is known as the 'Black Pope' because of the
colour of his cape and the power wielded by the order.
More than 200 electors of the order began meeting in
Rome on 7 January to choose a successor to the
Dutchman Peter Hans Kolvenbach, who resigned after
leading the order for 24 years. Mr Kolvenbach, who is
80, was the first Superior General to resign of his
own accord. 
The Jesuits' new leader, who studied in Japan and
spent more than 40 years there doing missionary work,
is known as an expert on Asia. 
Fr. Nicolas  first came to Japan in 1961 and has spent
most of his time since then in Japan and the
Philippines. He is fluent in Spanish, English,
Japanese, and several other European languages. He is
a professor of theology, he is quite familiar with the
current religious crises confronting the Church and
the Society, and as a former Provincial of Jesuits in
Japan, he hopes to bring back this region firmly under
the control of the Order.
So contrary to the previsions Father Federico 
Lombardi will not take the infamous position of Black
Pope ,  due to the fact that he is to stay in control
of the media  on behalf of the Jesuit Superior General
after he became  two years ago the  director of the
Holy See Press Office succeeding Joaquin
Navarro-Valls, the 69-year old Spaniard and member of
Opus Dei who has held this post for almost 22 years.
The multi-lingual Father Lombardi, 65 will remain as
director of both Vatican Radio and the Vatican
Television Center , confirming the Jesuits intention
to stay in  full control of the Vatican media .
Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan

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