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Dear Don,
I first heard that Gordon Brown will became Prime
Minister in november 2003 in Kirby lodge 2818 ( United
Grand Lodge of England ).
It's no surprise as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are
members of the highly influential Studholme Lodge
(1591) of UGLE  and it was not by accident that the
promising young Winston Churchill  was  himself
introduced to Studholme Lodge in London.
    John Studholme Brownrigg, Provincial Grand Master
for Surrey, whose prominent family gave its name to
the new Lodge, consecrated the Lodge on 31 January
    In 1881 the Lodge moved from Surbiton, in Surrey,
to London, and the summonses read like a Who's Who of
the aristocracy and social elite.
    The guest list for the Lodge's 21st Installation
Banquet in 1897 includes 17 Members of Parliament,
including the Lord Chancellor, and numerous Lords,
Earls, Knights and high-ranking members of the armed
forces dispersed throughout the dining room.
    The Lodge records give the date of Churchill's
initiation as 24 May 1901 with his address as 105
Mount Street, his age as 26, and his occupation as a
Member of Parliament.
You can find some  interesting historical elements
adressing the relation between the Labour Party and
the Freemasons in this article:
MPs at Westminster in any case have had their own
Masonic lodge since 1929, but the lobby journalists'
lodge dates back to 1881...
Corruption runs in high places...

> Hi Leo,
>   Can you tell me if Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are
> freemasons and what lodges are they joined, I can't
> find their names connected to any lodge,
>   Regards,
>   Don
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> Subject: Regarding Napoleon...from LEO LYON ZAGAMI
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> Regarding Napoleon and Freemasonry it's quite
> interesting this essay by the QC Lodge of research
> 2076
> http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/aqc/napoleon.html
> but I found much more interesting stuff in this book
> by serious illuminati scholar Fr.Serge Hutin (Sar
> Pascal), who was the Archon of 'forreign affairs'
> for
> the 'Ordre Hermetistse Tetramegiste et Mystique'
> (Order of Hermes), arrested by the Nazis in
> Cherbourg,
> France. He was deported to "Camp-Neuengam" were he
> died in February 1945. I found in the book of Serge
> Hutin the confirmation that Napoleon was initiated
> into the illuminati Order of Jesuit trained Adam
> Weishaupt in the countryside near the city of Rome,
> and that he was persecuted and assassinated once he
> refused to follow their orders putting a crown over
> his head and declaring himself Emperor.
> The bottom line is that the high-level Freemasons
> and
> the illuminati like Napoleon are subject, also, to
> the
> Jesuit General because the Jesuit General, with
> Fredrick the Great, wrote the High Degrees of the
> Scottish Rite, the last 8 Degrees, when Fredrick
> protected them when they were suppressed by the Pope
> in 1773.So, you have the alignment with the Jesuit
> Order and the most powerful Freemason they had in
> the
> craft, Fredrick the Great, during their suppression
> that oppose the traditional role of British
> Freemasonry ruled by the Knights of Malta and the
> Vatican with the British Crown. That is an
> irrefutable
> conclusion. And then, when you see the Napoleonic
> Wars, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
> carried out by Freemasonry, everything Napoleon did,
> and the Jacobins, whatever they did, completely
> benefited the Jesuit Order.
> The Jesuit goes underground. Frederick the Great,
> the
> most powerful freemason on the continent protects
> them. They then import the French Revolution into
> France and what do they do, they kill Louie XVI and
> behead him. He's the bourbon King, the grandson of
> Louie XVI, they behead Marie Antoinette, and she's
> the
> Hapsburg Queen, the daughter of Maria Theresa. This
> is
> payback for Maria Theresa.
> They brought Pope Pious VI over the Alps and he
> died,
> and Pious VII Poped them after that Napoleon
> imprisoned him for five years, remember Napoleon was
> referred to Robusfear on horseback. So the Jesuits
> used Napoleon Bonaparte, a high level illuminati and
> protector of Freemasonry, to punish all their
> enemies.
> They use Napoleon to punish all the monarchs. They
> drive the Borganases out of Portugal into exile.
> They
> drive the Bourbons' out of Spain into exile. They
> behead Louie XVI, the Bourbon French king, they
> imprison Pious VII. They drive The Knights of Malta
> off the island because they had expelled the Jesuits
> them in 1768.
> They used Napoleon as their hammer. Napoleon
> Bonaparte
> had a Jesuit trained adviser, Abbe Emmanuel Joseph
> Sieyes
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Joseph_Sieyès
> He advised Napoleon what to do and where to go. So
> we
> know now the victories of Napoleon were the Jesuits
> organizing the victories on his side and the defeat
> of
> his enemy, that's why he succeeded until 1812, when
> he
> deliberately sacrificed two hundred thousand men to
> the Cossacks in the freezing snow. After the French
> revolution the Jesuits were revived by Pope Pious
> in a papal bull and from then on they're in control
> of
> the papacy. The interesting thing at this time
> though
> is that of the Napoleonic wars the Jesuits got
> control
> of England through King George III, so when we waged
> our war of American revolution we were fighting the
> Jesuits because the Jesuits were in control of
> Protestant England and that Protestant English King,
> George III. George III resisted Napoleon and
> Napoleon
> was a controlled enemy of George III. So after
> Napoleon is exiled to Elba, he's brought out because
> the Congress of Vienna is quarreling and so he's
> brought out of retirement, he leads an army. It's
> called the hundred days and he deliberately
> sacrifices
> all the patriots of France at Waterloo because he
> attacks the wrong point. He should have attacked at
> Mt. St. Jean according to Stonewall Jackson when he
> visited the battlefield.
> So Napoleon sacrifices his armies, kills many, many
> French patriots and France is put back under Louie
> the
> XVIII who is a tyrant and a dictator who
> reinstitutes
> the Jesuits, the Jesuits then try to reinstitute
> tyranny all throughout Europe with Prince Medovic.
> A sad but true story of usual manipulation by the
> usual suspects...
> Leo Lyon Zagami
> ex member of the illuminati

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