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Dear Dr.Stan,
I just came back from Rome last night.  Just send me
asap all the details of our Radio Show on the 24th to
this e-mail ( exact time and so on) . Alot of things
have happened in Rome when I  was there (including the
election of a new  Black Pope of the Jesuits), I  was
even invited to a Lodge of very open minded Freemasons
(the Garibaldi Lodge) on the 10th of Jannuary  to
discuss the lies written about me by the American
Freemasons of the web site  Masonic Info and the
influence of the Jesuits upon the birth of the Ancient
and Accepted Scottish Rite, it was my first time in a
Lodge since i started my revelations on the NWO
enemies and the Vatican but things went very well and
I had a good response. I also  had a very special
meeting with Prince Lolli Ghetti di Ferentino of the
Knights Templars and the rappresentatives of Beppe
Grillo on the 12th of Jannuary ...a few pictures of
these moments in attachments .
Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah Khan            

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