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In his own words Grand Master Fabre Palaprat describes
the Templars as active propagandist and sorcerers :

 "The Templars, whose order was suppressed and the
thereof executed on account of their sorceries, were
clearly a
Society of Gnostic heretics, active propagandists,
closely connected
with the Bogomiles and the Mandeans or Johaninites".

Page 26 / 27 *Fabre Palaprat. Recherches Historiques
sur les
Templiers. Paris 1835

this is the very revealing words of the modern father
of Templarism , a guy who clerly knew what the Templar
Order was for him , in their own words (  of the
O.S.M.T.H.)  the central figure behind the Order's
revival  is Bernard-Raymond Fabre-Palaprat who
inspired the Order now known as  O.S.M.T.H. that in
2001 was accredited by the United Nations Economic and
Social Council as a Non-Governmental Organisation.
This Order as more than 5,000 Knights and Dames of the
Knights Templar worldwide,is  the largest Knight
Templar Order in the world apparentely  and the only
Templar Order recognized in Special Consultative
Status by the United Nations :



Why should we have a bunch of  brainwashing black
magicians sitting in the UN HQ's...well it's actualy
their ideal home , the United Nations of Satan
welcomes The knights Templars as they welcome all
those organizzations that are active in their New
World Order.

Rear Admiral James J. Carey now Grand Master of the
OSMTH is a close friend of Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri of
the P2 Monte Carlo Lodge and as tried to get is Order
accepted as an official Order in the Principality of

This Templar  order is an international organization,
structured into national Grand Priorates, consisting
of local Priorates and smaller groups- Commanderhoods.
The only above-national Priorates are the Grand
Priorate of NATO with more than 1400 member- officers
from different NATO member states, and the Priorate of
the Sanctuary La Rochel, sheltering smaller groups of
Templars from countries, which do not have their own

The Grand Master Council is the legislative body of
the Order, taking decisions about the structure,
directions, policy and procedures. The annual meetings
are open, but only the Grand Priors have vote. The
system of “one country, one voice”, aims at equality
among the Grand and small Priorates. Grand Priorates
are established in the following countries:

NATO - with Grand Prior Colonel Friedrich Mishlet
USA - with Grand Prior General Robert Disney
England and Wales - with Grand Prior Simon Le Fevere
Austria - with Grand Prior Johan Labond
France - with Grand Prior Dr. Marcel de Picciotto
Italy - with Grand Prior Prof. Stelio Venceslai
Canada - with Grand Prior Ron Mathewman
Finland - with Grand Prior Yuka Taran
Mexico - with Grand Prior Alfred Michaud
Serbia - with Grand Prior Dejan Milekovic
Greece- with Grand Prior Konstantin Nastos
Each Grand Priorate is mentor of other Priorates
and/or Commanderhoods, representing separate
countries, the aim of which is to attain the rank of
Grand Priorate, giving the right of membership in
OSMTH. Priorates are established in the following
countries: Bulgaria, Denmark. Commanderys are:
Andorra, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal,
Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Switzerland, Holland,
Poland, Scotland, San Marino, Bosnia, Sweden, Vatican,
Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, The
Czech Republic, Macedonia, Albania, Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Israel, Lebanon,
India, Austria, New Zealand, Algeria, Morocco,
Cameroon, Cote de Voir, Congo, Djibouti, Senegal,
Madagascar and South Africa, as well as Commanderhoods
in Belgium, Japan, Spain and San Marino.

The Order has adopted norms of behaviour and
ceremonies, based on the Knight’s tradition. Symbol of
OSMTH is the red isosceles cross, given to the order
by Pope Eugene III in 1146. During the divine
services, the members wear white mantle with red cross
on the left arm.

The Order has a ceremonial leader- the Grand Master,
chosen for eight years. The Grand Master now is as we
said  James Carry, former chairman of the Federal
Naval Commission in the USA, commander-in-chief of
sixth naval unit, and former head of the “Logistic
Plans and Policy” Department of the naval operations
at Pentagon. 

James J. Carey also close to Rudoph Giuliani  is man
truly dedicated to the New world Order driven by the
Jesuits and a personal friend of General Kolvenbach
that  will retire soon on 5th January,2008...so who
will be the Grand Master of the Templars  next
interlocutor ???...let's see... we know for sure that
by tradition the OSMTH as to follow the Charter of
Larmenius written by the Jesuits (
http://www.masonicdictionary.com/templars.html ) so
little indipendence for these modern Templar agents
submited to the usual Jesuit order.

The times are mature to unveil to the general public
that these criminals are the ones  working togheter
for the end of our civil liberties, they are the
active propagandist and sorcerers behind the New World
Order and the 9/11 conspiracy , we need to get
togheter and stop them before they microchip all of us
and submit us to the Vatican satan. This week Sarkozy
submited officialy to the Vatican Luciferian powers
receiving the tittle Protocanonico d’Onore del
Capitolo della basilica lateranense:



Sarkozy gave a speach dedicated to the importance of
the Catholic Church after receiving such Vatican

And Tony Blair did the same in London finaly coming
out of the closet as a true servant of Rome.

They all finaly showing their true colours and this
will happen more and more in the years going towards
the fatidical date of December 2012.

Be always  vigilant and enjoy your Holydays , they
have apparentely just opened a new branch of the
O.S.M.T.H.  in Norway...it's getting dangerous....

Leo Lyon Zagami
Khaled Saifullah khan

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